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I do not build a house, just gates

to treasure chambers
of the old and the new palaces

in the heaven of poetry
that spans the earth and the ages

and reflects life
the life of always and everywhere

that we know and try
to understand, the life of people

with whom we are connected
that we can meet

in the palace chambers of
the heaven of poetry
Amsterdam, January 25th 2018
Poem 1665
Translation of poem 1664. Biografie (January 25th 2018)
Collection  The light of words

I am creating

bodies of words for feelings:

living their own life.

Amsterdam, October 20th 2017
Collection  The light of words

The heaven of poetry

If there is a heaven
where souls reside after death

within or far from their bodies
it can only be poetry
the meeting place

of living souls and old souls
whose pains exist no longer
here and now, only

as an image of fate
as an understanding angel
of the love

to live, to try
    the golden mean
    of following and leading

to feed all the senses
    with the miracle
    of mother earth

by the heaven of poetry
Amsterdam, March 23rd, 2018
Poem 1709
Translation of poem 1708. Gedichtenhemel (March 22nd, 2018)
Collection  The light of words

Am I, volatile

Writing less, gradually
Wanting to act as well
anonymously being

heard and read
nothing else for me
please no incense

with plumes, Iím not sharing
anything thatís mine, I only give
mirror images, life
fed, cherished

and let go, everything
I am, volatile and anew
after it has passed away

nothing is mine
only my birthday
with this thought
Amsterdam, April 17th 2018
Poem 1719
Translation of poem 1718 (April 17th 2018)
Collection  The light of words