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1066   !!
S1751   "Not today", they shout
3155   #Beauty
3165   #Beauty (2)
3157   #Woman
606   #old
2987   #safe
4030   #sexy
H4309   (After the dike breach)
3026   1.5m air
3020   1.5m earth
3017   1.5m fire
3023   1.5m water
S2011   1000 years old, still
1988   10th symphony of life
1795   20,000 hours under the sea
S1136   21 years old
989   40 years
H2854   A Federation
H3578   A Master knows much
S1142   A baby doesn't talk
H0650   A beast is pushing
S1771   A beautiful film
1923   A beautiful mystery
H3135   A big party, we
S0047   A bird is circling
S0333   A black word is quick
1150   A body
H2871   A bolt: once again
S1400   A boss claims to be
H2591   A branch full of leaves
S1380   A cacophony
2223   A chest full of knives
4078   A chink in time
H0324   A circle of pink
S2019   A convulsing mask
H0095   A crown on her head
S0912   A culpable hand
H2883   A damp of cabbage
H1066   A dark flock of mud
S0275   A day without wine
H1589   A deep thinker goes
S1191   A deliberate
H3594   A department head
S1048   A diet, sports sweat
2273   A dog started
H0142   A dog woofs woofwoof
H1191   A door is opened
H4005   A door may open
H3586   A downpour, open
H0312   A downpour: people
H0051   A feather over
S1139   A few gusts of wind
H3119   A few single words
2655   A few strokes of paint
H2599   A finger and sticks
2054   A fire that lasts
H0748   A flight of wild geese
H0373   A flowering shrub
1140   A flush for the drudge
H4125   A fool isn't a fool
S1198   A friend, familiar
1994   A full life
H3488   A full moon tonight
H0001   A full moon, and I
4564   A furtive visit
H0229   A gale bumps and beats
H3499   A giggle echoes
S1522   A girl in the camp
H3166   A glimpse of grandad
H1950   A good intention
H2321   A good test result
H3327   A grand scenery
S1131   A great vernissage
S0812   A group deforms you
H2342   A group like loose grains
H2758   A guest: carefully
S1600   A hairy monster
H1600   A height is a depth
S1128   A herd of horses
H1624   A howling uproar
S0817   A human does not
S0007   A jar full of worms
H3991   A kiss, naked I
H0035   A knife is flashing
H4050   A landscape like this
S0960   A lie cannot walk
S0961   A lie cannot walk
1793   A life of my own
2213   A little crazy
H3600   A little flower
H2506   A little sunshine
H0505   A living statue
S1814   A living statue
1592   A long time, before spring comes
2396   A long-awaited home
S1252   A lot has happened
S1093   A lot of bombs fell
S0037   A lot of half-truths
S1884   A lot of people
S0612   A lot of wisdom
1156   A lover
H1017   A magpie inspects
S1532   A man prays. God asks
S0792   A man simply wants
H0613   A man, a woman
H2995   A man, shaking out
S0710   A mark on the bark
H2916   A miracle: men
S1058   A mosquito spins
S0980   A myth is cut off
H3053   A naked body
H2941   A new issue can
S1890   A new measuring
914   A new mystery
H4240   A new notation
H3357   A nice canoe trip
H0623   A page, a glimmer
H2782   A peach blossom branch
S1936   A person who boasts
H4268   A photo, I'm six
S1576   A pitter-patter
S1597   A plunge in the night
H2519   A poem he wants
H4150   A poem opens
H4020   A poem: tail tip
S0717   A poet fiercely
H2592   A prairie begins
H0482   A quiet goodbye
S0997   A reconstruction
S0432   A refined facet-
H3930   A romantic kiss
H2848   A row of benches
H3196   A row of windchests
H4279   A rubber bath duck
H2742   A sacrifice: I
H3595   A scientist fears
H4334   A serious life
H2863   A shelter is good
H2621   A shot: do not move
S1793   A signal failure
S1921   A simple life, just
H4203   A sledgehammer kills
S1978   A sleepy village
H1129   A small hatch opens
S1714   A social country
H3839   A song of life, late
H3582   A sound woke me up
H3668   A sound, here, then there
H0459   A squeaky concert
S0426   A steel thinking-frame
2286   A stone from paradise
H4340   A stone on a stone
H4019   A stranger falls, and
H1949   A stranger passed by
H2784   A summer lover
H3845   A sunny morning
H2661   A suspension is
H2601   A swarm of spirits
H0291-11   A swelling clamour
H3634   A thought is super-
S0802   A threethinker thinks
H0537   A trail in the snow
H1599   A travel story
H1729   A triangle love
H4028   A tunnel of drops
S1802   A tyrant is great
S1574   A variety
S0084   A very clear light
H3541   A very deep sigh
H0056   A very low tone
S1263   A war is concrete
S0975   A waste bag bulging
H0500   A wink: I look back
H2666   A women's circle
H0293   A world of water
S0436   A worm in my head
S1573   About everything
H0710   About green I know
1972   About me
H3579   About things I like
H2433   Above my sadness
H2439   Above the ashes
H3575   Above the pilgrims
H2953   Above us, the rust
1246   Abracadabar
1453   Absent
S1104   Absent, I'm busy
N286   Abundance
2096   According to the priests in Sanctuaries
S1187   Accustoming makes
4605   Across the street
2341   Act / Enact
Under the yarrow
H3639   Action, reaction
H2947   Acts of resistance
S0401   Adam had taught him
H2518   Admire your child, care
2009   Adonis
N292   Advent
2002   Afraid of love
H3683   After a few years
H0658   After a long night
S1165   After a long wait
H3123   After a time off
H3583   After her reproach
H0467   After his stupid
H2731   After letting go
S1524   After making love
S0890   After many bombs
H3524   After my last word
S1662   After my report
S0932   After our argument
H1052   After school, running
H3084   After tea he walks
H0153   After the crossing
1677   After the fall
E20100625   After the fire
E20100304a   After the fire
E20100304b   After the fire
H0291-43   After the garden
S0110   After the high flight
S0043   After the long walk
H1140   After the love fight
1026   After the night
1558   After the years of romance
H2819   After waking up
5302   After you
H3815   Afternoon napping
1750   Afterthought
H2447   Afterwards we know
4461   Afterwards, I asked questions
1584   Again
S1328   Again no message
S1643   Again someone leads
S1315   Again, another
H3849   Against summer heat
S0902   Ah, Desire, the son
H1631   Ah, an accident
S1888   Ah, no more fuel
1655   AiMe
E20100426b   Ain valley
H3120   Air: always moving
1226   Airways
1633   Akin
S1206   Alarm, already
S1496   Alas, making love
38   Alf Bet Gaml
E19970802   Aliens (parade)
N414   All
77   All
1471   All
H1625   All celebrations
2543   All colours within me
S1719   All he could do was
H3202   All in due time please
S0893   All includes Nothing
4076   All inclusive
2291   All mine
H2391   All my dreams are real
H3002   All my life it is
H3278   All my magic spells
S0408   All my neighbours live
S1030   All my space travels
1285   All of me
H3603   All readers select
1027   All squares of Europe
S0700   All stories are true
H3335   All things break down, and
S1967   All this night, I lie
H1086   All those stupid things
H4091   All vices and crimes
H2987   All virtues are bright
H1047   All your thoughts are free
2093   All's well that ends well
Q120   All
is the conclusion
E19860715   Alley
E20100901a   Alley
H3688   Allured, enchanted
H2676   Almost dead, falling
4716   Almost touchable /
Terrace at the Fountain of love
E20030714   Aloe
1167   Alone in the house
2106   Alone, not alone
H0120   Along the crenels
2336   Along the road
H3867   Along with the waste
H3952   Aloud the poet
1011   Alternating animal
S1184   Although you like me
4637   Always everything
H0076   Always keep skating
H1075   Always novelties
H1053   Always snow or rain
S1453   Always wishing to
S1197   Always with measure
S1038   Am I doing well
S1728   Am I elitist
S1207   Am I just in love
H2403   Am I still myself
H3464   Am I that body
S1447   Am I unworldly?
S1448   Am I unworldly?
H4008   Am I vindictive
1719   Am I, volatile
S1542   Am I... deceiving
1325   Ambition
H2620   Ambitious dark wings
S1617   Ambulances, blood-
2282   American Dream [1]
4086   American Dream [2]
H2466   Among the bright stars
E20100603a   Amstel Hotel
N179   Amsterdam
3820   Amsterdam, siltland by the Big Lake
S1770   An absent reply
H3721   An air-raid alarm
H2905   An angular dance
S1383   An automated
S1384   An automated
S1385   An automated
H3256   An automatic
H3257   An automatic
H3258   An automatic
S1382   An automatic
S1386   An automatic
5265   An avenue in de palace garden
H1332   An egg in the tree
H0668   An elevator
917   An extra where you live
S1735   An identity
H2754   An island, nothing
H2844   An old feeling, eight
H2606   An older fish greets
S1697   An orator can
H3725   An unburdening
1089   Anarchy
4610   Anatomical Theatre
H2719   Ancient chemistry
H1100   And I have pictures
1448   And I want you
H3700   And another day
H2925   And as it happened
888   And now everything
H3416   And now? Again this
2408   And one more, more
2326   And the darkness has not understood
1222   And the sadness dies
S0555   And then it is time
H4041   And then you let me
4034   And then, once more
903   And what else may happen
2006   And/Or
N422   Angel
28   Angel of grief
1393   Angel's chicks
905   Angelic body
2951   Angelina
H2437   Angels are not sweet
H4007   Angels come flying
1005   Angels in the park
Q093   Angels
are happy
H2918   Angels? Wild roses?
5216   Angry Angel
852   Angry with me
H3306   Animals take me
H3843   Animals that talk
N264   Ankh
999   Annex
S1660   Another empty
H4061   Answer my kiss, look
N256   Ant
N317   Antahkarana (inner cause)
1010   Antiall
Q006   Ants
work together
2345   Anxious blood
H3394   Any memory
S1882   Any producer
S0441   Any thought to be
S1785   Anyone who knows
S1786   Anyone who knows
H4286   Anyone who wants
1164   Anything but
H3876   Anything can be
S1410   Anyway we live
H3765   Anyway, let's sing
4231   Apart Together
S1912   Apartheid means that
N248   Ape
N359   Aphid
969   Appearances
H1885   Appearing again
1136   Apples in the haze
S1857   Approaching our house
1628   Appropriate steps
E19841009   Aquaduct (Tarragona)
E20040523   Arcaded sidewalk
N155   Architecture
E19700721   Architecture (Granada)
E19940331   Architecture (post office)
1163   Ardently afraid
S1676   Are dissertations
H3353   Are journeys searches
H2797   Are there any saints?
H3861   Are to, you, come me
E20000827b   Arenas of Lutetia
N382   Argus (Panoptes)
Q092   Argus
sees everything
N229   Armadillo
Q068   Armadillos
wear an armour
H3720   Arms and legs
2023   Arms stretched wide
H4181   Around me ripples
H3304   Around the green land
H2686   Around the sun I
H4116   Around the world there's
H4246   Around your presence
H3012   Arrange everything
3916   Arrival?
2048   Art web
H4022   Artificial snow
N339   Artistic Aid Amsterdam
H0561   As a baby, I
H3705   As a child I roamed
H4086   As a marauder
H3953   As a parasite
S1493   As a priest one serves
H3811   As a reader I
H3274   As a swimmer, I
S1371   As if God sees us
S1316   As if my body
3876   As long as love flows
S1280   As long as we live
S1865   As new colonists
S1500   As the love poet
4787   As usual
H2746   As warm spring water
S0452   As you are present
N086   Ashtray
N087   Ashtray (Bow)
2598   Ask the way
939   Assalaam
S1868   Assault, resistance
H4099   Assemblies will be
1585   At home
H0512   At home I know things
1190   At home together
H2812   At home, I am safe
H0128   At last there's a flag
H2432   At long last it rains
S1838   At my door, someone
H0020   At night I hear ghosts
S0092   At night I wake up
H3035   At night I'm looking
H3611   At night, the houses
H2683   At nine seventeen
H0414   At noon in the church
H2495   At one fell swoop all
S1611   At parties I try
S1213   At school I learned all
S0029   At table I tell
H3163   At the airport, I
H3098   At the beach, the sand
2674   At the circus
5300   At the gates
1071   At the quay
S0015   At the reception
H3374   At the road junctions
H1730   At the train station
H2619   At three in the night
H3172   At times a boat, car
H4069   At twilight, there is
S1411   Authorities, act!
H3255   Automatic belts
S1387   Automatic face
N158   Autumn
H4328   Autumn leaves floating
2513   Autumn sun
S1255   Autumn, it's raining
2100   Awaiting the clearing
H4295   Away from the world
3562   Away from where you are
H3021   Away with strict rules
S1407   Away with the vice
S1226   Away with woodcuts
1032   Away without notion
S1626   Away! you people
S0898   Ay, Polonius!
2258   B EÃU FORT motor ride
S1141   Babies say "Mama”
E19530401   Baby
1154   Back
H2946   Back 'home' after years
2503   Back and forward
5234   Back from not having been away
S1992   Back from the city
H3844   Back in Amsterdam
S2003   Back in the Garden
4664   Back in the garden
H2667   Back in the old house
921   Bacon and beans
N354   Bacteria
Q001   Bacteria
transform the world
5212   Bad Dream
S0885   Bad things don't exist
4948   Bad tidings
N247   Badger
H2845   Balancing on two
S1732   Ballet music up-
5182   Baltimore
E20200902   Bar Leijten
N125   Basement
N212   Bat
N098   Bata-school in Best
N099   Bata-school in Best
E19680724   Bath
4102   Bathe in love
Q012   Bats
are hanging upside down
S1002   Battles and heroes
S0910   Bawling to a dog
1933   Be Wappy
H3676   Be a uomo
S1127   Be careful with Plans
H2659   Be careful, because
S1405   Be careful, my love
S1180   Be cross, be angry
H3808   Be generous, give
H4200   Be gloomy, a while
H3191   Be myself, social
S0256   Be no burden, dear
S1473   Be obedient
S1716   Be responsible
H3324   Be still, he likes me
1621   Be stuck
H2979   Be wise, do your best
E20030518a   Beach
E20190605b   Beach ("breakwater")
E19870601c   Beach (algae)
E20180726c   Beach (algae)
E20180726d   Beach (algae)
E20100315   Beach (breakwater)
E20160903   Beach (breakwater)
E20190605c   Beach (breakwater)
E20190605d   Beach (breakwater)
E20190605e   Beach (breakwater)
E20100703b   Beach (dune)
E20070201   Beach (evening)
E20180726b   Beach (flag)
E19940421   Beach (flock)
E20100702a   Beach (fun)
E20180722   Beach (hole)
E20120203   Beach (ice)
E20100703a   Beach (jellyfish)
E20211014a   Beach (lee)
E20211025   Beach (paraglider)
E20180418   Beach (pier)
E20100702b   Beach (pillars)
E20091229b   Beach (seaside café)
E20100703c   Beach (seaweed)
E20091229a   Beach (shells)
E20190605a   Beach (shells)
E20100708a   Beach (steel plant)
E20160906b   Beach (trails)
E19920419   Beach (windbreak)
4811   Beach House
H3752   Beach walk in winter
N232   Bear
Q077   Bears
are protective forces
4742   Beautiful and cruel
H3241   Beauty can be nude
H2950   Beauty fits closely
S0300   Beauty is yóur trump
H0337   Beauty: a flower
H2650   Beauty: an angel
N242   Beaver
Q035   Beavers
are builders
H2394   Because I am shy
H3020   Because I know you
3282   Because it is that way
S0883   Because my story
5173   Beds in my dreams
E20100508a   Beech
Q042   Bees
are diligent
N428   Beetle
E20150419a   Beetles (branches)
Q034   Beetles
are always working
S1740   Before I can take
S1298   Before departure
981   Before the leap
H2839   Before the spring green
H1138   Before the sunrise
H3573   Before they can speak
H3034   Beginnings are small
S1538   Behind me: rulers
3347   Behind the door
H3689   Behind the reed mud
H3751   Behind those windows
H3625   Being bored deeply
S1225   Being bored, dreaming
H2763   Being civilized
S1265   Being impatient
S2006   Being in love, blind
H3322   Being in your arms
H3369   Being objective
S1724   Being so concerned
H2969   Being there, content
H2705   Being there, that's it
H2512   Being together
H3146   Being together
S1205   Being unhappy
1891   Believe, hope and pray
S1984   Believing, living
H0304   Bell strokes vibrate
4762   Belly
67   Belly-lock
3973   Belonging [1]
4015   Belonging [2]
N139   Belvedere
E20140525a   Bench (hands)
5258   Berlin Lights
E20100907a   Berliner Freiheit
1339   Berthweald
S2020   Betrayal lurking
S1929   Better hang him first
S1679   Between a problem
962   Between heaven and hell
H3189   Between some remains
H1067   Between the farmlands
3407   Between the lines: attention
S1159   Between the words, I
H1493   Between two faces
S1166   Beware of people
S1248   Beware of the hope
S0897   Beware, check yourself
S0295   Beware, unratting
S1995   Beware, your body
H3653   Beyond the future
H1613   Beyond the ideas
E20100623b   Bicycle parking station
5206   Big Bad Wolf
1294   Big Grasper
4698   Big Heart [2]
1220   Big heart
840   Big small step
E20190420   Bike (flowers)
E20220812a   Bikes
N283   Bin (Santa Claus)
E20040417b   Binoculars
1665   Biography
2458   Birdie
N029   Birds of a feather
S1964   Birthday in autumn
H4065   Birthday, big party
N244   Bison
E20021005   Bison
H4319   Bits and bytes, shooting
S1546   Blabla translator
4509   Black and blanched
N073   Black angel
N198   Black grouse
2149   Black sails, thunderclouds
838   Black sun
H2400   Black sunflower stakes
S1947   Black, white, brotherhood
78   Blanche
2288   Blessing
1970   Blind heroes
S1024   Blind premature deaths
S1547   Blind soldiers want to
S1899   Blindfolded she lies
H1612   Blocks on the carpet
2489   Blood Flag
2129   Blood moon
S1415   Blood runs down the legs
1145   Blood-filling
1980   Bloody clothes
N135   Blossom trees
N137   Blossom trees and Clouds
861   Blossoms in Waterwheel
2171   Blue angels
4765   Blue butterflies
H3265   Blue lights, pink answers
883   Blue love
1685   Blue pale green yellow pink and red
N070   Bluebeard's Castle
E20180407a   Boat (pen)
E20210723   Boat (plants)
N018   Bob Dylan
3765   Body
E20160906a   Body (buttocks)
H3988   Body and mind are
H2532   Body expansion
S1640   Bombing far away
S0455   Bombs are made of gold
N388   Bonobo
Q028   Bonobos
share everything with each other
2186   Book chest
E20191030   Books (passage)
H1630   Books are enriching
1047   Born in light
S0958   Both safe and unsafe
598   Bow waves
E20210905   Bowl (fruit)
S0888   Boxes in the wind
4466   Boy's dreams [1]
4468   Boy's dreams [2]
S1934   Boys thinking to be
1862   Brain poisoning
2523   Brain waves
2074   Brain-blend I
H3644   Brave from drinking, care-
1574   Bravehearted
1524   Breakdown
E19931014a   Breakfast
S1677   Breaking taboos, or
5273   Breathe
1706   Breathe Sun
947   Breathing together
H1065   Breitner's studio
1248   Bridal
1172   Bridal bed
108   Bridal night
E20020828   Bridge
E20100820b   Bridge
E20100820c   Bridge
E19670817   Bridge (Andermatt)
E20220812b   Bridge (Corsgenbrug)
E20220812c   Bridge (Tower sluice)
E20050531b   Bridge (not connected)
E20160812a   Bridge (tender's house)
E20050717   Bridgekeeper's house
4005   Brief break on the road
H4220   Bright flashes of light
H2673   Bring me back my time
H3185   Bring our friend home
H2493   Bringing things to growth
1682   Broadview
N178   Brochure 'Sterilisation'
1858   Broken in the mouth
E20100626a   Brook
E19780702   Brook (Eifel)
N287   Brotherhood
N106   Brothers and sisters
N107   Brothers and sisters
N108   Brothers and sisters
N109   Brothers and sisters
N110   Brothers and sisters
N425   Brownie
Q020   Brownies
are old and experienced
1573   Brusserdam
N112   Building
E20020520   Building land
H2720   Building our house, we
N249   Bull
S1434   Bump, bump, with those blows
H3046   Bumping into each
H4033   Bunch of radishes
E20100318   Bunker
892   Buried secrets
2483   Buried treasure
H2300   Burnt in his best suit
5242   Bushes of love
S1975   Busy people have
65   But
S1999   But I didn't listen
H3933   But in retrospect
1508   But our love
2936   But what do they know about it?
S1823   But what good is God
S1399   But why is there war?
H2678   Butt how is it dung
H3537   Butterflies around
Q010   Butterflies
are sexually mature
N211   Butterfly
1110   Butterfly courtyard
822   Buttocks outside
H2648   Buzzing 'round the world
H4118   Buzzing and hypno-
S1432   Buzzing everywhere
H3313   By a litter bin
H3284   By day I'm dreaming
H3060   By looking we tame
H2875   Bye, my teenage years
2280   Bypasses
4062   Cafetaria
1146   Café The Devil
941   Café The Neighbour
1292   Café The Years
2954   Café the Laugh
867   Call for the owls
1870   Call it secrets
1701   Call of the owl
4168   Calling / Invitation
H3624   Calm before the storm
N082   Calpam Gas
N083   Calpam Gas
N052   Caltabellotta
N048   Calvary
N303   Camel
Q074   Camels
can make long trips
E20100710a   Camera
1122   Camomile in my head
E19790707   Campfire
E20100103b   Camping
S1839   Can love heal my heart
S1648   Can people be smart
4994   Can't I do this too?
E20100520b   Canal
E20100623a   Canal
E20100628a   Canal
E20100628c   Canal
E20100901b   Canal
E20220723a   Canal (Groenburgwal)
E20220723b   Canal (Reguliersgracht)
E20100815   Canal (geese)
E20100805   Canal (low quay)
E20100529a   Canal (swimmers)
E20100529b   Canal (swimmers)
E20100605   Canal (terrace)
E20100711   Canal (terrace)
E20101010   Canal (terrace)
E20140525b   Canal (vibration)
N294   Candle
H1048   Candle fish, glowing
H2404   Candlelight evenings
E19980103   Candles (bowl)
E20090904b   Candles (museum)
4795   Canopy bed
1099   Cantor
2302   Capital affairs
S1034   Capitalism is
E19910906a   Car
H2401   Carbon is keeping
N290   Care administration (burden)
N291   Care administration (help)
2210   Careful for the thorns
N105   Carla and Hans
N015   Carmen
E20030507   Carousel
N392   Carp
Q055   Carps
1525   Carry me
H3333   Casting fishing lines
E20050908a   Castle
E19910906d   Castle (Benesov)
E19860506b   Castle (Rheinfels)
E19860919a   Castle (Walzin)
E20090818a   Castle (moat)
E20090818b   Castle (moat)
N245   Cat
E20100428   Cat
E20100429   Cat
N003   Cathedral of Our Lady (Antwerp)
H2752   Cauliflower, figs
H3759   Causes and effects
597   Cavcas
E20050505a   Cave
E19840906   Cave (Dard)
4668   Cavkas #2
S1914   Ceiling with a hole
1860   Celestial Pieces
824   Celestial music
S1683   Censorship: fancy
N445   Centaur
Q084   Centaurs
know what they want
5224   Chain of fire
1223   Chairman
E20160812d   Chairs (colours)
N222   Chameleon
Q072   Chameleons
go their way elusively
H3794   Chance and the power
S0941   Chaos is normal
E20040918   Chapel
H1608   Chapel in the woods
N406   Chariot
Q106   Chariots
follow the passion of the carter
1153   Charred crust
1395   Chaste longing
1363   Chat box
S0903   Chatting up someone
2126   Checkpoint
H0029   Cheerful melodies
4576   Cherish, cherish me
H2701   Chests full of fabrics
S1691   Chic underwear is
N380   Chick
H2887   Chick chick, the nozzles
N360   Chicken
Q050   Chickens
teach the chicks
1495   Chilchliflue
E19740601   Child
E19810824   Child (Christel)
E20150614d   Child (running)
E20130519b   Child (swing)
E20030117   Child building roads
E20020722   Child in the bath
E20040716   Child in the bath
E20050319b   Child with soap bubbles
E20030103   Child with toy cars
H4123   Child's play can smell of
E20010625   Children
E20100819   Children (bank)
H0897   Children ask questions
S1761   Children just want to
H3824   Children know there is
H2642   Children run around
S1464   Children should remain
H3474   Children take notice
1503   Children's game
N448   Chimpanzee
Q004   Chimpanzees
are handy
5267   Chinese song in Europe
4068   Chinese tea
1846   Choose position
H0093   Christmas time: looking
H2849   Christmas, visitors
E20020819   Church
E20030520b   Church
E20090713   Church (Romanesque)
N278   Church barn in Oostelbeers
H3100   Circles in the sand
H2733   City life is hard
H3289   City life: walking
H2312   City on the hill
S1381   Clamour and complaints
4525   Clay, ribs, and blood
E19711015   Clayshape
4601   Clean/UP
H2741   Clearly resounding
E20020821   Cliff
E20020822a   Cliff
E20040525a   Cliff
S1137   Climbing a mountain
S1138   Climbing a mountain
E20100608   Clinker bricks
3427   Clippings
N180   Clock
4921   Close
S1394   Close in on their grave
S1956   Closed museums, all
H0649   Closed shutters, it rains
S0101   Clothes being blown up
S1373   Clothes in the colour
E20090717   Cloud (mountain)
N136   Clouds
E20021003   Clouds
H3015   Clouds are approaching
E20030219a   Clouds around the mountains
E20040915a   Clouds around the mountains
E20040915b   Clouds around the mountains
H0015   Clouds passing over
H2796   Cloudy in my head
H0627   Clumsily we search
N349   Coast
E20020827   Coast
E20050501b   Coast
E20050529c   Coast
E20050603b   Coast
E19780602   Coast (Texel)
E20190605f   Coast (algae)
E19900502a   Coast (boulevard)
E20120525d   Coast (lighthouse)
E19870601a   Coast (sculpture)
E19870601b   Coast (sculpture)
E19990910   Coast (steep)
E20120525c   Coast (steep)
N235   Cock (Rooster)
Q016   Cocks
announce the light
N094   Coin (Santa Claus)
S1421   Coincidences
H0552   Cold rain being blown
5102   Cold shivers in the morning
N375   Collection 'Bay'
N103   Collection 'Bergen'
N279   Collection 'Deer' (Santa Claus)
N159   Collection 'Jump'
N160   Collection 'Mother tongue'
N104   Collection 'Mountains'
N275   Collection 'Rainbow'
N307   Collection 'Swan'
N131   Collection 'Waves'
N132   Collection 'Waves'
5318   Colour negative
H2417   Coloured elephant
S0450   Colourexplotracts
H3569   Colours are festive
E20180826   Columns (brick)
E19980506   Columns (gate)
1501   Come
H4244   Come all through the gate
H2794   Come and drink with me
H3527   Come and sit with us
S1580   Come and visit us
H4243   Come as a man and
2529   Come back
H3864   Come in, look at me
1379   Come on, you don't have to
H3109   Come, take your clothes off
H1139   Come, we better go
1126   Comfort cake with whipped cream
H4104   Coming off the tram
H4021   Coming to an end
1830   Coming together, being together
3196   Commemoration
S0430   Common Ipocrites
3372   Companions
E19700810   Company
N101   Company grounds Calpam in Zutphen
H3359   Company is nice
1007   Complete
S1624   Compulsion has no
1371   Conbody
N046   Concave and convex
E20030628a   Concert
H2759   Concrete is useful
H2469   Concrete, the tunnel
4903   Concurrence
160   Confession
1213   Confused
S1231   Confusion, just vague
2856   Conga
29   Connected and free
1959   Connected in our imagination
N146   Construction
E20101116b   Containers
S0435   Contented people
S1163   Control, sympathy
S0024   Corpse pose: bodyless
S1705   Corpses in the street
E20160812b   Corridor (garage)
1736   Cosmic scratch
4893   Cost him a rib
H4142   Cotton wool, moulded
H4016   Could it be a sign
N191   Count of Saint-Germain
S0806   Counting down how much
1955   Counting with stones and marks
H4146   Countless frogs climb up
1997   Courage
N341   Court Pond
S0083   Covered by the night
N250   Cow
E20040905   Cow
E20071227a   Cow (sculpture)
E20020829   Cows
E20100509   Cows
H0959   Cows, gazing and square
Q002   Cows
Q063   Crabs
are sensitive, caring and protective
3104   Crack between shame and decency
1177   Cradle
H3475   Cradle great sadness
H3441   Crawl into a stone
S0112   Creaking rope, sighing
H2423   Creamy white, sweet pink
S1911   Create enemies
H2713   Creation: spirits
2274   Creative destruction
4531   Creator Seth
4219   Creepy shadows
H2814   Crept into his bed
H1632   Crisscrossclutterclouds
1316   Critical
S1773   Crochet, blended yarn
N394   Crocodile
Q057   Crocodiles
5177   Cross over
2138   Crossing Indiana
81   Crotch animals
N206   Crow
Q049   Crows
are reliable
S1904   Cruel potentates
H3099   Crumbled embankments
891   Cry for the festoons
S1414   Crying out half-truths
960   Crying silently
S1518   Culture has its price
H2904   Cursory glances
3887   Cushion in my back
1608   Cushion rebound
N308   Cyou (for Smart)
H3853   Dad doesn't say who is
S2036   Dad drinks Mama's wine
4635   Dad is angry
H1111   Dad makes clouds, makes them
S1322   Dad never writes me
H1544   Dad thinks I'm fighting
S0713   Dad used to tickle
S0969   Dad's whiskey spirit
H1399   Daddy Daddy come
S0966   Daddy, mam's friend has
H3342   Daffodils in spring
2339   Dagobert McDuck's strongroom
E20050607c   Dam
E19710107   Dam (Farce Majeure)
3010   Dambala
E20150614c   Dance (practice)
1820   Dance me
1165   Dance with me
2200   Dance with me
N117   Dance with streamers
H2462   Dance, relationships
E20100513a   Dancer
E20100513b   Dancer
1451   Dancing
1802   Dancing as I am
H2991   Dancing in the grass
H2416   Dare to be trustful
H1238   Dare you, the girl grins
1511   Dark moon
H4004   Darling, I don't want
H2801   Darling, go ahead
S0169   Darling, where are you?
H2654   Darling, yes, I do
S0990   Darling, you're my sun
N081   Dawn
H2428   Day 1 of Year 1
H3939   Day to day I live
S0464   Days of remembrance
H4038   Days of street protests
4640   Days of the week
S1222   Days without a view
N041   De Trog (The Trough)
E20100102b   De Vleijen
E20100102c   De Vleijen
1754   Dead days
S1201   Dead is dead, too bad
2930   Dead, my heart is still bleeding
3173   Dear bodyhome (2)
2113   Dear bodyhome [1]
5251   Dear bodyhome [3]
H2737   Dear eyeing prompter
2161   Dear gazelle
2263   Dear heart
4573   DearI
N409   Death
H4282   Death is put away
4026   Death on the Dyle
S1722   Death penalty: could
H3232   Death stands before me
Q112   Death
gives life
1960   Debris for the extension
H1081   Decaying leaves, wet
4207   Deep down
S1188   Deep into the night
3361   Deep pause
N220   Deer
Q073   Deer
are gentle
118   Defenceless
S1292   Defenceless I sink
1947   Defenceless powerful
1978   Defend yourself
1127   Deformed
N056   Delft Student Union
34   Delived
H2656   Delusions drag me
S1074   Dementia: rats
5337   Democracy of the back rope of unintended consequences
4801   Demon
N053   Demonic
H4077   Demonstrating is
H1601   Depicting the Now
H2457   Depressed, no feelings
N152   Depth
S0787   Describing facts is
H4097   Describing someone
H4147   Desert blue, a ghost
S1088   Desires are burning
2094   Devilish
N417   Devils
Q114   Devils
are not dogmatic
76   Dew
837   Diamonds
N147   Diary 'Tree'
N088   Diary (Eyes)
N089   Diary (Eyes)
E19690710   Diary (writing)
S1065   Did someone call me?
935   Differences in time
1209   Different springs
923   Differently
S1003   Difficult questions
S0041   Dilapidated
1785   Dim rooms
2473   Dirty old dog
H3942   Disabled people
S1035   Disabled, I rise
617   Discarded table
N387   Discus
N457   Disfavour: Envy
N458   Disfavour: Envy
N459   Disfavour: Jealousy
2729   Disgraced
H4234   Dishes and laundry
E19711010   Ditch (Pijnacker)
E20150910b   Ditch (round)
1420   Dive
S0158   Divers in the Thames
4097   Divided man
831   Divinity: the duration of everything
919   Dizzy on the edge
S0836   Do I feel sadness
S1579   Do I hate my job?
S1436   Do I know myself
S0952   Do I love you, or
H3963   Do I prefer to
2035   Do it, blame me
S1342   Do not call it love
2052   Do not count
H1223   Do not count the dead
2330   Do not prosper
H0508   Do not touch me, you
H3733   Do people become
S1043   Do pretend it is
S1666   Do the silent gain
H2529   Do treat your body
S0795   Do we choose to give
S1457   Do you also make
H2169   Do you dare to shine
709   Do you have a little time?
1238   Do you leave me?
S1523   Do you long for me?
S1633   Do you think, I don't
S1064   Do you want to shine
5081   Doe
2978   Does it spark?
H3558   Does society
N236   Dog
E20100107b   Dog
E20100506b   Dog
N363   Dog (Dutch Shepherd)
E20110609   Dog (Tom)
E20100131   Dog in the forest
Q009   Dogs
are companions
S1801   Doing nothing, just
171   Doldrums
N233   Dolphin
Q031   Dolphins
glide through the water
E20020503a   Dome
E19850905   Dome (Pisa)
E19730504   Dome (Rome)
E19850912   Dome (Rome)
H3366   Don't ask 'How are you?'
H3694   Don't ask for the sense
H3320   Don't be sad, let go
S1620   Don't chain a woman
H2958   Don't constantly strive
S0585   Don't dream about me
S1130   Don't ever leave me
S2002   Don't fear disaster
H3086   Don't go anywhere
H3187   Don't go to sleep, you
S1311   Don't infect yourself
1191   Don't know anymore
S1545   Don't people have to
H3881   Don't stay there alone
3857   Don't talk, tomorrow too
S1534   Don't think of yourself!
S1928   Don't trust him! He's nuts
H2697   Don't worry, because
N304   Donkey
E19700717   Donkeys
E20091215c   Door (gold)
2120   Door to the future
E20051015   Dory
1455   Doublesweet
4822   Doubt and Belief [1]
4825   Doubt and Belief [2]
4820   Doubt and Confidence
3903   Doubt talk
S1958   Downstream, three buckets
H0031   Dozing, I vibrate
N444   Dragon
Q018   Dragonflies
are multicoloured
N196   Dragonfly
N197   Dragonfly
Q085   Dragons
guard the order
297   Drake-born swan
3179   Drawings with a D
4783   Dream Super Woman
4829   Dream big
4799   Dream hotel
H2856   Dream softly and pink
3952   Dreamcatcher
3071   Dreamed love
1036   Dreamflight
2127   Dreaming my dream
5230   Dreaming of Hell
2233   Dreaming of my life in the city
H1638   Dreaming to be rich
H1099   Dreams are free of charge
1286   Dreams in me
E20100107a   Drill bit
S1553   Drinking Dutch water
3013   Drinking rain
5111   Drinking tea in the rain
4285   Drinking with the neighbours
2132   Drive tyranny away
H0169   Drops of fat, floating
S2008   Drowning refugees
2230   Drupes
1522   Dry on dry
H3101   Dry seaweed flowers
E20120202   Dunes (De Cocksdorp)
E20180726a   Dunes (De Koog)
E20050318a   Dung water
H3728   Duties fascinate
H4321   Dying means little
S0096   Dying means nothing
2139   Dymaxion World
N072   E-kafé
H1627   Each day a party
H4059   Each poem again
N200   Eagle
Q043   Eagles
fly high
H3565   Early morning mist
S0928   Earth has a fever
N443   Earth-dwelling spirit (Gnome)
E20100905a   East Side Gallery
E20100910a   East Side Gallery
E20100910b   East Side Gallery
E20100910c   East Side Gallery
E20100910d   East Side Gallery
E20100910e   East Side Gallery
E20100910h   Eastharbour
1561   Easy go
S1051   Eat the goldcherry
S1639   Eavesdropping always
H3097   Ebb tide, foot shadows
N090   Ecce homo
S0429   Echo vialets
2189   Echo-room
2111   Edge of my view
H4011   Educational
N442   Eel
Q064   Eels
S1259   Efficient work does
1180   Egg of satisfaction
N173   Ego sum qui fecit: Acre
N120   Ego sum qui fecit: Cage
N121   Ego sum qui fecit: Cage
N128   Ego sum qui fecit: Java
N124   Ego sum qui fecit: Spring Festival
S0141   Eight pumps Premium
H1891   Einstein knew it too
N189   El Morya
S1909   Elections again
3845   Electro
N225   Elephant
N321   Elephant (Happinez)
Q003   Elephants
live excellently
2018   Eleven
N177   Els (Elisabeth)
1302   Embers
1227   Embrace
987   Embrace who is dear to me
H4291   Embrace-like we look
N062   Embroidery
2378   Empathy for the Stars
2060   Emperor
N407   Emperor and Empress
Q103   Emperors and Empresses
represent the Light
S1644   Emperors and kings
H0174   Emperors on their
3136   Empirical device
3556   Empty and full
4756   Empty face
1301   Empty hands
2704   Empty head
S1171   Empty streets after
S1481   Empty waiting rooms
4537   Emzara's complaint
1193   End of days
2143   Endorphin sweets
1570   Endplay
N346   Enfer du prochain
H2956   Enjoy the highest
927   Enough
2478   Enough endings
S1531   Enough evidence!
S1557   Enough problems, but
H3604   Entering a strange
H3896   Enthralling people
E20220723e   Entrance (hatch)
124   Entry PUA
S1955   Envious people
H2446   Episode thirteen
N315   Equal heart
S1541   Equality fills
S1042   Erasing drawings
1327   Erasmus
1124   Erehwon
3762   Ergot
N326   Eric as David
1983   Escapade
2187   Escape-room
120   Etcetera
S1227   Ethics is the will
1905   Europa 2.1
4590   Europa 2022
S0914   Europe grants a lot
2112   Eve
H3341   Even if I don't
H3920   Even if it hurts
H3650   Even if you give
H2740   Even when I can't
N183   Evening (Santa Claus)
E19971213   Evening red (Brighton)
E20220621   Evening red (JvL-quay)
E20071107b   Evening red (Nice)
E20020822c   Evening sky
E20020822d   Evening sky
S2029   Evening, I'm alone
807   Evenings are obligatory
1615   Everblooming (Solmaz)
H2608   Every day I pass
H3869   Every day again
H3384   Every day present
S0937   Every day she steals
H3195   Every seven weeks
H4308   Every single pipe
H4018   Every time I think
2472   Everyday blues
S1807   Everyone asleep
S1703   Everyone expects
S1813   Everyone knows him
H3822   Everyone listens
S0263   Everything For Me
H2930   Everything blossoms
H0054   Everything changes
H3779   Everything changes
H3936   Everything changes
S1267   Everything could be
S1748   Everything goes slow
1058   Everything is
H3972   Everything is Weight
4313   Everything is blue, and pink
1092   Everything is fine on board
H3910   Everything is there
1854   Everything moves (in the back of the bike)
H2390   Everything passes
2465   Everything perfect
5348   Everything safe
H4227   Everything that we
1130   Everywhere because nowhere
S0929   Everywhere, railings
5197   Evil Boss
5203   Evil Child
5188   Evil Eye
5194   Evil Fairy
5191   Evil Tongue
5200   Evil World
5185   Evill Intent
5209   Evill Will
H3852   Exactly the same
2121   Example
H3043   Exercise, always
4680   Exit to hell
1025   Expathy
85   Expecting
2313   Expensive names
2081   Experience
(the theatre of the poet)
3823   Explod
3961   Explore horizons
1347   Explorer
H2645   Expressing your love
5333   Extinction
2267   Extras
977   Eyes my hands
S1715   FOLK is meaningless
H3019   Faces in stainless steel
877   Fact snips
H3615   Facts are like bags, they
2425   Fado on the Lima
H1224   Failures, more success
E20110910b   Fair (bumper cars)
1502   Fairied
Q087   Fairies
are generous
N385   Fairy
H0340   Fairy-beautiful
H0610   Fairytale noises
S0970   Faith is a highway
2123   Falcon
H0269   Fall in the city
5218   Fallen angel
1254   Falling in heaven
E20100201   Falling snow
S0943   False admonitions
S1837   False starts are not bad
5164   Falter
H2690   Familiar and close
E20110910c   Family (night)
2463   Family bed
H1626   Family needs to
N091   Family tree Van Gils-Denissen
N092   Family tree Van Gils-Denissen
N093   Family tree Van Gils-Denissen
E20220507   Fan
H3127   Fans must stand in line
N013   Fantasy Club
H3137   Far away at night
H3516   Far away, the world
H4110   Farewell, I just wave
S0389   Farewell, nevermore
E19800612   Farm (Nijmegen)
E19720715   Farm (Oudemirdum)
966   Farmer at sea
H2633   Farmlands and pastures
S1893   Fast elevator
S2031   Fate and the moon both
2173   Father Of Many
H3854   Father chases me
H3704   Father is buried
H4174   Father is the black
H0027   Father on the horse
H4248   Father's green leather
S1589   Father's small suitcase
H1216   Father, I did not
S1588   Father, now waddling
E20031001   Fathers
1806   Favourite colours
S0443   Fear lashes the blame
4483   Fed with peace
E20030902a   Federal Chancellery
2493   Feeding friends
S1608   Feel sorry for me
2464   Feel what I feel
S0936   Feeling fine or queer
154   Feelosophical
1868   Female bodies
2034   Female knight
E20071227b   Fence (golden)
E20220523b   Field (gate)
E19910906b   Field (grain)
E19960907   Field (sheafs)
2049   Fields of honour
1017   Fields of honour
S1610   Fiery is his
1059   Fifth dimension
622   Fight after the fight
5369   Fight between the rivers (Dreamed son)
5363   Fight in the Lowlands
5361   Fight on the Blue River
5359   Fight on the threshing floor
H1112   Fighting is bending
1114   Fill / Empty
N122   Filling carousel Calpam in Zutphen
H3203   Finally alone
S1391   Finally famous
S1339   Finally the snow
H3732   Finally the sun
1063   Finethreads
152   Finger eyes
180   Fire
E20091207   Fire (skeleton)
1320   Fire child
2426   Fire in my belly
N365   Firefly
H3114   Fireworks-shows are art
H3809   First I got the last
H3307   First sounds of the day
H3722   First they gently drum
H2517   First two pigeons groan
H3948   First you slurp water
H2455   First, in the future
N284   Fish
N350   Fish
H3883   Five - seven - five, a
4503   Five ponds, five nations
1764   Flag of stories
1159   Flailing like butterflies
N266   Flame of life
4225   Flames in top
H2595   Flames of joy, flaring
H0291-35   Flashes of lightning
H4102   Flat pillar of salt
2527   Fleaing myself
S1075   Flooded wine cellar
1464   Floodlight of time
1928   Floods
E20050318b   Florentin
E20100506a   Flower
H0291-46   Flower aromas
H2563   Flower bouquets: life
997   Flower child
E20100507   Flowers
2409   Flowers and balloons
H0291-09   Flowers in the park
H1995   Flowers may remain
2013   Flowing body
2957   Fly in your attention
E20050515   Foam algae
H3102   Foam blowing over
N171   Fog
E20050603a   Fog
E19880928   Fog (coast)
991   Foghorn
2295   Foolishness
N176   Footer
E20101105   Footmarks
H3254   For a long minute
H2851   For a year I did
1772   For all people
S1632   For children's sorrows
S1616   For far too much world
3946   For girls and for peace
1769   For happily ever after
H4040   For hours I sail past
H3885   For hours they're chasing
2131   For its reasons
1158   For later
H4205   For me, freedom is
S0866   For me, the greatest
S1215   For stability
S0424   For the Heads of Heads
H2578   For the cave hermit
S1782   For their decency
H2605   For their family
H3486   For thousands of days
2290   For us
S1774   For years, refugees
H2722   For your Lyname's sake!
N419   Force
1416   Forced peace
1902   Foreignly intimate
E20010204   Forest
E20050609a   Forest
E20100314c   Forest
E19760418   Forest (Aggersee)
E20110604   Forest (Grossdietwil)
E20110605c   Forest (Grossdietwil)
E20220522b   Forest (Speulderbos)
E20031109   Forest (autumn)
E20210907b   Forest (cows)
E20090809   Forest (edge)
E20100204   Forest (fog)
E20220521   Forest (gate)
E20110605b   Forest (stone towers)
E20100203a   Forest lane
E20050203   Forest path
E20100314b   Forest with fen
S1470   Forests burned away
S1846   Forever new books
H4324   Forget I'm dying
635   Forget the herd
H3633   Forgetting, maybe
S1769   Forgive all vices
H2728   Forgive me, forget
2017   Forgiven
4485   Forked tongue
3783   Forthforth
1560   Foundling
E20030518b   Fountain
E20100603b   Fountain
E20030831a   Fountain of fairy tales
N230   Fox
2300   Foxes
Q066   Foxes
are invisible
H3050   Fragments of people
1576   Frail
1998   Frames
E20050730a   Frames (ship)
2509   Free expression in the evening
3420   Free reign
H1616   Free time: the standard
4747   Free-spirited
3964   FreeWay
1962   Freeblood is my name
H2511   Freedom brings peace, food
2166   Freedom fighters
H3563   Freedom is loving
2487   Freedom is not dressed
H4083   Freedom is: you may
S1154   Freedom: being free
H2658   French life is: dining
S1247   Fresh air from outside
H1568   Fresh are the mornings
1179   Fresh kisses
4255   Friends catch snatches
H2533   Friends have the power
H2944   Friends master the art
1206   Friends, Apart Together
3929   Friends, Peace
1341   Friends, Together
H2662   Friendship is being
S0775   Frightening someone
N213   Frog
N214   Frog
1829   Frog princess
Q000   Frogs
bask in the sun
H4157   From Venus and Mars
H2776   From a sperm whale's mouth
H3834   From behind she hits
S1049   From children, you can
H3678   From clouds from spitfire
S1559   From doing nothing
1878   From heart to heart
H0549   From my blood, sputum
H3334   From now on I cook
S1678   From now on, dare to
H1051   From paper, we fold
1171   From primal
S0933   From the Isle of Muck
S1808   From the beginning
S1041   From the cold I lose
H3134   From the compost-heap
1097   From the depths
H3727   From the isle we sail
S1151   From the silagehill
H2007   From the storm, the flood
S1946   From the violence
S1145   Frost flowers, so pale
2966   Frozen sparks
S0046   Frozen, the mouse flies
893   Fruit blood
N116   Fuji: hollow in dunes
N115   Fuji: mountain
2115   Full barns
2319   Full face facets
54   Full space
H0942   Funerals: I am
4111   Funnels of the year
92   Furnishing song
E20050908c   Garden
E19740801   Garden (at home)
E19910904   Garden (bench)
E20180527   Garden (common)
E20161007   Garden (lantern)
E20200613   Garden (materials)
E20110614   Garden (moon)
E20110910a   Garden (orchard)
E20170905b   Garden (terrace)
E19910907   Garden (wall)
2467   Garden of Friends
N006   Garden wall
1594   Gardendoubts
S1556   Garlanded by hearts
H4242   Garlands in the streets
N060   Garlic mustard
N431   Garuda (Roc)
Q025   Garuda
E20030819   Gate
E19860506a   Gate
E20030201a   Gate
E20030201b   Gate
4682   Gateway to hell
H0298   Gathered around her
H3964   Gathering dust in
4580   Gatherings
H3159   Gauzy autumn leaves
N240   Gazelle (Antelope)
Q014   Geese
are watchful
H2764   Generosity
3842   Gentle wind
S1270   Gents enjoy themselves
N156   Geometry
N049   Gerdina
1290   Germ Substance
H4135   Get to know yourself
S1717   Getting old, no time
E20101031   Ghost
N426   Giant
N338   Giant sleeps in the tree
907   Giantess
Q021   Giants and Giantesses
are great
2255   Giants on the roofs
N297   Giraffe
Q032   Giraffes
see over earthly life
N165   Girafs
106   Girl's distress
901   Girl's dreams put down
H3856   Girls are different
S1281   Girls dream maidenly
H3221   Girls tease each other
1498   Give To Be
H4206   Give me a welcome
2256   Give today and share
H3882   Give your hand and kiss
H3227   Giving attention
1917   Giving names
2183   Gliding away
E19590815   Gliding flight
H3220   Glimmering beauty
H4327   Gloomy the autumn
1742   Glowing blood
1803   Glueing
1333   Gnome
N097   Gnome Pio (Santa Claus)
Q088   Gnomes
preserve the treasures of the earth
H3629   Go push your way through
N234   Goat
2228   Goat heart
H4139   Goats bleat on the roofs
823   Gob ice
993   Gobstopper
S1528   God disappoints us
H4094   God has fled, somewhere
S1192   God is a nuisance
S1370   God is a tv-
H3246   God is almighty
H4093   God is different
H4138   God is like a sound
H4312   God must be sky blue
S0955   God never responds
5387   God's Will
1117   Gods lived within me
S1401   Gods, eternally
N396   Godwit
S1791   Going for a walk
H1288   Going higher and
2019   Going strong
H2385   Going together
S1250   Gold chips on the street
1826   Gold over gold
2227   Golden chromosomes
S0852   Golden cloaks for sale
1646   Goldilocks
4529   Good boy Abel
4237   Good citizens
757   Good enough
H1637   Good luck is often
185   Good tidings
N366   Goose
H3331   Goose bumps all around
E20030818   Gorge
N221   Goshawk
Q037   Goshawks
notice everything sharply
N114   Government building
H3225   Grace: it touches us
E19640825   Grandad
S1170   Grandma is doing
H4122   Grandma's funeral
H0129   Grandma's tapestries
H2663   Grandpa and grandma
S1756   Grandpa is so strict
H2790   Grandpa likes to talk
S1055   Grandpa undresses
2130   Gravesland
E20100102h   Graveyard
E19670815   Graveyard (Zinzolo)
134   Gravity
H0645   Grazing peacefully
H2971   Great Estate Party
2348   Great Grandgrand
H3907   Great alternatives
4288   Great expectations
H3158   Great talents hang on
H3739   Great, swimming at night
1516   Great-great-old
N333   Greenpeace - Greenforests
N331   Greenpeace - Greenocean (Rainbow Warrior)
N332   Greenpeace - Greenocean (Whale)
N337   Greenpeace - Greenpower (Air)
N334   Greenpeace - Greenpower (Earth)
N336   Greenpeace - Greenpower (Fire)
N335   Greenpeace - Greenpower (Water)
N328   Greenpeace - Whale, Rainbow
N309   Gregor Ord
2388   Grieving
N424   Griffin
Q089   Griffins
constitute the highest power and force
4217   Groaning, I hold on
3935   Groping for each other
H2101   Groping, of the wind
H4045   Growing old in peace
1811   Growing up
2225   Growth web
1730   Guilty
E20101020b   Gutter
E20030831c   Görlitzer Park
5246   Haarlem Smileys
S1126   Had I more drive
H2461   Hairdressers, scissors
1619   Half days
4570   Half naked you run away
1609   Half-light
N119   Hall
2172   Hamsa
909   Hand in hand
H2961   Hand in hand we cling
H0025   Hand in hand we sit
5221   Hand in love
1345   Hand in my blood
1241   Hand mirror
5366   Hand washing [1]
5373   Hand washing [2]
2415   Hands on my body
N411   Hanged person
Q111   Hanged persons
are in balance
S0264   Hanging in the air
N085   Hans
4474   Happier than I think
S1340   Happiness drugs you
2303   Happiness is a bird
H1289   Happiness just comes
H3318   Happiness: beware
S1320   Happiness: beware
H4002   Happiness: the joy
4676   Happy End
1470   Happy dog
N184   Hara line
E19960826a   Harbour (ebb)
E20120525b   Harbour (entrance)
E20130202   Harbour (homes)
E20091215b   Harbour (night)
E20100708b   Harbour mole
N355   Hare
2253   Harmony / Chaos
5138   Hasty farewell
S1203   Have I been playing
S1153   Having a stare-down
S0860   Having read your books
4662   Hawai'i
S1406   Hay fever tickles
N187   Hayashi Chujiro
1245   Hayheat
2519   Hazy thought [1]
2521   Hazy thought [2]
S0040   He asks: please love me
H1301   He becomes a she
S1671   He brings in a lot
H2616   He builds a whole world
H3622   He caresses her
H2952   He comes to bathe me
S1778   He confesses it
S1800   He contradicts him-
H3911   He could have gotten
H1878   He died and I am
S1288   He doesn't understand
H3038   He doesn't want to die
H2426   He dwells in this cave
S2028   He eats well, just look
H3343   He flaunts the flowers
H2281   He found the secret
H3073   He gives a concert
H4127   He gives the rubber
S1092   He grins in the pain
S1902   He groans: What are you
S2025   He has been hiding
S1009   He has got the stick
S1764   He holds himself as
S1602   He is a mummy
S1781   He is a true friend
H3570   He is angry, she
S1758   He is dangerous
H2984   He is dying, yet
H1881   He is here, at home
S1183   He is leaving me
H0506   He is no longer
S1040   He is not normal
H3710   He is paralysed
S1755   He is poor, sucking
1412   He is so eager
S1570   He is so holy!
S1665   He is trying so hard
S1664   He is unsure, so
H3039   He looks tired, a bit
4491   He loved honey
S1684   He makes no contact
S1353   He mocks her, does not
N019   He not busy being born is busy dying
H3094   He once chose this stone
H3908   He opens the door
H3932   He proposes that
H2920   He puts his plaything
S1759   He really can't be
S1278   He rips up my dress
2499   He said sweet things
S1169   He saw through Satan
H3497   He sniffs and he sucks
S0193   He still remembers
H2710   He stops my bleeding
S0796   He straightens his back
S1804   He talks about her
H3589   He waits, just watching
H3091   He was the sweetest
H3938   He who doesn't hide from
H3659   He's a Pole, wishing
H2699   He's a man, a life
S1849   He's dull, everyone
H2515   He's handsome and strong
S1746   He's lying there weird
H2696   He's smiling as if
S1625   He's very jealous
S0978   Heading to power
H1597   Heads with a minus
H2955   Headwind slows me down
N451   Healers (Mirror)
Q096   Healers
reflect who you are
S1485   Hear, I am praying
3836   HeartWood
H3825   Heat: I want to be
S0109   Heaven allures us
H3577   Heaven gives the sun
2981   Heaven of dissatisfaction
5288   Heaven, heaven
H3923   Heavenly beauty
3293   Heavenly dew
S1230   Heavenly verses
2222   Hedge and heaven
N207   Hedgehog
E19910906c   Hedgehog
2332   Heir
4070   Heir
1283   Held True
1726   Hell
H3971   Hell is terrible
N347   Hell of man
2392   Hellstone
S1444   Help, I'm made of stone
3834   Helping hand
H4190   Helping people with
H4014   Her curly hair sings
H4053   Her first day of school
H2672   Her flowers, falling
H3180   Her hand pinches mine
H4013   Her head in her hands
S1409   Her head torn to shreds
S1998   Her pious father
S1459   Her question is quite
H2387   Her son disappeared
4276   Here I am
S0899   Here I have lived, where
S1321   Here I hurt myself
H3285   Here in this heaven
H3153   Here is the hotspot
S1772   Here too, policemen
S1972   Here too: forbidden
1814   Here where I stand
H0110   Here, please take my hand
S1272   Here, the urban crowd
5271   Here... makes Borders
N017   Herman van Veen
N400   Hermit
Q108   Hermits
live in the whole world
3206   Heroes around me
910   Heroes in heaven
N344   Heron
E20210424   Heron (balcony)
E20220417   Heron (ditch)
Q038   Herons
are thoughtful
N036   Hi Ha Harlequin
H2840   Hi, I don't know you
2204   Hibiscusdays
N127   Hidden atoms
N408   High Priest
Q104   High Priests and High Priestesses
dedicate themselves to the sanctity of life
E20020820a   High dive
1035   High eyes
S1702   High fashion is more
H3330   High in the mountains
H3698   High in the mountains
S2017   High into the void
H3606   High poetry rhymes
2301   Higher Me
S1529   Hijab and Sex Sells
E20050607b   Hiker
N014   Hildegard Knef
E20020822b   Hill
E20101231a   Hill (Bertushill)
E20070711   Hill (Lifelen)
E20170823a   Hill (cows)
E20170823b   Hill (path)
E20170822b   Hill (valley)
E20101231d   Hill (view)
4740   Hips
H3511   Hips are everything
S0398   His attention, caught
H1057   His car, his coat, and
H2287   His eyes are shining
H3417   His farewell wishes
S1869   His first day of school
H2317   His grave isn't a stone
S1693   His hand trembles when
H4232   His hands hovering
3559   His hands rest in his eyes
S0194   His memory keeps
S1622   His proposal jumps
H1059   His travels pinned up
S1044   Hit by censorship
H1034   Holding mama's hand
S1251   Holed up in a chair
S1898   Holes in the fence, poop
878   Holland
E20100906b   Holocaust-Memorial
E20100906c   Holocaust-Memorial
E20100906d   Holocaust-Memorial
E20100906e   Holocaust-Memorial
5106   Hologram of the universe
1667   Holy fire
1231   Holy holy holy
4967   Home
1212   Home alone
H3828   Home is: where you live
1214   Homesafe
N322   Homo Prismaticus
1617   Homo curans
1134   Homo desens
1446   Honey
2542   Honey Love
(Lonicera nixa)
N369   Honey bee
H0401   Honeysuckle smell
4631   Honorary money
1760   Honourless
3399   Hopperthepop
N223   Horse
H0821   Horse songs are softer
E20100102d   Horses
E20100314a   Horses
2056   Horses are the same
Q076   Horses
931   Hotchpotch reproduct-sets
E19860918   House
E20130907d   House (basement)
E20130519a   House (beam)
E20060903a   House (chimneys)
E20110605a   House (love nest)
E20060903e   House (matrass)
E20160813   House (mill)
E20181213   House (miniature)
E20060903d   House (tent)
1740   House of the Sun
E20100710c   Houses
E20120525a   Houses (bird's eye view)
E20100627e   Houses (entrance)
H2913   Houses are around
1235   How a hand
S1805   How busy she is
S1513   How can we direct
955   How else
S1948   How healthy are you
S1667   How much power do
H2966   How much winter dull
S1850   How should I console
S1456   How weird, your trousers!
H3915   How would it feel like
233   Humans are noble
H1610   Humans are so much
H3157   Humans do resist
N209   Hummingbird
N210   Hummingbird
Q048   Hummingbirds
can go in all directions
S1161   Humor with porror
1957   Humours
N435   Humpback whale
Q027   Humpback whales
hunt together
1397   Hungry
1284   Hurling waves
N449   Hydra
Q091   Hydra
keeps growing
S1519   Hygiene costs smooth rooms
1897   Hyper
906   Hyperhole
2370   I = We
2707   I Ivy
858   I Woluw
H4247   I act silly, like
H4067   I almost fell then
S1029   I almost master
S0332   I already was
H2723   I always race by
2323   I am I and you...
H3513   I am a Thinker
2287   I am a balloon
S0506   I am a doer
S1105   I am a house full
S1330   I am a small fish
H0439   I am a thinker
H3383   I am a tourist
H3521   I am all desert
H3950   I am all sorts, and
H1083   I am alone now
H4277   I am an island
H3785   I am as the phrase
S0760   I am beautiful
H2614   I am breathing white
H1828   I am creating
H3023   I am crying out
S1578   I am dangerous
H1333   I am dizzy high
H0291-53   I am enchanted
H3478   I am excited
H3150   I am exploring
H3712   I am first and take
2386   I am free
H3385   I am going out
H2603   I am here! Hello?
S1246   I am here, with you
H0472   I am in the field
H2224   I am lost, so what
H0448   I am monitored
H3392   I am my angel
S1451   I am not able
S1692   I am not as good
H2896   I am not as wise
S1054   I am not awake
S1310   I am not hiding
S1907   I am not letting
2050   I am not like that
H3638   I am not myself
H2420   I am not normal
H3014   I am not ugly
H2639   I am old, I am
H1606   I am old, I drink
H2906   I am on my way
H2907   I am on my way
H3796   I am out of breath
H1076   I am quite common
S0855   I am shy, you know
S0082   I am shy, you must
H3400   I am sick, foggy
H3672   I am so happy
H2996   I am so in love
H1070   I am spurting out
H2572   I am still alive
H3110   I am swirling in
S1562   I am that sick girl
H3761   I am that woman
4204   I am the ghost
H3708   I am the victim
H3219   I am tired, I long
S1004   I am very sure
H3508   I appear to be
H3179   I apply pressure
H3211   I bite in the fur
H1064   I breathe and blow sound
S1020   I bury one kiss
S1053   I came in good faith
H0629   I can feel the words
S0846   I can hear this man
H3949   I can picture it
H2923   I can see myself
H3532   I can see myself
H1629   I can tell you though
H4090   I can't change places
3840   I can't do anything about it
H3062   I can't do that much
S1354   I can't go ahead
S1657   I can't handle him
S2030   I can't sleep, I look
H3535   I cannot hear you
H0699   I cannot help it
H0247   I carefully touch
H3916   I caress your face
S1443   I certainly would
H4036   I choose the wrong cake
H3588   I chose not to vote
H0719   I climb the mountain
S0992   I comfort myself
S1273   I could have married
S0939   I cover your head
H4185   I crawled, I stood up
S1367   I create the earth
S1924   I cry a complaint
H1071   I cut the rank growth
H2537   I cycle along
H0375   I dance foot by foot
S1417   I dare to challenge
2084   I decided
H0461   I deeply breathe in
S1795   I despise myself
H0667   I did love you, I
H2954   I didn't take the best
S0940   I died from the pain
2091   I do believe
S1143   I do empathise
H1614   I do enjoy it
S1477   I do get the cup
H0344   I do have the same
H4055   I do help, I give
S1047   I do know evil
H2829   I do like to talk
H1137   I do love flowers
H2738   I do love myself
S1408   I do my office
H1732   I do not dare yet
H3768   I do not know why
H3268   I do read a lot
H2655   I do respect you
S0069   I do what I can
H3237   I do, yes I do
H3451   I don't ask Do you
H3874   I don't control her
4222   I don't cry
S0945   I don't cry and smile
H2465   I don't cry, I write
S0872   I don't describe life
H2513   I don't explore you
H4310   I don't have a hold
S1525   I don't have a view
1482   I don't have love
H2467   I don't imitate
S1454   I don't join in, I
90   I don't know how
H0202   I don't know the words
S1437   I don't know you yet
H2410   I don't know you, but
H2857   I don't look like much
H0013   I don't see, don't hear
H3610   I don't spend money
S1189   I don't tolerate
H3440   I don't want to be
H3279   I don't want to share
H2878   I dont know how'much
H0591   I dream in the swing
H3088   I dream me with you
H3522   I dream of forest
S1086   I dream of the smell
2051   I dreamed I saw peace tonight
S2033   I drink to the host
H3905   I drive up and down
S0962   I embrace daddy
H0176   I embrace my buck
S1036   I encapsulate
S0599   I endure the chill
H2706   I enjoy paintings
S1194   I enjoy telling
H2492   I enjoy writing
H2630   I exist! he says
H3671   I exist! Me too!
H2458   I exist, I do
H3658   I experience
H3762   I fall, now my loss
S0864   I fantasize how
1872   I feel
S0345   I feel a longing
H4034   I feel illnesses
H4111   I feel it tickling
2245   I feel my cuts
H3122   I feel my muscles
H3858   I feel no worship
H3592   I feel pitiful
H3895   I feel so at home
H3326   I feel so lonely
1029   I feel the shadow
S1647   I feel too little
S1856   I feel your shirt, feel
H4336   I felt it deeply
H4152   I fill my patients
S1516   I finally have
H2582   I finished crying
H2151   I finished eating
S1603   I flip-flop about
H4173   I fly in the blue
H3167   I found my twin self
S1475   I fulfil your wish
S1266   I furnish my house
S1125   I gave you my help
H2816   I get to know him
H3898   I get up and feel
1601   I give myself
S1296   I go outside, then
S1510   I go, you remain
S1398   I grew up right here
S1979   I had to do it
H1098   I had to kiss him
S0499   I hardly dare to
H1899   I have a cold, and
H2884   I have a day off
S1254   I have a gun and
H3691   I have accepted
H0654   I have felt for snow
1832   I have finished my work
H4196   I have found lodgings
H0023   I have got the sun
H0663   I have learned that life
S0911   I have made my point
H4031   I have need of you
H2000   I have never played
S1109   I have principles
H2895   I have searched in vain
S1694   I have to go out
H0440   I have walked for hours
H0291-01   I hear mum and dad
H3276   I hear stone on stone
H1928   I hear you, the song
H3870   I hear, see or speak
S0261   I held on to my
S1586   I hesitate to
H3877   I imitate him
H3598   I jump out of bed
H3842   I just can't help it
H2463   I just chained my bike
S1506   I just forget her
H4010   I just kept going
S0947   I just let life pass
H4313   I just see fragments
S1776   I just sit and wait
H2867   I keep balancing
S0971   I keep missing him
H0700   I keep my skin young
S1833   I keep staring at
S1609   I keep to myself
H0178   I kindled a fire
3955   I kissed men
1762   I know
H3981   I know I'm alive
H4266   I know decency
H3587   I know father well
H1884   I know my grandad
S1418   I know the future
S1297   I know what fear is
H3744   I know what she needs
S1627   I know, people laugh
4291   I lay awake
S0016   I learn every day
H4259   I learn the stories
4625   I learned to laugh
S1063   I leave the lamp on
2135   I left
S2000   I left her behind
S1784   I let her go, but
H2684   I let the light shine
H2828   I lie in the song
H4132   I lie in the yard
S1689   I like discussions
H4186   I like the attic
S0434   I like to be able
H3509   I like to be soft
S0942   I like to be wild
H3266   I like to do it
S1234   I like to leave, here
H3171   I like to nestle
H2396   I like to observe
H3561   I like to please men
H0234   I like to replace
H4151   I like to run with
S1682   I like to think I'm
S1196   I like to travel
H1579   I like your sweet lips
H2531   I live healthily
H3445   I live my portion
S1922   I live quietly
4445   I live what lives
H3036   I lived happily,
S1466   I loathe standing out
S1467   I loathe standing out
H2414   I look around well
H2405   I loosened my ties
2511   I lost you now
H3339   I love exactly
H4238   I love life, I sowed
H3536   I love mama, here
H3316   I love religions
H4068   I loved you madly
H3090   I may take this train
H3325   I met Sharon, walked
S1945   I miss my daughter
H4131   I mould a country
S0500   I must be alone
S0800   I must be chosen
H3654   I must be somewhere
H4188   I must go with it
S1750   I must placate mum
H3121   I must travel light
S0878   I need company
H1329   I need strange hard hands
H3941   I need to dream it
H2652   I need you indeed
S0865   I never go far
S1369   I never played Hamlet
H3477   I never say this
H3263   I nod in strict time
H4195   I offer myself
H3089   I open my soul
H0392   I overheard friends
H3614   I pace up and down
H3181   I penetrate her
H2284   I perceive the weight
S1568   I pity old friends
H4194   I play the gora
H3548   I play this ballad
H2799   I play zither well
H2626   I pray and open
S1906   I prefer a god
S1762   I prefer brooding
H3986   I prefer open
2927   I prefer to be silent
S1025   I prefer to cut
H3989   I prepare myself
1507   I promise you
S1760   I promised again
H3482   I pulsate shock waves
H3945   I put on the ring
S0963   I put on the skin
H3413   I quiesce the storm
H4001   I rake the ashes
H4103   I reach for the glass
H0850   I read a letter
985   I read you
H2795   I read your poems
S1438   I really love you
H2558   I really relaxed
H0024   I recognized you
H3439   I remember both
H3900   I remember one
H4095   I remember well
S1860   I repeated it
H2607   I ride on the bus
H3996   I ring the door with
H4267   I said what I thought
H3448   I saw Les amants
H3777   I saw him lying
S0892   I say what I want
1034   I say: Do it!
S0956   I search in my mind
H2948   I seclude myself
H3766   I see her back, there
S0051   I see her peeping --
H3140   I see no flat earth
H0603   I see what has been
S1509   I see what is gone
H1133   I see, hear, feel, smell
S1949   I send sepia
H1220   I shall let you in
S0887   I shout: I'll help you
H0882   I shout: it's nonsense!
S1277   I shouted, silence
S0113   I sigh with worry
4273   I sing Love
H3799   I sing to myself
H3505   I skid and slowed down
H3866   I sleep, my eyes are
H4231   I slept like a bean
H3480   I sniff up the sea
S0159   I sold my body
H3607   I sometimes miss it
S0431   I sometimes receive
S1713   I speak carefully
H0504   I stand like a tree
2433   I start a storm
3827   I started to smell
S1963   I step from pile to
H4178   I still feel quite fit
H2922   I still have some drives
H2827   I still like to walk
H1959   I still remember
68   I still remember the grass
H3229   I still want to see
H2806   I stroll and startle
H3612   I studied the sick
H3679   I surrender and
H3492   I suspect a cow
H3460   I sweep up the shards
H0592   I swim my sorrow
H1069   I take it easy
S1312   I take mama's hand
H1470   I take the world, but
S1491   I talk to myself
H4269   I tell everything
S1537   I thank him and he
S1472   I then thought I knew
H0541   I think I'm looking
S1792   I think about it
H4029   I think of us and
S1324   I think of you, now
S0039   I think, hence I am
S1084   I thought I had more
2005   I thought of you
H4180   I tirelessly write
4650   I took pictures of happiness
2949   I took your hand, not your name
H2610   I train my body
S1842   I trust in God's will
S1450   I unravel us
S1416   I vomit, I wail
H2448   I wade through the stream
H4027   I wait and jot down
S1177   I waited a year
H3764   I walk all day long
S1431   I walk beside me
S0456   I wanna go, come
H3049   I want a shoulder
S0957   I want everything
S1022   I want everything
S1423   I want it all, and
1068   I want more
H1620   I want the honour
1807   I want to be discontented
S1271   I want to be good
S1933   I want to be strong
H4253   I want to create
S1080   I want to enjoy
H4047   I want to escape
H3018   I want to exist
H2975   I want to feel you
2177   I want to fly
S0907   I want to forget
5294   I want to go to the moon
S1306   I want to kiss her
S0504   I want to see him
S0807   I want to sleep, but
5292   I want to tell
1253   I want you
H0665   I wanted to be
H3052   I wanted to learn
H3837   I wanted to start
H3212   I was a fan, sweet
S1957   I was a stranger
1673   I was alone
S1336   I was full of pus
1152   I was hoping
S1356   I was never there
1675   I was nineteen
S0212   I was not okay
H2846   I was not present
S1303   I was powerless
H3959   I was seventeen
H0004   I was talking and
S1133   I was twenty, now
H4338   I was well prepared
H4300   I wasn't there, but my
S1210   I watch my sister
H3178   I watch the bubbles
H2557   I watch the city
S1365   I watched secretly
S1286   I waved back to him
H2970   I wear anything
H0675   I weave loneliness
H1902   I weigh both of us
H1331   I weigh pleasures, tears
H2584   I went out fishing
H4202   I whisper courage
H1135   I whisper your name
H2997   I will develop
2027   I will maintain
H3066   I will not accept
H2872   I will not kiss me
H3409   I will not tell you
H2938   I wipe and I swing
S1262   I wish it was spring
S0982   I wish the world were
H3642   I wish to begin
S0215   I worry, whether
H3208   I wrap myself up
H4149   I wrap the towel
H0800   I write 'you', just look
H4058   I write about you
H3130   I write in relief
H2687   I write miracles
H4043   I write what I read
H1581   I write what I think
S1245   I'd like to meet you
S1350   I'll do everything
H3946   I'll make up stories
1188   I'll never sway
S1585   I'll resign, I will
H2862   I'll stay where I am
S1918   I'm about leaving
S1780   I'm afraid of her
H4218   I'm alone for weeks
H2364   I'm always contra-
H0742   I'm angry, I go
S2007   I'm ashamed, I eat
H4124   I'm ashamed, for me
S0805   I'm ashamed, you can
H3918   I'm awake all night
S1966   I'm awake, thinking
H0173   I'm away from home
S1783   I'm busy thinking
H3494   I'm calm and quiet
S1455   I'm caught in a net
H3070   I'm cleaning up plans
H2989   I'm decent, I am
H3360   I'm depressed, mainly
S0995   I'm dreaming of ships
H2609   I'm exhaling clouds
H3183   I'm fine, I clean up
H0479   I'm floating around
H2590   I'm forest bathing
H0100   I'm fully fed up
H4278   I'm fully present
S0856   I'm getting married
H0575   I'm getting old and
S0848   I'm getting older
S1119   I'm getting so cold
S1146   I'm good in dying
H2548   I'm in the repair
S0274   I'm just pretending
H3361   I'm living my life
H3533   I'm lonely, only
H3112   I'm longing for him
H3473   I'm looking around
H0445   I'm looking for ghosts
H3585   I'm looking for words
S0715   I'm melancholy
H0538   I'm nipping jasmine
H1575   I'm not alone, you
S1659   I'm not myself, I
H3044   I'm not passing by
H1780   I'm nowhere really
S1068   I'm old, I don't care
H4133   I'm one with the earth
H3245   I'm out of the bath
H0162   I'm packing my bag
H3071   I'm picking meeting
H2570   I'm roaming my life
S1229   I'm roving about
H2937   I'm rowing away
S0417   I'm sad from the rain
H3298   I'm scared by a foot
H3401   I'm sick, my visit
H3800   I'm sinking slowly
H3004   I'm sitting, busy
H2562   I'm starting anew
H2909   I'm stuff in love and
S0863   I'm the first to leave
5279   I'm the one
H3128   I'm thinking my grief
S0063   I'm trying so hard
S1468   I'm trying so hard
H3873   I'm very faithful
S1155   I'm viewing the house
S1148   I'm virginally
H3290   I'm waiting in bed
S1706   I'm walking my dog
S1124   I'm wasting my head
H0651   I'm watching the clouds
H3235   I'm wearing flowers
H3523   I'm whirling, whirling
2506   I'm within myself
H2305   I've achieved something
S1840   I've been here before
S0421   I've got everything
H2671   I've nothing to lose
H2586   I've plenty of time
S0931   I've read everything
E20101020a   IJ (Eye Film Institute under construction)
E20100617   IJ (Kraanspoor)
E20100701   IJ (Stenen Hoofd)
E20100311   IJ (bikes)
E20100415   IJ (bollard)
E20100624a   IJ (ferry)
E20101101a   IJ (fog)
E20100528   IJ (lightvessel, trail of the hydrofoil)
E20101207a   IJ (pier of the hydrofoil)
E20100624b   IJ (waves)
N395   Ibis
Q040   Ibises
are wise and sensible
1724   Ibrim Abram
E19970612b   Ice (climbers)
E19970612a   Ice (glacier)
5146   Ice sheets
H0284   Ice threads are floating
4899   Icon of our time
890   Icons
3120   Ideal-real
S1102   Ideas may not be
H1699   If I could gull, I
S2012   If I ever find
S0260   If I leave I'm gone
H2527   If I own something
S1876   If I'm not coming
H3778   If It works, it can
2085   If a door is not a door
S1287   If for sale, and nice
1208   If he ever
H3283   If it's peace between
S1571   If knowledge is off
S0850   If life is boring
H3399   If love cannot be
833   If love is all
S0976   If love is no dream
H2583   If once, you could see
1240   If only I live
S0858   If only love is
S1323   If only love was
S1017   If reason fails, all
H2574   If the start was A
H3161   If there's a nothing
2310   If they want a god of thunder and fire, they can have one
2114   If we have carrots, we sell them
S1742   If you dare to tell
H1141   If you don't come now
S1343   If you don't forgive
S1175   If you don't take risks
S0884   If you have to choose
H0836   If you understand
S1695   If you wait to speak
S1577   If you want something
H1615   If you want to eat
2309   Illuminate
H2682   Imagination
4759   Immmortality
4707   Immortal soul
S1575   Imperial words
2032   Impressionism
H3068   In Café Welling
2316   In Gothic niches
S1803   In His confusion
H2424   In Jerusalem
2072   In Rome
H1500   In a flash I saw
S1220   In a green landscape
H3302   In a tangle are
1895   In a wonderful way
H3057   In all its colours
H2502   In all my fibres
1084   In anyone's hands
H4189   In bed I listen
4729   In bed I think you
2065   In between normal
H0869   In between the ships
H3546   In chilly regions
H3126   In cities you may
H3470   In cities, country-
2357   In control
S1077   In difficult years
1901   In drizzle and snowing dust
H0002   In each other's eyes
H0522   In evening twilight
N074   In front of the house
H2688   In full light, a flag
1055   In heaven
H3817   In heaven, I wouldn't
H2770   In heavy armour
H3793   In helping people
S0068   In high-tech sweatshirts
H3724   In hindsight you see
S1085   In his hand, he held
S1361   In how many beds
851   In humbuzz
H3660   In insomnia
25   In love [1]
27   In love [2]
H1709   In love with the night
2244   In love's shoes
H3640   In major actions
S1419   In many countries
S1375   In me and in you
4733   In me, in you
H3734   In morning twilight
S1037   In my belly, gas
1935   In my blood, through my heart
S1011   In my ears, my heart
1216   In my hands, in your hands
H2755   In my head, we are
H3816   In my letters, I
H4230   In my mind she says
830   In my own truth
3273   In my rooms
3219   In my shrine
H3293   In my sleep, a wish
H3709   In my vacation
H3894   In my work I can
H3848   In narrow alleys
S1817   In order to love
S1357   In our character
2040   In past and impossible
S0071   In posh clothes she walks
1024   In secret bosom
H3048   In semidarkness
H2286   In sex you reveal
S0998   In slower motion
1008   In soil that I have not chosen
H3714   In stories about
H3391   In sweltering heat
H3749   In the Silent Night
3169   In the Force
2975   In the afternoon hammock
S0400   In the arms of clouds
S1927   In the commotion
H1374   In the compartment
H4256   In the dark I can
1578   In the dark at my window
H2393   In the dark night sky
H3797   In the dark, only
H3375   In the dead of night
2231   In the dead of night
(Song about borrowed eyes)
H2399   In the dense forest
H0531   In the double-pane
H4167   In the empty jute
S1081   In the empty streets
H2201   In the evening
H2392   In the evening
H3300   In the forests live
1198   In the garden
H4121   In the garden pond
H3247   In the gold corner
S0293   In the golden dress
S1028   In the group photo
H0315   In the gusts of wind
H0477   In the hospital
H3239   In the hospital
H3597   In the hospital
3552   In the hospital
H4318   In the ice palace
H3214   In the large bookcase
4092   In the light of the moon
H3368   In the little shop
H3984   In the lives I dream
H3967   In the many books
H1162   In the maze city
H3345   In the meadow lies
2058   In the middle
S1910   In the mists, the king
H3687   In the morning we
H4223   In the neon light
H3528   In the new country
H3738   In the pale moonlight
1194   In the reeds
H3993   In the scrap workshop
H0421   In the silent night
S1886   In the silent night
S1595   In the sitting room
H2734   In the stone city
H4233   In the summer we
1477   In the sweet smell of summer flowers
1369   In the time that I have
H0190   In the train I rush
H4171   In the trenches they
H1300   In the waiting room
929   In the whizz
2025   In the woods
H3352   In this land I was
H3217   In this place I would
H3696   In times when you're bored
S0560   In vain, I embrace
H3259   In your sleep I reach
3430   Inability
H2334   Incense, myrrh, and gold
H4225   Inconceivable
1135   Indelibly
H3065   Indispensable
S1607   Industry giants
H4224   Infinity: we
H4254   Informing people
S0438   Inhale the fumegus
S1930   Inhospitable
36   Initially
3299   Injury
N436   Inner Child
Q033   Inner Children
are playful
H1058   Innumerable
E20100627a   Insect hous
E20100627b   Insect hous (beetle)
E20100627d   Insect hous (butterfly)
E20100627c   Insect hous (squat-ant)
H2724   Inside me, life is
H3868   Inside the big clock
E20030628b   Instrument cases
79   Interflowed
895   Intermediate man
1201   Interplace
E19681015   Intersection (Ooijpolder)
4301   Intimacy
1882   Intimate suite
2176   Intimate work of art
2732   Into myself
1004   Into the unbound
1186   Invisible
2076   Invisibly lonely
N010   Iron Butterfly
H4290   Iron wall anchors
S1535   Is he that mighty?
S1162   Is home a prison
H4198   Is intimacy
1391   Is it
S1160   Is it a secret
H3928   Is it delusion
S1069   Is it just a game
H1573   Is my hair still good?
S1348   Is peace to be free
S1917   Is there laziness
H3033   Is waiting waiting
5328   Is your photo attention for me?
E20050501a   Island
2423   Islands and bridges
H2635   Islands are drifting
H3156   Ism's promise order
S0859   Isn't it amusing
S1680   Isn't it beautiful
H1369   Isn't two too many?
2007   It
1331   It already was getting dark
3497   It bobs
S1812   It cannot, should not
S1687   It did not happen
H4251   It didn't count for much
S0862   It does not exist
H2842   It does not matter
H2443   It doesn't matter what
H3818   It educates you
1469   It had to be done
S1240   It happened to us
H3645   It has been raining
S0972   It has been too soon
H3093   It has rained a lot
H4172   It has to be done
H2831   It hurt awhile, but
S1116   It hurts, time stands still
H0042   It intrudes, kicks things
H4235   It is May, and yet
H2421   It is a contest
S1218   It is a hard job
S0729   It is a hard world
S1172   It is a long wait
S1290   It is a symptom
S1474   It is an honour
S0505   It is an insult
H3790   It is attention
H4168   It is by waiting
H3740   It is code language
S1544   It is dangerous
H2468   It is great to do
S1072   It is great with him
S1007   It is hard, but no
S1000   It is his birthday
S1258   It is indolence
S1582   It is just broken
H4054   It is just cardboard
H3982   It is just like then
S1822   It is late, bedtime
H1559   It is light to love
2015   It is love
S1355   It is natural
H4160   It is nice to dream
S1704   It is night, I walk
H2774   It is not my size
H2807   It is not raining
H2651   It is our last chance
H3458   It is printed now
H2441   It is religious
H3680   It is shadowy
2366   It is so personal
H2615   It is spring again
H3013   It is spring again
S0001   It is spring again
S1152   It is summer fair
H2589   It is super thin
H2824   It is the orbits
H3338   It is the silence
S1642   It is threatening
H2865   It is uncertain
H4184   It is visible
S1487   It is war again
S0843   It is way too cold
H4331   It is white around
H2691   It is yours, but not
H0957   It just keeps growing
H3442   It looks like a bird's
S1859   It makes me dizzy
S1745   It makes me lonely
S1173   It rains all the time
H3840   It stands out: I've grown
1049   It starts with magic
S2001   It stopped working
H3418   It takes me a lot
H3737   It thunders above
H1942   It was a good year
S1253   It was a long week
4912   It was a revelation
S0790   It was our promise
H4081   It was pleasant there
S1950   It was so right, but
S1374   It wasn't meant like that
H1593   It whooshes, a scrunch
H3340   It's a fact, you can
H0593   It's a long journey
H2611   It's a lot of work
H4012   It's a quiet day
H2940   It's a small photo
H3801   It's a social game
H1604   It's about childhood
H3264   It's all about fun
S0779   It's always like this
H0289   It's always the same
S1052   It's an invasion
H2702   It's an ugly room
S1308   It's best to marry
S0139   It's better to be
H3022   It's better to dream
1468   It's bleeding
H3411   It's blue that I like
1981   It's called inertia
S1010   It's empty today
H3481   It's excitingly
S1015   It's for the old days
S1261   It's hard to be sick
H0184   It's heavy labour
H3372   It's in vain, my book
2419   It's just paint
H4293   It's like a Hopper
H4301   It's my wedding day
S1397   It's normal to wish
1362   It's not a party
H3703   It's not about God
H4317   It's not noise, it is
S1483   It's not serious
H4207   It's not the older
H1516   It's only a game
H4126   It's our secret bed
H3962   It's raining tonight
H3182   It's smelling homely
S1274   It's solemny wrong
S0699   It's the love of men
H1136   It's the road before
H2756   It's true everywhere
S1504   It's two lives in one
S0867   It's very secret
S1658   It's way too crowded
S1514   It's well-intentioned
H1591   It's with fair sharing
N246   Jackal (Coyote)
N009   Jacques Brel
1989   Jalal
H1984   January, still
E19840503   Jar
1155   Jass
1076   Jeopardised
N035   Jericho
232   Jewellery
N012   Jife life 255
N004   John
1360   John
H2641   Jointly we maintain
1840   Journey through the desert
N271   Joy
H4320   Joys are flying up
N415   Judgement
2299   Judgement
Q119   Judgements
are a transition
S1285   Juliet sends me
H2917   Jumping thighs and hair
H1562   Just a dancing girl
S1526   Just a little note
H2915   Just ashes, nothing
H4000   Just ask anyone
S1590   Just become little
2354   Just behave normally
H3364   Just close your eyes, dream
H4335   Just come into my
H0785   Just five inches of
H0227   Just fragments of thoughts
H3131   Just half-heartedly
H3750   Just let me die, if
H3011   Just like yesterday
140   Just like you
S1214   Just living at home
H2864   Just look, there is more
H3275   Just make excuses
H3414   Just metamorphic
H3145   Just pay attention
5390   Just so you know
S1637   Just sully your hands
H4257   Just tell who you are
H1072   Just the autumn rains
H4241   Just the slow falling
2031   Just wait
H4297   Just you, all of you
N404   Justice (Balance)
Q107   Justice
is powerful without violence
E20100907b   Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche
N356   Kangaroo
2275   Karma mixer
H2004   Karma: taking care
2338   Keep an eye on everything
1512   Keep blossoming
H2866   Keep feeling alive
4317   Keep longing
3970   Keep seeing who I am
H2908   Keeping my head back
3850   Keeping on
H3350   Keeping your head back
N351   Kestrel
Q046   Kestrels
are patient researchers
3212   King Cow
2468   King-size bed
3396   Kisses of Bliss
H3054   Kneadable muscles
H3056   Kneadable muscles
S1965   Knocked out all along
S0675   Knowing the danger
3163   Knowing what is going to happen
4646   Knowing who we are
S1178   Knowing, not really
H2297   Knowledge is bounded
4754   Known
E20100910f   Kulti
N034   L'apprenti
836   La Fata
1112   La grande bellezza
1129   La vie
5354   Labyrinth of lies
S1900   Lady Justice just
N397   Lady beetle
E20100508b   Lake
E19931012   Lake (autumn)
E20030216   Lake (ducks)
1147   Lake and Canal
N299   Lamb
N305   Lamb
1318   Lamb of God
N440   Lamprey
1778   Land of my dreams
1944   Landed high
3852   Landsailor
N043   Landscape
H3042   Landscape in the door
N182   Lane
E20100626b   Lane
S1317   Large mirrors, lackeys
N367   Lark
Q023   Larks
sing at great heights
4489   Last goodbye
H4154   Lasting love: to be
1251   Later Love
1413   Later may be
S1176   Later nights with him
H1621   Laws are straight and right
S0789   Laws must be useful
1517   Lazy love
2046   Lead around my neck
2401   Leading in prayer
1091   Leaking into new blood
2676   Leaning in the wind
2346   Learning economy from human to robot
S1123   Leaving the district
S1587   Left and right, voters
H4191   Left behind, I shout
H1617   Leisure is free time
N398   Leopard
Q005   Leopards
are observing
N021   Les compagnons de la chanson
N111   Les contraires
S1675   Less manual work
1307   Let it
1698   Let go
H3449   Let me be with you
4228   Let me bleed
H3457   Let me die lonely
H2761   Let me do something
23   Let me forget
1635   Let me go
S1727   Let me think, am I
H3435   Let us discuss it
H3222   Let us just enjoy
H2452   Let us see the sun
H3218   Let us sing of life
H4066   Let us talk, I said
H3602   Let us tell stories
4561   Let voids
4652   Let's go on vacation
N323   Letter paper Advisory Group ICM for UWV
H3812   Liberated sounds
1611   Licking the nectar
S0896   Lie down quietly
N342   Liechtenstein
N032   Life
H3078   Life always comes down
1904   Life forgets
H3040   Life gives me a lot
S0783   Life is a journey
H1073   Life is a pity
S0296   Life is beautiful
S0869   Life is beautiful
1013   Life is expensive
H3450   Life is far too short
H1163   Life is good because
H2700   Life is learning that
H3323   Life is offering
H3148   Life is short, don't waste
H3865   Life passes quickly
H3903   Life used to revolve
H2340   Life, I swallow it
H3080   Life: you just begin
1142   Light in
1458   Light of the universe
162   Light version of the night
H2838   Lightly the wind waves
H2435   Lightning, dad keeps watch
1530   Lightship
H3463   Like a lonely tree
2292   Like a painting by Vincent van Gogh
H3860   Like a poetess
H3490   Like a precious stone
S1554   Like a priestess she
H3165   Like a question mark
1349   Like dad
H3188   Like dust particles
H2681   Like me, my cat speaks
H1215   Like sweet words want to
1415   Like teenagers
915   Like us
N381   Lilith
Q022   Lilith
is the first adult human
1181   Lime blossom
S1023   Limos off the road
N427   Lioness
Q008   Lionesses
keep their pride together
2298   Lions
S1132   Listen carefully
S0093   Listen to my heart
H3209   Listen to my voice
1836   Listen to the love
S1013   Listen to yourself
S1829   Listen, what are those
1789   Listening to rigid men
H2873   Listening to you
1961   Little Francis
5282   Little black angel
1684   Little blood trunks
N077   Little box
N078   Little box
72   Little freewoman
H0851   Little light: just one
H3310   Little raindrops tap
870   Little waltz in Vienna
H3125   Little waterfalls
S1536   Live an eternal
H2981   Live in the present
4201   Live my dream
3894   Live/Through
1100   Living breaks