Short Sermons
2027 I will maintain  
2033 The world is waiting for us  
954 The Beautiful World  
Mosaic virus
86 Please do not touch  
94 Sacrificial girl  
s0001 It is spring again  
h0499 Walking in full light  
h1050 Twilight, the bare tree  
h1051 From paper, we fold  
h1052 After school, running  
h1238 Dare you, the girl grins  
2137 The Golden King ('El Dorado')  
s0894 Poked by wave breakers  
2268 Smuddle  
2274 Creative destruction  
2280 Bypasses  
2292 Like a painting by Vincent van Gogh  
2293 Public life  
2305 Paradise days  
2307 Urgently I want  
2337 Talents  
2339 Dagobert McDuck's strongroom  
2345 Anxious blood  
2346 Learning economy  
2347 Mosaic virus  
2354 Stared at  
3196 Commemoration  
187 Pasted love  
92 Furnishing song  
138 Mill of thoughts  
s0923 Tokyo City  
Here &Now&
h2777 The small grocery  
h2778 There is no shortage  
h2779 What inheritance  
h2592 A prairie begins  
h2671 I've nothing to lose  
Wean Di
s1039 The Palace Hotel  
s1040 He is not normal  
s0920 The more you're dealing  
s0849 My heart beats action  
s0850 If life is boring  
s0851 My monkey mind jumps  
h2296 She is a vixen  
h2213 The summary is  
h2169 Do you dare to shine  
s0911 I have made my point  
s0912 A culpable hand  
h2649 You are horrible  
Puss & Lord
(Marten Toonder)
Bearer Toonder
(Marten Toonder)
h1599 Itineraries  
h1600 I feel height as depth  
s0463 Schwierig und einsam  
Being my own museum
h2328 Read and realize  
h2390 Everything passes  
h2393 In the dark night sky  
h2692 The Destroyed City  
s0964 Our heart-shaped balloons  
h2100 You'll lose your spirit  
h2503 My hands are sculpting  
s0914 Europe grants a lot  
h2521 The few memories  
h2430 Something small you see  
h2605 For their family  
s0975 Beach scene: a waste bag  
h2667 Back in the old house  
Rasping ants
h1408 New Year’s Eve: we laugh  
s0898 Ay, Polonius!  
s0889 You should be yourself  
h0699 I cannot help it  
h1286 My eyes are cutting  
h1287 Voice and acts bowels  
h1500 In a flash I saw  
s0910 Bawling to a dog  
May the Might
s0909 There are small states, and  
h2648 Buzzing 'round the world  
s1044 Hit by censorship  
s1045 Theft and deception  
s1048 A diet, sports sweat  
s1067 The war is over  
h1056 We may not be big  
s0984 My knowledge: worthless  
s0258 They banished him and  
h2650 Beauty: an angel  
s0890 After the bombing  
s1083 Stacking the corpses  
h2643 Progress films a war  
s0966 Daddy, mummy's friend  
s0967 Their sex, their snoring  
h2673 Bring me back my time  
s0969 Dad's whiskey spirit  
s0886 Picking a flower  
s0978 Heading to power  
s0401 Adam had taught him  
s1157 My naked body  
s0873 The truth in the lie  
s0877 Please take the pills now  
s1002 Battles and heroes  
h2938 I wipe and I swing  
h2299 Sometimes you have to  
h2395 To achieve your goal  
s0924 We lock up trouble  
h2689 The earthworm wriggles  
Actively Passive
h2756 It's true everywhere  
h2758 A guest: carefully  
h2765 You can, just do it  
h2820 You get memories  
h2823 Often it's: waiting  
h2824 It is the orbits  
h2825 We have competed  
h2826 Well, I do go grey  
s1078 Pressure in my chest  
h2827 I still like to walk  
s1102 Ideas may not be  
h2848 A row of benches  
s1104 Absent, I'm busy  
h2532 Body expansion  
h2664 Relax, it's no use  
h2665 To keep a secret  
s1066 The Capital: dust  
s0961 A lie cannot walk  
h2388 The black man reaches  
h2391 All my dreams are real  
h2392 In the evening  
h2883 A damp of cabbage  
s1145 Frost flowers, so pale  
s0261 I held on to my  
h2914 Pick the sticky pearls  
s1146 I'm good in dying  
h2915 Just ashes, nothing  
h2916 A miracle: men  
h2917 Jumping thighs and hair  
s1147 You should recover  
s1148 I'm virginally  
h2918 Angels? Wild roses?  
s1149 The perfect woman  
s0888 Boxes in the wind  
s1134 The gate has no bell  
h1399 Daddy Daddy come  
s0862 It does not exist  
s0863 I'm the first to leave  
s0897 Beware, check yourself  
h0900 The ashes flare up  
s0865 I never go far  
h2662 Friendship is being  
s0198 Mother is gloomy  
h2656 Delusions drag me  
s0878 I need company  
s0879 Well, what did I know  
s0908 The square is so full  
s0917 Prosperity fat  
h2635 Islands are drifting  
h2398 Would you undress me  
s0843 It is way too cold  
h2435 Lightning, dad keeps watch  
h2436 Sagging in the back  
h2676 Almost dead, falling  
s1009 He has got the stick  
Human excess
s1092 He grins in the pain  
s1093 A lot of bombs fell  
s0987 There are dogs hunting  
s0988 Warfare is shooting  
s0989 Shooting randomly  
s1095 You neutralise them  
h1078 The star-spattered sky  
h1306 Thumping, the tank shoots  
900 Though unwillingly  
1400 Nothing more beautiful  
1748 Mount Olympus, 73 years  
s0710 A mark on the bark  
1776 Three walls  
s0857 The Great Leader calls  
2229 The magic side  
2230 Drupes  
2231 In the dead of night
(Song about borrowed eyes)  
s0983 Politics: fighting  
2701 Pottering bits and bobs  
2987 #safe  
3010 Dambala  
3120 Ideal-real  
3209 Teaching of the Eagle  
3356 The Colonelists  
h0300 Sail around the earth  
h0569 The cow and the child  
h0853 The old central square  
1012 Men  
2218 The Big Event  
2312 The cold earth  
2313 Expensive names  
2314 The raging  
2316 In gothic niches  
2322 The most important  
2330 Do not prosper  
2332 Son and heir  
2338 Keep an eye on everything  
2392 Hellstone  
h2691 It is yours, but not  
On living on
32 Nine winds  
858 I woluw  
861 Blossoms in Waterwheel  
864 Soham  
995 Tongs and knives  
1531 The Hinterland  
1572 Slanted balance  
1742 Glowing blood  
h2321 A good test result  
h2414 I look around well  
h2431 The mouths are open  
2207 Real fantasy  
2388 Grieving  
h0549 From my blood, sputum  
s0928 Earth has a fever  
h2558 I really relaxed  
2396 A long-awaited home  
h2591 A branch full of leaves  
2482 Locked up in a picture story  
2483 Buried treasure  
s1035 Disabled, I rise  
s1036 I encapsulate  
s1037 In my belly, gas  
s1038 Am I doing well  
h2740 Even when I can't  
3169 In the Force  
3173 Dear bodyhome (2)  
3206 Heroes around me  
3273 In my rooms  
Blown sand
s0015 At the reception  
h0602 The broken belly  
h0607 One scream and a flock  
1284 Hurling waves  
1296 Supershots  
1362 It's not a party  
1576 Frail  
h1879 That's the way it is  
h2415 The court is busy  
s0919 Tourists are sniffing  
2360 Selfie in Venice  
2380 No pasaran!  
2408 And one more, more  
2433 I start a storm  
s0949 Who does not prefer  
h2589 It is super thin  
2683 Shifting in time  
2688 The calling wind  
2726 The Jinn  
2735 Say Aah  
h2771 Ripe culms in photos  
28 Angel of grief  
29 Obligations  
67 Belly-lock  
130 Love is just a word  
1574 Bravehearted  
2017 Forgiven  
s0853 The bees sting, angry  
2205 Sharp cymbals  
2245 I feel my cuts  
2290 For us  
h2508 Taking action is  
2436 Please lick me  
2439 Pill under my tongue  
s0940 I died from the pain  
s0943 False admonitions  
2537 Sometimes a spooky day  
2539 Yay, a new reader!
(Dad was in my room)  
2717 Mojo  
2729 Disgraced  
2760 Sometimes it rains  
2927 I prefer to be silent  
2943 The year 2000 - and then a new century  
2945 The alarm went off  
s1014 What is violence?  
2978 Does it spark?  
2981 Heaven of dissatisfaction  
2985 The wanderer’s drum  
s1046 They took me with them  
3086 Why do I love you?  
h2796 Cloudy in my head  
3299 Injury  
103 Moving along  
Half The Work
1770 For happily ever after  
2255 Giants on the roofs  
2281 The dikes  
s0929 Everywhere, railings  
2403 What they didn't say  
2411 Our big hearts  
s0951 Upon me, I feel  
s1023 Limos off the road  
h2718 The grain in the barn  
h2720 Building our house, we  
h2722 For your Lyname's sake!  
From Sacred Scriptures
h0593 It's a long journey  
h0709 My thoughts reach further  
2294 Warrants and soldiers  
2295 Foolishness  
2296 Master illusionist  
2297 Where are the birds?  
2298 Lions  
2299 Judgement  
2300 Foxes  
2302 Capital affairs  
2303 Happiness is a bird  
2308 Ulu ulu  
2310 If they want a god of thunder and fire, they can have one  
2311 The caravans tell  
2326 And the darkness has not understood  
2327 The light shines in darkness  
2331 Snake-charmer  
2333 Walking hourglass  
2336 Along the road  
2340 The Words (Do it)  
2348 Great Grandgrand  
2349 With stories me make a state  
2350 The House  
2351 Rock of Willingness  
2352 The Liberator  
2365 Thus spoke in himself the anointed, thus spoke in himself the prophet too  
2930 Dead, my heart is still bleeding  
2932 The angel on the mountain  
2934 There on that mountain  
2936 But what do they know about it?  
2938 Tangible reminders  
h2741 Clearly resounding  
s1082 The planet is full  
s1113 The starless star shines  
3402 The trap in the nest  
2228 Goat heart  
3512 North Paradise  
1778 Land of my dreams  
h0505 A living statue  
3501 South Paradise  
3506 Turbans and daggers
(believe, know not better)  
3503 One people  
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