Loves Tricks Gains Pains

The Big Secret
1470 Happy dog  
1480 Magic garden  
1481 Priestess greeting bull  
1499 Orange man  
1500 You  
1501 Come  
2358 Who will comfort me?  
30 Your hill  
Eyes lips chest and belly
h0516 You softly knead love  
h0613 A man, a woman  
2176 Intimate work of art  
2318 Queeny  
h2681 Like me, my cat speaks  
2607 The trick of sex  
2457 The weighty mystery  
2458 Birdie  
2459 Only now I don't feel ashamed  
152 Finger eyes  
947 Breathing together  
h0835 Unrest and patience  
Take a picture, now
1066 !!  
1320 Fire child  
1369 In the time that is there  
1516 Great-great-old  
s0639 Our wedding kiss, we  
2149 Black sails, thunderclouds  
h2502 In all my fibres  
2428 My purple rain  
h2684 I let the light shine  
Without reserve
975 Reserved  
977 Eyes my hands  
1042 The playing way  
1341 Friends  
1381 Saturday morning  
1426 Springtail  
1600 With reserve (Not for anyone else)  
1601 I give myself  
1947 Defenceless powerful  
h2573 Yes, I've a stomach  
h2685 Loving you is light  
s1007 It is hard, not meant  
h2732 So long and winding  
h2745 Your smell: predicting  
Love Mind and Death
s0190 Would God be jealous?  
s0990 Dear, you are my sun  
s1021 We want each other  
h2710 He stops my bleeding  
h2672 Her flowers, falling  
s0994 Why do you do what  
s0901 The goddess of love  
s0902 Ah, Desire, the son  
h2509 Moved and comforted  
s0905 Who's ready to die  
h2515 He's handsome and strong  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 40s and 50s
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s
h0800 I write 'you', just look  
s0963 I put on the skin  
s0801 The city reflects  
h2298 My heart drifts aimless  
h2616 He builds me, my flesh  
h2617 You have licked the brine  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s
h2696 He's smiling as if  
h2702 It's an ugly room  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s
s0932 After our argument  
h2570 I'm roaming my life  
s1018 What to do with him?  
s1019 My lips press the kiss  
s1020 I bury one kiss  
h2571 The child whips me up  
s0937 Every day she steals  
s0938 With them you cried out  
s0985 To be made pregnant  
h2519 A poem he wants  
h2523 Swimming hand in hand  
h2524 My man protects me  
h2525 Love relationships  
s0939 I cover your head  
h2368 My stray sock returned  
h2402 This missed chance has closed  
h2512 Being together  
h2513 Getting to know you  
s0903 Chatting up someone  
s0957 I want everything  
s0981 Might fidelity  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 20s and 30s
s0992 I comfort myself  
h2690 Familiar and close  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains
The sweet curve
Imprints Masks
1651 Only our love is great enough  
2142 Nixa (MO)  
2143 Endorphin sweets  
2242 Yes, I am I  
2489 Blood Flag  
2775 Where is the army?  
2951 Angelina  
2957 Fly in your attention  
2960 Roses and sweat  
It takes a lot of tries to make a début
1431 Wavemixtrail  
2213 A little crazy  
2386 I am free  
2542 Honey Love
(Lonicera nixa)  
1619 Half days  
1697 Twilight  
1945 Streamo (Flowing)  
2398 The giantess likes to eat  
2422 Rouse life into me  
2493 Feeding friends  
2501 Love is measurable  
2517 Our playgame  
s0976 If love is no dream  
2535 Maybe never again  
2566 Since you sleep elsewhere  
2723 Witness of your life  
s0991 My darling, your eyes  
2063 What can you do?  
2065 In between normal  
2067 Our adventure threatens  
2079 My guests (Chatterchick, Blacky and Madam)  
h2581 With people it stinks  
s0953 Okay, then leave me  
2495 Love is a choice  
2497 Protect your soul  
2499 He said sweet things  
2506 I'm within myself  
2507 She knows what I need  
2515 The Cauldron  
2769 Married, why not?  
2949 I took your hand, not your name  
2966 Frozen sparks  
h2703 Yeah, he really feels  
1298 Sharazed (2)  
1297 Sharazed (1)  
2513 Autumn sun  
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