Opdracht aan:  Frans De Kok

Amsterdam, 2016-07-07
Fran(ciscu)s Antonius de Kok (1901-1982)
Het lied “Brabant” (1947 ?, tekst Clem De Ridder)

Bundel: Opnieuw 
Trefwoord: Moed 
Opdracht: Frans De Kok 

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Defend yourself

When the parents look at you
at the nursery and whisper
that the man who picks you up
is your father, then defend yourself
straighten your shoulders and your eyes
dare to be shamelessly his son

If people see you and chuckle
because you have another name
than your father, aunt and grandmother
then defend yourself with the truth
of their deeds, which is greater
than what is in the registers

If you do not know where you stand
then make friends with the neighbours
and live in reality every day
Defend yourself with what you can do
Dare to receive shamelessly
what is available to you

If you finally know the secret
then shrug your shoulders
because you've already forgotten it
You have defended yourself with the lie
and with deeds, which are greater
than the stories of the past
Amsterdam, December 13th, 2018
Poem 1978
Translation of poem 0717. Were di (July 7th, 2016)

Franciscus Antonius de Kok, 1901-1982
Collection  Once more
Zywa Amsterdam, 2018-12-13
Bundel: Opnieuw 
Opdracht: Frans De Kok 

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