1066   !!
2969   "Stay at home"
2987   #safe
h2694e   So, who do you want
Interview with Babs Bakels  - 2020
h2591e   A branch full of leaves
Rose-ringed parakeet
s0918e   A conspiracy
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
s0912e   A culpable hand
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
2655   A few strokes of paint
Rembrandt van Rijn  - 1660
h2599e   A finger and sticks
Deep Rhythm 2 (Tom Johnson)  - 2019
h0001e   A full moon, and I
h2321e   A good test result
s0812e   A group deforms you
s0960e   A lie cannot walk
Proverb 'A lie has no legs'
s0961e   A lie cannot walk
Hochelaga, or England in the New World (Eliot and George Warburton)  - 1846
2213   A little crazy
2396   A long-awaited home
h2342e   A loosely knit group
s0612e   A lot of wisdom
Interview in 'VPRO Books' (Renate Dorrestein)  - 2017
h2699e   A man and a life
s0710e   A mark on the bark
s0980e   A myth is cut off
Love for Father (Frans Thomese)  - 2019
h2519e   A poem he wants
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h2592e   A prairie begins
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee (Emily Dickinson)  - 1855
s0997e   A reconstruction
Nothing is a lie (Sacha Bronwasser)  - 2019
h2621e   A shot: do not move
Movement without movement (Jan van de Putte)  - 2019
2286   A stone from paradise
h1949e   A stranger passed by
Someone came among us (Frida Vogels)  - 1978
h2661e   A suspension is
Everything changes (Kristien Hemmerechts)  - 2015
h2601e   A swarm of spirits
Ghost train (Andrea Guterres  - 2019
s0802e   A threethinker thinks
A happy smile (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
h1729e   A triangle love
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1954
h0500e   A wink: I look back
h2666e   A women's circle
h0710e   About green I know
Green (Simon Vinkenoog)  - 1985
1972   About me
h2433e   Above my sadness
Donna Donna (Joan Baez)  - 1960
2341   Act / Enact Under the yarrow
Sahasrara (crown chakra)
s0401e   Adam had taught him
Acquittal for Cain - the mother (Hester Knibbe)  - 2014
2002   Afraid of love
s0932e   After our argument
Comet  - 2005
s0890e   After the bombing
The General (Jose Gomes Ferreira)  - 1950
h0153e   After the crossing
s0902e   Ah, Desire, the son
The power of love - The myths of Pygmalion, Narkissos, Tereus, Orfeus en Helena (Imme Dros)  - 1997
1633   Akin
2543   All colours within me
The Nativity of the Lord (Olivier Messiaen)  - 1935
s0893e   All includes Nothing
Everything can be said in a poem (Ernesto de Melo e Castro)  - 1971
h2391e   All my dreams are real
Parables - 1. Once uipon a time there was a boy who dreamed (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
h2634e   All my things at home
s0700e   All stories are true
The Bible for unbelievers - The story of Abiga-il (Guus Kuijer)  - 2015
h2676e   Almost dead, falling
Nothing is a lie (Sacha Bronwasser)  - 2019
2336   Along the road
Lot in Sodom  - -1950
h2403e   Am I still myself
Dirk Luijmes plays the harmonium
h2620e   Ambitious dark wings
The Ambition Bird (Anne Sexton)  - 1972
2282   American Dream
h2606e   An older fish greets
There are these two young fish (David Foster Wallace)  - 2005
h1100e   And I have pictures
Standing/sitting/hanging (Etwin Grootscholten)  - 2013
2408   And one more, more
2326   And the darkness has not understood
Prince Djhut-mose (Moses)
s0555e   And then it is time
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1963
2951   Angelina
h2437e   Angels are not sweet
Arthur, the once and future king - The ill-made knight (Terence White)  - 1940
852   Angry with me
Diary 1944-1945
2345   Anxious blood
h1885e   Appearing again
h2686e   Around the sun I
2598   Ask the way
h2432e   At long last, a stream
once when I lived with the ants (Hans Lodeizen)  - 1948
h2683e   At nine seventeen
1 the Road (Ross Goodwin)  - 2018
2674   At the circus
The clowns (Federico Fellini)  - 1970
h2619e   At three in the night
The Ambition Bird (Anne Sexton)  - 1972
2513   Autumn sun
2100   Awaiting the clearing
Grande Arche de la Defense, Cimetiere nouveau de Neuilly  - 1993
s0898e   Ay, Polonius!
The tragedy of Hamlet, Price of Demark (William Shakespeare)  - 1602
2258   B EAU FORT motor ride
2503   Back and ahead
h2667e   Back in the old house
Eviction (Marcel van Roosmalen)  - 2020
s0885e   Bad things don't exist
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
s1002e   Battles and heroes
Solle's story (Andreas Oosthoek)  - 2015
s0910e   Bawling to a dog
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h2659e   Be careful, because
The story of Ali Baba and forty thieves exterminated by a female slave (Antoine Galland)  - 1701
s0975e   Beach scene: a waste bag
Ship Bird Land (Eeltsje Hettinga)  - 2019
s0300e   Beauty is your trump
Poker (Tom Lanoye)  - 1990
h0337e   Beauty: a flower
h2650e   Beauty: an angel
The first elegy (Rainer Maria Rilke)  - 1912
h2394e   Because I am shy
The black Mr. Bahsetup. A mirror. (Albert Vigoleis Thelen)  - 1956
s0883e   Because my story
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
981   Before the leap
h2512e   Being together
After the book title 'Love, if that is it' (Marijke Schermer)  - 2019
h1493e   Between two faces
The bright (Elma van Haren)  - 2000
s0897e   Beware, check yourself
noli me tangere (Willem van Toorn)  - 1995
840   Big small step
2458   Birdie
Lady Chatterley's lover (David H. Lawrence)  - 1928
2149   Black sails, thunderclouds
838   Black sun
h2400e   Black sunflower stakes
At eternity's gate (Julian Schnabel)  - 2018
2288   Blessing
2489   Blood Flag
861   Blossoms in Waterwheel
h2424e   Blue sky and green leaves
h2532e   Body expansion
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
s0958e   Both safe and unsafe
Hidden Melodies (Tom Johnson)  - 2014
s0888e   Boxes in the wind
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
2523   Brain waves
1574   Bravehearted
947   Breathing together
h2673e   Bring me back my time
Farewell to engagement (Hans van de Waarsenburg)  - 1975
2483   Buried treasure
h2300e   Burnt in his best suit
(Back (Eva Gerlach)  - 2003
2936   But what do they know about it?
Abraham's descendants
h2678e   Butt how is it dung
Lost in silence (Esther Apituley)  - 2020
822   Buttocks outside
Disintegration (Wouter Snoei)  - 1998
h2648e   Buzzing 'round the world
2954   Café the Laugh
Cafe de Lach, 15 Market, Oirschot [NL]
2302   Capital affairs
h2401e   Carbon is keeping
The Atlas of Elements (Michael / Justaguy)  - 2018
h2518e   Care for yourself, be
The story of Gilgamesh (Old Babylonian version)  - -1700
s0941e   Chaos is normal
Debris (Kit Downes)  - 2019
1363   Chat box
s0903e   Chatting up someone
How to chat up a man? (Japke-Doutzen Bouma)  - 2019
h2701e   Chests full of fabrics
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam)  - 1985
h2642e   Children run around
I played in ruins (Anselm Kiefer)  - 2019
h2312e   City on the hill
s0101e   Clothes being blown up
Beyond the end (Gerrit Achterberg)  - 1931
h2417e   Coloured elephant
1501   Come
2529   Come back
The gods must have their number (Hubert Lampo)  - 1969
1379   Come on, you don't have to
1007   Complete
1959   Connected in our imagination
1955   Counting with stones and marks
h2423e   Creamy white, sweet pink
s0969e   Dad's whiskey spirit
Divorce, Thy Name Is Woman (Anne Sexton)  - 1976
h1399e   Daddy Daddy come
The morning chatters (Mark van Tongele)  - 1994
s0966e   Daddy, mummy's friend
The Death of the Fathers - 5. Friends (Anne Sexton)  - 1972
2339   Dagobert McDuck's strongroom
1820   Dance me
Dance me to the end of love (Leonard Cohen)  - 1984
1802   Dancing as I am
h2416e   Dare to be trustful
Springtime (Jeroen Eisinga)  - 2010
h1238e   Dare you, the girl grins
h2654e   Darling, yes, I do
Just look away if he annoys you (Marinette Troost)  - 2019
h2428e   Day 1 of Year 1
Reiwa-jidai (from the 1st of May)  - 2019
s0464e   Days of remembrance
2930   Dead my heart is still bleeding
Abraham near Hebron
s0990e   Dear, you are my sun
The Tale of One Thousand and One Nights  - 900
1960   Debris for the extension
Doetinchem  - 1900
1947   Defenceless powerful
1978   Defend yourself
34   Delived
h2656e   Delusions drag me
Deeper layers - Report of a radiotherapy (Bart Chabot)  - 2011
923   Different
s1003e   Difficult questions
2473   Dirty old dog
Mean Mr. Mustard (John Lennon)  - 1969
2729   Disgraced
disgrace (John Coetzee)  - 1999
s0836e   Do I feel sadness
The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock (Imogen Hermes Gowar)  - 2018
s0952e   Do I love you, or
2330   Do not prosper
h0508e   Do not touch me, you
h2529e   Do treat your body
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
h2169e   Do you dare to shine
A return to love (Marianne Williamson)  - 1992
709   Do you have a little time?
Do you have a little time? (Dido)  - 2003
2978   Does it spark?
s0868e   Don't give me your love
The china shop (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1997
1191   Don't know anymore
h2697e   Don't worry, because
Dying is dead simple (René Gude)  - 2014
h1099e   Dreams are free of charge
Here (Wislawa Szymborska)  - 2009
h0170e   Drops of fat, floating
2230   Drupes
s0928e   Earth has a fever
1561   Easy go
2378   Empathy for the Stars
Populism Stars shine above the Beautiful World (Le Beau Monde) of the economic elite's High Society
2704   Empty head
Headless (Douglas Harding)  - 1943
2143   Endorphin sweets
927   Enough
2478   Enough endings
The End (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
s0914e   Europe grants a lot
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
1900   Evenings are obligatory
Two lovers on a park bench (Samuel Johnson  - 1976
s0937e   Every day she steals
The man - The crystal draws it (Liesbeth Lagemaat)  - 2015
2472   Everyday blues
Sun King (John Lennon)  - 1969
h2390e   Everything passes
Proverb - 44. Everything passes and everything remains (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
2465   Everything perfect
Maxwell's silver hammer (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
s0929e   Everywhere, railings
2313   Expensive names
King Philip II of Spain
h2645e   Expressing your love
Angels (Arnon Grunberg)  - 2019
977   Eyes my hands
2319   Face facets
2425   Fado on the Lima
Portugal: Ponte da Barca, on the river Lima, Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga, Serra de Leomil, Serra da Estrela  - 1990
s0970e   Faith is a highway
Faith - is the Pierless Bridge (Emily Dickinson)  - 1864
s0943e   False admonitions
h2690e   Familiar and close
In dream a man walked (Willem Thies)  - 2020
2463   Family bed
Come together (John Lennon)  - 1969
s0389e   Farewell, nevermore
Nevermore (Ali Serik)  - 2011
h2633e   Farmlands and pastures
2493   Feeding friends
2464   Feel what I feel
Something (George Harrison)  - 1969
1320   Fire child
2426   Fire in my belly
Milk and Honey (Rupi Kaur)  - 2014
h2517e   First two pigeons groan
The story of Gilgamesh (standard version)  - -1200
h2595e   Flames of joy, flaring
2527   Fleaing myself
997   Flower child
2409   Flowers and balloons
h1995e   Flowers may remain
The sensitive postman (Denis Thériault)  - 2005
2957   Fly in your attention
2295   Foolishness
1770   For happily ever after
s0866e   For me, the greatest
The introduction - Faxing to Ger (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1997
h2578e   For the cave hermit
h2605e   For their family
The unexpected wealth of Altena (Jan van Mesbergen)   - 2019
2300   Foxes
1576   Frail
2509   Free expression in the evening
Big Brotherhood
1004   Free of bonds
ins ungebundene (Antoine Beuger)  - 1997
2487   Freedom is not dressed
Hugo Grotius  - 1621
h2511e   Freedom is peace, food
Woodstock Music & Art Fair (August 15-18, in Bethel, NY)  - 1969
h2658e   French life is: dining
1341   Friends
h2533e   Friends have the power
Better not (Marcel van Roosmalen)  - 2019
h2662e   Friendship is being
Friendship (Jean Baudrillard)  - 2000
s0933e   From the Isle of Muck
Through the water surface  - 2014
2966   Frozen sparks
h0709e   Further and further
2467   Garden of Friends
Octopus's garden (Ringo Starr)  - 1969
h2513e   Getting to know you
Love, if that is it (Marijke Schermer)  - 2019
2255   Giants on the roofs
The Giants (Ella & Pitr)  - 2013
2256   Give today and share
All you need is love (John Lennon, the Beatles)  - 1967
1742   Glowing blood
993   Gobstopper
s0955e   God never responds
Endgame (Samuel Beckett  - 1957
h1288e   Going higher and
Eine Wanderung (Marjoleine de Vos)  - 2004
s0582e   Golden cloaks for sale
s0852e   Golden cloaks for sale
h2663e   Grandpa and grandma
Love from later (Renee van Bavel)  - 2019
2348   Great Grandgrand
Roaming across Edom (Joshua)  - -1410
1516   Great-great-old
2388   Grieving
1619   Half days
1345   Hand in my blood
2415   Hands on my body
2303   Happiness is a bird
h1289e   Happiness just comes
Nostalgia for the future - 6 (Marjoleine de Vos)  - 2013
1470   Happy dog
A happy dog from Baghdad (Halim al Karim)  - 2002
2519   Hazy thought
A thought went up my mind today (Emily Dickinson)  - 1863
2521   Hazy thought [2]
s0040e   He asks: please love me
h1301e   He becomes a she
Butter for the condemned to death (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2012
h2616e   He builds me, my flesh
Mr. Mine (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
h2426e   He dwells in this cave
s1009e   He has got the stick
Circumstances (Koos van Zomeren)  - 2020
h1881e   He is here, at home
h0506e   He is no longer
2499   He said sweet things
h2515e   He's handsome and strong
Hero of the twelve tasks - The myth of Heracles (Imme Dros)  - 2000
h2696e   He's smiling as if
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam)  - 1985
s0978e   Heading to power
Democracy is a train (Recep Tayyip Erdo?an)  - 1996
2981   Heaven of dissatisfaction
2392   Hellstone
Otcy i deti (Fathers and children / Fathers and sons) - Ivan Turgenev  - 1862
h2672e   Her flowers, falling
First Love (Ivan Turgenev)  - 1860
2301   Higher I
s0962e   His old bones, embraced
The Moss of His Skin (Anne Sexton)  - 1960
2542   Honey Love
(Lonicera nixa)
h0401e   Honeysuckle smell
931   Hotchpotch reproduct-sets
1957   Humours
1284   Hurling waves
2370   I = We
Mahabharata (The Venerable World)  - -1500
2707   I Ivy
Borderline (Joni Mitchell)  - 1994
h2396e   I always observe
and the ladies will be biting lips (Ivan Petryshyn)  - 2019
2323   I am I and you...
h2614e   I am breathing white
The Nude Swim (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
h1828e   I am creating
2386   I am free
h2603e   I am here! Hello?
Arborescence (Graydon Mulholland)  - 2019
h2420e   I am not normal
h2639e   I am old, I am
s0855e   I am shy, you know
s0082e   I am shy, you must
h2572e   I am still alive
2329   I am stuck, I think
First lines from 'Moons'
s1004e   I am very sure
Time regained (Marcel Proust)  - 1927
h0699e   I cannot help it
Maraton (Cor Vaandrager)  - 1990
s0992e   I comfort myself
all the sad left over valentine candy (Jon Nakapalau)  - 2020
s0939e   I cover your head
Soldier's wife - Missing song (Liesbeth Lagemaat)  - 2018
h0375e   I dance foot by foot
s0940e   I died from the pain
h1732e   I do not dare yet
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1955
h2655e   I do respect you
Grant your partner what you don't want yourself (I. Klein-Clausing)  - 2019
s0945e   I don't cry and smile
Wedding (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2019
90   I don't know how
Diary, July 8th  - 1945
h2410e   I don't know you, but
s0599e   I endure the chill
The love that snows on those who no longer ask for it (Frida Vogels)  - 1971
h2706e   I enjoy paintings
h2630e   I exist! he says
Interview with Santa Claus at the North Pole (Godfried Bomans)  - 1951
s0864e   I fantasize how
The introduction - Faxing to Ger (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1997
h1600e   I feel height as depth
103. Tom Puss and the wild wagon (Marten Toonder)  - 1963
2245   I feel my cuts
h2582e   I finished crying
What's in an Apple? (Amos Oz)  - 2018
h2151e   I finished eating
1601   I give myself
h0654e   I have felt for snow
when I wasn't doing this alone (Hans Lodeizen)  - 1948
s0899e   I have lived here, but
Place (Rutger Kopland)  - 2004
s0911e   I have made my point
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h2000e   I have never played
The sea, the sea (Iris Murdoch)  - 1978
h2585e   I have never thought
s0860e   I have read your books
h0440e   I have walked for hours
s0947e   I just let life pass
s0971e   I keep missing him
Wedding day and day of death
h0700e   I keep my skin young
Complaint from a collector (Cor Vaandrager  - 1958
h1884e   I know my grandad
s0016e   I learn every day
h2684e   I let the light shine
h2531e   I live healthily
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
h2414e   I look around well
h2405e   I loosened my ties
2511   I lost you now
Sonnet VI (Edna St. Vincent Millay)  - 1917
s0500e   I must be alone
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1953
s0800e   I must be chosen
A happy smile (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
s0878e   I need company
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
h2652e   I need you indeed
s0865e   I never go far
The introduction - Faxing to Ger (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1997
h2626e   I pray and open
s0963e   I put on the skin
Housewife (Anne Sexton)  - 1962
2927   I rather am silent
h0024e   I recognized you
s0892e   I say what I want
Dialogue (Ernesto de Melo e Castro)  - 1971
s0956e   I search in my mind
Amen (Marcel Möring)  - 2019
s0887e   I shout: I'll help you
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
2433   I start a storm
The Fortetza (fortress) in Retimno (Rethymno)  - 1989
h1959e   I still remember
s0799e   I tell it nicely
A happy smile (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
2949   I took your hand, not your name
h2610e   I train my body
s0957e   I want everything
Amen (Marcel Möring)  - 2019
1068   I want more
s0907e   I want to forget
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
s0504e   I want to see him
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1954
h1902e   I weigh both of us
h2584e   I went out fishing
2027   I will maintain
s0982e   I wish the world were
858   I woluw
h0800e   I write 'you', just look
Petite suite for solo voice (Ellen Warmond  - 1961
h2687e   I write miracles
Wounds and brutality (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2020
s0200e   I'm alive, but where?
h0742e   I'm angry, i go
Angry (Eva Gerlach)  - 1998
s0848e   I'm becoming more
Dissolved (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2019
s0995e   I'm dreaming of ships
The West (Sjoerd Kuyper)  - 1979
h2609e   I'm exhaling clouds
h2590e   I'm forest bathing
h0100e   I'm fully fed up
s0856e   I'm getting married
h1899e   I'm having a cold
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1971
s0506e   I'm not a talker
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1955
h2570e   I'm roaming my life
The woman - I'm roaming through my time, (Liesbeth Lagemaat)  - 2015
h2562e   I'm starting anew
s0863e   I'm the first to leave
The introduction - Faxing to Ger (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1994
2506   I'm within myself
h2671e   I've nothing to lose
a good start (Bernd Ebbo Visser)  - 2007
h2586e   I've plenty of time
s0931e   I've read everything
Minor poet (Kleiner Dichter - Kees Winkler)  - 1982
h1699e   If I could gull, I
(Gull (Georgina Verbaan)  - 2017
h2527e   If I own something
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
s0850e   If life is boring
Thoughts (Blaise Pascal)  - 1669
s0976e   If love is no dream
s0858e   If only love is
s1017e   If reason fails, all
h2574e   If the start was A
Debris (Kit Downes)  - 2019
2310   If they want a god of thunder and fire, they can have one
Prince Djhut-mose (Moses)
h2583e   If you ever saw
s0884e   If you have to choose
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
2328   Ik zit klem, denk
Beginregels uit 'Manen'
2309   Illuminate
h2682e   Imagination
Inventory of some losses (Judith Schalansky)  - 2018
h1500e   In a flash I saw
(Falling (Esther Gerritsen)  - 2016
h2502e   In all my fibres
2065   In between normal
2357   In control
h0002e   In each other's eyes
h2688e   In full light, a flag
Flag (Willem Thies)  - 2020
2316   In gothic niches
25   In love
h1709e   In love with the night
On second thoughts (Han Voskuil)  - 1949
1935   In my blood, through my heart
s1011e   In my ears, my heart
s0904e   In my home country
the tongue will yearn (Nasir Kazmi)   - 1960
s0998e   In slower motion
Nothing is a lie (Sacha Bronwasser)  - 2019
2975   In the afternoon hammock
s0400e   In the arms of clouds
h1374e   In the compartment
Reflections (Hans Tentije)  - 1999
h2393e   In the dark night sky
The river awakens (Antonio Machado)  - 1924
2231   In the dead of night
(Song about borrowed eyes)
h2399e   In the dense forest
Bambi, a life in the woods (Felix Salten)  - 1923
h2392e   In the evening
To the low land - 4 (Antonio Machado)  - 1924
h2201e   In the evening
1369   In the time that is there
h1300e   In the waiting room
Everything is jolting and nothing is as it should be (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2012
929   In the whizz
2176   Intimate work of art
Intimacy (Paul Verhaeghe)  - 2019
2732   Into myself
Pipe dreams (Mary Jane Leach)  - 1989
2423   Islands and bridges
h2635e   Islands are drifting
The drowned flats (Eeltsje Hettinga)  - 2018
s0859e   Isn't it amusing
CV of failures (Johannes Haushofer)  - 2016
s0862e   It does not exist
The introduction - Faxing to Ger (Nicolien Mizee)   - 1994
s0972e   It has gone too soon
Father's day of death
h2421e   It is a contest
s0505e   It is an insult
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1955
s1007e   It is hard, not meant
s1000e   It is his birthday
Deceased husband, born on March 20th
h1559e   It is light to love
h2651e   It is our last chance
Love for Father (Frans Thomése)  - 2019
2366   It is so personal
h2615e   It is spring again
It is a Spring Afternoon (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
s0001e   It is spring again
h2589e   It is super thin
s0843e   It is way too cold
some mornings remain (Merlinspielen)  - 2019
h2691e   It is yours, but not
h2611e   It's a lot of work
h2702e   It's an ugly room
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam)  - 1985
s1010e   It's empty today
Remembrance of the Dead in the Netherlands, on May 4th
s1015e   It's for the old days
I look up as I walk (Ky? Sakamoto)  - 1963
2419   It's just paint
1362   It's not a party
s0867e   It's very secret
Eric's secret (Ries Moonen)  - 1974
h1599e   Itineraries
103. Tom Puss and the wild wagon (Marten Toonder)  - 1963
1155   Jass
1360   John
h2641e   Jointly we maintain
Interview with Freek de Jonge  - 2019
2299   Judgement
h2004e   Karma: taking care
2338   Keep an eye on everything
2468   King-size bed
I want you (she's so heavy) - John Lennon  - 1969
s0675e   Knowing the danger
The Bible for unbelievers - The beginning, Genesis (Guus Kuijer)  - 2012
h2297e   Knowledge is bounded
A happy smile (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
1944   Landed high
1251   Later Love
Letters  - 1946
2401   Leading in prayer
2800 BC Maat (Justice) in Egypt 2200 BC Shamash (Sun) in Mesopotamia 500 BC Ahura Mazda (Lord Wisdom) in Persia  - -2800
2676   Leaning in the wind
2346   Learning economy
23   Let me forget
'Bijlmer disaster', air-crash  - 1992
s0896e   Lie down quietly
Waking up (Willem van Toorn)  - 1963
s0869e   Life is beautiful
The china shop (Nicolien Mizee)  - 1998
s0463e   Life is difficult
Sir Bumble and the Klipfish (Marten Toonder)  - 1965
h2340e   Life, I swallow it
Life in a plastic bag (Maria Barnas)  - 2018
162   Light version of the night
h2435e   Lightning, dad keeps watch
The escape of Gilles Whalecutter (M.M. Schoenmakers)  - 2019
2292   Like a painting by Vincent van Gogh
h2681e   Like me, my cat speaks
2298   Lions
s1013e   Listen to yourself
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam)  - 1985
1961   Little Francis
Doetinchem  - 1870
1100   Living breaks
s0847e   Living more is more
Dissolved (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2019
2482   Locked up in a picture story
s0948e   Loneliness, leaking
h2516e   Look, a dragonfly
Utnapishtim (Old Babylonian version from 1700 BC), in: The story of Gilgamesh  - -1700
h2413e   Looking up to me
A Frisian does not cry (Gerrit Krol)  - 1980
2469   Love in full Light
Here comes the sun (George Harrison)  - 1969
101   Love indivisible
Love minus zero / no limit (Bob Dylan)  - 1965
2495   Love is a choice
2501   Love is measurable
h0291-39e   Love is touching me
h2525e   Love relationships
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h1104e   Lovely, the murmur
h2685e   Loving you is light
2617   Madelief asks
2534   Magic Mirror
Ye Xian (Yeh-Shen) and Snow White
1480   Magic garden
h2514e   Mama, if you play
Authority (Esther Gerritsen)  - 2019
h2627e   Mama, what is death?
2266   Marc greets things in the morning
Marc groet 's morgens de dingen (Paul van Ostaijen)  - 1928
2793   Maria, 18 years old
The girl from Guatemala (Jose Marti)  - 1891
859   Marialoves@mail.me
Ulysses (James Joyce)  - 1922
2769   Married, why not?
1627   Masking
2296   Master illusionist
s0954e   Maybe it is time
Endgame (Samuel Beckett  - 1957
2535   Maybe never again
2679   Me do
(Independent Worker Without Personnel)

Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Irving Berlin  - 1946
2413   Meantime beyond The Gateless Gate
h2646e   Meeting a stranger
Caravan (A.L. Snijders)  - 2019
h2647e   Meeting a stranger
2265   Melic song
Melopee (Paul van Ostaijen)  - 1916
24   Memory in a half-stone
2476   Merlin
Golden slumbers (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
2720   Midgard in endless
s0981e   Might fidelity
Love is a duty of formality (Henk Bressers)  - 2019
2325   Migrating
h2411e   Mindfulness: naked
Springtime (Jeroen Eisinga)  - 2010
1643   Mindmap
h1880e   Missing his presence
s0199e   Modelling a man
2717   Mojo
Mojo, Funk, Saudade
2347   Mosaic virus
Tulip mania  - 1634
s0198e   Mother is gloomy
Ironing (Lieve van Impe)  - 2006
1748   Mount Olympus, 73 years
h2509e   Moved and comforted
De macht van de liefde - De mythen van Pygmalion, Narkissos, Tereus, Orfeus en Helena (The power of love - The myths of ...) - (Imme Dros)  - 1997
2602   Moving where?
1228   Muggestutz
h1700e   My adopted crow
The Office - Plankton (Han Voskuil)  - 1973
h2637e   My crush gave me love
s0991e   My darling, your eyes
Her eyes (The Roman)  - 2010
h1286e   My eyes are cutting
Snow White to the hunter (Marjoleine de Vos)  - 2003
2533   My fairy myself
h0087e   My fingertips are
2475   My good friend
She came in through the bathroom window (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
2079   My guests (Chatterchick, Blacky and Madam)
h2503e   My hands are sculpting
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer)  - 2005
s0849e   My heart beats action
Thoughts (Blaise Pascal)  - 1669
h2298e   My heart drifts aimless
The city sneaks through foggy twilight (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
h2425e   My heart drinks the smells
h2653e   My kisses ask you
Love is a duty of formality (Henk Bressers)  - 2019
s0984e   My knowledge: worthless
The story of Ali Baba, the forty robbers and slave girl Mardjana (Jean Varsy)  - 1850
2343   My life as a tree
h1728e   My life is at stake
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1954
s0944e   My life is really
Endgame (Erik Whien)  - 2019
h2406e   My love does know where
Ars poetica (The Art of Poetry) - Maarten Inghels  - 2018
h2524e   My man protects me
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h1097e   My memories rush
Rushing around the house (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2012
s0851e   My monkey mind jumps
Thoughts (Blaise Pascal)  - 1669
h2707e   My mother was nice
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (James Joyce)  - 1914
2428   My purple rain
Purple rain (1984, Prince) - Hate (Vent), and: The color purple - by Siera Mayhew  - 2019
s0870e   My second glass clinks
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2013
h2419e   My skin is aging
2661   My soul is searching
the good life

The good life (Federico Fellini)  - 1960
h2368e   My stray sock returned
Socks (Thomas Langas)  - 2019
h1799e   My town, the canals
Eve of departure (Frida Vogels)  - 1958
s0926e   My youth is over
Fathers and children (Ivan Turgenev)  - 1862
2548   Myseum
2549   Myseums
2545   Nativity of the Lord
The Nativity of the Lord (Olivier Messiaen)
925   New Year
37   Next to me again
2142   Nixa (MO)
h2587e   No bacteria
h2434e   No longer bewitched
s0906e   No longer with us
Hero of the twelve tasks - The myth of Heracles (Imme Dros)  - 2000
s1016e   No obligations
2380   No pasaran!
More American soldiers in Saudi-Arabia  - 2019
2315   No scratches in the gold
h2576e   No strains, no burning
The Burning (Ivan Vukosavljevic)  - 2019
2670   Nostalgia for the beach
Amarcord (Oh, I remember - Federico Fellini)  - 1973
2972   Not a mother
h2510e   Not enough to eat
Woodstock Music & Art Fair (August 15-18, in Bethel, NY)  - 1969
h2680e   Nothing is hidden
The Queen of Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2020
1400   Nothing more beautiful
2317   OO LU
h1882e   Of course we linger
s0927e   Oh, such a surprise
Fathers and children (Ivan Turgenev)  - 1862
s0953e   Okay, then leave me
h0501e   On her piano
h2598e   On sensitive toes
Rational Melody 1 (Tom Johnson)  - 1982
s0100e   On the high seas, there
s0009e   Once upon a time
h2504e   One word is enough
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer)  - 2005
2459   Only now I don't feel ashamed
Lady Chatterley's lover (David H. Lawrence)  - 1928
1651   Only our love is great enough
h2693e   Only their names left
Remembrance of the Dead in the Netherlands, on May 4th
h2520e   Only uncertain
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
1121   Open my hatch
1499   Orange man
s1005e   Other people have
No success blues (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2017
2067   Our adventure threatens
2411   Our big hearts
Nonviolent communication
h2612e   Our bodies, swimming
The Nude Swim (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
2368   Our fathers
Fathers and children (Ivan Turgenev)  - 1862
s0964e   Our heart-shaped balloons
Now (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
h2631e   Our life is partly
h2404e   Our melancholy
Tenderly (Leos Janacek)
2517   Our playgame
s0639e   Our wedding kiss, we
s0986e   Out! with the Muses
(Geerten Meijsing)
1095   Outer refuge
h0291-45e   Outside the window
h1001e   Overgrowing graves
2686   Owl To Ask
867   Owl call
2665   Panevin
Amarcord (Oh, I remember - Federico Fellini)  - 1973
2305   Paradise days
961   Passengers
2334   Passing
Buddha's foam speech
933   Patches of old skin
h2644e   Peace on earth can be
h1730e   People are heading
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1955
2375   People ask for it
Oracle of Delphi
h2199e   People jump around
A Frisian does not cry (Gerrit Krol)  - 1980
s1006e   People just stand still
No success blues (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2017
h2506e   People like sunshine
s0977e   People on the train
h1800e   People walk along
Sunday afternoon: a clear winter day (Frida Vogels)  - 1958
s0798e   People who want all
The moon is smiling at you (Ode 323 - Rumi)  - 1250
1054   Picked up luck
s0886e   Picking a flower
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
2439   Pill under my tongue
Wanting to die (Anne Sexton)  - 1964
s0913e   Play a waiting game
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
2854   Please come, Angelina
Farewell, Angelina (Bob Dylan)  - 1965
s0854e   Please hurry, help me
2436   Please lick me
s0877e   Please take the pills now
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
h2427e   Poems are fragile
s0894e   Poked by wave breakers
s0983e   Politics: fighting
2324   Pop-up
2243   Poste restante
2701   Pottering bits and bobs
1481   Priestess greeting bull
2362   Prince Lugalbanda
2925   Profile picture
h2643e   Progress films a war
The gods must have their number (Hubert Lampo)  - 1969
s0917e   Prosperity fat
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
2497   Protect your soul
h2418e   Proudly living large
s0838e   Puzzling my head off
h1900e   Quarrels with father
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1971
2318   Queeny
1700   Rainbow
Arc (Ton Bruynel)  - 1966
2621   Rainshine
Smile (John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons)
It's raining in my heart (Paul Verlaine)  - 1872
2271   Reaching
h1198e   Reaching for your hand
Spring poem - III (Rutger Kopland)  - 1968
h2397e   Reading a novel
Murakami's Well (Juneau)  - 2015
2431   Reading aloud by the sea
Umag (Croatia)  - 1988
1713   Real but
2207   Real fantasy
Timbuktu (Abdresrrahmane Sissako)  - 2014
2394   Recession Party
h0034e   Recreation time
h2664e   Relax, it's no use
Meditations (Marcus Aurelius)  - 180
975   Reserved
2470   Revolving around voids
Because (John Lennon)  - 1969
h2604e   Revolving planets
s0959e   Rhythm rushes itself
The Path Contorts as the Traces Fade (Hugo Bell)  - 2019
2351   Rock of Willingness
High Priest Jacob  - 71
2960   Roses and sweat
Abandoned tables (Juane Xue)  - 2020
h2597e   Rounds around the gong
Nine Bells (Tom Johnson)  - 1979
2422   Rouse life into me
Sebastian from Narbonne  - 288
h2429e   Ruins & Remains
Ruins & Remains (Wolfert Brederode)  - 2019
2344   Rules are just rules
h2436e   Sagging in the back
Juventus-Ajax (Erik ten Hag)  - 2019
h0300e   Sail around the earth
2738   Saints in their stables
2384   Saliva
Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia (Health)
1381   Saturday morning
2735   Say Aah
Nymph Echo
s0974e   Screaming on the square
Piling up my image (Wessel te Gussinklo)  - 2019
1367   Sedona
2360   Selfie in Venice
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)
2474   Sexy
Polythene Pam (John Lennon)  - 1969
1297   Sharazed (1)
1298   Sharazed (2)
2205   Sharp cymbals
Julia (Peter Straub)  - 1975
2690   She feels it
String Quartet (Fazil Say)  - 2010
h2638e   She has grown up, so
h2296e   She is a vixen
The red-lit Amsterdam night (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
h0510e   She judges the men
2507   She knows what I need
2683   Shifting in time
Wabi-sabi (Japan): Simplicity-beauty
s0989e   Shooting randomly
Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman)  - 2008
2710   Short Street
Desolation Row (Bob Dylan)  - 1965
h2522e   Since mankind exists
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
s1012e   Since she got married
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam)  - 1985
2566   Since you sleep elsewhere
Lament about the sun (Laura Cahen)  - 2019
1572   Slanted balance
2331   Snake-charmer
Prince Djhut-mose (Moses)
h0630e   Snow in my garden
2321   So
s0999e   So I fell asleep
Ostend (K. Schippers)  - 2020
s0321e   So expectant and
Mrs. Despina sees northern lights (Marjoleine de Vos)  - 2008
h2569e   So large and so green
Late summer in Vondelpark, Amsterdam  - 2019
s0965e   So many girls love
The Red Shoes (Anne Sexton)  - 1972
h2580e   So sweet is the fruit
864   Soham
s0255e   Something shiny there
How I picked up a star (Taruho Inagaki)  - 1923
h2430e   Something small you see
The escape of Gilles Whalecutter (M.M. Schoenmakers)  - 2019
s0882e   Sometimes I hear bells
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
2537   Sometimes a spooky day
46   Sometimes everything falls
2760   Sometimes it rains
h2299e   Sometimes you have to
(How everything had to begin (Thomas Verbogt)  - 2017
h2660e   Sometimes, in the dark
(Because) loving (Judith Herzberg)  - 1984
2332   Son and heir
Christmas speech 2015
h2700e   Sow the seed of peace
2320   Speak my language
h2675e   Speaking in public
Nothing is a lie (Sacha Bronwasser)  - 2019
2418   Spell
h0291-38e   Splashing, dashing waves
s0112e   Spring begins hungry
1426   Springtail
h0600e   Stain, soap, apples, dust
2354   Stared at
2471   Start over
You never give me your money (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
2374   Steam cracker
Oracle of Delphi
2781   Stepmama
h1883e   Still his love does flow
1945   Streamo (Flowing)
2604   Stuck in myself
1924   Summer birds
1296   Supershots
h0609e   Sweeps of sunset glow
2335   Sweet sixteen
1644   Sweet-I
h2613e   Swimming at Capri
The Nude Swim (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
h2523e   Swimming hand in hand
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h2508e   Taking action is
2337   Talents
2938   Tangible reminders
Residents of ancient Mecca
56   Than now
h2422e   That old age problem
h1879e   That's the way it is
954   The Beautiful World
Café Society (Woody Allen)  - 2016
2218   The Big Event
Flight MH17 on July 17th  - 2014
2515   The Cauldron
2202   The Chameleon
Once upon a time (Gabriel Okara)  - 1989
h2692e   The Destroyed City
The Destroyed City (Ossip Zadkine)  - 1953
2485   The Embrace
2963   The Fly
2137   The Golden King ('El Dorado')
s0857e   The Great Leader calls
1531   The Hinterland
2350   The House
Maccabees; Hannukah (Dedication)  - 164
2726   The Jinn
Ecological footprint
2352   The Liberator
Mark 3-14 Luke 19:27-28  - 30
2695   The Roarer
Old (Franz Danksagmueller)  - 2020
2342   The Wheel
Bernard of Chartres  - 1111
2340   The Words (Do it)
Moses' Ten Words  - -1430
h0345e   The afterglow heats
2945   The alarm went off
2932   The angel on the mountain
Jacob's story about his half brother Isaac
h2625e   The animals mess
This is a loud world (Martijn Padding)  - 2019
h0900e   The ashes flare up
Habanera (Anna Enquist)  - 1996
h1643e   The baby is passed
Party (Joke van Leeuwen)  - 2016
2272   The beauty
s0853e   The bees sting, angry
Springtime (Jeroen Eisinga)  - 2010
h2388e   The black man reaches
The traveler - 1 (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
h2593e   The bonfire flares up
Samhain (Celtic New Year)
165   The breaker
h1999e   The breakers bubble
h2632e   The buried people
2688   The calling wind
String Quartet (Ulvi Cemal Erkin)  - 1936
2311   The caravans tell
Prince Djhut-mose (Moses)  - -1323
1200   The cave
Office at night (Edward Hopper)  - 1940
h2600e   The cheerful singing
Improvisation by Markus Hinz on the Utopa hyperorgan  - 2019
h2571e   The child whips me up
The woman - Like a cornette, a nun cap on my head (Liesbeth Lagemaat)  - 2015
s0968e   The city cooker
The Heron (Kate Moore)  - 2019
s0801e   The city reflects
The city sneaks through foggy twilight (Andreas Burnier)  - 1965
h0161e   The clown only laughs
2672   The clowns
The clowns (Federico Fellini)  - 1970
2312   The cold earth
h2415e   The court is busy
Springtime (Jeroen Eisinga)  - 2010
2405   The crow
The Crow (Kate Moore)  - 2019
h2526e   The dancer has died
We will treat life in a grand way (Hans Lodeizen)  - 1950
2281   The dikes
h2689e   The earthworm wriggles
Blackbirds (Willem Thies)  - 2020
227   The elephant
2376   The envoys of Athens
Oracle of Delphi
h2521e   The few memories
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h0291-44e   The field is ready
h2577e   The fire rumbles on
The Burning (Ivan Vukosavljevic)  - 2019
h2668e   The further I am
Tao Te Ching
The Inner Light (George Harrison)  - -300
h2602e   The generator
Ghost Train (Andrea Guterres)  - 2019
2398   The giantess likes to eat
2787   The girl from the camp
When you see a lot of foam (Jose Marti)  - 1891
s0901e   The goddess of love
The power of love - The myths of Pygmalion, Narkissos, Tereus, Orfeus en Helena (Imme Dros)  - 1997
33   The gods run
s0880e   The grand narratives
s0946e   The herbs are dancing
Seven (Hansjoerg Fink & Elmar Lehnen)  - 2018
h2623e   The heron recedes
The Heron (Kate Moore)  - 2019
s0844e   The images float
Frustrated (Kristine Ann Gajitos)  - 2019
h2608e   The landscape appears
h0458e   The large smooth boulder
2327   The light shines in darkness
Ptah; El Shaddai (Moses)
1125   The love wasn't great enough
2229   The magic side
  - 789
h2200e   The main street crosses
A Frisian does not cry (Gerrit Krol)  - 1980
s0846e   The man I hear is
I follow the river, I am the river (Maarten Inghels)  - 2017
2477   The moon reminds me
Carry that weight (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
s0920e   The more you're dealing
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
2322   The most important
h2431e   The mouths are open
h2622e   The movement gives way
Movement without movement (Jan van de Putte)  - 2019
h0554e   The muffled silence
h2588e   The night is quiet
h2708e   The odour, a mix
2623   The old rose garden
h2530e   The older I get
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
2799   The pink shoes
The pink shoes (Jose Marti)  - 1889
1042   The playing way
s0950e   The public listens
2314   The raging
2479   The raven looks at me
Her Majesty (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
h2507e   The real miracle
Clerambard (Yves Robert)  - 1969
h1041e   The river ripples
h0003e   The rompy tomboy
h2386e   The sage teaches me
Rebirth - 2 (Antonio Machado)  - 1907
h2695e   The sea used to be
h0200e   The silverfish slips
1783   The smell of the glow
h2387e   The son disappeared
The snow (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
h2596e   The sound of the gong
Nine Bells (Tom Johnson)  - 1979
s0908e   The square is so full
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
h0299e   The stones from beaches
h2213e   The summary is
The road to Sacramento (Gerrit Krol)  - 1977
h2505e   The tables are set
h1507e   The tin drum throws me
2713   The training of my body
2607   The trick of sex
s0873e   The truth in the lie
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
s0619e   The uncertainty
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1977
h1644e   The uninvited
Party (Joke van Leeuwen)  - 2016
2985   The wanderer's drum
s0915e   The war is over
Grand Hotel Europa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2018
2457   The weighty mystery
Lady Chatterley's lover (David H. Lawrence)  - 1928
h2640e   The whole world vibrates
Phase Patterns for four electric organs (Steve Reich)  - 1970
h2412e   The world is asking
2033   The world is waiting for us
s0874e   The writer repeats
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
2943   The year 2000 - and then a new century
h0147e   The young leafage pulls
s0967e   Their sex, their snoring
The Fury of Cocks (Anne Sexton)  - 1974
s0600e   Then I'll ask for it
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1972
s0987e   There are dogs hunting
Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman)  - 2008
s0909e   There are small states, and
(Paul-Henri Spaak, 1899-1972)
h0525e   There is a boulder
In the middle of the road (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)  - 1928
2934   There on that mountain
s1008e   They are clean, pink, smooth
Clean (Willem Thies)  - 2020
s0754e   They don't see your work
A Frisian does not cry (Gerrit Krol)  - 1980
s0881e   They don't understand
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
228   Thinking shame
h2233e   This hour and this day
A place to love (Toon Hermans)  - 1967
h2402e   This missed chance has closed
unsent message (Emily Pavelich)  - 2019
900   Though unwillingly
h1779e   Three months I've been back
Diary (Frida Vogels)  - 1957
1776   Three walls
s0934e   Throughout the party
Through the water surface  - 2014
h1306e   Thumping, the tank shoots
2365   Thus spoke in himself the anointed, thus spoke in himself the prophet too
h2389e   Time flies, you're learning
Proverb - 4. Our hours are minutes (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
1299   Tipping point
h2395e   To achieve your goal
imaginary dictator's quotes #21 (Jon Nakapalau)  - 2019
s0985e   To be made pregnant
Everything changes (Kristien Hemmerechts)  - 2015
s0916e   To believe in art
Vincent thought his sunflowers were the best (Sandra Smets)  - 2019
h2665e   To keep a secret
The Tale of One Thousand and One Nights  - 900
h1299e   To keep attention
Daughter of a rusting fairground attraction and a drama queen (Delphine Lecompte)  - 2012
h2090e   To stay, with kisses
Six years she learned what it was to stay (Herman de Coninck)  - 1988
h1725e   To want what you do
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1954
h2677e   To write a good text
The parts that embarrass you (Irwin Allen Ginsberg)  - 1970
s0871e   Toasting and drinking
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2013
h0026e   Together we build
s0923e   Tokyo City
Subduing (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2019
995   Tongs and knives
2306   Torn off
s0919e   Tourists are sniffing
s1001e   Traveler's contrails
Solle's story (Andreas Oosthoek)  - 2015
h2579e   Trees full of leaves, shades
h2500e   Trembling in my view
The ferry (Willem van Toorn)  - 1997
s0925e   Truth is volatile
Detective (Jean-Luc Godard)  - 1985
1492   Turbulence
1697   Twilight
2466   Twined around
Oh! Darling (Paul McCartney)  - 1969
2308   Ulu ulu
Exodus (Moses)
h1731e   Uncovered by her
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1955
35   Undertone
h0835e   Unrest and patience
2304   Until here
h0400e   Until you are small
s0951e   Upon me, I feel
2307   Urgently I want
h2628e   Vessels of Deep Thoughts
If wrecked upon the Shoal of Thought (Emily Dickinson)  - 1879
1649   Vipassana
h1287e   Voice and acts bowels
I'm looking for me (Marjoleine de Vos)  - 2003
1852   Waffaqa
s0861e   Waiting for good luck
The escape of Gilles Whalecutter (M.M. Schoenmakers)  - 2019
1109   Waiting in the wind
2333   Walking hourglass
Exodus (Moses)
s0988e   Warfare is shooting
Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman)  - 2008
2294   Warrants and soldiers
h2575e   Waste is chaos
Debris (Kit Downes)  - 2019
s0996e   Watch out, the public
Nothing is a lie (Sacha Bronwasser)  - 2019
s0922e   Watching videos
1431   Wavemixtrail
h2099e   We are as the beach
Like the beach and the sea (Herman de Coninck)  - 1984
s0921e   We are consumers
h1400e   We are having fun
A day as a discalced (Mark van Tongele)  - 1994
s0930e   We are unwanted
Angel of Oblivion (Maja Haderlap)  - 2011
1377   We can
2811   We didn't make gold
First lines from 'Pending rain'
h2594e   We have to undress
Samhain (Celtic New Year)
h2629e   We just don't know that
That Love is all there is (Emily Dickinson)
h0254e   We kiss each other
s0924e   We lock up trouble
Summer evening conversation (Dimitri Verhulst)  - 2019
h0186e   We play the guitars
2525   Weaving springs
h1422e   Weightless, I am rocked
s0895e   Well, getting older
h2657e   Well, there is no road
Walker without road (Antonio Machado)  - 1912
h2698e   Well, to be buried
Overhealthy (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2020
s0879e   Well, what did I know
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
h2618e   What are you thinking
Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) - (Anne Sexton)  - 1971
2063   What can you do?
2382   What is the matter with people?
Odysseus and the Cyclops (Round-eyed)
s1014e   What is violence?
2403   What they didn't say
Meeting under the leadership of Charles V, in Valladolid  - 1550
h2607e   When I'm on the bus
h1727e   When you embrace me
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1954
s0993e   Where I cut, I bleed
2297   Where are the birds?
2775   Where is the army?
s0891e   Where is the shotgun
Suddenly I thought of the shotgun (Jose Gomes Ferreira)  - 1973
2826   Where the adventure begins
Daydream (Jose Marti)  - 1882
2923   Where the sun is quiet
s0949e   Who does not prefer
2358   Who will comfort me?
s0905e   Who's ready to die
Love and what passes for it - The myths of Medeia and Iason, Alkestis and Admetos, Psyche and Eros (Imme Dros)  - 2000
s0994e   Why do you do what
First Love (Ivan Turgenev)  - 1860
s0935e   Why make an effort
1596   With Nana to the big city
h0306e   With a twist, the trunk
h2581e   With people it stinks
1600   With reserve (Not for anyone else)
2349   With stories me make a state
Entry into Palestine under Joshua  - -1400
s0201e   With tea she brings up
Staring point (Lernert Engelberts)  - 1997
h2670e   With the animals
It is as if (Ellen Deckwitz)  - 2020
h2636e   With the first thin ice
Winter (Eeltsje Hettinga)  - 2019
s0938e   With them you cried out
Soldier's wife - Missing song (Liesbeth Lagemaat)  - 2015
h2409e   With tuning the harp
h0511e   With wide eye shadows
h1200e   With you on the heath
No face, no hands (Rutger Kopland  - 1978
h1607e   Without any tears
h2669e   Without travelling
Tao Te Ching
The Inner Light (George Harrison)  - -300
2723   Witness of your life
s0845e   World Mental Health Day
The shadow of thinking (Maarten Inghels)  - 2016
s0190e   Would God be jealous?
God is indeed a jealous God (Emily Dickinson)
h2398e   Would you undress me
Spoken words on our skin (Rachel Mitchell)  - 2019
1300   Write me
s0875e   Writers are honest
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
s0872e   Writers do not write
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2014
h2407e   Writing my poems
Boathouse (Maarten Inghels)  - 2016
s0876e   Writing ruthlessly
Letters from Genoa (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)  - 2015
2539   Yay, a new reader!
(Dad was in my room)
h2703e   Yeah, he really feels
2242   Yes, I am I
h2573e   Yes, I've a stomach
h1000e   Yes, that's what dreams do
Dreaming dreams (Judith Herzberg  - 1999
596   Yew
Fortingall & Yggdrasill
1500   You
2390   You are different
Ahmose I Rhodopis (Pink Face / Pale Face)  - -1550
h2649e   You are horrible
Winter hour (Wim Helsen)  - 2019
h0112e   You bring a coffee
h1199e   You burn my letters
When the night comes falling from the sky (Bob Dylan)  - 1985
s0936e   You feel fine or queer
s0499e   You hardly dare to
Inside the skin (Han Voskuil)  - 1953
h2617e   You have licked the brine
Eighteen Days Without You - December 11th (Anne Sexton)  - 1969
s0979e   You let the time seep
Siegfried - A black idyll (Harry Mulisch)  - 2001
2435   You say the words
s0889e   You should be yourself
Maurits and the facts (Gerrit Krol)  - 1986
h0516e   You softly knead love
h2528e   You too have a friend
Letters about ethics to Lucilius (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)  - 65
h2679e   You will learn to live
Solle's story (Andreas Oosthoek)  - 2015
h2674e   You write a poem
Interview with Sjoerd Kuyper  - 1979
h2100e   You'll lose your spirit
La Provinciale, Claude Goretta (Herman de Coninck)  - 1984
30   Your hill
Return to Atlantis (Hubert Lampo)  - 1953
h2624e   Your personal sound
This is a loud world (Martijn Padding)  - 2019
s0973e   Your unfulfilled needs
s0900e   Youth: it is divine
Journey to love - The myth of the Golden Fleece (Imme Dros)  - 1999
h2408e   Zigzagging I walk
The Invisible Route (Maarten Inghels)  - 2018
2262   Zywa
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