Loves Tricks Gains Pains

The Big Secret
h0002 In each other's eyes  
h0003 The rompy tomboy  
h0291-13 Mum pays attention  
h0325 Love, that's us right now  
1148 The first time  
1470 Happy dog  
1475 Sweet is your skin  
1477 In the sweet smell of summer flowers  
1478 Love is now  
1479 Your  
1480 Magic garden  
1481 Priestess greeting bull  
1483 Sweet whispers  
1493 The play  
1494 Undressed by beauty  
1495 Chilchliflue  
1496 Shall we  
1499 Orange man  
1500 To you  
1501 Come  
1506 Only everything  
1507 I promise you  
1508 But our love  
1509 To heaven  
1510 Two trees in the woods  
1518 Love is never  
1902 Foreignly intimate  
1895 In a wonderful way  
2156 Some like it rough  
2161 Dear gazelle  
2291 All mine  
2358 Who will comfort me?  
2679 Me do
(Independent Worker Without Personnel)  
3071 Dreamed love  
h2770 In heavy armour  
3900 The Bittersweet Secret  
h3028 To be married is  
h3047 Pink in the verdant  
h3096 My soul wears a ring  
h3225 Grace: it touches us  
h3324 Be still, he likes me  
4546 Zyw  
4921 Close  
h3951 We are wonderful  
5348 Everything safe  
30 Your hill  
1503 Children's game  
1502 Fairied  
1469 It had to be done  
1484 Skin of my soul  
1471 All  
2264 Yes I do  
h2466 Among the bright stars  
h3287 Red is the blossom  
4505 Snow White's Death  
Eyes lips chest and belly
70 Our love will rain  
79 Interflowed  
h0399 When you wrote my name  
h0401 Honeysuckle smell  
h0500 A wink: I look back  
h0510 She judges the men  
h0511 With wide eye shadows  
h0516 You softly knead love  
h0613 A man, a woman  
h0835 Unrest and patience  
h1422 Weightless, I am rocked  
1252 Nesting  
1253 I want you  
1447 Our haystack  
1570 Endplay  
h1996 Untranslatable  
2015 It is love  
2176 Intimate work of art  
2318 Queeny  
h2573 This little belly  
h2681 Like me, my cat speaks  
4034 And then, once more  
h3088 I dream me with you  
h3259 In your sleep I reach  
4541 Stroke the skin of my soul  
4543 Stroke the soul of my skin  
4610 Anatomical Theatre  
h3511 Hips are everything  
h3554 To be healed I want  
h3555 The world is spinning  
h3786 Of your friends you know  
h4270 There's a strange hand with  
2607 The trick of sex  
1241 Hand mirror  
1427 Nanannana  
1240 If only I live  
1237 Yes, but
1235 How a hand  
1234 Nice uncomfortably  
1451 Dancing  
1452 The Love Expert  
1698 Let go  
1456 Not just  
1242 Solarium  
1236 On a floor mattress  
2457 The weighty mystery  
2458 Birdie  
2459 Only now I don't feel ashamed  
1446 Honey  
154 Feelosophical  
152 Finger eyes  
81 Crotch animals  
1389 Spring  
1239 Yes Yes  
2013 Flowing body  
1448 And I want you  
1247 My father's big smile on Good Couple's Day (11/22)  
1248 Bridal  
1243 Our new home  
1454 Müntschi  
1455 Doublesweet  
947 Breathing together  
1249 Stepgranny  
Take a picture, now
1513 Where shadows cast secrets  
133 Take a picture, now  
140 Just like you  
h0077 That old picture: I  
s0051 I see her peeping --  
s0057 My darling asks why  
h1400 We are having fun  
h1560 Teenagers in love  
985 I read you  
1414 The evening brings coolness  
1415 Like teenagers  
1514 Paris l'amour  
1516 Great-great-old  
1517 Lazy love  
1521 My love open  
1525 Carry me  
1526 Lovelylove  
h1902 I weigh both of us  
s0639 Our wedding kiss, we  
2149 Black sails, thunderclouds  
h2423 Creamy white, sweet pink  
h2425 My heart drinks the smells  
h2502 In all my fibres  
2428 My purple rain  
h2684 I let the light shine  
3029 Melt Singe Tremble  
3353 People, I love you  
h3053 A naked body  
h3054 Kneadable muscles  
h3055 Very many eye  
h3056 Kneadable muscles  
4030 #sexy  
h3087 Walking, I follow  
4549 Sunset (Cape Sounion)  
h3536 I love mama, here  
5328 Is your photo attention for me?  
s1026 See us sitting here  
959 Photos nobody else will ever see  
Without reserve
27 In love [2]  
h0183 The crow builds a nest  
h0229 A gale bumps and beats  
h1559 It is light to love  
833 If love is all  
867 Call for the owls  
h1627 Each day a party  
975 Reserved  
977 Eyes my hands  
979 Without reserve  
983 Yes I do  
1053 Troth  
1123 Love my love  
1341 Friends, Together  
1343 Not for the other  
1371 Conbody  
1381 Saturday morning  
1426 Springtail  
1432 Welling heart  
1476 Two-part  
1497 With which humans human  
1520 Real without mirrors  
1522 Dry on dry  
1530 Lightship  
1558 After the years of romance  
1564 Showing colours  
1586 My beautiful for you  
1587 Love in and out  
1600 With reserve (it's for yourself)  
1601 I give myself  
h1928 I hear you, the song  
1661 Where are you?  
1669 You count on it, a home  
h2028 My heart skips a beat  
1671 You are back  
1797 Talkaboo  
1842 You are  
1947 Defenceless powerful  
h2418 Proudly living large  
h2652 I need you indeed  
h2685 Loving you is light  
h2725 Shall I open up  
h2732 So long and winding  
h2745 Your smell: predicting  
h2746 As warm spring water  
3163 Knowing what is going to happen  
h2840 Hi, I don't know you  
3293 Heavenly dew  
s1105 I am a house full  
h2873 Listening to you  
3368 Struck  
3396 Kisses of Bliss  
h2927 To love is to give  
3823 Explod  
h2975 I want to feel you  
3929 Friends, Peace  
h3045 We're walking along  
h3046 Bumping into each  
h3065 Indispensable  
h3089 I open my soul  
h3106 We kiss on the beach  
h3234 We like each other  
h3474 Children take notice  
4709 This is real  
4754 Known  
s1650 People are equal  
5224 Chain of fire  
h4199 The pleasant strangeness  
h4370 What would you do then  
h4384 I care about you  
s0008 The Guanyin statue  
h2334 Incense, myrrh, and gold  
h2748 You roll off sweaty  
h2749 There, deeply planted  
h3286 Please, do come, will you?  
4474 Happier than I think  
h3291 Under the cedar  
Love Mind and Death
s0990 Darling, you're my sun  
s1021 We want each other  
h4333 Spring, this is the time  
h2787 What is there to say?  
h2815 My tree is fragant  
h2814 Crept into his bed  
s1072 It is great with him  
h4217 Please mourn with us thrice  
h3319 Seducing someone  
s1056 Love adorns itself  
h2710 He stops my bleeding  
s1163 Control, sympathy  
s2034 We've been together  
h4336 I felt it deeply  
h4337 You called me Great, right  
h4338 I was well prepared  
s0190 Would God be jealous?  
h2629 We just don't know that  
s0901 The goddess of love  
s0902 Ah, Desire, the son  
h2509 Moved and comforted  
s0905 Who's ready to die  
h2515 He's handsome and strong  
h2828 I lie in the song  
h2853 With her husky voice  
h3132 Our children are not  
h4106 Lying at her feet  
s1918 I'm about leaving  
h4128 Still, when I see you  
h2799 I play zither well  
h2801 Darling, go ahead  
h2385 Going together  
h3622 He caresses her  
h3637 Love is everything  
h3616 So you do love him  
s1623 Right now I'll marry  
s1625 He's very jealous  
h3646 The white butterfly  
h3959 I was seventeen  
s1971 Street noise, the cities  
h4242 Garlands in the streets  
h4243 Come as a man and  
h4244 Come all through the gate  
h4245 The sea and the ships  
h4246 Around your presence  
h4247 I act silly, like  
s1972 Here too: forbidden  
h3185 Bring our friend home  
h1619 My darling kisses  
h2293 Why does it happen  
h2295 Masculinity  
h3187 Don't go to sleep, you  
h3767 Next spring I'll go back  
h3768 I do not know why  
h1082 My love does not need  
h2672 Her flowers, falling  
s0994 Why do you do what  
h1069 I take it easy  
s0440 She's upset: I didn't  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 40s and 50s
h0775 The harbour: the quays  
h4253 I want to create  
h3270 My love spell on you  
h3455 Your words are lovely!  
h4173 I fly in the blue  
s1516 I finally have  
s1425 She puts on make-up  
h0809 Caress pier blocks blue  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s
h3638 I am not myself  
s0801 The city reflects  
h2298 My heart, aimlessly  
h2959 Love is pliable  
h1335 Tender is the night  
h4458 Come on, wave your love  
s2088 Please just let me be  
s0757 Sea, delicate light  
s1472 I then thought I knew  
h1028 You stroke me, I am  
s1177 I waited a year  
h2960 Sorry for last year  
h2961 Hand in hand we cling  
h4462 You change every day  
h2616 He builds a whole world  
h2617 You have licked the brine  
h3354 Oh, Odorono  
h0800 I write 'you', just look  
h2829 I do like to talk  
h2830 You show me about  
h2855 She sings and dances  
h2856 Dream softly and pink  
h2857 I don't look like much  
h2858 Women recognise  
h2859 My sweet dynamo  
s1560 Watch out, everyone  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s
h3322 Being in your arms  
h3349 Your panties of foam  
h4078 You love me, you do  
h4079 Of course I'm the cook  
h3691 I have accepted  
s1879 She is taking care  
s2104 I always get short  
h1139 Come, we better go  
h1140 After the love fight  
h1141 If you don't come now  
h2696 He's smiling as if  
h2702 It's an ugly room  
s1843 We look like marble  
h2660 Sometimes, in the dark  
h2738 I do love myself  
h4197 Your body beading  
h0599 No one can describe  
h2197 Discontent: standing  
s0753 A man opens up  
s0761 Without a woman  
h2478 That you possibly  
h3348 Yes, mwaw hwale re hwoot  
h4323 No supermoon nor  
s1973 The truth, everything  
h3341 Even if I don't  
h2957 Troubles belong to  
h3881 Don't stay there alone  
h3882 Give your hand and kiss  
s1443 I certainly would  
h1374 In the compartment  
h3478 I am excited  
s1130 Don't ever leave me  
h4277 I am an island  
h3448 I saw Les amants  
h3450 Life is far too short  
h3451 I don't ask Do you  
h3452 We broke up and now  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s
s0932 After our argument  
s2006 Being in love, blind  
h4481 Sex is a species  
h4442 We talk searchingly  
h4444 After our wedding  
h4445 The menses: crushes  
h3039 He looks tired, a bit  
h4341 The ecstatic heart-  
s2035 The Sex Ed booklet  
s2036 Dad drinks Mama's wine  
s1018 What to do with him?  
s1019 My lips press the kiss  
s1020 I bury one kiss  
h3599 You are beautiful  
h4269 I tell everything  
h4127 He gives the rubber  
h4112 We don't say much, that's  
h4274 When I am with you  
h1322 We lay happily  
h4204 You don't care about  
h4205 For me, freedom is  
h4206 Give me a welcome  
s1949 I send sepia  
s1950 It was so right, but  
s1951 Your ships burnt behind  
h4208 You are a dreamer  
h4209 So what, the grand prize  
h3522 I dream of forest  
h3523 I'm whirling, whirling  
h3355 Maybe I shall die  
h3387 They are old, they laugh  
h1995 Flowers may remain  
s2050 He kisses me, it's  
h4366 Let us caress, not  
h3653 Beyond the future  
h3987 Such oppressive love  
h3991 A kiss, naked I  
h3992 You're asleep, I know  
h3994 The heart and dagger  
h4003 With you in this bed  
h4004 Darling, I don't want  
s1839 Can love heal my heart  
h4263 True Love! Be happy  
h2831 It hurt awhile, but  
h3471 We like each other  
h3472 Making love, they teach  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 10s
s0981 Might fidelity  
h2653 My kisses ask you  
h2641 Jointly we maintain  
s0903 Chatting up someone  
s1523 Do you long for me?  
h2645 Expressing your love  
s0985 To be made pregnant  
s0466 With a smile you say  
h2450 On the hotel beds  
h2451 Nothing is purer  
h2655 I do respect you  
h2909 I'm stuff in love and  
h2570 I'm roaming my life  
h2571 The child whips me up  
s0937 Every day she steals  
s0938 With them you cried out  
s0939 I cover your head  
h2368 My stray sock returned  
h1362 My Christmas present  
s0957 I want everything  
h2402 This missed chance has closed  
h2512 Being together  
h2513 I don't explore you  
s1524 After making love  
h2654 Darling, yes, I do  
h3479 She shows me the bed  
h3480 I sniff up the sea  
h3481 It's excitingly  
h3482 I pulsate shock waves  
h2663 Grandpa and grandma  
h3746 Quietly she looks  
h3483 She doesn't want to smell  
h3484 She visits my house  
h3485 Nude in my nightie  
h3180 Her hand pinches mine  
s1144 Time is the thing, come  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 20s
h4307 Like a dancer she  
h3235 I'm wearing flowers  
h2910 She has packed her things  
h3692 Love you too, you say  
h3683 After a few years  
s1647 I feel too little  
h3684 Yet what does it mean  
h4036 I choose the wrong cake  
h4029 I think of us and  
h4030 Your heart, being soft  
h4031 I have need of you  
h4037 Our sex, enticing  
h4052 To my arms rushes  
s1285 Juliet sends me  
s0992 I comfort myself  
h3897 Please come with your Skin  
h4363 Love does prove itself  
h2690 Familiar and close  
h2847 Not to know myself  
h3958 Still, twisted people  
The sweet curve
h3576 Quiet as a child  
h0810 The sweet curve, the dune  
h4372 Barefoot, my mother  
h3464 Am I that body  
Palace of the night
Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer
h1111 Dad makes clouds, makes them  
h1290 Poems are love songs  
h1291 The girl I follow  
s0273 The harbour bell blocks  
s0272 My brewbelly full  
h2032 Reader, please love me  
s0275 A day without wine  
h1112 Fighting is bending  
s0274 I'm just pretending  
s1436 Do I know myself  
s1437 I don't know you yet  
s1438 I really love you  
h1162 In the maze city  
h1163 Life is good because  
s0293 In the golden dress  
s0294 This is what life is  
h1165 The broiling summer  
s0295 Beware, unratting  
s0296 Life is beautiful  
s1439 Watch out, love wants all  
h3339 I love exactly  
h2452 Let us see the sun  
h2464 Writing is easy  
h2465 I don't cry, I write  
s0870 My second glass clinks  
s0871 Toasting and drinking  
s0872 I don't describe life  
s0873 The truth in the lie  
s0874 The writer repeats  
s0875 Writing is being  
s0876 Writing ruthlessly  
h2467 I don't imitate  
s0877 Please take the pills now  
s0878 I need company  
h2468 It is great to do  
h2469 Concrete, the tunnel  
s0879 Well, what did I know  
h2472 Reverence and love  
h2473 The Most Merciful  
s0907 I want to forget  
s0908 The square is so full  
s0910 Bawling to a dog  
s0911 I have made my point  
s0912 A culpable hand  
h2519 A poem he wants  
h2520 Only uncertain  
s0913 Play the waiting game  
s0914 Europe grants a lot  
h2521 Memories, I had  
s0915 Men after the war  
h2522 Since there is mankind  
h2523 Swimming hand in hand  
h2524 My man protects me  
s0917 Prosperity fat  
s0918 That you are smarter  
h2525 Making up stories  
2360 Selfie in Venice  
h2680 Nothing is hidden  
h3268 I do read a lot  
h3271 Mothers are happy  
s1396 There are knocks, no ring  
s1397 It's normal to wish  
h3340 It's a fact, you can  
Reaching out
2519 Hazy thought [1]  
2265 Melic song  
2266 Marc greets things in the morning  
870 Little waltz in Vienna  
5084 The Great Falls in Paterson (NJ)  
4273 I sing Love  
1695 Smelling how it was  
4553 So, goodbye then  
4555 Where you have been  
4662 Hawai'i  
4664 Back in the garden  
5079 Stomping disquiet  
4735 Shoes  
4740 Hips  
4742 Beautiful and cruel  
4744 Red Clowns  
5102 Cold shivers in the morning  
4680 Exit to hell  
4682 Gateway to hell  
4747 Free-spirited  
1803 Glueing  
4276 Here I am  
4590 Europa 2022  
Herman de Coninck
h3421 People keep thinking  
s1496 Alas, making love  
s1497 Well, you better hide  
h3370 You didn't wear that much  
s1462 You put on some thin  
s0715 I'm melancholy  
h2102 You keep coming back  
h1215 Like sweet words want to  
s1498 Mama is lonely  
h0942 Funerals: I am  
s1499 Rumours often do  
s0716 Poets must be dis  
h2099 We are as the beach  
s0717 A poet fiercely  
h2100 You'll lose your spirit  
s1500 As the love poet  
s1501 Well, men have to swing  
h3433 With their girl, tough men  
h3434 My father is dead  
4650 I took pictures of happiness  
h2090 To stay, with kisses  
h2091 The house upside down  
h2101 Groping, of the wind  
h3460 I sweep up the shards  
h3463 Like a lonely tree  
h3435 Let us discuss it  
h3461 You have two arms, so  
s0713 Dad used to tickle  
h2096 Today I shall do  
h2097 Women seduce men  
h2098 Not using the bike  
s1502 Oh really? Do you  
s1504 It's two lives in one  
h1438 My poem: finished?  
h3436 My ex is a friend  
h3437 Stay, make an effort  
s1503 The car is broken  
s1505 Too bad! Poems fall  
s1506 I just forget her  
h3459 Travelling isn't fun  
s1514 It's well-intentioned  
s1515 The heating remains  
h1149 Thanks, tonight there is  
h1150 The young ginkgo  
h3438 Verbatim, God is  
h3462 Well, what do I need?  
Loves Tricks Gains Pains
Imprints Masks
1327 Erasmus  
s0200 Sex and frustrations  
1611 Licking the nectar  
1651 Only our love is great enough  
2135 I left  
2142 Nixa (MO)  
2143 Endorphin sweets  
2242 Yes, I am I  
2489 Blood Flag  
2951 Angelina  
2957 Fly in your attention  
2960 Roses and sweat  
3155 #Beauty  
3157 #Woman  
3165 #Beauty (2)  
s1219 Who knows who is who  
4234 Love in the Wild West  
s1357 In our character  
h3239 In the hospital  
h3241 Beauty can be nude  
h3242 Sick and young and old  
h3243 Our bodies frustrate  
s1558 We talk too much and  
h4272 She pulls her dress up  
h2737 Dear eyeing prompter  
s1342 Do not call it love  
It takes a lot of tries to make a début
h0450 We arrange flowers  
807 Evenings are obligatory  
987 Embrace who is dear to me  
1308 Now go  
1504 Love now  
1515 Love yourself  
1599 The secret rules  
1628 Appropriate steps  
1647 Mouima  
1856 What I want to say  
1882 Intimate suite  
2019 Going strong  
2200 Dance with me  
2213 A little crazy  
2386 I am free  
h2646 Meeting a stranger  
2542 Honey Love
(Lonicera nixa)  
3167 Open me  
3737 Would you do the same?  
3852 Landsailor  
h3111 Saying almost none  
h3112 I'm longing for him  
h3160 When it's the first time  
4564 A furtive visit  
4707 Immortal soul  
h3508 I appear to be  
h3510 The biggest fairground  
h3846 Loving couples kiss  
h4041 And then you let me  
5277 My heart on your tongue  
h4369 Enticed by the scent  
s0030 My vague reflection  
4461 Afterwards, I asked questions  
h0469 The broom is scenting  
620 The small world  
h1556 We will remain friends  
h1579 I like your sweet lips  
1413 Later may be  
1578 In the dark at my window  
1584 Again  
1585 At home  
h1906 We wanted to say  
1655 AiMe  
1693 Lying in you  
1697 Twilight  
1750 Waiting  
1781 Night after a long evening  
h2185 You flutter inside  
1818 Your faces  
1942 Passport Love  
1945 Streamo (Flowing)  
1994 A full life  
s0854 Please hurry, help me  
s0856 I'm getting married  
h2428 Day 1 of Year 1  
h2434 No longer bewitched  
2398 The giantess likes to eat  
2422 Rouse life into me  
2493 Feeding friends  
2501 Love is measurable  
2513 Autumn sun  
2517 Our playgame  
s0976 If love is no dream  
h2637 My crush gave me love  
h2638 She has grown up, so  
2535 Maybe never again  
h2647 Meeting a stranger  
2566 Since you sleep elsewhere  
h2658 French life is: dining  
s0991 My darling, your eyes  
2723 Witness of your life  
h2743 My wish is growing  
h2852 You are familiar  
h2850 Love does not anchor  
h2881 You know me, and yet  
3415 While I lie awake  
3850 Keeping on  
3854 Pregnant of future  
h2978 So much wanting to  
3903 Doubt talk  
h3011 Just like yesterday  
h3010 Look at me, my wound  
h3009 My skin is springtime  
h3020 Because I know you  
h3025 No goodbye: we stay  
h3021 Away with strict rules  
h3049 I want a shoulder  
3967 My soul has tender skin  
3973 Belonging [1]  
3997 Wagtails in the garden  
h3095 My love asks for one  
4261 Timing  
4652 Let's go on vacation  
4705 Sensitive love  
4718 Presents with a bow  
4729 In bed I think you  
h4070 Love mirrors itself  
5324 Within the insect screens  
4301 Intimacy  
131 Please let us  
h0027 Father on the horse  
h0324 A circle of pink  
1128 Smell of vomit  
1150 A body  
1205 Without honey  
1238 Do you leave me?  
1250 Under the skin  
1505 Mister Love  
1560 Foundling  
1608 Cushion rebound  
1610 Words that don't match  
1629 Panoramic view  
1646 Goldilocks  
1750 Afterthought  
h2078 Men and love: only  
h2216 I am beautiful  
1864 Sweet r   
1948 Wrapped up in feelings  
1950 My whole heart  
1952 Your desire in my blood  
2063 What can you do?  
2065 In between normal  
2067 Our adventure threatens  
h2412 The world is asking  
h2416 Dare to be trustful  
h2426 He dwells in this cave  
2329 We're on the bed  
h2581 With people it stinks  
s0953 Okay, then leave me  
2495 Love is a choice  
2497 Protect your soul  
2499 He said sweet things  
2506 I'm within myself  
2507 She knows what I need  
2515 The Cauldron  
2769 Married, why not?  
2949 I took your hand, not your name  
2966 Frozen sparks  
h2703 Yeah, he really feels  
s1051 Eat the goldcherry  
s1224 That is how we are  
s1264 That you do love me  
h3104 We sleep with the wind  
h3109 Come, take your clothes off  
h3110 I am swirling in  
4102 Bathe in love  
s1288 He doesn't understand  
s1433 Quarrels: volcanoes  
4716 Almost touchable /
Terrace at the Fountain of love  
4723 She lets me look  
h3509 I like to be soft  
4752 Talk and fit  
h3552 Two pink clouds, floating  
h3556 Well, do we still change  
h3557 Party every day  
s1557 Enough problems, but  
h3558 Does society  
h3559 My heart stays mine, but  
h3561 I like to please men  
s1683 Censorship: fancy  
5081 Doe  
5330 The virgin sacrifice  
h4198 Is intimacy  
h4287 Only when I know  
h4367 I can't sleep because  
s2115 I clean up, you don't  
4711 To be my home  
4771 Tough friends  
h0303 Thunder is crackling  
h1951 When the work is done  
4288 Great expectations  
4291 I lay awake  
h3179 I apply pressure  
4456 Williewo  
4472 Sometimes bleeding  
h3290 I'm waiting in bed  
4570 Half naked you run away  
4573 DearI  
s1455 I'm caught in a net  
h3362 To love myself is  
h3363 Long, long more and more  
h3364 Just close your eyes, dream  
h3365 My future is short  
4576 Cherish, cherish me  
4720 Sweet languor  
4733 In me, in you  
h3534 Wow, on my birthday  
h4439 Every day I think  
h4440 Into heaven like  
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