Pending rain

h0554 The muffled silence  
h1041 The river ripples  
s0040 He asks: please love me  
s0199 Modelling a man  
s0082 I am shy, you must  
h0630 Snow in my garden  
1191 Don't know anymore  
1200 The cave  
Heart's Delight
101 Love indivisible  
h2201 In the evening  
33 The gods run  
1155 Jass  
85 Expecting  
25 In love  
1251 Later Love  
118 Defenceless  
37 Next to me again  
56 Than now  
h0609 Sweeps of sunset glow  
162 Light version of the night  
46 Sometimes everything falls  
35 Undertone  
124 Entry PUA  
23 Let me forget  
24 Memory in a half-stone  
1820 Dance me  
90 I don't know how  
34 Delived  
227 The elephant  
165 The breaker  
h1198 Reaching for your hand  
h1200 With you on the heath  
s0201 With tea she brings up  
h1000 Yes, that's what dreams do  
h2530 The older I get  
s0101 Clothes being blown up  
h0654 I have felt for snow  
h1097 My memories rush  
h1289 Happiness just comes  
s0956 I search in my mind  
Blankets of snow
s1004 I am very sure  
Not too bad
(Han Voskuil)
s0499 You hardly dare to  
s0500 I must be alone  
s0504 I want to see him  
s0505 It is an insult  
s0506 I'm not a talker  
(Frida Vogels)
s0555 And then it is time  
s0600 Then I'll ask for it  
s0619 The uncertainty  
h2387 The son disappeared  
s0904 In my home country  
s0995 I'm dreaming of ships  
s0899 I have lived here, but  
s0944 My life is really  
s1008 They are clean, pink, smooth  
h2688 In full light, a flag  
Em Brace
s0934 Throughout the party  
h2707 My mother was nice  
s0962 His old bones, embraced  
h2619 At three in the night  
h2099 We are as the beach  
h2300 Burnt in his best suit  
h2533 Friends have the power  
Moist glow
s1015 It's for the old days  
s1012 Since she got married  
s0906 No longer with us  
s0871 Toasting and drinking  
s0907 I want to forget  
s0980 A myth is cut off  
s0926 My youth is over  
s0896 Lie down quietly  
h2618 What are you thinking  
s0887 I shout: I'll help you  
s0979 You let the time seep  
s1022 I want everything  
s0930 We are unwanted  
Pending rain
122 Not nice  
838 Black sun  
840 Big small step  
1121 Open my hatch  
1125 The love wasn't great enough  
852 Angry with me  
2621 Rainshine  
228 Thinking shame  
2811 We didn't make gold  
2329 I am stuck, I think  
Greeting from before
h0600 Stain, soap, apples, dust  
h1001 Overgrowing graves  
1783 The smell of the glow  
2519 Hazy thought  
2665 Panevin  
2670 Nostalgia for the beach  
2975 In the afternoon hammock  
709 Do you have a little time?  
997 Flower child  
1007 Complete  
1957 Humours  
2787 The girl from the camp  
2793 Maria, 18 years old  
2799 The pink shoes  
2826 Where the adventure begins  
3136 Empirical device  
Paint overwritten
Slow circles
1299 Tipping point  
1367 Sedona  
2243 Poste restante  
s0895 Well, getting older  
s0935 Why make an effort  
s0971 I keep missing him  
s0982 I wish the world were  
2690 She feels it  
h2715 Wavering, the tears  
s1006 People just stand still  
Between where
s0947 I just let life pass  
h2584 I went out fishing  
s0948 Loneliness, leaking  
s0950 The public listens  
s0952 Do I love you, or  
s0972 It has gone too soon  
s0977 People on the train  
2529 Come back  
2720 Midgard in endless  
2738 Saints in their stables  
2954 CafĂ© the Laugh  
s1011 In my ears, my heart  
2972 Not a mother  
2993 My life as a ghost  
s1024 Blind premature deaths  
h2721 Walking the city  
h2724 Inside me, life is  
s1027 My body has stopped  
h2730 Walking on a leash  
s1032 Yet we are healthy  
h2733 City life is hard  
3104 Crack between shame and decency  
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