Bach, Johann Sebastian
h0006 The pipes are playing
h3223 The music of Bach
Baroni, Claudio F.
h3120 Air: always moving
Solo VIII - Air (Claudio F. Baroni) - 2016
h3116 Tap - Tap - so softly
Confessions #1 (Claudio F. Baroni) - 2021
h3117 With a background buzz
Confessions #2 (Claudio F. Baroni) - 2021
h3118 The incantations
Confessions #3 (Claudio F. Baroni) - 2021
h3119 A few single words
Confessions #4 (Claudio F. Baroni) - 2021
Bell, Hugo
s0959 Rhythm rushes itself
The Path Contorts as the Traces Fade (Hugo Bell) - 2019
Beuger, Antoine
1000 Free of bonds
into the unbound (Antoine Beuger) - 1997
Bonaventure, Michael
h2440 There is life breathing
101 (Michael Bonaventure) - 2019
Boogman, Willem
s0032 Once there was no space
Star remnants (Willem Boogman) - 2008
Brederode, Wolfert
h2429 Ruins & Remains
Ruins & Remains (Wolfert Brederode) - 2019
Bruckner, Anton
h0005 The large pipe organ
h1839 The large pipe organ
Bruynel, Ton
211 Smithy
Relief (Ton Bruynèl) - 1964
212 Rainbow
Arc (Ton Bruynèl) - 1966
213 Song of the sea
Soft song (Ton Bruynèl) - 1974
214 Call of the owl
Serene (Ton Bruynèl) - 1978
215 Touched tree
Touch (Ton Bruynèl) - 1979
216 Now the hour?
Column (Ton Bruynèl) - 1987
217 Ripples
Dust (Ton Bruynèl) - 1992
218 Sorcerer's apprentices in the haze
Haze (Ton Bruynèl) - 1994
Cage, John
337 Sleeper dyke
Variations II (John Cage)
Fields have ears nr. 1 (Michael Pisaro) 
1602 Quiet middle
Sonatas and Interludes (John Cage) - 1948
Danksagmueller, Franz
2694 The Roarer
Old (Franz Danksagmüller) - 2020
De Man, Roderik
h3135 A big party, we
How beautiful is life (Roderik de Man) - 2020
Downes, Kit
h2574 If the start was A
Debris - 2019
s0941 Chaos is normal
Debris - 2019
h2575 Waste is a chaos
Debris - 2019
s0942 I like to be wild
Debris - 2019
Dramm, David
339 The apple
Chaincurve II (David Dramm) - 2011
1714 Sanctified body
Sanctuary (David Dramm) - 2018
Dukas, Paul
n034 L'apprenti
Eben, Petr
222 The vow
Levi, the golden window (Marc Chagall) - 1961
223 The blue boy
Ruben, the blue window (Marc Chagall) - 1961
224 Siesta
Issachar, the green window (Marc Chagall) - 1961
225 The fish fly
Zebulon, the red window (Marc Chagall) - 1961
Ellington, Duke
h3294 With a gentle urge
TGTT (Duke Ellington) - 1968
Erkin, Ulvi Cemal
2658 The calling wind
String Quartet (Ulvi Cemal Erkin) - 1936
Fink, Hansjoerg
s0946 The herbs are dancing
Seven (Hansjörg Fink en Elmar Lehnen) - 2018
Franssens, Joep
h0645 Grazing peacefully
"Harmony of the spheres" - part IIIa (Joep Franssens) - 2001
h0646 The meltwater hops
"Harmony of the spheres" - part IIIb (Joep Franssens) - 2001
Glass, Philip
797 Train
Einstein on the beach (Philip Glass)
Dual Synthesis (Tristan Perich) 
- 1976
806 Evenings are obligatory
Two lovers on a park bench (Samuel Johnson) - 1976
Gorecki, Henryk
h0056 A very low tone
Beginning of the prayer "O Domina nostra" (Henryk Górecki) - 1985
Gubaidulina, Sofia
1079 Cantor
Rejoice! (Sofia Gubaidulina) - 1981
Guterres, Andrea
h2601 A swarm of spirits
Ghost train (Andrea Guterres) - 2019
h2602 The generator
Ghost Train (Andrea Guterres) - 2019
Janacek, Leos
h2404 Candlelight evenings
Tenderly (Leos Janacek) 
Johnson, Tom
h2596 The sound of the gong
Nine Bells (Tom Johnson) - 1979
h2597 Rounds around the gong
Nine Bells (Tom Johnson) - 1979
h2598 On sensitive toes
Rational Melody 1 (Tom Johnson) - 1982
s0958 Both safe and unsafe
Hidden Melodies (Tom Johnson) - 2014
h2599 A finger and sticks
Deep Rhythm 2 (Tom Johnson) - 2019
Koolmees, Hans
h3125 Little waterfalls
Through the looking glass - 275 VWB (Hans Koolmees) - 2021
Kyriakides, Yannis
2101 My mask
Face (Yannis Kyriakides) - 2019
Leach, Mary Jane
2731 Into myself
Pipe dreams (Mary Jane Leach) - 1989
Lehnen, Elmar
s0946 The herbs are dancing
Seven (Hansjörg Fink en Elmar Lehnen) - 2018
Lekkerkerker, Jacob
1710 Substream
Lemmens, Jacques-Nicolas
2118 Rockin' rockin'go
Invocation (Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens) - 1860
Lijbaart, Joost
h3284 By day I'm dreaming
Dreamtime (Joost Lijbaart) - 2022
Loevendie, Theo
h3068 In Café Welling
WWW in W (Theo Loevendie) 
h3069 On unequal legs
Celebration (Theo Loevendie) 
Mahler, Gustav
h3218 Let us sing of life
The drinking song of earth's sorrow (Hans Bethge) - 1907
h3219 I am tired, I long
The solitary one in autumn (Hans Bethge) - 1907
h3220 Glimmering beauty
Of youth (Hans Bethge) - 1907
h3221 Girls tease each other
Of beauty (Hans Bethge) - 1907
h3222 Let us just enjoy
The farewell (Hans Bethge) - 1907
Manneke, Daan
h1064 I breathe and blow sound
I breathe (Daan Manneke) - 1979
1716 Preacher
The heavens declare the glory of God (Daan Manneke) - 2017
Messiaen, Olivier
2541 All colours within me
The Nativity of the Lord (Olivier Messiaen) - 1935
2544 Nativity of the Lord
The Nativity of the Lord(Olivier Messiaen) - 1935
Moore, Kate
351 Empty
Debris and alchemy (Kate Moore) - 2009
2404 The crow
The Crow (Kate Moore) - 2019
s0968 The city cooker
The Heron (Kate Moore) - 2019
h2623 The heron recedes
The Heron - 2019
Mulholland, Graydon
h2603 I am here! Hello?
Arborescence (Graydon Mulholland) - 2019
Padding, Martijn
h2624 Your personal sound
This is a loud world - 2019
h2625 The animals mess
This is a loud world - 2019
Pappalardo, Sebastian
4308 Everything is blue, and pink
Live-coded visual (eerie_ear) - 2022
Reich, Steve
189 Waterpit
Four organs (Steve Reich) - 1970
h2640 The whole world vibrates
Phase Patterns for four electric organs - 1970
Rudzinska, Elizabete
h3293 In my sleep, a wish
Iconostasis (Elizabete Rudzinska) - 2022
Say, Fazil
2659 She feels it
String Quartet (Fazil Say) - 2010
Shalygin, Maxim
4296 Songless Song
Songlessness (Maxim Shalygin) - 2022
Snoei, Wouter
821 Buttocks outside
Disintegration (Wouter Snoei) - 1998
Stivic, Branimir
h3198 The whiplashes pop
Breathing _ Choir : [ VxUxS ] (Branimir Štivi?) - 2022
Sumera, Lepo
h3267 Only in Paris
Spring fly (Lepo Sumera) - 1986
Theodorakis, Mikis
h0202 I don't know the words
Maria Farantouri 
Tsoupaki, Calliope
1039 The playing way
Rondo (Calliope Tsoupaki) - 2001
h3128 I'm thinking my grief
God is my refuge (Calliope Tsoupaki) - 2016
h2438 Out of the program
For the Nôtre-Dame (Calliope Tsoupaki) - 2019
h2439 Above the ashes
For the Nôtre-Dame (Calliope Tsoupaki) - 2019
Van Bergeijk, Gilius
226 Meanwhile something else
Stations of the cross (Kamagurka) - 2012
Van de Putte, Jan
s1377 You have to play out
h2621 A shot: do not move
Movement without movement - 2019
h2622 The movement gives way
Movement without movement - 2019
s1379 Pantomime-players
No movement (Jan van de Putte) - 2019
s1380 A cacophony
No movement (Jan van de Putte) - 2019
s1381 Clamour and complaints
No movement (Jan van de Putte) - 2019
s1378 This caterwauling
Without a Pause (Jan van de Putte) - 2020
Velickovic, Jasna
h3295 Something sings beneath
Underneath (Jasna Velickovic) - 2022
Vriezen, Samuel
s0004 Peep toot ummm eak oooh
Crawling - for organs (Samuel Vriezen) - 2011
h0018 The tones, gracefully
Crawling - for organs (Samuel Vriezen) - 2011
512 Breathe Sun
Crawling - for organs (Samuel Vriezen) - 2011
h3296 Something falls, and bumps
Shadow (Samuel Vriezen) - 2022
Vukosavljevic, Ivan
h2576 No strains, no burning
The Burning (Ivan Vukosavljevic) - 2019
h2577 The heavenly fire
The Burning (Ivan Vukosavljevic) - 2019
Waller, Felipe
h3059 The torrent tumbling
Whispering (Felipe Waller) - 2021
Wammes, Ad
h1063 The street is cheerful
Mirror (Ad Wammes) - 1989
Welmers, Jan
1967 Safely in the dark
Light and dark - I (Jan Welmers) - 1996
1968 Blind heroes
Light and dark - I (Jan Welmers) - 1996
Wiegerink, Lucas
4478A The flag of Peace
The complaint of Peace (Lucas Wiegerink) - 2022
Wood Rome, Rachel Devorah
h3196 A row of windchests
psalm from the machine (Rachel Devorah Wood Rome) - 2022
h3197 Sharply squeaking chicks
psalm from the machine (Rachel Devorah Wood Rome) - 2022
Yudo, Luiz Henrique
179 Fire
On phobia (Luiz Henrique Yudo) - 2011
Zappa, Frank
h3262 My show, the middle
h3263 I nod in strict time
h3264 It's all about fun
s1390 Mental floss for sale
s1391 Finally famous
s1388 The news, every day
Trouble Every Day (The Mothers of Invention) - 1965
4236 Good citizens
Freak Out! (The Mothers of Invention) - 1966
4239 Pandora's Box, 8118 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Absolutely Free (The Mothers of Invention) - 1967
4242 Love arrows
Cruising with Ruben & the Jets (The Mothers of Invention) - 1968
s1111 The best deals for you
Willie the Pimp (Frank Zappa) - 1969
h2855 She sings and dances
Camarillo Brillo (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
s1110 Shows will ooze their slime
I'm the Slime (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2856 Dream softly and pink
Dirty Love (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2857 I don't look like much
Fifty-Fifty (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2858 Women recognise
Zomby Woof (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2859 My sweet dynamo
Dinah-Moe Humm (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2860 The plains are covered
Montana (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
h2861 The dogs are running
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (Frank Zappa) - 1974
s1112 My feelers, reaching
Cosmik Debris (Frank Zappa) - 1974
s1389 We're ready for you
Crew Slut (Frank Zappa) - 1979
h3266 I like to do it
Crew Slut (Frank Zappa) - 1979
h3265 Blue lights, pink answers
We are not alone (Frank Zappa) - 1983
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