Amsterdam (1987-)

I write what I read,

so it is, for no one speaks --

their own words, do they?

Ik schrijf wat ik lees,Ich schreibe, was ich
zo is het, want niemand spreekt --lese, schließlich spricht niemand --
woorden van hemzelf.eigene Worte.

Poem H4043
Amsterdam, 2023-08-16

the making visible of all kinds of raids (Antjie Krog) (2022)
Poem "die sigbaarmaking van allerlei strooptogte"(collection "Plunder" ["Pillage"])
Collection: Look at me 
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Culture: heritage 
Keyword: Language 
Tribute to: Krog, Antjie 

Zywa Sheeple

I think of thinkers
who describe other sides
of the old stories
and the new talk

who observe what is there
as new and notice something
other than is accepted and
put that into reality

Precisely this responding
to what is already there
is originality
or the illusion of it

In an earlier time
I would have been such a thinker
but now it is of no use
in the easy lives

of well-to-do citizens, no use
to outcasts, no use
to outsiders, no use
to my heirs

Poem 5155
Amsterdam, 2023-05-04

Consumer society
"One-Dimensional Man. Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society" (1964, Herbert Marcuse)

Collection: The light of words 
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Reason: critical 

Zywa Quartermaster

I'm a servant, I give -- space
to inspiration and objections
I fill myself with wishes
and pour them out into decisions
until contentment flows over

I don't hear complainers complain
they encourage, never getting lost
in expectations

The profit is just a balance
of round-off differences
expenditure becomes income
in the space -- of the living together
where everyone is in the middle

of nowhere special, nowhere people
everywhere, on their way to nowhere
because they are already there

Poem 3838
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Nowhere Man (The Beatles) (1965)
Song (album "Rubber Soul")

Collection: Lilith's Powers 
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Leadership 
Tribute to: Lennon, John 
Tribute to: The Beatles 

Zywa Trainees

My most important deeds
were to stop the work
to talk with you

about the rules and your ideas
to ask time after time
What is it all about?

What are we doing?
To practice the skill
to be critical

to figure out the beaten tracks
to dare to check them and
to choose the best approach

I remember your names
How did you go?
Have you become giants?

Giantesses without the vanity
of the people, who do not dare
to abide when it comes to it?

Poem 4648
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06

Collection: Lilith's Powers 
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Mastery 

Tilburg (1952-1964)

Zywa Photos nobody else will ever see

The people who nodded
yes, that's you, those cheeks
that smiling face

in my baby photo album
those people are dead, and I
don't know anything about it

I remember the signboards
the superscriptions that I wanted to read
my eyes took pictures

that nobody else will ever see

the locks of hair on the slippery tiles
at the barber in Hesperen Street
tapping lotion into my skin

the two chestnut trees in the yard
of the kindergarten and the children
who want to sail across in the playtime

the marvel of the beechnuts
swirling down in the Wedding Avenue
(funny that there is no church there)

Handfuls of nuts I took with me
my memory has pictures of it
which I will not forget

Poem 959
Amsterdam, 2017-01-17

Collection: Take a picture, now 
Collection: Life line 
Keyword: Memory:  

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