Short Sermons
943 They say it  
2038 Really a hero  
2109 Silvery shine  
2206 Moneyland  
1917 Giving names  
1421 You need to  
2027 I will maintain  
2124 Surrender  
2055 Unseen  
2126 Checkpoint  
2077 Pioushope  
2046 Lead around my neck  
1519 Pilgrim  
598 Indelibly  
939 Assalaam  
2033 The world is waiting for us  
2050 I am not like that  
2068 Silent investigation  
2053 Nothing to blame  
2021 Really an issue  
2022 The theatre  
2023 Arms stretched wide  
2054 A fire that lasts  
1929 Seaquake 1180 (Atlantis)  
2121 Example  
2122 School  
954 The Beautiful World  
2131 For its reasons  
2018 Eleven  
1023 The dyke reeves' Last Messages  
1732 The Blessed Night  
957 The swamp  
2133 Where warriors live  
Mosaic virus
86 Please do not touch  
94 Sacrificial girl  
s0001 It is spring again  
s0007 A jar full of worms  
h0127 Yesterday, today  
s0029 At table I tell  
h0178 I kindled a fire  
h0499 Walking in full light  
h1050 Twilight, the bare tree  
h1051 From paper, we fold  
h1052 After school, running  
h1238 Dare you, the girl grins  
878 Holland  
902 Starting in beauty  
2029 The passenger  
2114 If we have carrots, we sell them  
2115 Full barns  
2137 The Golden King ('El Dorado')  
2217 Why That's Why  
2251 Rosy and satisfied  
h2487 Poked by wave breakers  
2292 Like a painting by Vincent van Gogh  
2293 Public life  
2305 Paradise days  
2307 Urgently I want  
2337 Talents  
2339 Dagobert McDuck's strongroom  
2345 Anxious blood  
2346 Learning economy from human to robot  
2347 Mosaic virus  
2354 Just behave normally  
3196 Commemoration  
s1274 It's solemny wrong  
4111 Funnels of the year  
h3224 We live scattered here  
s1553 Drinking Dutch water  
h3569 Colours are festive  
187 Pasted love  
2169 Pyjama days  
2172 Hamsa  
92 Furnishing song  
2185 Poo and pimples  
602 Palace of mirrors  
138 Mill of thoughts  
2268 Smuddle  
2280 Bypasses  
2274 Creative destruction  
Here &Now&
h0525 There is a boulder  
h1644 My hammock hangs low  
s0264 Hanging in the air  
h3184 The war of those days  
s0999 So I fell asleep  
Germ Substance
h3188 Like dust particles  
h2592 A prairie begins  
h1332 An egg in the tree  
h3504 Storm, I am awake  
h2671 I've nothing to lose  
h3629 Go push your way through  
s1354 I can't go ahead  
h2777 The small grocery  
h2778 There is no shortage  
h2779 What inheritance  
s1336 I was full of pus  
Wean Di
h1516 It's only a game  
s0920 Since anyone may  
s0729 It is a hard world  
h3413 I quiesce the storm  
s0849 My heart beats action  
s0850 If life is boring  
s0851 My monkey mind jumps  
s0807 I want to sleep, but  
h2296 She is a vixen  
h2979 Be wise, do your best  
h2213 The summary is  
s0889 You should be yourself  
h2169 Do you dare to shine  
h1626 Family needs to  
h2649 You are horrible  
s1039 The Palace Hotel  
s1040 He is not normal  
s1410 Anyway we live  
s1411 Authorities, act!  
h3192 We then learned to hold  
h2968 Looking into the  
h3410 Powerless people  
s1490 When I'm furious  
Puss & Lord
Marten Toonder
h1593 It whooshes, a scrunch  
s0432 A refined facet-  
s0433 My beautiful view!  
s0453 Today's new writing  
s0454 Money no object?  
s0455 Bombs are made of gold  
s0456 I wanna go, come  
h1620 I want the honour  
h1621 Laws are straight and right  
s0441 Any thought to be  
s0442 Petrification  
h1622 Self-help calendars  
h1615 If you want to eat  
s0439 Lords used to wobble  
s0427 Omens are not real  
s0428 People who don't have  
h1588 Scientist wish to  
h1589 A deep thinker goes  
h1590 Singing vialets!  
s0429 Echo vialets  
s0443 Fear lashes the blame  
s0444 Saved stuff is a nest  
Bearer Toonder
Marten Toonder
h1597 Heads with a minus  
s0435 Contented people  
h1598 The world rotates, nights  
h1599 A travel story  
h1600 A height is a depth  
s0424 For the Heads of Heads  
s0425 The Chiefhead of Heads  
s0426 A steel thinking-frame  
s0344 Never pick up gold  
h1586 Turning a blind eye  
h1587 Out of my kindness  
h1616 Free time: the standard  
h1617 Leisure is free time  
s0463 Schwierig und einsam  
s1533 There are no treasures  
h3498 Salt in the coolant  
s1534 Don't think of yourself!  
s1535 Is he that mighty?  
h3499 A giggle echoes  
h3500 People are longing  
h3501 You can't stay. Who wants  
h3502 Someone who is stuck  
s1536 Live an eternal  
s1539 Stop it! Stop your talks!  
s1540 The Adjustery  
h1623 What is good, what bad  
h1624 A howling uproar  
s0445 The Moonpeopleman  
s0446 Towns are so tiresome  
s0447 The heroic deeds  
h1601 Depicting the Now  
s0436 A worm in my head  
s0448 There is so much good  
h1629 I can tell you though  
h1630 Books are enriching  
s0449 True, false, weak, and firm  
h1631 Ah, an accident  
h1602 Naivety with  
h1603 The professor asks  
h1583 The scent of flowers  
h1584 Not one map guides you  
s0421 I've got everything  
s0422 My therapist says  
s0423 Quayed up besomstakes!  
h1585 The revolving suns  
h1632 Crisscrossclutterclouds  
h1633 There is no hush-up  
h1634 Seeing the full moon  
h1635 Why am I at this  
h1636 On wrong tracks we are  
h1637 Good luck is often  
h1594 Poets arrange words  
s0434 I like to be able  
s0438 Inhale the fumegus  
h1638 Dreaming to be rich  
h1639 World suffering rains  
s0450 Colourexplotracts  
h1640 Regret eats my heart  
h1642 The first smashing blows  
h1641 To work! A pencil  
s0437 There's always something  
h1604 It's about childhood  
h1605 You choose what you do  
s1546 Blabla translator  
h3512 Who is a brain boss?  
h3513 I am a Thinker  
s1542 Am I... deceiving  
s1543 The laws are founded  
s1544 It is dangerous  
s1545 Don't people have to  
s0430 Common Ipocrites  
h1591 It's with fair sharing  
h1592 Travelling in all  
s0431 I sometimes receive  
h1609 My heart is so soft  
h1610 Humans are so much  
Being my own museum
h2390 Everything passes  
h3613 The dying man gets  
h2393 In the dark night sky  
h2692 The Destroyed City  
s0964 Our heart-shaped balloons  
s1547 Blind soldiers want to  
h3521 I am all desert  
h2503 My hands are sculpting  
h3524 After my last word  
h3473 I'm looking around  
h3208 I wrap myself up  
h2328 Read and realize  
h2430 Something small you see  
h2605 For their family  
s0975 A waste bag bulging  
h2667 Back in the old house  
Rasping ants
h3631 Who of the great saints  
s0898 Ay, Polonius!  
h2955 Headwind slows me down  
s0139 It's better to be  
h3443 The ants hear little  
h0699 I cannot help it  
s1511 Yes, the evil eye  
h3507 More and more signposts  
h1286 My eyes are cutting  
h1287 Voice and acts bowels  
h1408 New Year’s Eve: we laugh  
h1500 In a flash I saw  
s1287 If for sale, and nice  
h3202 All in due time please  
May the Might
s0909 There are small states, and  
s1593 While we eat our fill  
s1067 The war is over  
h1056 We may not be big  
s0984 My knowledge: worthless  
s1620 Don't chain a woman  
s0258 They banished him and  
h2650 Beauty: an angel  
s1434 Bump, bump, with those blows  
s1349 We're drinking black milk  
s1480 To maintain something  
s1083 Stacking the corpses  
h2643 Progress films a war  
h3297 The nest with swallows  
s1415 Blood runs down the legs  
s0966 Daddy, mam's friend has  
s0967 Their sex, their snoring  
h2673 Bring me back my time  
s1209 The Black Unicorn  
s1389 We're ready for you  
s0886 Picking a flower  
s1254 I have a gun and  
s1263 A war is concrete  
s1412 The town has thick walls  
s0978 Heading to power  
s1538 Behind me: rulers  
h3506 The sun takes a stand  
h0785 Just five inches of  
s1044 Hit by censorship  
s1478 The civil servant  
s1045 Theft and deception  
s1440 Your leg on my thigh  
s0401 Adam had taught him  
s1157 My naked body  
s1002 Battles and heroes  
h2938 I wipe and I swing  
s1317 Large mirrors, lackeys  
s1318 Massages with wine  
h2299 Sometimes you have to  
h2395 To achieve your goal  
s0924 We lock up troubled  
s1270 Gents enjoy themselves  
h2689 The earthworm wriggles  
h3193 People are party  
s1435 They showed us the rock  
s1485 Hear, I am praying  
s1353 He mocks her, does not  
s1404 Our beloved king  
Actively Passive
h3562 The leaders avoid  
h2532 Body expansion  
h2664 Relax, it's no use  
h2665 To keep a secret  
s1066 The Capital: dust  
s0961 A lie cannot walk  
s1621 Praises magnify  
h3624 Calm before the storm  
s1622 His proposal jumps  
h3636 Resigned he stands firm  
s1629 Really every lie  
h2391 All my dreams are real  
h2388 The black man reaches  
h3612 I studied the sick  
s1627 I know, people laugh  
h3644 Brave from drinking, care-  
h2392 In the evening  
h2883 A damp of cabbage  
h3333 Casting fishing lines  
s1642 It is threatening  
s1145 Frost flowers, so pale  
s0261 I held on to my  
h2914 Pick the sticky pearls  
s1146 I'm good in dying  
h2915 Just ashes, nothing  
h2916 A miracle: men  
h2917 Jumping thighs and hair  
s1147 You should recover  
s1148 I'm virginally  
h2918 Angels? Wild roses?  
s1149 The perfect woman  
h2756 It's true everywhere  
h1073 Life is a pity  
s0888 Boxes in the wind  
s1134 The gate has no bell  
h1399 Daddy Daddy come  
s0897 Beware, check yourself  
h0900 The ashes flare up  
h2662 Friendship is being  
h3393 She is without man  
s1239 Trimming trees, apply  
s1240 It happened to us  
s1241 There are long garlands  
h3477 I never say this  
s0198 Mother is gloomy  
s1205 Being unhappy  
h2993 Small rings in her ears  
h2994 Something is changing  
s1206 Alarm, already  
h2656 Delusions drag me  
s1242 The ejector seat  
h3332 Then, at the abyss  
h2758 A guest: carefully  
h2635 Islands are drifting  
s0805 I'm ashamed, you can  
h2396 I like to observe  
h2398 What if my words were  
s0843 It is way too cold  
h2435 Lightning, dad keeps watch  
h2436 Sagging in the back  
h2676 Almost dead, falling  
s1009 He has got the stick  
h2765 You can, just do it  
h2820 You get memories  
h2823 Often it's: waiting  
h2824 It is the orbits  
h2825 We have competed  
h2826 Well, I do go grey  
s1078 Pressure in my chest  
h2827 I still like to walk  
s1102 Ideas may not be  
h2848 A row of benches  
s1104 Absent, I'm busy  
h2995 A man, shaking out  
s1614 The year-end question  
s1343 If you don't forgive  
Human excess
s1128 A herd of horses  
s1092 He grins in the pain  
s1093 A lot of bombs fell  
s0890 After many bombs  
s1335 People are shrinking  
s0987 There are dogs hunting  
s0988 Warfare is shooting  
s0989 Shooting randomly  
s1344 The bullets hit holes  
h3206 Please give my corpse back  
s1346 The war means dying  
s1347 The boat refugees  
h3209 Listen to my voice  
s1348 Is peace to be free  
s1367 I create the earth  
s1095 You neutralise them  
s1123 Leaving the district  
h2887 Chick chick, the nozzles  
h3189 Between some remains  
Ya, a tightrope walk
Sasha Salzmann
h3163 At the airport, I  
s1304 The officials in  
h3164 My uncle is huge  
s1305 See the Olympus  
s1306 I want to kiss her  
h3165 Like a question mark  
s1307 We eat on the train  
h3166 A glimpse of grandad  
s1308 It's best to marry  
s1309 On the times they had  
s1310 I am not hiding  
h3167 I found my twin self  
h3168 That's what I've achieved  
s1311 Don't infect yourself  
Great Flow
Bob Dylan
828 Stumble songs  
h0291-08 There's a compass rose  
h1219 Yet there are answers  
h1220 I shall let you in  
32 Nine winds  
h1223 Do not count the dead  
3356 The Colonelists  
h1221 Step aside! Don't speak  
h1222 Nobody knows where  
2854 Please come, Angelina  
h1224 Failures, more success  
101 Love indivisible  
28 Angel of grief  
s1211 With their little heart  
2710 Short Street  
2978 Does it spark?  
2981 Heaven of dissatisfaction  
2985 The wanderer’s drum  
103 Moving along  
130 Love is just a word  
2113 Dear bodyhome  
2051 I dreamed I saw peace tonight  
2127 Dreaming my dream  
h0120 Along the crenels  
2112 Eve  
1512 Keep blossoming  
837 Diamonds  
29 Obligations  
h1199 You burn my letters  
h2484 You can't decide yet  
h0392 I overheard friends  
h0552 Cold rain being blown  
h1078 The star-spattered sky  
h1306 Thumping, the tank shoots  
607 States General  
896 Not a guest like a slave  
897 The siege  
900 Though unwillingly  
1024 In secret bosom  
1119 PumicePieces  
1400 Nothing more beautiful  
1748 Mount Olympus, 73 years  
1762 I know  
1764 Flag of stories  
1776 Three walls  
1785 Dim rooms  
2024 Sadness  
2120 Door to the future  
2125 The Beast  
s0857 The Great Leader shouts  
2204 Hibiscusdays  
2222 Hedge and heaven  
2230 Drupes  
2231 In the dead of night
(Song about borrowed eyes)  
s0983 Politics: fighting  
2701 Pottering bits and bobs  
2987 #safe  
3010 Dambala  
3120 Ideal-real  
3209 Teaching of the Eagle  
3783 Forthforth  
s1193 We swim in the sea  
s1200 Not a believer  
s1256 Men are walking rounds  
s1257 When the prisoners  
s1258 It is indolence  
s1290 It is a symptom  
s1393 They like to believe  
s1394 Close in on their grave  
s1395 The greed of power  
s1487 It is war again  
h3395 Who's willing to fight?  
s1495 Mankind turns the wheel  
s1552 Something is wrong there  
s1594 The war in the night  
s1605 Wires in disorder  
s1607 Industry giants  
4915 Monument Streets  
s1640 Bombing far away  
s1643 Again someone leads  
s1649 Man, for other men  
2151 The Internationale  
2171 Blue angels  
4481 The flag of Peace  
h0295 Our club is losing  
h0930 Shoulders to shoulders  
h0937 The Friesian horses  
h2751 Shreds of promises  
s1319 The flags are blowing  
4483 Fed with peace  
4485 Forked tongue  
On living on
h0227 Just fragments of thoughts  
s0045 Frozen, the mouse flies  
h0291-35 Flashes of lightning  
h0359A Shortly, the tram screams  
h0367 Sandy beach, the crumbs  
h0404 Taking off make-up  
h0482 A quiet goodbye  
h0483 The leaves are fragile  
h0549 From my blood, sputum  
823 Gob ice  
858 I woluw  
861 Blossoms in Waterwheel  
864 Soham  
h1625 All celebrations  
916 No victim  
918 New Romes  
919 Dizzy on the edge  
920 The wrong story?  
921 Bacon and beans  
937 Morgana, my fay  
966 Farmer at sea  
995 Tongs and knives  
1008 In soil that I have not chosen  
1018 What are you still doing here?  
1034 I say: Do it!  
1071 At the quay  
1076 Jeopardized  
1345 Hand in my blood  
1393 Angel's chicks  
1399 Self-managed teams  
3887 Cushion in my back  
1524 Breakdown  
1531 The Hinterland  
1572 Slanted balance  
1623 The watchword  
2082 The Zone  
h2414 I look around well  
2207 Real fantasy  
2233 Dreaming of my life in the city  
2388 Grieving  
s0928 Earth has a fever  
h2558 I really relaxed  
2396 A long-awaited home  
h2591 A branch full of leaves  
2482 Locked up in a picture story  
2483 Buried treasure  
s1035 Disabled, I rise  
s1036 I encapsulate  
s1037 In my belly, gas  
s1038 Am I doing well  
h2740 Even when I can't  
3173 Dear bodyhome (2)  
3206 Heroes around me  
3273 In my rooms  
3521 My life line  
3523 My decoration  
3876 As long as love flows  
3891 White tongue  
3894 Live/Through  
3897 Space, ease, myself  
3925 Read me  
h3014 I am not ugly  
h3015 Clouds are approaching  
h3013 It is spring again  
h3017 The bell: I'm alive  
h3016 Maybe you live long  
s1214 Just living at home  
s1215 For stability  
h3018 I want to exist  
s1217 See me as I am  
h3024 The exercises  
h3022 We better do dream  
h3023 I am crying out  
s1218 It is a hard job  
s1223 Slap, slap, the stickers  
s1237 More prosperity  
3937 The light shifts through the room  
3970 Keep seeing who I am  
3979 Lost in language  
4011 My tiger stays in bed  
s1260 The sicker you are  
h3062 I can't do that much  
s1261 It's hard to be sick  
4015 Belonging [2]  
4090 Mayday  
h3230 Red light on red wood  
h3236 Well, I just tick off  
s1473 Be obedient  
s1474 It is an honour  
s1475 I fulfil your wish  
4586 Single track  
4762 Belly  
h3537 Butterflies around  
h3538 Talking and jokes  
4765 Blue butterflies  
4768 My horses stand in front of the sea  
s1603 I flip-flop about  
s1618 Their skin: on the drum  
s1619 The snow-white silk scarf  
s1651 People sing to be  
915 Like us  
h2321 A good test result  
h2913 Houses are around  
4317 Keep longing  
h3279 I don't want to share  
h3292 Picking blackberries  
1740 House of the Sun  
1850 Our sky is soft
(the world is not here)  
Blown sand
s0015 At the reception  
h0602 The broken belly  
606 #old  
941 Café The Neighbour  
951 Roughskirts  
973 Wean Di  
1015 Unwanted talents  
1089 Anarchy  
1283 Held True  
1284 Hurling waves  
1292 Café The Years  
1294 Big Grasper  
1295 Travelling / Travelling  
1296 Supershots  
1362 It's not a party  
1576 Frail  
h1879 That's the way it is  
h2415 The court is busy  
s0919 Tourists are sniffing  
2380 No pasaran!  
2408 And one more, more  
2433 I start a storm  
s0949 Who does not prefer  
h2589 It is super thin  
2683 Shifting in time  
2688 The calling wind  
2726 The Jinn  
2735 Say Aah  
h2771 Ripe culms in photos  
s1165 After a long wait  
4009 Wand  
4026 Death on the Dyle  
h3075 These billions of lives  
h3079 Yes, I fantasise  
h3097 Ebb tide, foot shadows  
h3098 At the beach, the sand  
h3099 Crumbled embankments  
h3100 Circles in the sand  
h3101 Dry seaweed flowers  
h3102 Foam blowing over  
h3103 Two heads over there  
h3107 Taking a short break  
h3108 Our heels in the sand  
s1512 Something isn't right, if  
s1615 Now I'm there myself  
1736 Cosmic scratch  
67 Belly-lock  
h0355 The blades of grass arch  
h0468 The peacock's night cry  
901 Girl's dreams put down  
1038 Unreconciled  
1138 You can’t see it  
1574 Bravehearted  
h1990 The peaceful air is  
1862 Brain poisoning  
1973 Vodka in his heart  
2017 Forgiven  
2177 I want to fly  
s0853 The bees sting, angry  
h2431 The mouths are open  
2205 Sharp cymbals  
2245 I feel my cuts  
2253 Harmony / Chaos  
2290 For us  
h2508 Taking action is  
2436 Please lick me  
2439 Pill under my tongue  
s0940 I died from the pain  
s0943 False admonitions  
2537 Sometimes a spooky day  
2539 Yay, a new reader!
(Dad was in my room)  
2717 Mojo  
2729 Disgraced  
2760 Sometimes it rains  
2927 I prefer to be silent  
2943 The year 2000 - and then a new century  
2945 The alarm went off  
s1014 What is violence?  
s1046 They took me with them  
3086 Why do I love you?  
h2796 Cloudy in my head  
3299 Injury  
3827 I started to smell  
h2977 Trees along the road  
s1236 The experience  
s1275 The girl keeps wriggling  
h3146 Being together  
h3148 Life is short, don't waste  
4246 Roger Wilco  
4255 Friends catch snatches  
s1303 I was powerless  
4625 I learned to laugh  
s1529 Hijab and Sex Sells  
h3553 Rather less funny  
s1600 A hairy monster  
s1602 He is a mummy  
s1606 The plastic waste is  
1738 The Bundle  
h0010 She sighs, her body's  
h0374 We'll wash the dishes  
1691 Safe in a square  
h2723 I always race by  
Half The Work
955 How else  
1020 Prêt-à-porter  
1062 Rebel  
1353 Matriarch  
s0668 My self-knowledge is  
1769 For happily ever after  
1807 I want to be discontented  
1905 Europa 2.1  
1922 Our back  
2138 Crossing Indiana  
2147 Vote for myself  
2255 Giants on the roofs  
2281 The dikes  
s0929 Everywhere, railings  
2403 What they didn't say  
2411 Our big hearts  
s0951 Upon me, I feel  
s1023 Limos off the road  
h2718 The grain in the barn  
h2720 Building our house, we  
h2722 For your Lyname's sake!  
3817 The representative  
h3004 I'm sitting, busy  
s1259 Efficient work does  
s1294 There's no poverty  
s1382 An automatic  
h3255 Automatic belts  
h3256 An automatic  
s1383 An automated  
h3257 An automatic  
s1384 An automated  
h3258 An automatic  
s1385 An automated  
s1386 An automatic  
s1387 Automatic face  
4558 Stop thief!  
s1471 The girl loops the rope  
s1476 There are too many  
4601 Clean/UP  
s1624 Compulsion has no  
s1653 We raise our glasses  
1075 Wasteland  
h2493 Bringing things to growth  
s1025 I prefer to cut  
h2726 The robot cleaner  
s1125 I gave you my help  
s1341 Sometimes I want to  
From Sacred Scriptures [1]
h0496 Looking at the tree  
5075 Opening  
h0257 The farmer watches  
h3687 In the morning we  
4519 The first humans  
4883 The stewards  
h0291-06 We got to know each  
4525 Clay, ribs, and blood  
h2741 Clearly resounding  
h0263 The little girl tells  
1225 Paradise Children  
4893 Cost him a rib  
s0064 The sun goes down and  
1700 Rainbow  
4527 We followed the river  
h0598 On earth, stars twinkle  
s0113 I sigh with worry  
4529 Good boy Abel  
4887 Useful or Detrimental  
4910 The blessing of disobedient immaturity  
h3304 Around the green land  
4531 Creator Seth  
h0335 Thank you, cat, you get  
1728 Mark of Cain  
h0365A The sea is whitened  
h0420 What is new is old  
1684A Little blood trunks  
h0429 No more enemies  
1730 Guilty  
4896 Mother Earth  
h1987 Shed.. my tears of grief  
4537 Emzara's complaint  
h0289 It's always the same  
1779 Peace and Reason  
597 Cavcas  
4889 The meekness of God  
2228 Goat heart  
h1042 The wide river flows  
3512 North Paradise  
1778 Land of my dreams  
s0046 A bird is circling  
2303 Happiness is a bird  
s0105 People cherish all  
s0112 Creaking rope, sighing  
2173 Father Of Many  
h0505 A living statue  
2336 Along the road  
h0212 Smell the aromas  
3753 Prosit (To Your Benefit)  
4948 Bad tidings  
h2742 A sacrifice: I  
2930 Dead, my heart is still bleeding  
h1117 The black hole swallows  
827 The deed  
h0882 I shout: it's nonsense!  
1724 Ibrim Abram  
h0035 A knife is flashing  
2932 The angel on the mountain  
2934 There on that mountain  
h1107 Stations on the way  
2164 Siblings  
h0370 The older you get  
2936 But what do they know about it?  
h2744 We arrive at night  
3402 The trap in the nest  
s0022 On top of the spire  
3789 Open secrets  
s0215 I worry, whether  
3785 The insight of an outsider  
h0512 At home I know things  
3787 Silent arrival  
h0197 Pushing and pulling  
3501 South Paradise  
3771 The storytellers  
h0159 The lynx runs smoothly  
2331 Snake-charmer  
h0368 The weather is bleak  
2327 The light shines in darkness  
s0084 A very clear light  
2326 And the darkness has not understood  
3801 Twilight of the gods  
h0709 My thoughts reach further  
3803 Their leader in me  
s0092 At night I wake up  
3805 Raid  
s0407 Thoughts are free, they sing  
2310 If they want a god of thunder and fire, they can have one  
2166 Freedom fighters  
h0293 A world of water  
2308 Ulu ulu  
h0004 I was talking and  
3768 The revolution  
h0247 I carefully touch  
2296 Master illusionist  
h0593 It's a long journey  
2333 Walking hourglass  
h0266 The tracks of the wheels  
2311 The caravans tell  
h0719 I climb the mountain  
2340 The Words (Do it)  
2349 With stories me make a state  
s0097 The dog barks passers-  
3506 Turbans and daggers
(believe, know not better)  
h0394 People just repeat  
3780 Tall as our stories  
h1565 Since father is dead  
3503 One people  
h0230 The bald mountains are  
2348 Great Grandgrand  
h2736 People celebrate  
h0474 My words swarm around  
1992 The Promised Land  
s0041 Dilapidated  
1721 The prophet  
1789 Listening to rigid men  
h2930 Everything blossoms  
s0093 Listen to my heart  
1726 Hell  
s0710 A mark on the bark  
h0115 My parents are home  
2350 The House  
From Sacred Scriptures [2]
h0093 Christmas time: looking  
2302 Capital affairs  
2351 Rock of Willingness  
2365 Thus spoke in himself the anointed, thus spoke in himself the prophet too  
2938 Tangible reminders  
s1082 The planet is full  
s1113 The starless star shines  
38 Alf Bet Gaml  
2352 The Liberator  
h0970 With flags of freedom  
2298 Lions  
h0167 The afterfeathers  
2299 Judgement  
h0357 People gathering  
2210 Careful for the thorns  
h0373 A flowering shrub  
h0143 The fields lie fallow  
2300 Foxes  
4491 He loved honey  
h0063 My darling has gone  
2297 Where are the birds?  
s0096 Dying means nothing  
2294 Warrants and soldiers  
h0629 I can feel the words  
h1564 Yes, I thought so then  
2295 Foolishness  
31 Queen to be  
h0959 Cows, gazing and square  
h2928 On the horizon  
1680 Red heart line  
s1578 I am dangerous  
4912 It was a revelation  
4822 Doubt and Belief [1]  
h3578 A Master knows much  
4820 Doubt and Confidence  
h3579 About things I like  
4825 Doubt and Belief [2]  
h3580 What do and don't I  
s1577 If you want something  
s1575 Imperial words  
s1574 A variety  
h3577 Heaven gives the sun  
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