Birds of passage
Birds of passage

Home sea
h1058 Innumerable  
h1060 The deeper colours  
h1061 Shadows slide along  
h1065 Breitner's studio  
h1066 A dark flock of mud  
s0259 Watch out for that man  
h1067 Between the farmlands  
s1054 I am not awake  
h3352 In this land I was  
h0603 I see what has been  
h0742 I'm angry, I go  
h2606 An older fish greets  
h1086 All those stupid things  
h2772 My cat folds into  
h2773 The wider the heath  
h2774 It is not my size  
h2775 With magic, I am  
h3233 What a strange feeling  
h3697 You only need to  
h3030 There is a sports hall  
Passage Passion
h3693 You'll have to leave, but  
h0650 A beast is pushing  
s0109 Heaven allures us  
s0110 After the high flight  
h0649 Closed shutters, it rains  
h0652 The children follow  
s0111 The stranger looks hard  
s1162 Is home a prison  
h1074 We went to the moon  
h3063 Snow White's shrubery  
h3353 Are journeys searches  
h0743 The road has lost us  
h1288 Going higher and  
s0299 This ramp leads me to  
h2714 Looking through the peep  
h1099 Dreams are free of charge  
h3244 Spring seizes my eye  
Look at me
h1628 The débuts, oh this  
h1068 Nothing but canvas  
h0671 Run, soundgazelle  
h1581 I write what I think  
h0586 My index finger  
h2394 Because I am shy  
h1328 With scraps of paper  
s0893 All includes Nothing  
s0300 Beauty is yóur trump  
h2761 Let me do something  
s1161 Humor with porror  
h2935 My poem is: I  
h1299 To fascinate you  
h2407 Writing my poems  
h2406 My love does know where  
h2675 Speaking in public  
h2687 I write miracles  
s1321 Here I hurt myself  
h2728 Forgive me, forget  
h3201 Paint a grey layer  
A profession
h1470 I take the world, but  
h3660 In insomnia  
h3150 I am exploring  
h2674 You write a poem  
h1215 Like sweet words want to  
s0931 I've read everything  
h1438 My poem: finished?  
s0844 The images float  
s1124 I'm wasting my head  
WriteWiser signage
s0986 Out! with the Muses  
h1847 Only write the truth  
s1626 Away! you people  
h2677 To write a good text  
h2620 Ambitious dark wings  
s0891 Where is the shotgun  
h3134 From the compost-heap  
s0754 They don't see my work  
s0389 Farewell, nevermore  
s0996 Watch out, the public  
h3317 Well, tell me, how much  
h3389 Writers do not write  
s1286 I waved back to him  
h2291 My poetry rose  
h3207 When my sorrow broke  
h3200 No indications  
h2340 Life, I swallow it  
h2365 The very point is  
s0716 Poets must be dis  
s0717 A poet fiercely  
h3730 The famous writer  
s1630 The vanity and  
s1628 The row of medals  
h1582 We just are stories  
h0748 A flight of wild geese  
h3003 Yet his pessimism  
s0266 Swimming in windows  
h0700 I keep my skin young  
s0799 My story is nice  
h2000 I have never played  
h2199 People jump around  
h2200 The main street crosses  
h2701 Chests full of fabrics  
h1493 Between two faces  
s1479 The survey presents  
h1301 He becomes a she  
h3115 Whenever I lie  
h3392 I am my angel  
s0451 The baby suckles  
h1643 The uninvited  
s1005 Other people have  
s1295 The tuba stays here  
h3248 Modern cars don't stink  
h3249 When we refuel  
h1611 The rock bank hangs down  
h1612 Blocks on the carpet  
s0836 Do I feel sadness  
s1047 I do know evil  
h2764 Generosity  
s1068 I'm old, I don't care  
h1070 I am spurting out  
h3607 I sometimes miss it  
s0892 I say what I want  
s1492 People only change  
s1633 Do you think, I don't  
h2937 I'm rowing away  
s0845 World Mental Health Day  
s0974 Screaming on the square  
h2694 So, who do you want  
s1069 Is it just a game  
h3152 Most people are but  
s1299 Photo's of people  
s1300 Look at a hero  
h3162 Love affair: he walks  
h3601 Walking the asphalt  
h3600 A little flower  
s1126 Had I more drive  
s1127 Be careful with Plans  
s0798 People who want all  
h3186 Yet your desires too  
On the fly
s1196 I like to travel  
s1194 I enjoy telling  
h3632 Open your third eye  
h3634 A thought is super-  
h2389 Time flies, you're learning  
s0417 I'm sad from the rain  
h1566 Oh, the city rush  
h1191 A door is opened  
h1567 My soul longs to leave  
h1568 Fresh are the mornings  
h1569 On the pier, you see  
h1570 Should I write verses  
h3610 I don't spend money  
h3503 On a parachute  
h1076 I am quite common  
s0954 Maybe it is time  
h2875 Bye, my teenage years  
s1446 Reason is suspect  
h0783 To be happy is  
h1034 Holding mama's hand  
h2956 Enjoy the highest  
s0881 They don't understand  
s0882 Sometimes I hear bells  
s0883 Because my story  
s0884 If you have to choose  
s0885 Bad things don't exist  
h2500 Trembling in my view  
s0900 Youth: it is divine  
s1076 My taste is smoky  
s1156 You must leave the nest  
h2936 They already know  
h3734 In morning twilight  
h3735 We'll talk again soon  
h2768 My parents seem to  
h2999 My flowering lips  
s1001 Traveler's contrails  
s1251 Holed up in a chair  
s1525 I don't have a view  
h2683 At nine seventeen  
h2908 Keeping my head back  
h2790 Grandpa likes to talk  
h3694 Don't ask for the sense  
h2954 I didn't take the best  
s1611 At parties I try  
h3301 With a trailing sound  
s1338 Train, car, and air-plane  
s1340 Happiness drugs you  
h3205 Most people I see  
h3334 From now on I cook  
s1610 Fiery is his  
s1596 Well, the usurer  
h3643 The veteran fights  
s1052 It's an invasion  
s1053 I came in good faith  
h3158 Great talents hang on  
s1444 Help, I'm made of stone  
s1445 Well, do I matter?  
h3442 It looks like a bird's  
h2495 At one fell swoop all  
s1013 Listen to yourself  
s0141 Eight pumps Premium  
h3690 The rector, rigid  
s1486 The children have learnt  
h3073 He gives a concert  
h3074 Once I was a boy  
h3388 The things my heart drives  
h2504 One word is enough  
h3745 We are the winners  
h3528 In the new country  
h2767 Pencil sharpeners  
h2397 Reading a novel  
s0859 Isn't it amusing  
h2817 Throw a fishing net  
h2514 Mama, if you play  
s0916 To believe in art  
h3411 It's blue that I like  
h3323 Life is offering  
h2750 The coat becomes skin  
s1509 I see what is gone  
Sexual abuse
s1278 He rips up my dress  
s1609 I keep to myself  
s1626 Away! you people  
s1291 No more privacy  
s1096 There is a corpse, so  
s1097 The cover closes  
h2841 The chair on the wall  
s1098 Until something moves  
h2842 It does not matter  
s1140 To welcome vagrants  
s1178 Knowing, not really  
s1111 The best deals for you  
s1110 Shows will ooze their slime  
h2860 The plains are covered  
h2876 Sing, and sing it loud (The Isley Brothers)  
s0969 Dad's whiskey spirit  
s1631 Only faint shadows  
s1686 They take off my clothes  
s1277 I shouted, silence  
h3457 Let me die lonely  
s1477 I do get the cup  
s1135 She is silent, I  
s1364 With the blood-red stains  
h2943 Searching for the truth  
s1355 It is natural  
s1356 I was never there  
s1358 The piano, skew  
s1359 Oops, I'm home alone  
h3231 The customer leaves  
s1361 In how many beds  
s1424 War, being cautious  
h2846 I was not present  
h2877 Together, we cross  
s1652 The sexton enjoys  
s1420 My private statements  
s1678 From now on, dare to  
h3181 I penetrate her  
s1331 The boat deflates: air  
s1332 We are helplessly  
s1333 The news-reports flush  
s1334 Our nature to keep  
s1337 My sister hit me  
h3470 In cities, country-  
h3375 In the dead of night  
h1419 Over all the years  
h3505 I skid and slowed down  
h3458 It is printed now  
h3454 Memory, yours too  
h3416 And now? Again this  
s1442 So it happened there  
s1548 Springtime, yet the birds  
h1466 You see a flash and  
s1418 I know the future  
s1374 It wasn't meant like that  
h3394 Any memory  
Low gear
s1388 The news, every day  
h3373 The revolution  
s1469 She sweeps up the shards  
h3374 At the road junctions  
s1470 Forests burned away  
s1701 Or am I misled?  
h3570 He is angry, she  
s1564 The baby, quiet  
h3571 Power is: never  
s1565 They work very hard  
s1566 Their will controlled him  
s1567 She could not look: did  
s1568 I pity old friends  
s1569 Living in exile  
s1570 He is so holy!  
h3572 Whoever wakes up  
s1571 If knowledge is off  
h3573 Before they can speak  
h3574 Long-term collisions  
h3575 Above the pilgrims  
s1572 The world does exist  
s1493 As a priest one serves  
s1494 The believers can  
s1447 Am I unworldly?  
s1448 Am I unworldly?  
s1702 High fashion is more  
s1703 Everyone expects  
h3756 Still to be set up  
s1704 It is night, I walk  
s1705 Corpses in the street  
s1706 I'm walking my dog  
s1707 Stamps on the pages  
s1708 She is a goddess  
s1709 With their victory  
s1710 Tall- and slim-doctors  
h3757 With a clean duster  
s1711 Rights never will be  
I am
h0076 Always keep skating  
s0016 I learn every day  
h0110 Here, please take my hand  
s0037 A lot of half-truths  
h0467 After his stupid  
h0608 The window steams up  
s0104 The cows look at me  
598 Bow waves  
757 Good enough  
s0399 The poets are proud  
s0400 In the arms of clouds  
h1544 Dad thinks I'm fighting  
829 Q.  
890 Icons  
1985 Rewrite the rules  
2052 Do not count  
2183 Gliding away  
2277 Upper boss  
2288 Blessing  
2301 Higher I  
2304 Until here  
2306 Torn off  
h2627 Mama, what is death?  
2527 Fleaing myself  
h2666 A women's circle  
2672 The clowns  
s0993 Where I cut, I bleed  
s1121 This graffiti scratched  
s1141 Babies say "Mama”  
s1142 A baby doesn't talk  
3935 Groping for each other  
4097 Divided man  
h3126 In cities you may  
h3130 I write in relief  
4726 Photo of my covered flower  
4756 Empty face  
h3532 I can see myself  
s1556 Garlanded by hearts  
2283 Who I am  
2060 Emperor  
76 Dew  
622 Fight after the fight  
2057 The martial art of virtue  
136 Thought to be  
613 Reago ergo sum  
2276 My vague self  
2267 Extras  
2244 In love's shoes  
2269 Softer and sweeter  
2273 A dog started  
2058 In the middle  
65 But  
s0009 Once upon a time  
h0079 We build walls around  
s0039 I think, hence I am  
h0265 The children's parade  
h0575 I'm getting old and  
h1055 The mountains, floating  
s0257 The air mooes and pounds  
h1059 His travels pinned up  
635 Forget the herd  
h1554 Love wants to explore  
1036 Dreamflight  
1149 Touched  
1229 They just have to suffer  
s0783 Life is a journey  
1943 Too hot to sleep  
2258 B EÃU FORT motor ride  
2270 We take time (to live)  
2282 American Dream [1]  
2285 Playing  
2287 I am a balloon  
2289 Old keys  
2325 Migrating  
2390 You are different  
2487 Freedom is not dressed  
h2607 I ride on the bus  
h2608 I travel daily  
h2609 I'm exhaling clouds  
h2610 I train my body  
h2611 It's a lot of work  
2781 Stepmama  
h2695 The sea used to be  
h2766 Moments are tatters  
s1064 Do you want to shine  
3287 Not just in between  
s1222 Days without a view  
3961 Explore horizons  
h3240 Visual arts can  
h3325 I met Sharon, walked  
h3346 Upon departure  
h3682 The world we know is  
s1644 Emperors and kings  
s1645 People with prestige  
s1646 Tourists are a plague  
s1654 Unsolicited  
2072 In Rome  
150 A teapot books mikado  
114 See, hear, and speak no evil  
895 Intermediate man  
2272 The beauty  
2048 Art web  
2271 Reaching  
1227 Embrace  
2047 Tall grown-ups  
112 Skirting along the sea  
2030 The stone raft  
2031 Just wait  
s0002 The man drove so fast  
h3313 By a litter bin  
h3314 The flying saucer  
4511 The Ship of Fools  
134 Gravity  
h0108 Under bobbing leaves  
h0142 A dog woofs woofwoof  
h0291-09 Flowers in the park  
h0319 The house of my youth  
183 Toki pona  
185 Good tidings  
h0464 The cat lazes out  
h0504 I stand like a tree  
h0522 In evening twilight  
h0585 Looking at myself  
h1535 Over there, it is  
h1537 The bushes are strong  
h1539 One heaven -- people  
s0408 All my neighbours live  
830 In my own truth  
1080 Manga Baby  
1084 In anyone's hands  
1085 Sun in me  
1086 Worthy  
1090 The square is singing  
1094 Well, dying  
1095 Outer refuge  
1105 Living in the woods  
1108 Seagulls and dolphins  
1109 Waiting in the wind  
1110 Butterfly courtyard  
1113 Meanwhile  
1114 Fill / Empty  
1116 Shapes do pass  
1118 The sky a star  
h2151 I finished eating  
h2417 Coloured elephant  
h2506 A little sunshine  
h2569 So large and so green  
2431 Reading aloud by the sea  
h2578 For the cave hermit  
h2580 So sweet is the fruit  
h2595 Flames of joy, flaring  
h2634 My things keep quiet  
h2734 In the stone city  
3013 Drinking rain  
h2760 Relax, gratefully  
3556 Empty and full  
3813 Narumi  
3857 Don't talk, tomorrow too  
h3044 I'm not passing by  
3952 Dreamcatcher  
3955 I kissed men  
3959 With thoughts  
h3154 The Buddha statue  
h3173 The nights are silent  
h3262 My show, the middle  
h3263 I nod in strict time  
h3264 It's all about fun  
h3496 Mowcircles around  
1117 Gods lived within me  
1081 Paradox  
78 Blanche  
116 Over the clouds  
1100 Living breaks  
1087 The seventh days that never pass  
1102 The bowl  
1111 Wrongprovements  
1115 Still  
147 Sailing over the sea  
1092 Everything is fine on board  
1093 The Milky Wind in my head  
160 Confession  
h0016 The set of singing  
h3124 The earth makes me move  
4311 Over the ditch  
h3203 Finally alone  
The light of words
h0906 My poems: she gave  
856 Not knowing, not thinking  
s0464 Days of remembrance  
1035 High eyes  
1228 Muggestutz  
h1828 I am creating  
1596 With Nana to the big city  
1675 I was nineteen  
1676 My head-servant  
1709 The heaven of poetry  
1719 Am I, volatile  
1901 In drizzle and snowing dust  
1989 Jalal  
1990 Tally stick of man  
2040 In past and impossible  
2081 Experience
(the theatre of the poet)  
2098 Treasuries of words  
2099 New shorthand  
2104 Man  
2106 Alone, not alone  
h2427 Poems are fragile  
2229 The magic side  
2262 Passing by  
2309 Illuminate  
2319 Full face facets  
2320 Speak my language  
2317 OO LU  
2321 So  
2323 I am I and you...  
2324 Pop-up  
2426 Fire in my belly  
2435 You say the words  
2521 Hazy thought [2]  
s1003 Difficult questions  
h2711 What is left to say  
h2834 Sometimes I accept  
s1154 Freedom: being free  
3725 Without kissing  
h2986 With letters, I sow  
3995 Now that winter comes  
h3456 Writing from the heart  
640 My life described  
h2257 Thinkers just follow  
h3214 In the large bookcase  
h3215 Reading books you fly  
s1414 Crying out half-truths  
The Yellow House Museum
h0291-53 I am enchanted  
h0337 Beauty: a flower  
h0506 He is no longer  
h0507 Teachers do not die  
h1047 All your thoughts are free  
855 Palace of Art  
898 Venus was afraid  
931 Hotchpotch reproduct-sets  
993 Gobstopper  
1230 The great events  
1285 All of me  
1297 Sharazed (1)  
1298 Sharazed (2)  
1365 Ornamental body  
1416 Forced peace  
1681 Sherds of time  
1682 Broadview  
1774 Spider  
1903 No crowding together  
1918 Waiting for a story  
1935 In my blood, through my heart  
1941 Uncountable celebration  
1960 Debris for the extension  
1961 Little Francis  
1981 It's called inertia  
2074 Brain-blend I  
2315 No scratches in the gold  
2503 Back and ahead  
2548 Myseum  
2549 Myseums  
2655 A few strokes of paint  
h2693 Only their names left  
s1010 It's empty today  
h2706 I enjoy paintings  
3153 The forgotten in-between days  
3179 Drawings with a D  
3219 In my shrine  
3302 Stones create me  
3427 Clippings  
h3052 I wanted to learn  
h3159 Gauzy autumn leaves  
4899 Icon of our time  
1107 Roofed  
1547 My table  
h2947 Acts of resistance  
h3190 There are still traces  
s1325 There are still traces  
s1326 Our life together  
h0389 The wind lashes rain  
h0610 Fairytale noises  
h1014 The flag has long frays  
848 The sails  
826 The deed  
923 Differently  
969 Appearances  
991 Foghorn  
1300 Write me  
1375 Without filters: Blind  
1591 Panic  
1627 Masking  
s0662 They look at me, what  
1756 Reasons enough  
2085 If a door is not a door  
2070 The wonderful feeling  
2187 Escape-room  
s0860 Having read your books  
s0922 Watching videos  
2419 It's just paint  
h2585 The way you smell now  
h2678 Butt how is it dung  
s1034 Capitalism is  
h2763 Being civilized  
h2865 It is uncertain  
s1360 Older: I know more  
h3695 People are questions  
1245 Hayheat  
s0838 Puzzling my head off  
s1406 Hay fever tickles  
The drama
h0042 It intrudes, kicks things  
h0051 A feather over  
h0126 While the farmers drudge  
h0350 The wind throws branches  
h0352 The frogs are croaking  
h0438 The dogs romp about  
h0653 Spring starts hungrily  
961 Passengers  
1133 The together  
1360 John  
1377 What can I do?  
1492 Turbulence  
1571 Our beautiful life  
1594 Gardendoubts  
1631 Sidewalk speech  
h2004 Karma: taking care  
1744 Via Via  
1746 Secret code  
1802 Dancing as I am  
1806 Favourite colours  
1876 The drama  
s0812 A group deforms you  
1959 Connected in our imagination  
1972 About me  
2002 Afraid of love  
2012 Meditation in the Vondelpark  
2035 Do it, blame me  
2179 Moving sidewards  
2181 Sing to me  
s0852 Golden cloaks for sale  
s0855 I am shy, you know  
h2420 I am not normal  
2278 Party with fairies  
2370 I = We  
s0936 Feeling fine or queer  
h2583 If once, you could see  
s0960 A lie cannot walk  
2523 Brain waves  
2598 Ask the way  
2602 Moving where?  
2604 Stuck in myself  
2707 I Ivy  
h2700 Sow the seed of peace  
s1016 No obligations  
s1033 Quarrels, the little  
s1070 People are puzzles  
s1094 This must and that will  
h2849 Christmas, visitors  
s1122 This full quarantine  
3775 Santarém Noblige  
s1190 Wealth costs injustice  
h3033 Is waiting waiting  
s1272 Here, the urban crowd  
h3127 Fans must stand in line  
4138 The Dreamchild (Early summer)  
4222 I don't cry  
h3155 The Welcome signposts  
h3153 Here is the hotspot  
h3226 When I dance, I am  
h3227 Giving attention  
h3228 We don't share that much  
h3229 I still want to see  
s1373 Clothes in the colour  
s1432 Buzzing everywhere  
4580 Gatherings  
4582 Metapsychics  
h3381 Under the cedars  
4597 Witches from Lilith  
4662 Hawai'i  
4664 Back in the garden  
4680 Exit to hell  
4682 Gateway to hell  
s1513 How can we direct  
h3467 One two, up we go!  
s1537 I thank him and he  
h3545 Only equal say  
h3621 We're sitting around  
4905 People's person  
h3640 In major actions  
h3641 We're all beautiful  
4436 Peaceful people  
h1160 With wet feet, the storks  
1286 Dreams in me  
1293 The Guardian Angel Café  
1653 Love is potatoes  
s0775 Frightening someone  
s0817 A human does not  
4285 Drinking with the neighbours  
h3280 The friction between  
s1402 The distance between  
h3281 The tension between  
h3282 The talking between  
s1403 The rivalry of  
h3283 If it's peace between  
4501 The barbarians have come  
4503 Five ponds, five nations  
Different times
h0085 She watches her child  
h0091 The bicycle tires  
h0104 My dear tree of birth  
h0291-47 Out of the deep blue  
1347 Explorer  
1573 Brusserdam  
1633 Akin  
h1942 It was a good year  
1689 Timethoughts  
1760 Honourless  
2139 Dymaxion World  
h2419 My skin is ageing  
2192 Patches of emptiness  
2212 The blue light  
2263 Dear heart  
h2510 Not enough to eat  
h2511 Freedom brings peace, food  
2357 In control  
2366 It is so personal  
2368 Our fathers  
2394 Recession Party  
h2562 I'm starting anew  
2409 Flowers and balloons  
2413 Meantime beyond The Gateless Gate  
2423 Islands and bridges  
h2572 I am still alive  
2509 Free expression in the evening  
h2631 Our life is partly  
2534 Mirror on the wall  
2969 Stay at home  
3017 1.5m fire  
3020 1.5m earth  
3023 1.5m water  
3026 1.5m air  
3276 Old wisdom  
s1114 We hear the glass skin  
h2882 Ninety-nine years old  
3845 Electro  
s1243 Play an open hand  
s1244 Without happily  
s1245 I'd like to meet you  
s1246 I am here, with you  
s1247 Fresh air from outside  
h3066 I will not accept  
h3072 There are no best years  
h3385 I am going out  
s1677 Breaking taboos, or  
1734 The guestbook  
h2739 Outside the treadmill  
h3216 Springtime in my blood  
h3289 City life: walking  
1834 Oh knowing better  
h0054 Everything changes  
h0291-19 On both banks I am  
h0376 What I would do, I  
s0085 She pulls herself up  
2043 Real pleasures  
2061 Without a nation  
2086 Now, and then  
3215 Switch points  
h2821 We have built brick walls  
h2822 My world and I were  
3296 Song of Praise As We Are  
3559 His hands rest in his eyes  
3756 The battle cry  
3810 Wedlocked  
h3019 Faces in stainless steel  
s1250 Gold chips on the street  
4038 SsMm  
4106 Sexy voice  
h3138 Oh, I love dancers  
h3170 Whatever reasons  
h3237 I do, yes I do  
h3266 I like to do it  
s1391 Finally famous  
s1431 I walk beside me  
h3382 The chimneys suck up  
4607 Summer clothes  
s1541 Equality fills  
4759 Immmortality  
h3546 In chilly regions  
h3560 The riches we have  
h3563 Freedom is loving  
4831 Spoiled / Undervalued  
s1601 The tall man is dressed  
h3657 There's no liberty  
h3658 I experience  
h3659 He's a Pole, wishing  
s1637 Just sully your hands  
4967 Home  
s1638 The gum bubble bursts  
s1639 Eavesdropping always  
1868 Female bodies  
297 Drake-born swan  
4466 Boy's dreams [1]  
4468 Boy's dreams [2]  
h3285 Here in this heaven  
s1407 Away with the vice  
s1408 Office in the park  
h3315 We have coats of arms  
4514 Meagrebeast  
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