Pending rain

1205 Without honey  
1210 Sun spots  
h0554 The muffled silence  
h0034 Recreation time  
h1041 The river ripples  
h0026 Together we build  
s0040 He asks: please love me  
h0508 Do not touch me, you  
h0291-45 Outside the window  
h0375 I dance foot by foot  
h0024 I recognized you  
h0087 My fingertips are  
h0153 After the crossing  
s0199 Modelling a man  
h0291-39 Love is touching me  
h0291-44 The field is ready  
h0112 You bring a coffee  
h0254 We kiss each other  
h0186 We play the guitars  
h0161 The clown only laughs  
s0082 I am shy, you must  
h0630 Snow in my garden  
h0345 The afterglow heats  
43 Rainsong  
1191 Don't know anymore  
h0501 On her piano  
h0299 The stones from beaches  
h0291-38 Splashing, dashing waves  
1200 The cave  
h0440 I have walked for hours  
h0458 The large smooth boulder  
Heart's Delight
101 Love indivisible  
h0400 Until you are small  
h2201 In the evening  
33 The gods run  
1155 Jass  
85 Expecting  
25 In love  
1251 Later Love  
118 Defenceless  
108 Bridal night  
37 Next to me again  
63 Overpressure  
72 Little freewoman  
77 All  
56 Than now  
1167 Alone in the house  
h0609 Sweeps of sunset glow  
h0001 A full moon, and I  
162 Light version of the night  
h0306 With a twist, the trunk  
96 Winterstill moon  
155 Paradise song  
46 Sometimes √©verything falls  
124 Entry PUA  
234 Maybe one day  
98 Misunderstanding in two  
23 Let me forget  
1820 Dance me  
90 I don't know how  
34 Delived  
227 The elephant  
93 Vishnu's circle  
165 The breaker  
s0262 Your sad love letters  
s0260 If I leave I'm gone  
h1072 Just the autumn rains  
h1198 Reaching for your hand  
h0799 It's quiet since you  
h1200 With you on the heath  
s0201 With tea she brings up  
h1000 Yes, that's what dreams do  
h2780 Lying on the couch  
h2530 The older I get  
h0651 I'm watching the clouds  
s0101 Clothes being blown up  
h0802 The little donkey  
h0654 I have felt for snow  
h1097 My memories rush  
h1289 Happiness just comes  
s0956 I search in my mind  
s1055 Grandpa undresses  
Blankets of snow
s1041 From the cold I lose  
s1004 I am very sure  
s1119 I'm getting so cold  
Not too bad
(Han Voskuil)
h1709 In love with the night  
s0499 You hardly dare to  
s0500 I must be alone  
h1725 To want what you do  
h1727 When you embrace me  
s0504 I want to see him  
h1728 My life is at stake  
h1729 A triangle love  
h1730 People are heading  
h1731 Uncovered by her  
s0505 It is an insult  
s0506 I'm not a talker  
h1732 I do not dare yet  
h1700 My adopted crow  
(Frida Vogels)
h1779 Three months I've been back  
h1799 My town, the canals  
h1800 People walk along  
s0555 And then it is time  
h1899 I'm having a cold  
s0599 I endure the chill  
s0600 Then I'll ask for it  
s0619 The uncertainty  
h1949 A stranger passed by  
s1042 Erasing drawings  
h2759 Concrete is useful  
s1077 In difficult years  
s1103 The mouth I moulded  
s1061 The moon has returned  
s1158 Where might they have gone?  
h2387 The son disappeared  
s0904 In my home country  
s0995 I'm dreaming of ships  
s0866 For me, the greatest  
s0899 I have lived here, but  
h1300 In the waiting room  
h2408 Zigzagging I walk  
s0944 My life is really  
s1008 They are clean, pink, smooth  
h2688 In full light, a flag  
s1081 In the empty streets  
s1133 I was twenty, now  
s1159 Between the words, I  
Em Brace
s0934 Throughout the party  
h2762 They are not in love  
h2791 Wander herb, full moon  
h2793 The moon: I feel you  
h2794 Come and drink with me  
h2795 I read your poems  
h2798 Oh how passionate  
h2818 There's a little cloud  
s1065 Did someone call me?  
s1063 I leave the lamp on  
h2707 My mother was nice  
h2903 Sitting together  
s0962 His old bones, embraced  
h2619 At three in the night  
h2099 We are as the beach  
h2300 Burnt in his best suit  
s1116 It hurts, time stands still  
s1117 The mosquitoes dance  
s1118 Un usual day  
h2874 The dog understood  
h2919 Today I bury  
s0846 The man I hear is  
h2533 Friends have the power  
Moist glow
s1073 Mum's dementia  
s1074 Dementia: rats  
s1080 I want to enjoy  
h2861 The dogs are running  
s1112 My feelers, reaching  
h1054 When I looked inside  
h1402 While withy branches  
s1015 It's for the old days  
h2413 Looking up to me  
s1012 Since she got married  
s0906 No longer with us  
s0870 My second glass clinks  
s0871 Toasting and drinking  
h1644 The uninvited  
s0907 I want to forget  
s0980 A myth is cut off  
h2776 From a sperm whale's mouth  
h2782 A peach blossom branch  
h2783 The court is reserved  
h2784 A summer lover  
h2786 We are together  
h2788 Snow, there is no path  
h2816 I get to know him  
s1075 Flooded wine cellar  
s1099 Lovely is your dream  
h2845 Balancing on two  
s1100 No new week ahead  
s1101 What has happened then  
h2846 I was not present  
h2862 I'll stay where I am  
h2863 A shelter is good  
h2871 A bolt: once again  
h2872 I will not kiss me  
s1060 Rain on my straw hut  
s1059 The pond is chilly  
s1057 She is old, fidgets  
s1058 A mosquito spins  
s1062 Whenever the clock  
s0926 My youth is over  
h0850 I read a letter  
h0851 Little light: just one  
s0896 Lie down quietly  
h2618 What are you thinking  
s0887 I shout: I'll help you  
h0899 The double row of trees  
s0979 You let the time seep  
h2920 He puts his plaything  
h2921 The full moon enchants  
h2922 I still have some drives  
s1022 I want everything  
s0930 We are unwanted  
s1155 I'm viewing the house  
h2932 The coal woman bathes  
h2933 There's nothing to say  
h2934 Our lives go on foot  
h2923 I can see myself  
s1151 From the silagehill  
h2924 We take our clothes off  
h2925 And as it happened  
s1152 Fair in the village:  
s1153 Having a stare-down  
h2926 The woods of the woods  
h2929 To recognize cold  
h2636 With the first thin ice  
After the festivities
h2813 People have feasted  
s1079 The edge of the voice  
s1106 Not the government  
s1107 We do move forward  
s1108 On the banks, women  
h2854 A Federation  
s1115 Still yesterday, still  
s1120 The world keeps turning  
h1057 His car, his coat, and  
s1139 A few gusts of wind  
s1071 You jumped off the bridge  
h2931 Thinkers have taught me  
Pending rain
106 Girl's distress  
113 Next-door  
122 Not nice  
838 Black sun  
840 Big small step  
h1607 Without any tears  
1121 Open my hatch  
1125 The love wasn't great enough  
1212 Home alone  
h1959 I still remember  
1923 A beautiful mystery  
852 Angry with me  
171 Doldrums  
2621 Rainshine  
83 Ninamast√©  
228 Thinking shame  
2811 We didn't make gold  
2329 I am stuck, I think  
Greeting from before
h0600 Stain, soap, apples, dust  
h1001 Overgrowing graves  
h1507 The tin drum throws me  
h1881 He is here, at home  
h1883 Still flowing in me  
h1885 Appearing again  
1783 The scent of the glow  
h2632 The buried people  
2519 Hazy thought  
2665 Panevin  
2670 Nostalgia for the beach  
2975 In the afternoon hammock  
48 Through the walls I hear you  
50 The wind  
68 I still remember the grass  
709 Do you have a little time?  
997 Flower child  
1007 Complete  
1957 Humours  
2787 The girl from the camp  
2793 Maria, 18 years old  
2799 The pink shoes  
2826 Where the adventure begins  
3136 Empirical device  
3225 The silent steps  
h2867 I keep balancing  
h2868 My body reacts  
h2870 Physical defects  
Paint overwritten
h0422 Lying in my bed  
h2757 Sometimes I miss me  
Slow circles
1299 Tipping point  
1367 Sedona  
h1880 Missing his presence  
h1882 Of course we linger  
h2422 That old age problem  
2243 Poste restante  
s0895 Well, getting older  
s0935 Why make an effort  
s0971 I keep missing him  
h2639 I am old, I am  
s0982 I wish the world were  
2690 She feels it  
h2715 Wavering, the tears  
s1006 People just stand still  
Between where
1162 Nocturnal peacock  
s0947 I just let life pass  
h2584 I went out fishing  
s0948 Loneliness, leaking  
s0950 The public listens  
s0952 Do I love you, or  
s0972 It has gone too soon  
s0977 People on the train  
2529 Come back  
2720 Midgard in endless  
2738 Saints in their stables  
2954 Caf√© the Laugh  
s1011 In my ears, my heart  
2972 Not a mother  
2993 My life as a ghost  
s1024 Blind premature deaths  
h2721 Walking the city  
h2724 Inside me, life is  
s1027 My body has stopped  
h2730 Walking on a leash  
s1032 Yet we are healthy  
h2733 City life is hard  
3104 Crack between shame and decency  
3350 Sentences of loneliness  
3372 Companions  
3497 It bobs  
3374 No way back  
3509 Waiting for the hereafter  
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