On the high seas, there

is nothing but clouds and sea.

And at times, sun, stars.

Midden op de zeeAuf offener See
is alles wolken en zee.ist alles Wolken und Meer.
Soms zon. Soms sterren.Mal Sonne, Sterne.

Poem S0100
Amsterdam, 2013-09-30

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Environment 

Always snow or rain,

always the clouds remain grey --

still, there is no spring.

Steeds sneeuw of regen,Schnee oder Regen,
steeds blijven de wolken grijs --immer sind die Wolken grau --
nog steeds geen lente.immer kein Frühling.

Poem H1053
Amsterdam, 2014-11-16

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Rain 
Keyword: Spring^ 

The silvery sea,

through cloud veils: the glinting sun --

cuts into my eyes.

De zilveren zee,Das silberne Meer,
door wolksluiers heen: de zon --die Sonne blitzt und schneidet --
snijdt in mijn ogen.mir in die Augen.

Poem H1062
Amsterdam, 2014-11-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Sun:  

I cut the rank growth

of my dreams, I am chopping --

me a view again.

Ik kap de wildgroeiIch kapp den Wildwuchs
van mijn dromen, zo hak ik --meiner Träume, hacke mir --
me weer een uitzicht.wieder einen Blick.

Poem H1071
Amsterdam, 2014-12-01

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Reality 

Lovely, the murmur

of the sea, the cars, the trees --

I smell where I am.

Heerlijk, het ruisenHerrlich, das Rauschen
van zee, auto's en bomen --des Meeres, Autos, Bäume --
ik ruik waar ik ben.riechen wo ich bin.

Poem H1104
Amsterdam, 2015-01-08

Rock music (Sarah Rosetti) (2013)
Poem "Verrockt" (collection "Land der horizonten, dichters uit Hanzeland")
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Senses 
Tribute to: Rosetti, Sarah 

Zywa The easy life

In soft winter light
it is easy
to live on the country

Work, rest, and be at home
The harmony of exterior
sounds and scents

A distant horizon
High silver traces
dissolving in the sky

After the harvest
do less
talk less

and breathe
more, with the soughing
and rustling of the wind

Poem 800
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2016-10-12

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Calm: space 

Zywa The seasons

The canal is green today
grey in the evening twilight
the precolour of winter

Running engines, winter coats and
heat lamps, little red spots
on the skin of the city

We want to vibrate
not repose with the supplies
We bring light and green into our homes

into the insides
of our existence
an eager feeling

no boredom, no tardy time
no long fixed hours
in the low sun's sidelight

We make plans in autumn
we clean up in spring
we repose in summer

Complementary to the season
we feel that we are alive
An eager feeling

Poem 846
Amsterdam, 2016-11-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life: course 

Zywa New Year

Trailing behind
my long shadow, early in the day

I am expected
they know me

There is work to do, to discuss
and between the words

I want to embrace
my colleagues in my mind

We are going together
but we're not going

and that's okay

Poem 925
Amsterdam, 2016-12-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: New Year^ 
Dedicated to: Mark H 
Dedicated to: Marijke T 

Zywa Enough

Enough is enough
We tie a bow around the old
year and share wishes

don't think too much
of days to come
because your feet will always stand in the present

happy to be
with our neighbours
at home where we live

nothing special
everything just


Poem 927
Amsterdam, 2016-12-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Contentment 
Dedicated to: Christel H 
Dedicated to: Benny B 

Zywa In the whizz

As a child you learn so much
from whipped cream... to silverfishes
be sick and get well

what is tough, what is dirty
where the fixed spots
are in the whiz

of the grown-ups
clean up the toys
you'll need again tomorrow

a year takes nine
haircuts, and you have to sneeze
from hair and tangarines

what your favourite colour is, tickling
thumbwriting and Mikado patience
you swim through the streets

of the planted woods
ahead of dad and mum
beetles, tractors and trains

elfrorquals, wasps' nests
sheepskin and rubber tiles
get up again, walk away

from mum when she asks
it goes?, of course
it goes


Poem 929
Amsterdam, 2016-12-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Child:  
Dedicated to: Marianne H 
Dedicated to: Ali I 

Zywa Patches of old skin

95 or over 22 years
ago, which is the longest time?
That century in which he was born
or the eternity since his death?

Time is so elusive
like air, it moves
along with me
and surrounds me, always

It connects me to everything
that I am not, is
an invisible web
on which I live

on which I stick
with my appearances
which I leave behind
like old skin

when transforming again and again
from time, which layer by layer
makes me live, and layer by layer
consumes me

Poem 933
Amsterdam, 2017-01-04

Birthday January 4th
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Time 
Dedicated to: Kees J 

Zywa Differences in time

Seeing smooth water
in the canal and then without
looking any longer, think

of the fuss
of jumping molecules
the superfast sparks

of our slow mind
with its outposts
the retina watchmen, they

need magnifying glasses
to see differences
in the breathless water

and they call them time
and mass, hence space
in one word existence

which slows down
the more you distance yourself
Thought to infinity

everything stands still
in sets of now
immaterial photos

of nano seconds
and I call them

Poem 935
Amsterdam, 2017-01-05

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Time 
Keyword: Universe 

Zywa Before I jump

Since that day I

old striped out tiger
in a young body

stand in another light
that undresses me, inexorably

untying the laces of my certainties
unbuttoning my habits and dreams

kissing open my eyes
to the beauty

of the abyss
and with a soft hand

taking off my immortality
The abyss isn't an abyss

if I fly and you
accept my hand: look at me

I'm looking at you
standing in another light

since that day when I was so happy
to be still alive – I am

after deep sighs, ready
to jump

Poem 981
Amsterdam, 2017-01-28

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Disease:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa No reason

Nothing important happened
today, we were Far Out

sitting on a beach terrace – space
sun on me, wind on me, free

experiencing the world and myself
comprehending a gull, its attention

to fried fish, in the blink of an eye
feeling the somersault of the surfer

in the distance in my blood
breathing people in and out

cartwheels through my body
and windmills on the horizon

the moving and changing
in variations of the same, no reason

for sickening emotions
Could I have learned this sooner

could my brain have been different
or wouldn't I have been human then?

Poem 1361
Amsterdam, 2017-05-19

Beach tent "Far Out" in Zandvoort

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Awareness:  
Keyword: Holland% 
Dedicated to: Claudia A 

Zywa The seal

Behind the tears between my heart
and my head, love is shining
inexhaustible, I think

The clouds are just knots
and with rain there is love
pouring, because it's the time

of Aquarius, the sun
of kind people shines
in my heart, my open heart

I don't fly, I am
strong because I have become
so and that makes me

beautiful, you say with the seal
of the giving moon
and the all-receiving

sun on your heart, yes like you
see me, I want to be, a flower
in our season

Poem 1559
Amsterrdam, 2017-09-25

Hair (musical) (1967)
Song "Aquarius" (from the musical "Hair", 1967, lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni)
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Love: harmony 
Tribute to: Rado, James 
Tribute to: Ragni, Gerome 

Zywa Everblooming (Solmaz)

Being - produced by genes
being - their collection
their life, their copies

Experience, the storm and the drums
of the outside world, the neighbours
with whom I am me, not alone

Receive, pleasure and pain
seed in my celestial flower
and wealth in my hair

Give, the play
of gongs in the wind
thoughts, who we are

and when it's my birthday
time stands still a little
in the years that fly by

Poem 1615
Amsterdam, 2017-11-13

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life: stream 

Zywa Be stuck

Watching films
at the end of the year:

how it is possible, how it should be
and not is, at home

Celebrating a party
with others: the normal

happiness carved in my heart
till it bleeds

Plenty of examples, I am looking
for escape routes, and I find people

friends, everything
I need, myself

in their feelings, their needs
for me, along the way

we get stuck to each other
and we'll never let go

Poem 1621
Amsterdam, 2017-11-18

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Friendship:  

One horizon all

round the green sea, here and there --

a cow sailing by.

Eén horizon rondEín Horizont um
de groene zee, hier en daar --das grüne Meer, hier und da --
varen er koeien.segelt eine Kuh.

Poem H2013
Zandvoort aan Zee, 2018-02-02

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Earth: biosphere 
Keyword: World(view) 

I am lost, so what

can I say? Nothing other --

than that I don't mind.

Verdwaald, wat kan ikVerirrt, was soll ich
er van zeggen? Niets dan dat --davon sagen? Nichts, nur dass --
ik het niet erg vind.es mir nichts ausmacht.

Poem H2224
Amsterdam, 2018-06-23

Electro Symphonic Orchestra (June 23rd, 2018 at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam), part 1 of block 2
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: On the way 
Composer: Benders, Colin 

Zywa Life forgets

Only noticed in a small circle
and even so
not quite for who you are

and what you are able to, almost unneeded
unfortunately that is common
Time keeps going by

and later, life forgets
everyone and everything that was known
and then there is no difference anymore

Celebrity is a lie
pinned on a beacon
It does not matter

but sometimes you sit around doing nothing
and you feel that it is a pity
for your children, your friends and society

that you're not of more importance
or leave behind more
Time keeps going by

and life forgets what has been

Poem 1904
Amsterdam, 2018-11-10

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Identity: be seen 
Keyword: Temporality 

Zywa Summer birds

Reassuring yourself by silencing
others with statements
about life: your only certainty

Maybe there is more, should we
prepare ourselves, ignorant
of what, except for that
meaningless dying

as if that were our goal
or the outcome of our life
as if

the animals and plants that live
to live and otherwise would not
exist, do not matter

Once, it stops, apparently
there is no beginning without an end
and predestined we flutter on
like flailing summer birds

Poem 1924
Amsterdam, 2018-11-13

Summervogel (Summer bird) = butterfly

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life:  

Zywa Be Wappy

I wandered through the village
in the woods of densely formed trunks
and I was told that it is not a forest

but a tree, I drank sweet tea
under the tied up aerial roots
and the thick foliage above it

The woman I spoke to, laughed
at my wonder and took my hand
She led me to the middle

where our surrender embraced the trunk
which was too thick for four outstretched arms
The red ribbons touched our head

Back on the terrace on the edge
where the young trunks in the lake
form a living canopy

we saw a flight of parrots
The birds were shouting at us
No Hurry, they yelled every time

when they passed in the bright colours
of their message: No Hurry!
Be Wappy!

Poem 1933
Amsterdam, 2018-11-18

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Harmony: relaxation 

Zywa Landed high

My tent is in the room
rolled up in the corner
next to the guest bed

I glance behind me
the door is not locked
just like all the doors

in this hall, nineteen high
in the sky, I am a scared little bird
in a strange nest

that rocks in the wind
Inside, the air rustles softly
sensors feel what I like

to feel with my own senses:
the season, the sand and the sun
but I do not dare to go out

500 steps are too much for me, the elevator too small
I take a long shower
put on other clothes

over my anxiousness:
here I am, in your world
to see you

Poem 1944
Amsterdam, 2018-11-29

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Interest 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Counting with stones and marks

The arc of the sun: counted
with marks and stones
showing the shadow

of the days, the differences
in the journey of its light
and the rhythm of the rain

from standstill to standstill
You can measure time
in half years

and see it at intervals
of a few weeks, but
without stones and marks

you will not notice
that you cross a boundary of time
like sailing between the Diomedes

the counting does not match
reality any longer
Calendars are fiction

years too, they have no boundary
no days before and after
that are different

each day is new
and unique as a number
in a series without end

that's how life goes
the life all of us live
as if there is no end

Poem 1955
Amsterdam, 2018-12-03

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Time 
Dedicated to: Mark H 

Zywa Sandel

Bury one another for surrender
to a kiss

run away on high buttocks
to become smooth again in the sea

secretly feeling sensations
for which there are no words

learning the natural
language of love

which is never boring, never strays
and always knows how to proceed

where there are obstacles
cramp in my calf

Naked with you
in the dunes

Poem 2165
Amsterdam, 2019-03-20

Sändälä (Schwyz) = playing in the sand
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Love: play 

People are bathing

in the waves of cargo ships --

that they buy empty.

De mensen badenDie Leute baden
in de golven van schepen --in den Wellen der Schiffe --
die zij leegkopen.die sie leerkaufen.

Poem H2486
Vlissingen, 2019-06-06

Vlissingen (Flushing)
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Economy 

The tables are set,

we are care-free, nervously --

our feast has begun.

De tafels staan klaar,Die langen Tische
zenuwachtig zorgeloos --sind gedeckt, nervös sorglos --
hebben we al feest.feiern wir bereits.

Poem H2505
Amsterdam, 2019-06-18

For Koen Keijzer and Zusanne, who will celebrate their wedding in four days
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Party: preparation 
Dedicated to: Koen K 
Dedicated to: Zusanne 

Trees full of leaves, shades

full of black, light full of hues:

plenty of summer!

De bomen vol blad,Bäume ganz Blätter,
schaduw vol zwart, licht vol kleur:Schatten Schwarz, Licht ganz Farbe:
alles vol zomer!alles ganz Sommer!

Poem H2579
Amsterdam, 2019-10-08

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Nature: plants 
Keyword: Summer^ 
Dedicated to: Moniek R 

Zywa Madelief asks

if we are happy, because
even though the world should be better
you can still be happy there

if the people around you are happy
including the grandads and grandmas

Yes, we are happy
the neighbours do argue sometimes
but when we lie awake
we do so in peace

We have breakfast and we take a walk
it doesn't have to be special
what you experience together

Grief cannot be avoided
but we do not suffer pain
and are not humiliated

We have time for the splendour
of the trees, music, so much
that helps us on the days
when the sun is not shining

Poem 2617
Amsterdam, 2020-01-07

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Happiness:  
Dedicated to: Madelief dK 

Poem 2674
Amsterdam, 2020-02-04

The clowns (Federico Fellini) (1970)
Film "I clowns"
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life:  
Tribute to: Fellini, Federico 

After letting go

I breathe again, my chest full --

of expectations.

Na het loslatenIch lasse los und
adem ik weer, mijn borst vol --atme wieder, meine Brust --
met verwachtingen.voller Erwartung.

Poem H2731
Amsterdam, 2020-06-15

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life: lust,  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

The hairy leaves bend

their silver to the sunlight:

the tree full of moons.

De blaadjes buigenDie Blätter biegen
hun zilver naar het zonlicht::ihr Silber ins Sonnenlicht:
de boom vol manen.Baum voller Monde.

Poem H2735
Amsterdam, 2020-06-19

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Miracles 

The rugged mountain

border road mill turns at night --

Lotte sleeps well there.

De grenswegmolenDie Grenzwegmühle
op de woeste berg draait 's nachts --am wüstem Berg dreht sich nachts --
Lotte slaapt heerlijk.Die Lotte schläft gut.

Poem H2792
, 2020-10-08

Woestenberg: rugged mountain
Nattenmüller: night miller
Mühlerainweg 9: Mill border road

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Order:  
Dedicated to: Lotte W 

Together we will

live in good times as in bad --

a dream of our own.

Samen leven weIn guten Zeiten
in voor- en in tegenspoed --wie in schlechten leben wir --
onze eigen droom.unsere Träume.

Poem H2869
Amsterdam, 2020-12-22

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Awareness:  
Dedicated to: Mark H 
Dedicated to: Marijke T 

Zywa Hopperthepop

I hear my own voice
it echoes where I live
in the lap of the mountains

I can clump, I can swing
I can jump, I can sing
out loud to you

Hip hip hipperthepip
hop hop hopperthepop

Are you coming knockertheknock
for another clickertheclack
with me this afternoon?

Hip hip hipperthepip
hop hop hopperthepop

We clump and we jump
we swing and we sing
hopperthepop, hop, hop

Poem 3399
Amsterdam, 2021-01-24

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Playing:  
Dedicated to: Lotte W 


a dress gracefully pleated --

an arm full of pet.

een jurkje zwierig geplooid --ein Kleid lieblich gefaltet --
een arm vol huisdier.ein Arm mit Haustier.

Poem H3027
Train Amsterdam-Tilburg, 2021-08-24

The open-mindedness towards life (Hildo Krop) (1930)
"De onbevangenheid tegenover het leven" on the Basin [De Kom] in Amsterdam
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Harmony: relaxation 
Tribute to: Krop, Hildo 

I'm picking meeting

after meeting as the fruits --

of my screen contacts.

Ik pluk ontmoetingIch pflücke Treffen
na ontmoeting als vruchten --nach Treffen als die Früchte --
van schermcontacten.der Schirmkontakte.

Poem H3071
Amsterdam, 2021-10-16

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Together: meeting 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

The horizon seems

to be the end of the earth:

a semicircle.

De horizon lijktDer Horizont scheint
het einde van de aarde:der Rand der Erde zu sein:
een halve cirkel.genau ein Halbkreis.

Poem S1269
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-24

Flat earth
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Perception:  

Life: you just begin

Leven: je begintDas Leben: beginn

Poem H3080
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-24

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carrol) (1865)
After the children's book
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life: course 

I see no flat earth,

when I look down from the plane --

yet the trees are flat.

Geen platte aarde,Ausblick vom Flugzeug:
vanuit het vliegtuig bezien --gar keine flache Erde --
wel platte bomen.flache Bäume schon.

Poem H3140
Amsterdam, 2021-12-02

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Perception:  

The carillon plays,

tone after tone is leaping --

lightly over me.

Het carillon speelt,Das Carillon spielt,
toon na toon springt lichtvoetig --Ton nach Ton springt leichtfüßig --
hoog over mij heen.über die Leute.

Poem H3147
Amsterdam, 2021-12-15

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Music:  
Keyword: Amsterdam% 

The businesses closed,

quiet in the streets, and yet --

crowded in the parks.

De bedrijven dicht,Läden geschlossen,
stil in de straten, en toch --ruhige Straßen, und doch --
druk in de parken.lebhaft in den Parks.

Poem H3169
Amsterdam, 2022-01-06

Lockdown because of Covid-19
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: City 
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

For thousands of days,

in Fire Water Air and Earth:

celebrating life.

Duizenden dagenTausende Tage
Vuur Water Lucht en Aarde:Feuer Wasser Luft Erde:
het leven vieren.das Leben feiern.

Poem H3486
Noordwijkerhout, 2022-10-05

People have to deal with setbacks and unpleasant events. Celebrating life is: allowing, and experiencing it all, the zest for life (fire), the emotions (water), all kinds of thoughts (air) and the physical sensations (earth)
On her birthday, Maria's life will have counted 40 years, that's 14,609 days

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Life: lust 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Oh my heart, our heart,

the two of us, all of us --

are celebrating!

O mijn hart, ons hart,Mein Herz, unser Herz,
wij twee en wij allemaal --wir zwei, wir alle feiern --
samen vieren feest!dieses große Fest!

Poem H3618
Amsterdam, 2022-12-24

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Party: celebrate life 
Tribute to: Rieu, Andre 

Music, we sing all

colours, and it is snowing --

kisses around me!

Muziek, we zingenMusik, wir singen
alle kleuren, en het sneeuwt --alle Farben, und es schneit --
kussen om mij heen!Küsse rundherum!

Poem H3619
Amsterdam, 2022-12-24

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Party: celebrate life 
Tribute to: Rieu, Andre 

Party time! Music!

Music! Wonderful, five, six --

seven farewell songs!

Het is feest! Muziek!Partyzeit! Musik!
Muziek! Heerlijk, zes, zeven --Musik! Herrlich, sechs, sieben --
acht afscheidsliedjes!acht Abschlusslieder!

Poem H3620
Amsterdam, 2022-12-24

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Party: celebrate life 
Tribute to: Rieu, Andre 

Zywa Can't I do this too?

Most people walk past
At best they think: can't this be better
can't this colouring in boxes
also be done by a child -

practice a few times
to fill them in solidly, without scratches
and to stay within the lines, but did they
ever sit down for it themselves?

Dot they remember what it feels like?
That you are completely absorbed in it
that time stands still and everything
feels good, that you know

well, can't I? Yes
I can do this too!

Poem 4994
Amsterdam, 2023-01-16

For Nina T, who was born on January 17th, 2007
Poem to "Colors for a large wall" (1951, Ellsworth Kelly)

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Creativity 
Dedicated to: Nina T 

Zywa Tomorrow it is spring

Spring owes its good reputation
to the beautiful days, which you usually
have to wait a long time for

It's necessary for agriculture
I used to think, although
I wished to play outside

I am not getting over it
The platform reflects grey
the sky, the rain

drops don't splash there
but against my coat they do
flurried from the baby clouds

that are dancing around me
a consolation to watch
while I wait for the train

for a trip I want to make
anyhow to get out
of this weather

Poem 1233
Amsterdam, 2017-03-20

Spring begins this! morning
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Rain 
Keyword: Spring^ 

     Collection:   Summer birds