Pending rain

4698 Big Heart [2]  
h0554 The muffled silence  
1207 The waiting days  
h0034 Recreation time  
1158 For later  
h1041 The river ripples  
1210 Sun spots  
h0026 Together we build  
1214 Homesafe  
s0040 He asks: please love me  
1213 Confused  
h0508 Do not touch me, you  
1164 Anything but  
h0291-45 Outside the window  
1221 Weighing tree  
h0375 I dance foot by foot  
1793 A life of my own  
h0024 I recognized you  
1208 If he ever  
h0087 My fingertips are  
1218 Waves  
h0153 After the crossing  
1219 On the other side  
s0199 Modelling a man  
1215 Love invites  
h0291-39 Love is touching me  
1220 Big heart  
h0291-44 The field is ready  
1198 In the garden  
h0112 You bring a coffee  
1194 In the reeds  
h0254 We kiss each other  
1197 Reading breath  
h0186 We play the guitars  
1159 Flailing like butterflies  
h0161 The clown only laughs  
1163 Ardently afraid  
s0082 I am shy, you must  
1216 In my hands, in your hands  
h0630 Snow in my garden  
1209 Different springs  
h0345 The afterglow heats  
43 Rainsong  
h1083 I am alone now  
1191 Don't know anymore  
h0501 On her piano  
1786 Still the missing  
h0299 The stones from beaches  
1217 Webgarden  
Heart's Delight
72 Little freewoman  
h0400 Until you are small  
h0460 Very carefully  
1165 Dance with me  
1302 Embers  
1412 He is so eager  
h2201 In the evening  
118 Defenceless  
s1210 I watch my sister  
s1262 I wish it was spring  
4017 The sun is gentle today  
h3067 The memory keeps  
h3123 After a time off  
s1283 The ramparts totter  
s1853 Moving is too bad  
h4071 Mama quickly walks  
33 The gods run  
1179 Fresh kisses  
903 And what else may happen  
904 Lost  
1156 A lover  
1182 My everywhere  
1155 Jass  
85 Expecting  
25 In love [1]  
905 Angelic body  
1287 Shield and spear  
1181 Lime blossom  
1251 Later Love  
108 Bridal night  
1178 Party time, who wants  
1172 Bridal bed  
37 Next to me again  
1175 Treasure  
1141 Spoon alone  
1145 Blood-filling  
63 Overpressure  
77 All  
1146 Café The Devil  
1169 Morbid dead  
1170 Reborn  
1453 Absent  
56 Than now  
1147 Lake and Canal  
1246 Abracadabar  
1301 Empty hands  
s1324 I think of you, now  
h0068 You left me behind  
h0244 The pot on the stove  
h0570 The sun sets faster  
h1031 My sadness from then  
4092 In the light of the moon  
h3137 Far away at night  
4613 Toast to our happiness  
h3738 In the pale moonlight  
h0609 Sweeps of sunset glow  
h0001 A full moon, and I  
162 Light version of the night  
h0306 With a twist, the trunk  
96 Winterstill moon  
155 Paradise song  
1192 Peeing stars on the moon  
46 Sometimes éverything falls  
1153 Charred crust  
1152 I was hoping  
2239 Really, I don't cry  
124 Entry PUA  
1171 From primal  
234 Maybe one day  
1511 Dark moon  
98 Misunderstanding in two  
23 Let me forget  
1820 Dance me  
1173 We are celebrating the end  
90 I don't know how  
1166 Nice to hear  
1174 The old moon  
1180 Egg of satisfaction  
34 Delived  
227 The elephant  
1193 End of days  
1154 Back  
949 Snowy blanket  
93 Vishnu's circle  
165 The breaker  
1168 This last night  
1167 Alone in the house  
1176 Moon with eyes  
s0169 Darling, where are you?  
s1255 Autumn, it's raining  
h4076 The children go play  
h4087 Where do I end up  
s1892 My son says his name  
s0201 With tea she brings up  
h1000 Yes, that's what dreams do  
h4251 It didn't count for much  
h4252 We are on the way  
s0262 Your sad love letters  
s0263 Everything For Me  
h1080 New York, the people  
h1076 I am quite common  
s0260 If I leave I'm gone  
s0261 I held on to my  
h1072 Just the autumn rains  
h4218 I'm alone for weeks  
h4219 On the peak I dream  
h4220 Bright flashes of light  
h4221 The lightning dances  
h4222 The Empty Forms of  
s1958 Downstream, three buckets  
h4223 In the neon light  
h4224 Infinity: we  
s1959 My friend yells: Frisco!  
h4225 Inconceivable  
h4226 Then, on all the walls  
h4227 Everything that we  
s1960 Renaissance Hippies  
h4229 My poet friends sleep  
h1073 Life is a pity  
h1198 Reaching for your hand  
h1200 With you on the heath  
s1859 It makes me dizzy  
s1860 I repeated it  
s1372 Sorry, I don't know  
h3645 It has been raining  
s0168 The homeless won't build  
h0799 Only silence since  
s1681 What keeps me awake  
s1682 I like to think I'm  
h3732 Finally the sun  
s1690 The front wheel drags, grr  
h3654 I must be somewhere  
h4255 There is no light in  
s1983 Over there: the Ocean  
s0101 Clothes being blown up  
s1055 Grandpa undresses  
h1289 Happiness just comes  
h1326 Travel like a tree  
h1327 Wherever I stay  
s0333 A black word is quick  
s1398 I grew up right here  
h4330 My house is getting  
h3488 A full moon tonight  
s0956 I search in my mind  
h0651 I'm watching the clouds  
h2998 Memories lie down  
h2530 The older I get  
h3898 I get up and feel  
h0802 The little donkey  
h4001 I rake the ashes  
h2780 Lying on the couch  
Blankets of snow
s1119 I'm getting so cold  
s1350 I'll do everything  
s1351 The rich people share  
h3211 I bite in the fur  
h3213 My very best friends  
s1352 The poor little girl  
h1606 I am old, I drink  
h1216 Father, I did not  
h3475 Cradle great sadness  
s1945 I miss my daughter  
h4191 Left behind, I shout  
h3084 After tea he walks  
s1268 When I think of her  
h4130 We did homework, I  
s1866 The smell of wrinkles  
s1825 The icy climbing  
s1004 I am very sure  
h1373 Mother is crying  
s1041 From the cold I lose  
h3651 Relax your thinking  
s1982 The down comforter  
Not too bad [1947-1973]
Han Voskuil
h1709 In love with the night  
s0499 I hardly dare to  
s0500 I must be alone  
h1725 To want what you do  
h1729 A triangle love  
h1727 When you embrace me  
s0504 I want to see him  
h1728 My life is at stake  
h1730 At the train station  
h1731 Uncovered by her  
s0505 It is an insult  
s0506 I am a doer  
h1732 I do not dare yet  
h1700 My adopted crow  
h3581 The dog runs in, slips  
s1579 Do I hate my job?  
h3582 A sound woke me up  
h3583 After her reproach  
h3584 Prying loose a wire  
h3585 I'm looking for words  
s1580 Come and visit us  
s1581 They are racing past  
h3586 A downpour, open  
s1582 It is just broken  
s1583 Visitors are briefed  
h3587 I know father well  
s1584 They are ponderous  
s1585 I'll resign, I will  
h3588 I chose not to vote  
h1369 Isn't two too many?  
Not too bad [1974-2001]
Han Voskuil
s1586 I hesitate to  
h3589 He waits, just watching  
h3591 Of course they are right  
h3592 I feel pitiful  
s1587 Left and right, voters  
h3593 Think of the office  
h3594 A department head  
h3595 A scientist fears  
s1588 Father, now waddling  
s1589 Father's small suitcase  
h3596 Unexpected things  
s1591 Rather say it now  
s1592 The civil servants  
h3597 In the hospital  
h3704 Father is buried  
s1655 Vacation, it's safe  
h3705 As a child I roamed  
s1656 Some people blame me  
s1657 I can't handle him  
h3706 Vacation, sorting  
s1658 It's way too crowded  
h3707 The waves climb on each  
h3708 I am the victim  
s1659 I'm not myself, I  
h3709 In my vacation  
s1660 Another empty  
s1661 There are still places  
h3710 He is paralysed  
h3711 That's also something  
s1662 After my report  
s1663 The director was  
s1664 He is unsure, so  
s1665 He is trying so hard  
s1666 Do the silent gain  
s1667 How much power do  
s1668 The policy is  
h3712 I am first and take  
h3713 Until the Spring Ball  
s1669 The old farmers re-  
s1670 The past moves along  
h3714 In stories about  
h3715 Writing about the  
s1671 He brings in a lot  
s1672 You should not do it  
h3724 In hindsight you see  
h3725 An unburdening  
s1673 Well, I have wished for  
h3726 The speech is followed  
h3730 The famous writer  
h3727 From the isle we sail  
s1674 Mist, with some shadows  
s1675 Less manual work  
h3728 Duties fascinate  
h3729 The plants will show you  
s1676 Are dissertations  
h3731 Voting: politics  
s1687 It did not happen  
h3740 It is code language  
s1688 The fancy glassware  
s1689 I like discussions  
h3747 Other people seem  
h3749 In the Silent Night  
h3748 The midwinter horns  
s1693 His hand trembles when  
s1694 I have to go out  
h3750 Just let me die, if  
h3751 Behind those windows  
s1695 If you wait to speak  
s1696 Right, nothing happened  
h3752 Beach walk in winter  
s1697 An orator can  
h3753 The bustle around  
h3754 The hustle passes  
h3755 The murmuring sounds  
s1714 A social country  
h3774 Oh, these good old days  
s1715 FOLK is meaningless  
h3775 Looking to the past  
s1716 Be responsible  
h3776 What a strange office  
s1717 Getting old, no time  
h3777 I saw him lying  
s1718 Spring, time to go out  
s1719 All he could do was  
h3778 If It works, it can  
h3779 Everything changes  
h3780 Two taps on the door  
s1720 The cows run away  
s1721 The Director stands  
h3781 The café is full  
s1722 Death penalty: could  
s1723 The majority  
h3782 The clouds chasing grey  
h3783 Never any change  
h3784 Then it is autumn  
h3785 I am as the phrase  
s1724 Being so concerned  
Trench Walking
Frida Vogels
h1779 Three months I've been back  
s0523 The winners just wait  
s0522 Remembered, the facts  
h1780 I'm nowhere really  
h1800 People walk along  
h1799 My town, the canals  
s0555 And then it is time  
h2972 When he concentrates  
h1856 The memorials  
s0559 The almond blossoms  
s0584 Please, don't ring the bell  
s0585 Don't dream about me  
h1899 I have a cold, and  
h1900 Quarrels with father  
s0599 I endure the chill  
s0600 Then I'll ask for it  
s0619 The uncertainty  
h1949 A stranger passed by  
h3058 They roamed the mountains  
s1253 It was a long week  
s1616 For far too much world  
h4298 When I can't handle  
s1077 In difficult years  
h2983 There's no beginning  
h2982 Trembling on horseback  
h4080 Our village: a hole  
s0332 I already was  
h1329 I need strange hard hands  
h1330 My soul searches you  
h1331 I weigh pleasures, tears  
h1333 I am dizzy high  
h1334 On my way to you  
h1336 Things just float over  
s1849 He's dull, everyone  
h4012 It's a quiet day  
h4013 Her head in her hands  
s1233 You have to know this  
s1234 I like to leave, here  
s1235 The moneylenders  
s1195 People become sick  
h2976 The past constantly  
s1197 Always with measure  
h2408 Zigzagging I walk  
s0826 Without your hands, I  
s1339 Finally the snow  
s0904 My tongue is here now,  
s0899 Here I have lived, where  
s0995 I'm dreaming of ships  
s1159 Between the words, I  
h2759 Concrete is useful  
h1300 In the waiting room  
h2387 Her son disappeared  
s1133 I was twenty, now  
h3005 She opened herself  
s1212 Skinny on His cross  
h3006 Well, I learned a lot  
s1213 At school I learned all  
h3007 The tough boys were true  
h3008 Plissé skirt: spotless  
s1549 Telephone: Mama  
s0398 His attention, caught  
s1612 Too late I'm ashamed  
s1042 Erasing drawings  
h1371 The rooms have a smell  
s0345 I feel a longing  
h1372 The light keeps changing  
s1158 Where might they have gone?  
s1362 War: I run away  
s1368 The war is a thief  
s1508 Then, the world stands still  
h4159 The empty chair may  
s1961 Well, I used to cry  
s1061 The moon has returned  
s1008 They are clean, pink, smooth  
h2688 In full light, a flag  
s1322 Dad never writes me  
s1323 If only love was  
s1327 Torn from the photo  
s1328 Again no message  
h3350 Keeping your head back  
s1103 The mouth I moulded  
s0944 My life is really  
h3298 I'm scared by a foot  
h3299 The spinal column  
s1081 In the empty streets  
Em Brace
s1065 Did someone call me?  
h2798 Oh how passionate  
h2791 Wander herb, full moon  
h2793 The moon: I feel you  
s1063 I leave the lamp on  
h2794 Come and drink with me  
h2795 I read your poems  
h2919 Today I bury  
h2895 I have searched in vain  
h2903 Sitting together  
h3060 By looking we tame  
h4190 Helping people with  
h4201 Of course my life has  
h4202 I whisper courage  
h4203 A sledgehammer kills  
h2818 There's a little cloud  
h0750 New Year's Eve: we face  
h2300 Burnt in his best suit  
s0846 I can hear this man  
h2707 My mother was nice  
h4146 Countless frogs climb up  
s0934 Throughout the party  
h3143 Squat down, knees to chin  
s0560 In vain, I embrace  
h1857 Your eyes, so mellow  
h1858 The cat looks at me  
h3527 Come and sit with us  
h2762 They are not in love  
h3417 His farewell wishes  
s1320 Happiness: beware  
s1422 You cannot escape  
s1423 I want it all, and  
s1116 It hurts, time stands still  
s1117 The mosquitoes dance  
s1118 Un usual day  
h2874 The dog understood  
s1712 Oh dear, my best friends  
h2940 It's a small photo  
h2941 A new issue can  
h2942 To do your duty  
h2946 Back 'home' after years  
s0962 I embrace daddy  
h2619 At three in the night  
h3444 The low branches swing  
h2974 You can lean your head  
h2533 Friends have the power  
h3449 Let me be with you  
Moist glow
s1176 Later nights with him  
h1402 While withy branches  
s1080 I want to enjoy  
s0906 No longer with us  
h4170 The priest is too old  
s1012 Since she got married  
s1028 In the group photo  
s1029 I almost master  
h3412 You don't understand  
h3489 The old goat just stares  
h3490 Like a precious stone  
h3491 The cow looks beyond  
h3492 I suspect a cow  
h4045 Growing old in peace  
h2413 Looking up to me  
h0654 I have felt for snow  
h0655 Over there: the end  
h0656 Sunday in the park  
s0129 Our love palace, now  
h2432 At long last it rains  
h0591 I dream in the swing  
h0658 After a long night  
h0662 Things go orderly  
h0663 I have learned that life  
h0664 To burn my last year  
h0665 I wanted to be  
h0666 The sun stopped snowing  
h0667 I did love you, I  
h0668 An elevator  
h0675 I weave loneliness  
h0731 You are gone; poorly  
h0876 The wind blows away  
s1238 Tomorrow you'll come  
h3864 Come in, look at me  
s1797 What is left to write  
h3865 Life passes quickly  
h2526 The dancer has died  
s1482 My neighbours make love  
s1483 It's not serious  
s1484 Sanatorium  
h3399 If love cannot be  
h3400 I am sick, foggy  
h3401 I'm sick, my visit  
h3402 Snoozing, a quarter  
s1489 The hall lights go on  
h3403 To be dutiful  
h3404 Opinions create  
h3405 The hairdresser cuts  
h3406 You're in love with me  
h3630 Our unconscious mind  
h3633 Forgetting, maybe  
s1421 Coincidences  
h3344 When you're not at home  
h4326 The moon shines sorrow  
s1015 It's for the old days  
s1366 You must analyse  
s0265 Skin full of scratches  
s0980 A myth is cut off  
h1054 When I looked inside  
s1073 Mum's dementia  
s1074 Dementia: rats  
s0894 No letters today  
s1910 In the mists, the king  
s1428 Yet I look away  
h2861 The dogs are running  
s1112 My feelers, reaching  
h3469 No, I cannot speak  
h3947 Two teenage girls sit  
h3948 First you slurp water  
s1519 Hygiene costs smooth rooms  
s1129 My wishes came true  
h2871 A bolt: once again  
h2872 I will not kiss me  
h4265 Why are you afraid  
h4327 Gloomy the autumn  
s1208 So you think something  
s1207 Am I just in love  
h2996 I am so in love  
h3866 I sleep, my eyes are  
h0899 The double row of trees  
s1059 The pond is chilly  
s1099 Lovely is your dream  
h2845 Balancing on two  
s1100 No new week ahead  
h3772 The orchids stay fresh  
s1713 I speak carefully  
s1848 The famous writer  
h2920 He puts his plaything  
h2921 The full moon enchants  
h2922 I still have some drives  
s1155 I'm viewing the house  
h2932 The coal woman bathes  
h2933 There's nothing to say  
h2934 Our lives go on foot  
s1684 He makes no contact  
s0930 We are unwanted  
h2636 With the first thin ice  
s1022 I want everything  
s1175 If you don't take risks  
s1060 Rain on my straw hut  
h4161 The birds, the wind and  
h4200 Be gloomy, a while  
h0850 I read a letter  
h0851 Little light: just one  
h3238 The buzz of the guests  
h4122 Grandma's funeral  
h4109 Where the thrush sings, there  
s1955 Envious people  
h4039 Young people riot  
s0887 I shout: I'll help you  
h2755 In my head, we are  
s1636 We were once ashamed  
s1160 Is it a secret  
s1562 I am that sick girl  
s1563 Thanks to all the pills  
h2862 I'll stay where I am  
h2863 A shelter is good  
s0979 You let the time seep  
s1608 Feel sorry for me  
s1595 In the sitting room  
s2029 Evening, I'm alone  
h2816 I get to know him  
s1075 Flooded wine cellar  
h3232 Death stands before me  
s1363 Men can just walk out  
s1365 I watched secretly  
h2618 What are you thinking?  
h2782 A peach blossom branch  
h2783 The court is reserved  
s1057 She is old, fidgets  
s1058 A mosquito spins  
h2784 A summer lover  
h2786 We are together  
s1062 Whenever the clock  
h3440 I don't want to be  
h3441 Crawl into a stone  
s1632 For children's sorrows  
h2929 To recognize cold  
h2923 I can see myself  
s1151 From the silagehill  
h2924 She took her clothes off  
h2925 And as it happened  
s1152 It is summer fair  
s1153 Having a stare-down  
h2926 The woods of the woods  
h3801 It's a social game  
h3802 She quickly locks - click -  
s1745 It makes me lonely  
h3803 Sadness disappears  
s1746 He's lying there weird  
s1747 The sand wants to be  
h3804 So what are the facts  
s1748 Everything goes slow  
h3805 Shall I still caress  
s1749 Slow lava creeps up  
h3806 There's no other way  
s1750 I must placate mum  
h2788 Snow, there is no path  
s1507 Today was a draft  
h3217 In this place I would  
s0926 My youth is over  
h2962 The tomcat returns,  
h2963 The fish requests for  
s1179 My sisters and Mum  
h3347 Someone unknown calls  
s0896 Lie down quietly  
s1101 What has happened then  
s1296 I go outside, then  
s1297 I know what fear is  
s1298 Before departure  
s1854 Talking isn't easy  
After the festivities
h2964 Tear open a bag  
s1115 Still yesterday, still  
s1293 Will this be goodbye  
h3141 Stay, no promises  
h2965 Things you throw away  
s1180 Be cross, be angry  
h2966 How much winter dull  
s1181 Words are only words  
h2949 This is our good life  
s1166 Beware of people  
s1167 The whole endless night  
s1168 Without ambition  
s1169 He saw through Satan  
h2950 Beauty fits closely  
s1170 Grandma is doing  
h2951 This recurring dream  
s1171 Empty streets after  
s1172 It is a long wait  
h2952 He comes to bathe me  
s1173 It rains all the time  
s1174 The tears of her heart  
h2953 Above us, the rust  
s1698 No one has warned him  
s1699 The perfect daughters  
s1700 The blind man answers  
h4096 The narrow single  
s1106 Not the government  
s1107 We do move forward  
s1108 On the banks, women  
h2854 A Federation  
s1139 A few gusts of wind  
h3493 The doctor wavers  
s1914 Ceiling with a hole  
s1915 Potholes in the streets  
s1916 Toilets overflow  
h4110 Farewell, I just wave  
h4034 I feel illnesses  
h2931 Thinkers have taught me  
s1225 Being bored, dreaming  
s1597 A plunge in the night  
h3617 The elderly man  
h3648 We all look away  
h3962 It's raining tonight  
h3965 The red sun burns in  
h3445 I live my portion  
s1071 You jumped off the bridge  
h2813 People have feasted  
s1252 A lot has happened  
h4061 Answer my kiss, look  
h4062 My scarf is with you  
h4063 We were on our way  
h4064 You saw it happen  
h4065 Birthday, big party  
s1876 If I'm not coming  
s1877 You talk to your friends  
h4066 Let us talk, I said  
h4067 I almost fell then  
h4068 I loved you madly  
s1120 The world keeps turning  
h3649 The night darkness is  
h3650 Even if you give  
h1057 His car, his coat, and  
s1079 The edge of the voice  
h3212 I was a fan, sweet  
s1787 They suddenly leave  
h3837 I wanted to start  
s1788 My lawyer comes in  
h3331 Goose bumps all around  
s1426 The walnut tree falls  
s1427 Wind and rain at night  
h3194 My energy sinks  
s1429 The peonies have  
s1836 Will life be like that  
s1510 I go, you remain  
h3453 Never dare to do  
h3466 Way too much sadness  
Iris Murdoch
s1216 Oh, I'm really old  
h3113 She enjoys smoking  
h3114 Fireworks-shows are art  
h3121 I must travel light  
h3122 I feel my muscles  
s1279 People in love will  
s1280 As long as we live  
s1281 Girls dream maidenly  
s1282 Too bad, halfway through  
s1221 Strange, to be able  
s1226 Away with woodcuts  
h3031 She gathers a hand-  
s1227 Ethics is the will  
h3032 She still remembers  
h3012 Arrange everything  
h3026 Roaring, the sea god  
h3789 Twilight of the Gods  
h3790 It is attention  
s1730 No one really cares  
s1731 Yet, it can't be right  
h3791 The Spartan women  
s1732 Ballet music up-  
h3792 The prelate opens  
s1733 She kisses me and  
s1734 Nothing is beyond  
s1736 Reality flows  
s1737 There is need for priests  
h3793 In helping people  
h3794 Chance and the power  
h3795 Nowhere can it be  
s1228 The pain is gone, now  
h3034 Beginnings are small  
h3035 At night I'm looking  
h3036 I lived happily,  
h3037 My beloved friend  
s1229 I'm roving about  
h3038 He doesn't want to die  
s1230 Heavenly verses  
s1231 Confusion, just vague  
s1232 Love raises a lot  
s1284 Love is vain, wishing  
h3131 Just half-heartedly  
h3171 I like to nestle  
s1312 I take mama's hand  
s1313 She digested him  
h3175 The monk sews, he pulls  
s1314 Who really wants to  
s1315 Again, another  
h2980 Words do sometimes fit  
h2981 Live in the present  
s1198 A friend, familiar  
h2984 He is dying, yet  
s1201 Dead is dead, too bad  
h2987 All virtues are bright  
h2988 The purgatory  
h2989 I'm decent, I am  
h2990 Twilight is filling  
h2991 Dancing in the grass  
s1202 The secret lovers  
s1203 Have I been playing  
h2992 Once you are married  
h3935 Taking a deep breath  
s1819 Wait for a new age  
h3936 Everything changes  
h3937 We carry sorrows  
h3938 He who doesn't hide from  
h3939 Day to day I live  
s1820 The words are there, and  
h3940 They seem well-known, yet  
s1821 What a nice couple  
h3941 I need to dream it  
s1822 It is late, bedtime  
h3942 Disabled people  
s1823 But what good is God  
h3943 The psychiatrist  
h3944 To calm myself down  
h3945 I put on the ring  
h3946 I'll make up stories  
h3086 Don't go anywhere  
s1271 I want to be good  
s1273 I could have married  
h3090 I may take this train  
h3091 He was the sweetest  
h3092 The crows are cawing  
h3093 It has rained a lot  
h3094 He once chose this stone  
Death on Cast
Ellen Deckwitz
h1097 My memories rush  
h1098 I had to kiss him  
h2712 My tongue is washing  
h2713 Creation: spirits  
h1129 A small hatch opens  
s0193 He still remembers  
s0194 His memory keeps  
s0684 People just suppose  
s0685 The old, frayed hero  
h1950 A good intention  
s0782 Usually it goes  
s0806 Counting down how much  
h2305 I've achieved something  
s0848 I'm getting older  
s0847 Living more brings more  
s0923 The big city blurs  
s0945 I don't cry and smile  
h3176 The fire is blazing  
h3177 Upon street boxes  
s1316 As if my body  
h2670 With the animals  
h2698 Well, to be buried  
h2717 Reading poems, I  
s1048 A diet, sports sweat  
3169 In the Force  
h2781 While reading I meet  
h2811 My yawn breathes fresh air  
h2812 At home, I am safe  
s1164 Love is a concept  
h2948 I seclude myself  
s1199 The longer you live  
s1248 Beware of the hope  
s1266 I furnish my house  
h3139 These rotting pieces  
h3149 What I meant to say  
h3335 All things break down, and  
s1441 Poverty teaches  
s1550 Saturday: bags-day  
s1796 Well, I think a lot  
s1815 On expectations  
s2001 It stopped working  
h3788 That dark light over there  
s1728 Am I elitist  
h3899 The war in those days  
s1811 None of those present  
h3900 I remember one  
h3901 We didn't dare, but could  
h3902 The songs of that time  
h3903 Life used to revolve  
h3904 Never a meeting  
h3905 I drive up and down  
h3906 We are home, we will  
h3497 He sniffs and he sucks  
s1740 Before I can take  
h3535 I cannot hear you  
h4289 Tower in the bed  
h3760 Through her we became  
h3761 I am that woman  
h3762 I fall, now my loss  
h3763 We are shocked to see  
h3764 I walk all day long  
h3765 Anyway, let's sing  
h3766 I see her back, there  
h4035 We do this, do that  
h4266 I know decency  
h4107 Women on the beach  
h4108 More and more I am  
s1898 Holes in the fence, poop  
s1880 Poor lives revolve  
s1881 The poor form a crowd  
s1857 Approaching our house  
h4032 Old loves scrape sharply  
h4033 Bunch of radishes  
s1858 There's still smelly air  
s1863 We're waiting, sadly  
s1864 The field is open  
h4044 Seventy: omens  
h3531 You're alive, traces  
s1599 The melancholy  
h3811 As a reader I  
s1953 When terror is far  
s1954 There's the nagging pain  
s0312 Not wanting to be  
h3993 In the scrap workshop  
Pending rain
106 Girl's distress  
113 Next-door  
228 Thinking shame  
838 Black sun  
840 Big small step  
h1607 Without any tears  
891 Cry for the festoons  
1121 Open my hatch  
1125 Love wasn't great enough  
1127 Deformed  
1144 Sinkhole  
s1204 Lonely people walk  
s1276 Walking on the beach  
h3129 Weep out of me, weep  
h3223 The music of Bach  
s1392 Silently I call  
s1964 Birthday in autumn  
1923 A beautiful mystery  
852 Angry with me  
171 Doldrums  
2076 Invisibly lonely  
2621 Rainshine  
1131 Viola tricolor  
83 Ninamasté  
1186 Invisible  
1130 Everywhere because nowhere  
1124 Erehwon  
841 No address  
1212 Home alone  
836 La Fata  
1122 Camomile in my head  
899 The blossoms stay with me  
894 Temple of support  
1120 Throne of everyone  
849 Templebed  
844 Taking shelter in my habits  
1157 We're having a good time  
1126 Comfort cake with whipped cream  
1464 Floodlight of time  
2856 Conga  
2857 Lost  
1187 Myself in myself  
1185 Swing  
h1959 I still remember  
Greeting from before
h0600 Stain, soap, apples, dust  
h1507 The tin drum throws me  
h1608 Chapel in the woods  
1129 La vie  
1184 Water misery  
1351 Without my name  
h1881 He is here, at home  
h1883 Still flowing in me  
h1885 Appearing again  
1782 The scent of the glow  
1976 We will whisper forever  
2005 I thought of you  
h2632 The buried people  
2665 Panevin  
2670 Nostalgia for the beach  
2975 In the afternoon hammock  
h2832 What if? I don't want  
4108 Meeting a friend from the past  
h3265 Blue lights, pink answers  
h3384 Every day present  
s1518 Culture has its price  
5148 Memories don't drown  
h4236 Warm as the sun are  
5384 The sacrifice  
1387 Silent walk  
h2317 His grave isn't a stone  
48 Through the walls I hear you  
50 The wind  
68 I still remember the grass  
122 Not nice  
709 Do you have a little time?  
971 Untwisted  
999 Annex  
1007 Complete  
1188 I'll never sway  
1190 At home together  
1189 Not  
1617 Homo curans  
1957 Humours  
h2410 I don't know you, but  
2787 The girl from the camp  
2793 Maria, 18 years old  
2799 The pink shoes  
2826 Where the adventure begins  
3136 Empirical device  
3225 The silent steps  
h2868 My body reacts  
h2867 I keep balancing  
h2870 Physical defects  
h2944 Friends master the art  
h3136 There is no problem  
h3345 In the meadow lies  
h3966 Solace and solace  
1078 Old hunger  
Paint overwritten
h0422 Lying in my bed  
617 Discarded table  
1303 Paint overwritten  
h2757 Sometimes I miss me  
h3070 I'm cleaning up plans  
s1573 About everything  
1814 Here where I stand  
945 VacantVoid  
Slow circles
1206 Friends, Apart Together  
1282 Slow circles  
1367 Sedona  
1418 No news  
1592 A long time, before spring comes  
1613 Silent Dark House  
h1880 Missing his presence  
h1882 Of course we linger  
h1984 January, still  
1754 Dead days  
1996 New love  
2037 My fantasy of myself  
h2422 That old age problem  
2204 Thin curtains  
2243 Poste restante  
s0895 Well, getting older  
s0935 Why make an effort  
s0971 I keep missing him  
s0972 It has been too soon  
h2639 I am old, I am  
s0982 I wish the world were  
2690 She feels it  
s1006 People just stand still  
h2715 Wavering, the tears  
h3042 Landscape in the door  
h3133 Sometimes I think: Aye!  
h3696 In times when you're bored  
h3797 In the dark, only  
5164 Falter  
h3867 Along with the waste  
h3868 Inside the big clock  
h3967 In the many books  
Between where
4086 American Dream [2]  
h0031 Dozing, I vibrate  
h0103 The rain shower pours  
h0107 She gives me a kiss  
h0129 Grandma's tapestries  
h0137 Yesterday it rained  
h0256 With heads of pure gold  
h0291 The snow stops traffic  
h0309 Seeds of wild grasses  
s0067 The birds fly with me  
s0068 In high-tech sweatshirts  
h0359 The bellowing wind  
1161 Nocturnal woman  
1162 Nocturnal peacock  
1373 Mother's Day  
1435 There is so much more  
s0947 I just let life pass  
h2584 I went out fishing  
s0948 Loneliness, leaking  
s0950 The public listens  
s0952 Do I love you, or  
s0977 People on the train  
2529 Come back  
2720 Midgard in endless  
2738 Saints in their stables  
2954 Café the Laugh  
s1011 In my ears, my heart  
2972 Not a mother  
2993 My life as a ghost  
s1024 Blind premature deaths  
h2721 Walking the city  
h2724 Inside me, life is  
s1027 My body has stopped  
h2730 Walking on a leash  
s1032 My mask is smiling  
h2733 City life is hard  
h2747 Making love, you don't  
3104 Crack between shame and decency  
3350 Sentences of loneliness  
3372 Companions  
3374 No way back  
3497 It bobs  
s1220 In a green landscape  
s1249 Mourning for Tibet  
4005 Brief break on the road  
4042 The people in their houses  
4044 Nude I play to be naked  
4062 Cafetaria  
4064 Man on the street  
4066 Summer wound  
4068 Chinese tea  
4070 Heir  
4072 Raging  
4074 Summer evening  
4076 All inclusive  
4078 A chink in time  
4080 Looking at the dog  
4082 Night Stage  
4084 Room in heaven  
4088 My #eot  
4201 Live my dream  
4204 I am the ghost  
4207 Deep down  
4210 Outside the wall  
4213 Wings of Desire  
4219 Creepy shadows  
4225 Flames in top  
4228 Let me bleed  
4231 Apart Together  
4237 Good citizens  
4240 Pandora's Box, 8118 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood  
4243 Love arrows  
4430 Operation #Snowflake  
s1376 Tell me what to do  
h3336 The offshore strobe light  
h3338 It is the silence  
s1481 Empty waiting rooms  
h3391 In sweltering heat  
4588 Sermon to the Fish  
s1491 I talk to myself  
4640 Days of the week  
s1517 Sun on the roof edge  
s1559 From doing nothing  
5108 Thousand-petalled day  
5182 Baltimore  
s1772 Here too, policemen  
s1773 Crochet, blended yarn  
s1774 For years, refugees  
s1775 Your despair against  
s1776 I just sit and wait  
s1807 Everyone asleep  
h4177 The ladder between  
s1965 Knocked out all along  
5345 Springtail Blues  
h4237 My world is smaller  
h4331 It is white around  
1795 20,000 hours under the sea  
h0164 Nothing but the lake  
h0184 It's heavy labour  
h0312 A downpour: people  
4294 My house has large beds  
h3191 Be myself, social  
s1329 Unsatisfied needs  
4304 We just have to  
4319 My house has smooth tiles  
4324 My house has bells  
4357 My house has empty rooms  
Edward Hopper
h1562 Just a dancing girl  
h0116 They're waving to me  
4793 Viaduct  
h0697 The golden twilight  
4801 Demon  
h0291-11 A swelling clamour  
h0025 Hand in hand we sit  
4807 Present  
s0020 The little mermaid  
h0292 The pollard-willow  
s0063 I'm trying so hard  
h0294 The bride: a present  
4795 Canopy bed  
s0083 Covered by the night  
4605 Across the street  
h0340 Fairy-beautiful  
4783 Dream Super Woman  
h0538 I'm nipping jasmine  
h0283 The air roars and shakes  
h0869 In between the ships  
4777 Your street  
h1239 Salt biting my skin  
4816 Set piece  
h0173 I'm away from home  
1473 Love alone  
h0176 I embrace my buck  
1203 Slowly the night falls  
h0288 Smoke plumes everywhere  
h0302 We live in over-  
4805 My lives  
h1573 Is my hair still good?  
1112 La grande bellezza  
s0088 The dogs run around  
h0607 One scream and a flock  
4775 Storm coming  
h0291-38 Splashing, dashing waves  
1200 The cave  
h3312 Night sky, trees above  
4789 The network  
h0291-49 Sheep in the city  
h0854 The evening sun pours  
1472 Outside there's a thunderstorm  
h0415 News and novelties  
h0221 The farmer has cows  
4799 Dream hotel  
s1267 Everything could be  
h0008 The dog steps backwards  
h0113 The night is still dark  
1204 Morning sun  
h0960 The city, people  
h0099 The sand, lying down  
4811 Beach House  
s0014 Stevedores work hard  
s0091 There are boys, hunting  
4787 As usual  
h1017 A magpie inspects  
1683 Our promise  
s0071 In posh clothes she walks  
4813 Until the reception calls  
h0440 I have walked for hours  
1474 No man's  
h0916 My eyes follow your  
s0024 Corpse pose: bodyless  
1202 Real buttocks  
h1907 You know my life and  
4781 On the balcony at Grandma's  
h0458 The large smooth boulder  
1177 Cradle  
h0957 It just keeps growing  
1199 Meantime Now  
h0950 Objects from the past  
1201 Interplace  
h0486 The tall sunflowers  
h0413 Things are much smaller  
1060 Skull soup  
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