Love indivisible

A lot of people weigh
what other people say
and add it up each day
to more regret and more complaint

but I just know: repute weighs nothing
and good looks even can be killing
inevitably there is a loss in winning
which is the only thing that's gained

Anyway, the sun will shine
and every day you'll be fine
as long as you confine
yourself to all the things that you can touch

Know, there is no force of fate
seize your chances to create
so take deep breaths, just watch and wait
attentively and do not judge

rather let the winds with their
brushes made of fluffy air
stroke beauty in time, everywhere
and invite your heart to where you go

Who knows if your smile may
daze someone in such a magic way
that you are in love one day
wonderingly in a wonder world

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