The wind

I leave, I take my bag and close the door
bye sunken road, the mailbox in the bend
bye yellow broom with your enchanting scent
bye bench, where grand-dad apple used to explore
the world by following the setting sun
together we have had a lot of fun
I go away, I go away

I feel the wind, where will it blow?
What makes me happy, I don't know
I'm strong enough, I want to find out more
about what I am longing for

Today my new life starts, according to my plan
I'll find a room and take a job, and then I can
begin to grow again, because that's not
possible in the endlessly repeated plot
of living in this country atmosphere
I really will not lock me up in here
I go away, I go away

I feel the wind . . .

It feels so funny, like a school exam
here on my grand-dad's bench, from where I am
looking in the distance; there will be
the new, unknown, with friends, awaiting me
the rush of entertainment, night and day
I go away, I go away

I feel the wind . . .

I feel the wind, I do want more, I go away
and maybe I'll come back here happily one day

Wind in mijn hart  Wind in meinem Herzen