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The god of thunder and the sea
is the most dangerous, he does not loot
he does not rape, makes no slaves

he shakes the earth, the houses
collapse and the plains are torn
open or drown with everything alive

in the flood that he pushes up
People suffer and die
centuries later we still know:

fertile fields under the Black Sea
the drowned army in the Sea of Reeds
the buried walls of the glorious city

and ruins in the barren land of Argos
the famous rivals destroyed together
by trembling earth and pounding water

We still know it, looking out over the banks
of the Panitsa and the Little Meander
under which the evil god is sleeping
Amsterdam, November 17th, 2018
Poem 1928
Translation of poem 1926. Watersnoden (November 16th, 2018)

6300 bC Black Sea (story of Noach)
1440 bC Flooding of the Sea of Reeds (Moses)
1184 bC End of the ten-year Trojan war
1180 bC Flooding of Argolis, due to earth and sea-quakes
Collection  Short Sermons