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Sorcerer's apprentices in the haze

It bangs it bubbles
it twinkles it grows it is
a hive of activity each molecule
a sorcerer’s apprentice in the smithy
without smith the creation
of multiple existence

crystal clear fermenting in the haze
it tumbles it steams it connects
water and fire chains of reactions
stable series hook together swish
push forward in lines ahead ahead
it bangs it bubbles it grows

the world in tinkling processes
tries out and invents itself
sweeps with squalls shuffles in waves
dances and sings little bells in the water
ahead ahead the sorcerers fall
and fall over each other
Brouillard (1994, Ton Bruynèl)
Organparc, March 2nd, 2014
Amsterdam, February 21st, 2017
Poem 1057
Translation of poem 0218. Tovenaarsleerlingen in de mist (March 3rd, 2014)
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