I too am lively

I am eager like a baby :
I am interested.
I am enthusiastic.
I am spontaneous
n380    n368    n214
Pad, Salamander,  Kuiken

Zywa The Zero

How do you count from zero to one?
Does the new year start with
the bursting of the buds?
my life with birth?

or already in winter
mother's belly and buds
are thickening? in summer

with the very first molecule?
or is there no beginning, only
and a devouring mouth

digesting the tail of the old
into an eternal serpent --
the symbolic zero
that does not symbolize anything

that really exists
or it should be me
and you, we human beings
who can no longer do without it?

Poem 1385
Amsterdam, 2017-06-01

Keyword: Life: lust (take pains) 

I too am a change creator

I take action :
I stop what is bad.
I improve what is uncomfortable.
I embellish what is ugly

Zywa The world is changing

The world is changing us

That's how we are, a little
do we change

the world for our convenience
and to eat, sky high

we build suites of rooms
winged and on wheels

teach it to our children
teach them to think

that the world is changing
on account of people, which is true

after millennia, finally
we make differences

and yet it is not so
The world changes us

it pinches off traditions and imposes new
habits, it determines

the conditions of being
or not being

Poem 1866
Amsterdam, 2018-10-12

Keyword: Change: 

I too am caring

I grant everyone a share :
I don't hoard what someone else needs.
I don't waste what someone else needs.
My eyes are big and full of love.

Zywa Love is luxury

People belong to each other, we
should take care of each other
lifelong, our life
Furthermore, there are no requirements
no mandatory extras

Good deeds are not necessary
neither are friendship and love
That is all luxury
for which we long
for we know what it is

We learned it as a child
from adults who just gave it
because they could not help it
because they are like that, human
But you cannot demand it

There are no schools for it
no medicines or prisons
There are politicians and barracks though
with weapons and commanders
telling what care means, sometimes

they command that it means to kill
and being killed may be
a fulfilment of duties
but we cover that up
with the garment of love

Poem 1893
Amsterdam, 2018-11-07

Keyword: Care: share 

I too want to be a good person

I manage to act virtuously :
I have high expectations of myself, which I want to meet.
I am improving step by step.
Success and disappointment motivate me to do my best

Zywa Profile picture

Browsing through my photos
I chose the colourful elephant
as my nameplate in the web

My skin feels every fly
that lands on me with telelegs
as if I ever promised

to be connected with them
and ready for them

But I want to be there
for those who feel the vibration
when I stamp on the ground

I sweep away the flies with a kiss
maybe they find without wings
their home close by on the ground

I am there too, in every colour
recognizable while I dwell
where I dwell and work where I work

There is so much to experience
that nobody needs to go anywhere
if he gives attention

Poem 2925
Amsterdam, 2020-04-15

Keyword: Help: goodness 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too arrange what is needed

I coordinate and delegate :
I maintain my contacts well

Zywa Sad song

I do love you
of me, because I love you
Only you!

I do love you, love you, love
These words are rather plain
no, there is nothing to explain
I only have to sing that I love you

I do want you, want you, want
So hear, my needs are clear
oh hear, forget your fear
of me, because I love you

     I do love you
     it's safe, you can surrender
     to feel the love I offer you

     Please, do not worry
     about the world, about everything
     that threatens to go wrong

     Let it go, let me come
     into your heart, into you arms
     then you will no longer be alone

     Just listen to a sad song
     then you will be better
     then you will be free for me

Poem 4282
Amsterdam, 2021-12-31

Michelle / Hey Jude (The Beatles) - 1965
Adaptation of the songs "Michelle" (1965, The Beatles, album "Rubber soul") and "Hey Jude" (1968, The Beatles)
Keyword: In love:  
Tribute to: The Beatles; McCartney, Paul 

I too am an observer

I give meaning to what I see :
I want to learn from others
n226    n245    n254

Zywa Everything moves
(in the back of the bike)

In the back of the bike
I learn to read
I get a map full

of names of roads
that I miss up to beyond
the horizon of the earth

In the back of the bike
I learn to kiss and to be alone
in springs and unseasonable times

In the back of the bike
of my senses I construct how
everything moves and I myself

move along while I sit still
in my feelings and think
everything moves

Poem 1854
Amsterdam, 2018-09-30

Keyword: Perception: observation 

I too live socially

I attune to myself and to my neighbours :
I take care of myself and of others

Zywa Yellow flowers

My face rocks
among the flowers
above the deep sun
in the water

I sit on the side
and see me
in the circle
of yellow glory

I want to be honest
bloom together
vulnerably naked
shivering in the wind

take care of myself
without illusions
about myself and you
You are just like me

and we are equally in love
with each other's beauty
as with ourselves, two springs
on one waterfront

Poem 1546
Amsterdam, 2017-09-12

Narcissus sees himself in the bloom of his youth and falls in love with his reflection
Keyword: Commitment 

Zywa The bull

His black eye looks back
to me, we are alone
in the meadow, in the roadside

I hold my breath
everything becomes lighter
around the black

Meadow and road the world
empty and we eye
and beating heart

Heavy and firmly
my legs all four
in the ground

Strength crackles
around the electric barbed wire
in my insides

Poem 4309
Amsterdam, 2022-02-13

Keywords: Safety: protection, Animals: cow / bull / bison / ox 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too make use of possibilities

I explore life :
I preserve nature
n378    n228

Zywa The wheels of destruction

Springtails are the gnomes of the forest
steppe and swamp, city and country
They eagerly massage the skin of the earth

They poop fertile soil
where there is waste, they are the mighty
secret army of the Seven from the Game

they are the whip from the Chariot
their wheels run through life
and digest it night and day

Willlessly they execute the Will
hungry they feed the germs
and give life to death

Poem 1424
Amsterdam, 2017-06-20

Keyword: Animals: springtail 

I too protect my neighbours

I am a fighter :
I am strong and fast

Zywa Where is the army?

I do remember
I have seen it many times
on their faces, their demand

to be a big girl
not unbridledly whining
for attention

    Just explode, you are strong
    the furious evidence
    of our right

not to take care
of me, they were entitled
to their own lives

so I opened my mouth
invincible, powerful
for myself and everyone

I do not tolerate injustice
in front of me, do you hear me?
What is it with the people?

They walk blindly through the city
avoid strangers and grannies
ignore hungry pussycats

and throw away their plants, well
I have boundless energy, but
where is the army to help me?

Poem 2775
Amsterdam, 2020-03-14

Keyword: War: combat readiness 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk, Angelina S 

I too accompany others

I am a friend :
I empathise with the fortunes of my friends
I empathise with the passion of my friends
I am there when my friends need me

Zywa Why we are friends

Don't talk about me
you will not succeed anyway
to say who I am

You don't nearly know everything
but you want to experience me
as you know me

No story will fit around it
packing your experience
and hiding it

Don't venture upon labels
you would need even more
than can fit in a book

thick layers on top of each other
an unreadable wall
locking me up

You don't have to explain to anyone
why we are friends
not to yourself either

Poem 3392
Amsterdam, 2021-01-18

Keyword: Friendship: 

I too am an adult, sexually

I am attractive :
I'm blooming

Zywa Sexy

Persephone wears flowers
and tough jackboots like a soldier
with muscles, or an open waistcoat
with a mini skirt like a virgin, always
conquering the instincts around her

In Coco's dress, she parades on Jersey
the transparent plastic rustles
every time I kiss it
passers-by take photos
she is in the newspapers

Spring has begun
old desires wake up
people get aroused
and inspired to let themselves go
she is an example

everyone sees her, but doesn't know who she is
flowers cover her bare body
she charms soldiers and virgins
with instincts, singing her praises
and creating life

Poem 2474
Amsterdam, 2019-10-24

Polythene Pam (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Coll (the Hazel), whose nuts contain magic power and wisdom; the Hazel should be guided by Manannan Mac Lir (the sea god, a master of disguise) and the Salmon (the oldest and wisest animal, the symbol of inspiration and creativity)
Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Chasnel, Saumur 1883- 1971)

Keyword: Puberty 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too am supportive

I am a servant :
I live peacefully with my neighbours

I too let go of my fears

I am a heroine :
I am willing to sacrifice myself for others

I too am special

I am proud of myself :
I am not haughty

Poem 2472
Amsterdam, 2019-10-24

Sun King (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Tinne (the Holly), that is always green, supportive, protecting, possessive and repelling enemies; the Holly should be guided by Govannon (Gobannus, the Blacksmith, a divine Hero) and the Unicorn (the symbol of purity and strength)

Keyword: Pride 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too am attentive

I act with caution :
I look for the common interest

I can hear myself too

I listen to myself :
I love myself

Poem 1841
Amsterdam, 2018-09-22

Keyword: Self-knowledge 

I too open up to insight

I am awake :
I am open to what is new
I make contact with what is new to me
I am enthusiastic

Zywa Ripples [1]

Senses, to be touched
and to be able to touch, the difference
between being and not being

I touch, so I exist

If I am not touched
I will wither, but
if I do not touch, I do not exist

I can be a loner
touch plants and animals
to live on

I can influence their lives
change their future
I can feed, kill and everything

in between has effects too
even the smallest ripples
make a difference, that is existence

the way we want it, making a difference
making a little positive difference
with each wing beat

Poem 3381
Amsterdam, 2021-01-17

Staring at the Sun: overcoming the terror of death (Irvin Yalom) - 2008
"Butterfly effect" (enlarged reaction)

Keyword: Insight 
Tribute to: Yalom, Irvin 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too defend myself

I fight like a soldier :
I fight for my life
I fight for my freedom
I fight for peace

Zywa The strong woman

When I was young, they said
She can wear them
those gaudy clothes

And now they are who I am
apart from my body
that they camouflage

They are the strong woman
who lets herself be guided
by them who are weak

and afraid, as if it is their fault
to be nobody, one of the many
who are not heard

Together we fight
my name and I
we fight for someday

freedom and peace everywhere
wisdom everywhere
compassion everywhere

Poem 4629
Amsterdam, 2022-08-29

Keyword: Combat readiness 

I too am thoughtful, without prejudice

I make an effort to communicate with other people :
I am patient
I am careful
I am reasonable

Zywa Behind the door

The door is never locked
The key is just in it
ready to use
and never lost

but if you are busy
with problems on your mind
you will go look for it

and not get the idea
that you can just move on
by pressing the latch

Meditation does not help either
with the worries
you forget what is there
behind the door

and you stay where you are
calm and resigned
you put life into perspective

and you fantasize
how different it could be
behind the door

of your mind

Poem 3347
Amsterdam, 2021-01-09

Keyword: Action 

Zywa Away from where you are

I feel the discomfort
of staying where I am
and leaving the problem

to someone else's job or duty
to the neighbours with whom it happens
on the outskirts of the village

It's urgent, there is need
to fix the houses and the barns

it takes too long
or there is too little time
for my impatience

I talk with the neighbours
while we wait
until we can move on

within reason and the rules
of the comfort of staying
where we are

Poem 3562
Amsterdam, 2021-03-22

Damage caused by the industry
Keywords: Patience / Impatience, Groningen, Together: solidarity 

I too work according to plan

I think :
I consider the possibilities
I am critical of my own plans
I have patience in executing a plan

Poem 2533
Amsterdam, 2019-12-08

Keywords: Confidence, Care: thinking ahead 

I too respond sensibly to others

I am wise :
I have an eye for the context
I am thoughtful
I highlight aspects that give food for thought
(Huis- en Bosgeesten)

Zywa I can't do anything about it

People are too short old
and too long young, they don't
become as wise as brownies

They have little profit
from the lessons they draw
from pain and pleasure, and

from the lessons they ignore
because they prefer to believe
in what the world promises

because they prefer to believe
it is within reach
and the prospect is worth it

to keep waiting
and I can't do anything about it
I'm just a rainbow

that is never there where you are
a gate on the horizon
where all the exits come together

Poem 3840
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Girl (The Beatles) - 1965
Song (album "Rubber Soul")
Keyword: Wisdom / Stupidity 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

Giants and Giantesses
Giants and Giantesses
I too am an expert

I deliver good work :
I am experienced and competent
I remove obstacles
I am focused

I too am an adult

I am aware of myself :
I know that I am mortal
I know I can live thanks to others
I know I can live thanks to the Earth

Zywa Puberty

I learn all sorts of things
that will be useful later
with diplomas

that should be enough
not to be worried
about my future, simply
helping others and devoting
myself with a shrug
to what I am good at

But is it enough
to live being embraced
by the All, not as a learned animal
but as a human being, knowing that
it lasts just a short time
without feeling this?

How do I stay cheerful and healthy
a human with humans, every day
again as new, knowing that

Poem 1383
Amsterdam, 2017-05-28

Keywords: Adultness, Puberty 

I too am a Master

I inspire others :
I am an example
I point the direction
I end ignorance

Poem 1829
Amsterdam, 0000-00-00

Keyword: Mastery 

I too am enjoying myself

I'm having fun :
I share everything I experience
I can laugh about what’s happening
I focus on what is pleasant

Zywa Sonian Forest

We have not embraced
the seqoias, not felt
their warmth this winter

We really need to get going
descend ten kilometers
south from Red Cloister

along the three sources
the playground and the pale castle
La Solitude

to the two families
in the middle of the beech forest
Every twenty-two I want

to touch them, tree by tree
warm myself to them
share in their strength

With you and someone else
I want to encircle them
breast to bark

Poem 3383
Amsterdam, 2021-01-17

Keywords: Nature: trees, Joy 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too

I :

Zywa Helping hand

People in need -- in a game
of Truth is Dare and Do
I fly in, in a cape, swift as an arrow

and get entangled, sticking
to the strings that I weave
of the help that I give

I put my hands out, so softly
you take them with the heroic power
that jumps over, you smile --

In the world to help, to help
each other, right
if only

you are with me
and know my questions
and spoil me with attention

We are no longer teenagers
yet we still fly back and forth
to help each other, time after time

Poem 3834
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Help! (The Beatles) - 1965
Song (album "Help!")
Song "We zijn toch op de wereld" ("Aren't we in the world", 1969, Eli Asser; music Harry Bannink)

Keyword: Courage 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too am helpful

I help:
I understand the problem
I am resourceful
I am solution-oriented

Zywa With the help from my friends

Am I quite tiring, too full of myself?
Do you get restless, preferring to leave?
Maybe I'm talking too much: take some rest
Shall I come close to you, silently?

     Oh, with the help from my friends, yes with you
     Mm, with the help from my friends, it's so good
     Oh, with the help from my friends, yes I can
     With the help from my friends

Are there friends in your neighbourhood?
Yes, people need friends, we are not alone
Are there friends you can reach?
Yes, people need friends for a helping hand

Are there friends at your work?
I'm just doing better with friends
Are there friends at your home?
My friends, they are warming my soul

Are there friends when you dance?
With friends, it is always a party
Are there friends when you smile?
My friends, they are making me strong

Are there friends when you cry?
I'm sharing my sorrows with friends
Are there friends you are missing?
My friends, they embrace one another

Poem 4279
Amsterdam, 2021-12-31

With a little help from my friends (The Beatles) - 1967
Free adaptation of the song "With a little help from my friends" (1967, The Beatles)
Keywords: Friendship: help, Help 
Tribute to: The Beatles; McCartney, Paul 

Humpback whales
Humpback whales
I too cooperate to live

I belong to a group:
Together with others I provide food
Together with others I can live
Thanks to the earth we can live
Blauwe vinvis

Zywa FreeWay

In the peace of a moment of rest
in pushed up pillows
I feel the love
of a friend opening me

to the Force and the people
I miss, whom I can't give
what I want to share

In my mind I attentively train
my body as a freeway
for what I need
The attention soothes the pain

and my emotions, yet
it is the attention from outside
that makes me happy

lifting me feathery light
into the eternity
of being connected
and letting go of myself

Poem 3964
Amsterdam, 2021-09-29

Keyword: Together: group 

I too am social

I like to share:
I don’t put anyone at a disadvantage
I grow in contact with other people
I have a good life with others

Zywa Family bed

Shoot me, shoot me
shoot me to heaven
up in the oak, everyone
barefoot on the family bed
     Come join us, here you are free!

We don't have to believe in anything
except in each other, the singer too
is loose, he laughs at his amulet
and waves to the old man:
     Come join us, here you are free!

The greybeard sees everything
with twinkling eyes in his long beard
full of bushes of moss in which
the wren whistles:
     Come join us, here you are free!

Come in the Crown
take off your shoes and socks
together on the family bed
a warm blanket to each other
     Come join us, here you are free!

Poem 2463
Amsterdam, 2019-10-21

Come together (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Ouir (the Oak), the tree of calm, truth and steadfast knowledge; the Oak should be guided by Dagda (the father of all gods) and the Wren (the king of the birds and the symbol of wit and subtlety)
Singer: Chuck Berry

Keyword: Brotherhood 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too speak out

I honestly tell what I know:
I don't fear the lightning of truth
I don't fear the unfathomableness of truth
I don't fear the consequences of truth

Zywa Hungry

Sorry, do not count on me
I retreat for a while
in a silence wagon, but

I'm still coming along. Sometimes
there are noisy people blowing inside
Nothing to do about it

If they just shut their mouths
they might think -
that their lives very well may slow down

if they want, if they live
like they want life to be
for their children

Where is this train going?
The birds do not know
they see what we eat

and they don't understand:
we eat trees and mountains
metals, we spit them around

we eat what we think

that is empty, the night as well
but still we are hungry -
for attention and beauty

Poem 1397
Amsterdam, 2017-06-07

Keyword: Ambition 

Zywa Arrival?

He jumped up
made a somersault with twist
and is back in the circle again

as if nothing happened
in those four seconds
(I guess)

(how was it?)
a flash of beauty
to meditate on now

falling into place myself
from the space of possibilities
and ignorance

Maybe I stay there
maybe it will shift
maybe it stays

Poem 3916
Amsterdam, 2021-08-04

Keyword: Revelation 

I too radiate

I am a fire:
I live ardently
I completely give myself
I enlighten others
Tortelduif, Glimworm, Vuurvlieg

Zywa Calling / Invitation

I move fluently or with friction
on my own course, along with the rest
     even if I make speed
     to reach a goal

     a well-meant illusion
     if I don't quite dare
     to trust It -
     the water that carries me

     not asking anything from me
     because everything always does fit
     and it is up to me
     what I experienced from it

     and am aware of, then
     getting free from
     the daily problems
     where society squeezes

     and my short-sightedness
     catches bumps and dents
     which I patiently smoothen out
     with attention, attention

     to my injuries
     and to It, the greater whole -
     until I move so smooth and supple
     that there is no friction

     being an invitation
     to whoever needs me
     and does notice me in the stream -
     called as I am called

Poem 4168
Amsterdam, 2021-12-01

Keyword: Enlightenment 
Dedicated to: Honglin L 

I too feel me in my own element

I live with the people around me:
I pay attention to them
I sympathise with them
I am developing with them
Tuimelaar, Orka, Zwaardwalvis, Bruinvis

Zywa Between the lines: attention

Everything starts with it, language
(mama's face and sweet words)
turning, crawling, walking
(mama's hand and encouragement)
eating, playing, wanting
(mama's example and commentary)
sand, water, wind, wood and fire
(heaven and earth)
animals, cars, construction cranes
(the world)
school, listening, practising
(teachers and reading)
practising and practising
until my attention slides smoothly
(like a fish in water)
through the matter

With people, it is different
(they are like me)
they scatter my energy
(in changing rain)
from clouds of love

Poem 3407
Amsterdam, 2021-01-27

Keywords: Attention: observe, Neighbours: along the way 

I too create distance

I have an overview:
I react unprejudiced
I react understandingly
I react considerately
n234    n215    n299    n305
Geit, Schaap, Lam

Zywa Is it

It is this ordinary Tuesday
that has slid by today

over familiar activities, normal

it is the talk about the weather
before I quickly get on again

it is the way it goes, life
Here I am, without a sash

realizing in homeliness
how pale my skin is

under the cotton black
that has no depth and

no gold-stitched thoughts
I'm just sitting, in the evening

and nothing has happened today
Did I live? Do I miss something?

Or is it this, this silence
before I go to sleep?

Poem 1391
Amsterdam, 2017-06-04

Keyword: Illusions: see through 

Inner Children
Inner Children
I too have fun

I try out new things in a playful way:
I am spontaneous
I laugh a lot
I enjoy life

Zywa The playing-field

The pictures, a life of pleasure
no blood, sweat and tears
but people around
my cradle in the family circle

through the gate, the playground
in the park, the stage
of the children
we still are

Then, everyone around the field
halfway through the match
that could still be won
at the time

our hands on the cherry wood
with the rings of our vow
in the middle of the room
on the happiest day

Everything has been celebrated
surrounded by loved ones and friends
for life, in turn each other's
audience around the field

Poem 3365
Amsterdam, 2021-01-14

The playful being (Johan Huizinga) - 1938
Study "Homo ludens"
Keyword: Playing: fun 
Tribute to: Huizinga, Johan 

I too do a lot of work

I am active:
I am energetic
I continue for a long time
I bring about something big
Bladhaantje, Lieveheersbeestje

Zywa Glowing blood

Good day, darling in the mirror
I love you, all day

I will take care of you and as strongly
as my wishful thoughts think

that they will grow from my hands
into my life, rooted

in smiling health
as hungry am I

for lightheartedness
my fears anchored

in glowing blood
my body anchored

in the great soul
of friends everywhere

as hungry am I
for my best self

Poem 1742
Amsterdam, 2018-05-01

Keywords: Love: for yourself, Action 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too convert the world

I work on prosperity:
I build with what is available
I build a safe lodge
I build my own landscape

Zywa The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Trees felled, rivers overflow
The world is unsafe, magic
spells are mangled

We were already afraid of it
Out of desperation some have
predicted it high to low

We don't hear the master
But we are young, we want to live
if necessary against better judgment

No ruin will remain
We build dams and lodges
who and what's in the way is done for

This is the new reality
Learning is hard, the world as small
and poor as we are ourselves

Poem 4688
Amsterdam, 2022-09-20

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Goethe / Dukas) - 1797
"Der Zauberlehrling" (1797, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
"L'apprenti sorcier” (1897, Paul Dukas)

Keyword: Prosperity 
Tribute to: Von Goethe, Johann W. 
Composer: Dukas, Paul 

I too digest the world

I consume:
I grow
I enjoy
I am satisfied
n359    n311
Zwijn, Bladluis

Zywa The wild boar came

The beasts from outside carry daggers
on their head and have rough hair

they don't let rot anything, they eat
what is weak, almost dead

or already deceased, so is life
and it is good that way

Without you from now on
because the wild boar came

a ruffle in the distance
their snorting at the door

the black of their eyes
deep as the universe

Nothing is left, everything remains
and runs away on fast legs

The wild boar eat everything
They are good friends

Poem 1816
Amsterdam, 2018-08-19

Keyword: Consume 

I too observe accurately

I organise what I see:
I see who has to do what
I assign tasks
I devise alternative plans

Zywa Cavkas #2

Maybe we were once stranded here
on the slopes of these mountains
between the white peaks and the low land

We certainly came up with words
to tell that story
and we went into the world

with that answer to the question
Where do we come from?
From the belly of the boat

as the image of our Mother
Earth, who is born where she is
in the lap of heaven

above the Holy Mountains
which kiss eternity
on the border of our existence

We move on and give names
to the world we discover
Time and space embrace us

Poem 4668
Amsterdam, 2022-09-14

Great Flood
The origin of Indo-European languages lies in the Caucasus

Keyword: Order: organise 

I too respond with experience

I am understanding:
I think calmly
I look into the situation of the other
I separate main issues from side issues

Poem 1811
Amsterdam, 2018-08-13

Keyword: Adultness 

I too werk aan mijn repertoire

I gain knowledge:
I like to learn
I make an effort to learn
I learn to be critical

Zywa In the time I have

Sometimes I go crazy with all the life
I want to live, but that does not fit
in the time I have

Emotions get in my way
they proliferate and fill
the time I have

I must shed them with love
because the hard way fails
in the time I have

to break myself open
and shift my attention
to the sun

in the life nearby
to which I can connect
in the time I have

Poem 1369
Amsterdam, 2017-05-21

Keyword: Knowledge: gain 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too behave sensibly

I help others to think:
I explain by asking questions
I ask for arguments
I ask for counter-arguments

Zywa Listen to the love

Fortunately, she is still there
the enthusiastic girl
in me, she would like to

play with her sister
who lacked so much
and still does feel it

and still is trying
to catch up with it, it's not easy

to help her
listen to the love

of my adult mind
She wants a father like fathers
should be, a dad, close

in her head, in my head
to protect her and
to be her example

Poem 1836
Amsterdam, 2018-08-13

Keyword: Thinking (clear) 

I too acquire knowledge

I'm critical:
I research appearances
I listen carefully to counter-arguments
I check someone's statements

Zywa Owl To Ask

Here I laughed with the son
of the ferryman at the people
who don't believe in miracles
we had a beer and he pointed

me the way in the maze
of ditches and country roads
the windmills in the distance
beckoned me, but I was afraid

of getting lost and I longed
for a good bed
before I would kneel
in the Holy Site

Now it's a dead affair here
a miracle of nature
ivy overgrows the ground
the trees and the tombstones

but there are no roots growing
between the bones in the pit
on which I stand, only fungi
that have been living for centuries

There is no longer a ferry

Poem 2686
Amsterdam, 2020-02-07

Former ferry house and inn "Te Vraech" ("To Ask"/ "Information") on the Schinkel near Amsterdam
Keywords: Knowledge: research, Amsterdam 

I too augment what is there

I work together:
I contribute to the prosperity of all
I am content with my task
I am cooperative

Zywa Losing myself in attention

Seven days is enough
if you only have seven days
to create

Humans do have more time
but no one sees the results
because they are never finished

Yet I keep working
My fire flares up
I want to burn intensely

and lose myself in attention
to the bodies and the languages
that make people readable

lose myself in them
in the fire of their attention
which creates my life

Poem 3433
Amsterdam, 2021-02-03

Keywords: Attention: exist, Together: society 

I too have an overview

I am heroic:
I see the whole
I see what is important
I do what is important

Zywa Prince Lugalbanda

He was left sick
in a cave made up as a nest

with dates, figs, in leather bags
also water and wine, light and dark
emmer beer, syrup, bread, butter
cheese and mutton, all set ready
and hanging around his head

In the sweet scent of resins
he lay there as in a grave
and the moon watched over him
After three days he rose
from his dreams and his tears

He set out to cross the mountains
where no trees grow
Prince Lugalbanda
who adorned the young eagle with the lion's head
with kohl around its eyes

and fragrant sprigs of white cedar
on its head, and around the chick
he arranged the fat sheep meat
that he had salted, and chunks
of bread dough mixed with honey

The Storm-bird rewarded him
with the power to run
tirelessly and fast
like seven storms, like the sun
in its orbit in the sky

Poem 2362
Amsterdam, 2019-07-17

Sumerian stories from the 21st century BC:
"Lugalbanda in the Mountain Cave"
"Lugalbanda and the Storm-bird" (Anzûd)

Keyword: Hero(ine) 

I too serve the common interest

I I say what is wise to do:
I give a clear message
I give a clear explanation
I don't disguise the truth

Poem 2479
Amsterdam, 2019-10-26

Her Majesty (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Ruis (the Elder), that thrives on challenges and change, and that protects horses in the stable from evil spirits; the Elder should be guided by Cailleach Beara (the mother of the Celts) and the Raven (the symbol of healing and protection)

Keyword: Reason: discrimination 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too make my journey of life with others

I follow a human path:
I don't seclude myself
I never leave alone
I choose to follow or lead

Poem 1419
Amsterdam, 2017-06-18

Keyword: Journey: together 

I too take time for research

I take a distance:
I look at the context
I look from all sides
I look over and over again

Zywa Dive

To discover what who
sometimes why, by dothinking
not in bed like a buzzard

up on thermal
to a higher view
spiral-wise screwing up thoughts

and then diving on the core
that's the way I'd like to do it
but my head splashes apart

like a seedpod full of questions
from which a garden of wonder
grows about life and why

we make such a fuzz about it
that we entrench
and build artificial flowers

as if that changes anything

Poem 1420
Amsterdam, 2017-06-18

Keyword: Distance / Detachment 

I too am working out a new balance

I recover:
I reflect
I let wounds heal
I exercise cautiously

Zywa Visiting Sick

I walk back and forth
my house is not big

Outside is too far for me
and it is cold there
with dark clouds

I have plenty of time
to look, to see
small contrasts, birds flying past
the life that is dear to me

Do come to me
feel what is real
for which I put so much effort
feel what is important

what is pleasant, beautiful and cheerful
feel that there are friends
to share it with

now and later for yourself
there's no need to be afraid

Poem 3390
Amsterdam, 2021-01-18

Keyword: Balance: regain 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too can balance between extremes

I keep my balance:
My intellect can act against the stream
My intellect can act against credulity
My intellect can act against my feelings

Zywa Sipping from the calyx

I allure you, dancing
slowly around you right
through the laser rays
my eyes don't let you go

I get far enough into you
not to go with you right away
We'll meet tomorrow
and then in a week

At home, my parents are waiting
with their dreams about me
In the city, a career awaits
and in my body everything awaits

the next step
It is the art of balancing
to be myself
and to know what I want

Poem 4658
Amsterdam, 2022-09-09

Keyword: Balance: keep 

I too am competent to distinguish

I am critical:
I can break habits
I am disciplined
I speak out what I know

Zywa Throw-away songs

We meditated in India
but we better sing
about our frustrations

Half of it is humbug
nice throw-away songs

to fall asleep to or
about being in love, fighting
over a woman, monkeys
and mirrors on your shoe-tips
to peek at an excitement
you don't see

so that we reach you
with the other half

- Fame is a roller coaster
   you always get out at the bottom
- Finding peace within yourself
   is the beginning
   of the revolution
- Black birds also sing
   beautifully, don't break their wings
- and stop feeding
   fat pigs
- Live wisely, no sweets
   It's bad for your teeth

Begin at the beginning
and strike out all conceitedness

Poem 4258
Amsterdam, 2021-12-26

The Beatles (The Beatles) - 1968
In "Julia" there is a quote from the book "Sand and Foam" (1926) by Khalil Gibran (1883-1931): "Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you"
Keyword: Reason: discrimination 
Tribute to: The Beatles; Lennon, John 

I too share my knowledge

I keep learning, and I explain:
I look for facts
I look for causes
I look for nuances
Kip, Korhoen

Zywa Young and old

After my education is the party
Everyone at table, now
we are going into the world
solve the problems
There's nothing better

We can do it
We are entitled to it
Everything is possible
Who does what?
Who has a plan?

     We didn't agree
     and that was against us
     The deal is off
     No happiness for all people
     Mission Failed

     A hard lesson
     to be more or all the less
     or both, if you can be young
     and old at the same time

Poem 4656
Amsterdam, 2022-09-09

"Si la jeunesse savait, si la vieillesse pouvait" ("If youth knew, if old age could")
Keyword: Knowledge: gain 
Dedicated to: Florentin dK 

I too

I :

Poem 3430
Amsterdam, 2021-02-01

Interview by Martin Simek
On the radio, Martin Simek interviews Dhyan Sutorius (December 14th, 2008)
Keyword: Self-expression 
Tribute to: Simek, Martin 

I too

I :
n350    n325

Zywa Feel what I feel

Under the vine, I dance
with my swan arm one by one
the grapes above our heads
gracefully to your longing mouth
in my lap
     Do you feel what I feel?

Or does your desire look too far
ahead and is it worried
whether it will stay that way?
I don't know, I don't know
We shall see, you are with me
     Do you feel what I feel?

The smile in your eyes
sucks me in your heart
that's nice, we kiss
the light of heaven
and the goodness of the earth
     Do I feel what you feel?

I feel love, and it makes us
beautiful, it makes beautiful
what we do, do not doubt
     Feel what I feel
     then I will feel what you feel

Poem 2464
Amsterdam, 2019-10-22

Something (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Muin (the Vine), that is initiated into sacred knowledge; the Vine should be guided by Tuatha De Danaan (the gods of light and goodness) and the Swan (the symbol of grace and beauty)

Keyword: Sympathy / Compassion 
Tribute to: Harrison, George; The Beatles 

I too

I :

Zywa Journey through the desert

We've only just left
or I'm already longing to return
My life is an unpredictable journey

always on the same roads
The familiar road stations gleam
at a distance, purer than on the spot:

valleys of love, wonder, and knowledge
which I love to visit, and excitedly

leave quickly at the tinkle
of the bells of the caravan
of my needs

I wander between their oases
Only in the void do I find
what my soul yearns for

Poem 1840
Amsterdam, 2018-09-22

Ghazal 1 (Hafez) - 1350
Ghazal 1 by Khwaje Shams-od-Din Mohammed "Hafez"-e (Shiraz 1320-1390)
"Mantiq al-tayr" ("Conference of the Birds", 1177, Abu Hamid bin abu Bakr Ibrahim / Farid ud-Din / Attar of Nishapur (1145-1221)

Keyword: Life: lust (enthusiasm) 
Tribute to: Hafez; Ad-Din Attar, Farid 

Red discuses
Red discuses
I too connect lovingly

I am open to intimate contact:
I am empathetic
I connect with the person I am with
I am sincere

Zywa King-size bed

You you you want me, want to be
close to me in the King-size bed
you search inspiration
and seem to be only half working

You you you want me, want to be
close to me and you don't see
crooked eyes, only me
you want me while you work

You you you want me, want to be
close to me in the King-size bed
and I want you you you
with me, in the King-size bed

I want you you you close to me
Your work makes no progress
and I am bored
in the King-size bed

Poem 2468
Amsterdam, 2019-10-23

I want you (She's so heavy) (John Lennon, The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Gort (the Ivy), that attaches itself strongly and can strangle a tree; the Ivy should be guided by Guinevere (the faery bride) and the Butterfly (the symbol of the belief in fairies)
On vacation in Scotland, John and Yoko ended up in their car in a ditch and had to be nursed for a while in the hospital. Back in London, John had a King-size bed installed in the recording studio so that Yoko could still be present at the sessions. A microphone hung above her to comment.

Keyword: Love: intimacy 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too

I :

I too

I :

Zywa I feel

The light is brighter
the colours live, I feel
it is fresh: it is fresh
Why would I want a coat

over this happiness? - my breathing
in the pure reality
of reality, knowing
that it is not a dream

even though flowers grow in the dark
and green lights are jumping around
between the autumn leaves of the garden
No enchantment, but sparks

of eternity
I shiver from it
I feel
Maybe it is cold

maybe my soul shivers
from the closeness
of the fulfilment
of my longing for happiness

Poem 1872
Amsterdam, 2018-10-15

Hippocampus: the memory is the life companion of everyone's personality
Keyword: Experience 

I too

I :
n386    n440

Zywa Back from not having been away

At home on the couch
I crumple the edges
of the puke bag

The old times, the old songs
the excuses for the postponement
of the promised future

are back, back
from not having been away

We're still at home
in Old Man State, our
freedom was a dream

There are no more musicians
and no more beautiful
girls from Ukraine

The iron cold is back, back
from not having been away

Poem 5234
Amsterdam, 2023-06-09

While my guitar gently weeps (Paul McCartney) - 1968
Song (album "The Beatles" / "The White Album")
Keywords: Ego / ~ism/~centrism, Rossija, Politics 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too

I :

Zywa Empathy for the Stars

After our working day we look
at the Beautiful World, where
duties and rules do not apply
and the Stars can shine

We look up to them
We see that it exists
and that is a comfort, especially
if there is something to gossip about

There may be more
than admiration, entertainment
conveniences and wealth, but
that doesn't buy me anything

Certainly not happiness
if one is not as rich
as the Stars are
made by us

Poem 2378
Amsterdam, 2019-07-29

Keywords: Beauty: body, Elite 

I too

I :

Zywa Gentle wind

Other people's wind blows
along your house and my house
with old songs that we hum
when sweeping the floor

We look at Déjà vu
once more and we dance
in thoughts, in real life
we are off the map

My breath is precious, every minute
twelve times pain and misery
twelve times the gentle wind
that conforms, that snuggles up

against the busy people
as a knowledge that we exist --
a reaching embrace
with always thinner kisses

Poem 3842
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) - 1966
Song (album "Revolver")
Ballet "Déjà Vu" (1995, Hans van Manen)

Keyword: Home: security / comfort 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

Sperm whales
Sperm whales
I too

I :

Zywa What is the matter with people?

Okay, I did it, I had to drive
a smouldering stake in his eye
Screaming, he lashed out

and in the panic, he saw nothing
with his other eye either
That was it, a good story

which I loved to tell, but
apparently, it's not good enough
for today's sailors

who have seen skulls
in Mount Etna's caves
with a large hole in the middle

One-eyed giants died there
worthy of a hero
like me, they say

but I do know
that they were elephants
one-trunked four-footers

What is the matter with people
that they rather believe in fantasies
than in real, hard life?

Poem 2382
Amsterdam, 2019-07-31

Odysseus and the Cyclops
Cyclops = Round-eyed

Keyword: Stories: (un)truth 

Zywa Strumming tears

The world keeps turning
no matter whether
we understand
that everything is
connected to us

I watch
from the scenery
gently strumming
tears on my guitar

The floor is dirty
There are no residents
Everyone is busy
with other things
and passes by love

I watch
from the scenery
gently strumming
tears on my guitar

Poem 5236
Amsterdam, 2023-06-09

While my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison) - 1968
Song (album "The Beatles" / "The White Album")
Keyword: Knowledge: bundling 
Tribute to: Harrison, George; The Beatles 

I too

I :

I too

I :

I too

I :

Poem 1830
Amsterdam, 2018-09-02

Keyword: Friendship: 

I too

I :

Poem 2467
Amsterdam, 2019-10-22

Octopus's garden (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Ouir (the Oak), the tree of calm, truth and steadfast knowledge; the Oak should be guided by Dagda (the father of all gods) and the Wren (the king of the birds and the symbol of wit and subtlety)
Mithraism: mitra = friend(ship)

Keyword: Brotherhood 
Tribute to: Starr, Ringo; The Beatles 

I too represent the earthly in an unearthly way

I am physical and spiritual:
I lead my body
I control matter
I am sovereign
Boa, Hagedis

Zywa Honorary money

All interest unpredictably
distorts what I do
I have learned not to pay attention
It's just shadows

and the laws, certificates and
my prudence protect me
Honorary money and ingratitude
serve me right

It is not difficult
to believe in it
as long as the money rolls

from one hand in the other
like a snowball
getting bigger
from the little pushes I give

knowing that it will melt
as soon as it comes to stop
and then ultimately will
leave nothing usable

Poem 4631
Amsterdam, 2022-08-29

Keyword: Money 

I too work inconspicuously

I don't need applause:
I don't boast about my work
My work is for everyone
I am generous
n251    n247
Wezel, Bunzing, Das, Hermelijn, Marter

Zywa On the run

If only we were invisible
free from obligations
not in this glass house

I miss people
who care about me, mama
like you, mama, you

     When I get out of here
     I don't need anything
     but friends around me

The contracts have been signed
they shattered the glass
and the sun shines on us again

Yet we run off
we are free and run away
from greed and applause

     Now that we have escaped
     we don't need anything
     but friends around us

Poem 4622
Amsterdam, 2022-08-22

Band on the run (Paul McCartney & Wings) - 1973
Song (album "Band on the run")
Keyword: Honour / Fame 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; Wings 

I too

I :
n249    n244

I too protect myself

I defend myself:
I protect my body
I build defense works
I don't give up my resistance

Zywa Dad is angry

Dad doesn't get off my back
since I left home
He is angry

about my friends
and takes things from me
Home invasion

The police are trying
to appease it, I have to beg
for help, protection

His honour is at stake
He wants to restore
my virginity or lock me up

He can't go back and not ahead
he prefers to suffocate
in his lied right

instead of fully growing up
and rejoicing
in his family's prosperity

Poem 4635
Amsterdam, 2022-08-31

Sovereignty guarantees for Ukraine in the Budapest Memorandum (December 5th, 1994)
Keywords: War: fight/resistance/guerrilla, Ukraina 

I too collect on time what I need

I am caring:
I take expected needs into account
I take possible problems into account
I proceed systematically

Zywa Always everything

Plains full of containers, the warehouses
of Rotterdam, and the countryside
full of flat blocks, hubs
of our consumption

We take good care of ourselves
It is so naturally
that we see no alternatives
Our prosperity is always

having everything available
so squirrels are jumping back
and forth between the stockpiles
to satisfy our hunger

Desires are fleeting
and impatient impulses
More and more needs
to be enjoyed

Experiences cost too much
time and effort, they don't shine
by themselves, on the timeline
in which we dress

Poem 4637
Amsterdam, 2022-08-31

Keyword: Care: neighbours 

I too am a member of a group

I act responsibly:
I am realistic
I am serious
I pay attention to the common interest
Coyote, Jakhals

Zywa Knowing who we are

I passed my parents
from much younger to one and a half
times older than they, more serious
I became, a grandmother I became

Experience, recognizing
my life in friends
seeing it again
in the children and grandchildren

Sticking together
our bodies familiar
with defects, pain
and messy memories

And now I want to leave
away from the timeless artificial light
of the hospital, slip away
dreamily in your memories

Poem 4646
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06

Keyword: Identity: mirror 

I too won’t let anyone thwart me

I am ambitious:
I'm not afraid of resistance
I brace myself and I stand up
I will not avoid to fight
n239    n243    n194
Kalkoen, Stinkdier

I too can reach my goal

I invest to achieve my goal:
I use my strong points
I work hard and I rest
I am steadily going towards my goal
Spin, Neushoorn

Poem 2202
Amsterdam, 2019-04-10

Once upon a time (Gabriel Okara) - 1989
Keywords: Equality:, Nigeria 
Tribute to: Okara, Gabriel 

I too am friendly

I am hospitable:
Everyone is welcome with me
Everyone gets respect from me
Everyone gets attention from me
n240    n202    n356
Wapiti, Eland, Ree, Antilope, Gazelle, Kangoe

Zywa Shadow side

Chance brought you here
and me, I look and take a step
closer to touch you

hide and hair, the velvet
of your leaves: what do you feel
when I stroke you?

My warmth like I
feel yours? The sun
in me?

My garden is your garden
you're not in my shadow
I in yours only

if I grant you the sun
fire, water, earth and air
you just are

blown this way, trying
your luck, a stranger
where I happen to live

Poem 1443
Amsterdam, 2017-07-20

Keyword: Hospitality 

I too focus on the long term

I can endure adversity:
I preserve the tradition
I take difficult circumstances into account
I make sure that I can hold out for a long time
n298    n304
Lama, Ezel

Zywa The past is for everyone

I have a store full
of old things, it is difficult
to ensure

that they are not sold
to snobs with no idea
of their real value

without the slightest idea
that it cannot be expressed
in their money

only in tax money, annually
to be collected for maintenance
and everything that comes with it

to have the works viewed
by those who are interested
and that can be anyone

which is hard to accept
for barbarians who get rich
from constant replacement

Poem 4670
Amsterdam, 2022-09-14

Keyword: Patience / Impatience 

I too

I :

I too

I :

Zywa Horses are the same

I don't want to be an object
of course, but human, a subject
not completely free perhaps

but also not in the hell
of other people's judgment
unless I would ignore

that I am a part of us
a part of human love
that falls short

a part of sometimes cruel
self-interest, short-sighted
by built-in blinkers

against my nervous fear
of the purgatory of the failures
of other people and myself

Whoever wants more freedom
and does leave the herd, will know
to be in hell right then

Poem 2056
Amsterdam, 2019-01-26

No Exit (Jean-Paul Sartre) - 1943
"L'enfer, c'est les Autres" ("Hell is other people"), from the one-act play "Huis clos" ("No Exit" / "Closed doors", 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre)
Keywords: Harmony: cooperation, Heaven / Sky / Hell 
Tribute to: Sartre, Jean-Paul 

I too

I :

Zywa Come on, you don't have to

Is it crying when I cry
in my mind, bobbing

like someone drowning between driftwood
the wreckages of my hope

on myself and wise doctors?
Would the chemistry of tears give

more rest, more breath
than you, your warm body

in my back, lying
together in the landless sea?

Words would float here
just as wet and adrift, today

too small to carry me –
better you hold me, please

you don't have to talk
not to understand me

come on, you don't have to
be my saver

Poem 1379
Amsterdam, 2017-05-26

Keyword: Disease: suffer 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too live in her lap

I live off the Earth:
I take good care of the Earth
I live and let live
I share my prosperity
n241    n355
Regenworm, Konijn, Haas

Poem 2623
Amsterdam, 2020-01-10

Four species have originated from the primeval rose:
1. the roses
2. the plums, apricots, and cherries
3. the apples, pears, and medlars
4. the blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries
The poison in the bitter apple (bitter cucumber / desert gourd / wild gourd / colocynth / citrullus colocynthis; 2 Kings 4:39) is neutralized by flour

Keyword: Earth: mother 

I me too there are many germs

Together, people have many possibilities:
We are uniquely the same
We are the same in a different way
We are each other's possibilities

Zywa Revolving around voids
We turn around,around the sun
and what revolvesaround whatever
sure will becomenice round itself
My head is full,my head is thin
the bed is largeand we are small
though we are real,we quickly pass
We turn around,around the sun
the stars revolvearound each other
a universearound the void
that just existsa little while
and then once moreis everything
although it's old,it still stays young
as we are too,throughout our lives
I'm satisfiedbecause we're one
I do love youwe turn around
high in the crownof planet earth
together onthe King-size bed
where love createsand I exist
Poem 2470
Amsterdam, 2019-10-23

Because (John Lennon, The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Fern (the Alder), who does not rot in the water and always holds out; the Alder should be guided by Bran (the blessed god of the spirit world) and the Fox (the symbol of diplomacy)

Keyword: Beginning: origin 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too start a new day full of energy

I am a Spiritual Warrior:
I connect with the Force
I focus on my mission
I let the energy flow

Zywa The Sun and the Night

Staring at the light
it becomes night
in my eyes

Staring into the night
the nothing
is too big

just as the light is
too big, too dangerous
for my body

I have to stay in between
life is scattered
light, softened

by the force of weight
the mass in which there is room
for an incomprehensible amount of energy

the darkness of death
the still life in which life is
a miracle every day

Poem 3379
Amsterdam, 2021-01-17

The sun and death cannot stare at each other (François VI, duke of La Rochefoucauld) - 1665
"Le soleil ni la mort ne se peuvent regarder fixement" (Morales XXVI)
Keywords: Dawn, Reiki 
Tribute to: De La Rochef., Francois 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too have roots and branches

I have many relationships:
I wish everyone space
I exchange energy
Together we are safe

I too imagine improvements

I intervene with care:
I adapt to the situation
I make corrections
I am versatile

Poem 2476
Amsterdam, 2019-10-25

Golden slumbers (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Uath (the Hawthorn), that protects the fields, houses, and churches, as well as the fairies that live between the thorns; the Hawthorn should be guided by Olwen (the young sun goddess among the summer flowers, in whose footsteps white clover sprouts; Olwen = White Footprint) and the Owl (the symbol of wisdom and patience)

Keyword: Fantasy: 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too am open to others

I accept people as they are:
I don't feel better than the other
I see goodness in everyone
I am mild

I too know the priorities of what I want

I attend to my mental needs:
I have self-confidence
I am a teacher to myself
I am strict with myself

I too am orderly

I supervise order:
I think logically
I inspect
I check

I too am aware of the mystery of life

I let the mystery in:
I'm quiet
I observe carefully
I experience the mystery

I too am noble

I am rich by sharing:
I pass on goods
I pass on knowledge
I pay attention

Give today and share
share share share, share share share, share share share
everything you do is possible
everything you sing comes from your heart
everything you say is meaningful
just give it
everything you make exists of course
everything you love won't fall apart
everything you create will bud itself
receive it
give today and share give today and share
give today and share give today and share
give today and share give today and share
share, and be alive share, and be alive
everything you know is there since long
everything you see is not concealed
everything you give is never yours
so share it
give today and share give today and share
give today and share give today and share
give today and share give today and share
share, and be alive share, and be alive

Poem 2256
Amsterdam, 2019-06-01

All you need is love (The Beatles) - 1967
Song "All you need is love"
Keyword: Wealth: share 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too preserve valuable knowledge

I learn from the past:
I stick to the facts
I know what went well
I know what is fair

Poem 2473
Amsterdam, 2019-10-24

Mean Mr. Mustard (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Ngetal (the Reed), that has a dense network of roots; the Reed should be guided by Pwyll (the god of the underworld) and the Hound (the symbol of courage and honour)

Keyword: Knowledge: order / structuring 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too know what is right

I act responsibly:
I know cause and effect
I am complicit
I forgive

I too am complete

I unite yin and yang:
I am body and mind
I am active and passive
I am hard and soft

I too want to grow

I don't give up:
I find space to grow
I weaken what oppresses me
I cooperate with fellow sufferers

Poem 2466
Amsterdam, 2019-10-22

Oh! Darling (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Gort (the Ivy), that attaches itself strongly and can strangle a tree; the Ivy should be guided by Guinevere (the faery bride) and the Butterfly (the symbol of the belief in fairies)

Keyword: Self-expression (growth) 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

My conscience too sees everything

I contribute to the well-being of others:
I see other people's needs
I see how I can help
I take care of my neighbours

I too relax

I accept who I am:
I am not alone
I am social
I am happy

I too am brave

I do what needs to be done:
I let go of excuses
I let go of side issues
I dare to persist

Poem 2465
Amsterdam, 2019-10-22

Maxwell's silver hammer (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Tinne (the Holly), that is always green, supportive, protecting, possessive and repelling enemies; the Holly should be guided by Govannon (Gobannus, the Blacksmith, a divine Hero) and the Unicorn (the symbol of purity and strength)

Keyword: Courage 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too practice virtues

I do the right thing in my situation:
I act attentively
I act with care
I act modestly

Zywa Ripples [2]

Children attract me
I want to be touched
feel their energy
bumping into me

and I want to bounce back
push my soul against them
as a caress

The elderly at the social club touch me
their presence and their smile
warm me, the understanding
the wink of a telling word
the wisdom of their wrinkles

I have girlfriends
I make contact, I throw myself
into the water, the waves
touch them and the whole world
in a wide circle

the ripples lightly press on people
I only meet briefly, more deeply
into those who know my name

and always something springs back
always something gets in, something
of who I am, no one can escape
the fact that I exist

Poem 3388
Amsterdam, 2021-01-18

Staring at the Sun: overcoming the terror of death (Irvin Yalom) - 2008
"Ripple effect" (multiplied reactions)
Keyword: Ethics: 
Tribute to: Yalom, Irvin 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too mirror myself

I heal myself:
I see through my excuses
I let go of what is unhealthy for me
I do what is good for me

Poem 1825
Amsterdam, 2018-09-01

Keyword: Mirror 

I too look at the whole

I take a distance to oversee my situation:
I pay attention to all the facts
I see connections
I see what possibilities there are

Zywa Where the sun is quiet

On the back of the beast
I struggle My Struggle
thrown around in myself
by an eternal storm

I laugh me strong
and love myself enough
to be willing to change
but it is tiring

to start over and over again
Just kidding! I already know who I am
I can explain everything
including why
I like to be out of balance
within my limits

The parties are elsewhere
and heaven does not exist
but I'm safe
not bored

the bees buzz
life whistles
through the cracks

Poem 2923
Amsterdam, 2020-04-15

Keyword: Balance: 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too turn the action around

I change what happens:
I stop doing what I do
I'm going to do the opposite
I make a negative charge positive

Poem 2471
Amsterdam, 2019-10-24

You never give me your money (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Luis (the Rowan), that guards the gateway to the spirit world; the Rowan should be guided by Brigid (the goddess of fertility and poetry) and the Dragon (the symbol of inspiration and imagination)

Keyword: Sign 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too am part of the All

I experience that as direct knowing:
I do not exist independently
The energy of the All pulsates in me
I long to let go of my ego

Wizards and Sorceresses
Wizards and Sorceresses
I too wait for the time to act

I am patient:
I focus on my current situation
My past does not block me
My wishes of the future do not block me

Poem 1884
Amsterdam, 2018-10-26

Keyword: Patience / Impatience 

Priests and Priestesses
Priests and Priestesses
I too keep my body and mind clean

I live healthy:
I eat healthy
I reconsider my judgements
I do not exercise power

Zywa Saliva

I visit Epidauros
for the temple and pay
the costs at the gate

Here Health's father
heals people, a snake eats
from the bowl in her hand

I get a seat in the court
and a cup of herbal drink
Half asleep I see a snake

coming out of the temple
I feel it licking my toe
but I dream

of a young man
who gently rubs soft ointment
on the sore that torments me

I receive a rod and
the spirit of the snake
winds around it

young in a new skin

Poem 2384
Amsterdam, 2019-08-01

Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia ("Health")
Tamed snakes: Zamenis longissimus (Aesculapian snake) and Elaphe quatuorlineata (Four-lined snake)

Keyword: Health 

I too renew myself

I let the Energy flow through me:
I release energy blockages
I keep my body limber and healthy
I take rest

Zywa Wavemixtrail

I need a lot more time
to see myself

go over the waves
and in the tunnels

of breaking waves
being one with them

I need a lot more time
to see you

with me, to mix
our colours with love

to something new
being one out of two

I need a lot more time
to see other people

in the stations
which are there

to teach that we are
being one, connected

Poem 1431
Amsterdam, 2017-07-12

Keyword: Life: stream (follow) 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Emperors and Empresses
Emperors and Empresses
In me too, life is shining

I shine:
I live a simple life
I am cheerful
I am friendly

High Priests and High Priestesses
High Priests and High Priestesses
I too sanctify what I do

I take my life seriously:
I acknowledge my own holiness
I acknowledge the holiness of other beings
I acknowledge that I am connected to everything

Poem 1458
Amsterdam, 2017-07-30

Keyword: Religion: holiness 

I too experience eternity of time

I live in the flow of energy:
I feel that I am part of an energy flow
I move with the energy flow
I surrender to the eternal energy

Zywa Suns around each other

Your journey takes you further
and further away, maybe
we'll only see each other on a screen
maybe we'll only meet in words

We remain the same
we remain equally strong-
ly connected, but
I rather have you at my

home, at your home --
bodies with our voices
the blonde hairs on our skin
the same scents in our mind

You are always close
when I hear you, when I read you
yet you are there
I know about where

My feelings follow you
they circle with the others
at your side, as suns
around your suns

Poem 3940
Amsterdam, 2021-09-21

Keyword: Friendship: 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I too act according to my passion

I unfold myself:
I listen to my body
I listen to my feelings
I see possibilities

Poem 3412
Amsterdam, 2021-01-28

Keyword: Passion 

I too trust the power of vulnerability

I disarm myself:
I am powerful because of my justice
I am powerful because of my cordiality
I protect vulnerable people

Zywa Leading in prayer

Leaders grant the people
the gods they adore
because these have no power

apart from the faith
that can be guided
by leadership

In expensive robes, radiant
houses and detailed rituals
the king and the priests show

how to pray, they proclaim
the laws and forge the country
with justice to a productive order

in which everyone knows his place
from morning to evening
in prosperity and in adversity

Poem 2401
Amsterdam, 2019-09-09

Legal order - -2800
In regions with 1 million people, cohabitation rules are developed, and confirmed by religious rituals:
2800 BC Maat (Justice) in Egypt
2200 BC Shamash (Sun) in Mesopotamia
500 BC Ahura Mazda (Lord Wisdom) in Persia

Keyword: Religion: 

I too am connected to everything

At home I am everywhere:
I see the whole in the small
I am open to everything
I can pass boundaries

Zywa Empty head

Yóu have a head, with everything:
cheeks, chin, and ears, nose and
eyes that determine your position

That head of yours is full:
there is a tongue in it, with teeth
and a lot of brains, but

I don't have that myself

I am not that myself

When I think of the inside
of my skull, there is nothing:
a void

And when I concentrate on it
I just have no thoughts
as if I am completely at ease

not something, just space
an observing spirit
to whom the world appears

Poem 2704
Amsterdam, 2020-02-11

Headless - 1943
"Headless" is an insight that Douglas Harding (Lowestoft 1909-2007) received in 1943
"On Having No Head. Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious" (1961, Douglas Harding)

Keyword: Together: experience 
Tribute to: Harding, Douglas 

Wheels of Fortune
Wheels of Fortune
I too receive new opportunities from chance

I take chances:
I am confident
I accept the past
I dare to take a new path

Poem 2477
Amsterdam, 2019-10-25

Carry that weight (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Sail (the Willow), that has a strong will and a good memory, but is also moody; the Willow should be guided by Ceridwen (the moon goddess) and the Hare (the symbol of adaptation and intuition)

Keyword: Chance 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too receive energy and I pass on energy

I make contact:
I listen
I do not judge
I have compassion

Zywa Hands on my body

She's holding her hands close
above me, not quite
trusting herself

or me, what it does to me
when I am touched
by love without physical
intimacy, no marriage bond
or familiar friendship
no wound care, no help
in need, but the flow
of the flowing in me
intangible life

There is what exists, I exist
and feel that it is the love
which I mean when I think
of love, the love to be
open from head to toe
the soft warmth
of hands on my body
that cherishes me, I am
not alone

Poem 2415
Amsterdam, 2019-09-20

Keywords: Contact: touch(ed), Reiki 

Hanged persons
Hanged persons
I too am in balance with my environment

I distinguish what is stable and what is unstable:
I am grounded in reality
I don't fool myself
I see what is wobbly

Poem 2478
Amsterdam, 2019-10-25

The End (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Coll (the Hazel), whose nuts contain magic power and wisdom; the Hazel should be guided by Manannan Mac Lir (the sea god, a master of disguise) and the Salmon (the oldest and wisest animal, the symbol of inspiration and creativity)

Keyword: Balance: 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too renew

I transform:
My needs change me
My experiences change me
My relationships change me

Zywa Holy fire

The holiness of life
is not that critical when you're young
adults are so afraid

to put it at risk
but the limits lie further
than their worries tell

if you just remain elastic
not vegetating undead
as a saint according

to expectations, but consuming
who you are because of who you are
as a fire


without death

Poem 1667
Amsterdam, 2018-01-26

Keyword: New: renewal 

I too live a sober life

I live a simple life:
I confine possessions
I confine rules
I accept loss

Zywa HeartWood

I came for you, not for the wood
that you make me touch, polished
with a goldjointed split here and there --

the simplicity-beauty
of the song of time on the lute
of life, your life

You show me the snaps
and stretch the evening, you stretch yourself
to the goodnight in the hallway

In the guest bed, I caress the wood
of your heart, so much do I want
to make it burn

not to sleep alone, not patiently
wait, but start the future
which you are now dreaming

great, not patiently wait
until you want me, I want to love you
at first sight

Poem 3836
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles - 1965
Song (album "Rubber Soul")
Wabi-sabi = Simplicity-beauty, namely of wear and tear; acceptance of transience; you can safely show the scars of your life
Al-'Oed = the wood, the lute

Keyword: Simplicity 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

I too give space to other people

I am modest:
I grant everyone his views
I grant everyone his habits
I grant everyone the same amount of freedom

Poem 3420
Amsterdam, 2021-01-31

Keyword: Freedom: 

I too open myself

I set myself free:
I dare to be vulnerable
I am equal to other people
Other people are equal to me

Poem 2475
Amsterdam, 2019-10-24

She came in through the bathroom window (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Ruis (the Elder), that thrives on challenges and change, and that protects horses in the stable from evil spirits; the Elder should be guided by Cailleach Beara (the mother of the Celts) and the Raven (the symbol of healing and protection)

Keyword: Openness 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul; The Beatles 

I too show myself

I indicate the direction:
I stand up for my convictions
I dare to go my own way
I am willing to account for my actions

Zywa Gold over gold

We occasionally see each other
in a snapshot, we write
what cannot wait
when it suits us
we have to live

to be able to share
who we are, what is beating
in our hearts
relaxed or restless
what is growing

from our past
mamamother, daddyfather
everything from the past: we seek
maturity and beauty
announces it

the way my dear friend is
shining with gold
over gold
and showing me the way

Poem 1826
Amsterdam, 2018-09-02

Odysseia (Homerus) - -750
Homer's Odysseia, book 23: Athena pours beauty over Odysseus, as gold over silver
Keyword: Future: direction 
Tribute to: Homerus 

I too am thinking

I am silent:
My mind reflects the mystery of life
I think about the nature of human beings
I think about myself

Zywa Until I am

Until I am someone
who thinks, mature, a fellow human
things are being done with me

regardless of the wishes
I was born with
baked within my body

There are the wishes of others
who I trust
to teach me how

to live, and I learn
the right of the strongest
who I am not

until I offer resistance
or go away, until I can do that
and do it

until I am
because I have equal rights
I think and speak out

longing to be mature, a fellow
human, a speaker, an example
and a helper

Poem 4594
Amsterdam, 2022-07-23

Keyword: Equality: assert 

I too am wise

I think logically:
I investigate ambiguities
I investigate fears
I consult existing knowledge.

Zywa Choose position

From position to position
silhouettes are turning around
in the circle of their existence
At times a bell sounds

Ting^ Ting^, pay^ heed^
to the reality behind you
Be careful, do not maintain anything
that only has costs

Ting^ Ting^
Wake up, don't drive your thoughts
around in the merry-go-round
of laziness and amusement

Ting^ Ting^, this is serious
It's about you and me
the meaning of our lives
What do you want? Think

not^ too^
long or too short, too emotionally
not too rationally and not far
into the past or future

and act
to your common sense
not as usual
from position to position

Ting^ Ting^

Poem 1846
Amsterdam, 2018-09-24

Ting (Scapino Ballet, with The Nits) - 2018
Performance "Ting" (Scapino Ballet), music: Nits
Keyword: Reason: logic 
Tribute to: Scapino Ballett; Nits 

I too am making a new beginning

I have been reborn:
I come into a next stage of life
I'm changing in relation to my environment
I do not want to remain the same

Zywa Love in full Light

A comet strikes, the Light
disappears in the earth, it gets cold
a winter of hunger and disease

that destroys, and then
a new beginning
in the spring, the return

of the Light, the Light:
trees and shrubs burst out
birds are singing with desire

the white deer sniffs
between the birches and looks
at the Light, the Light

Oh my love, the Light, the Light

is back, come outside
I want to run, cheer, jump
and feel that you lust after me

I want to roll with you in the grass
making love in the sun, making love
in full Light, the Light

is back and everything sings
of life, o my love
the Light, the Light
the Light, the Light

is back and everything sings
of life, o my love
the Light, the Light
the Light, the Light

Poem 2469
Amsterdam, 2019-10-23

Here comes the sun (George Harrison, The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Beithe (the Birch), that is the first deciduous tree to make new leaves after the winter; the Birch should be guided by Lugh ("Light", the comet that hit the earth in 540, after which a cold wave came, with diseases and famine; Lugh is the sun god, the inventor of the arts and crafts) and the White Stag (the symbol of high ideals and high aspirations)

Keyword: New: new start 
Tribute to: Harrison, George; The Beatles 

I too will merge in the Nothing

I am part of All:
I exist in the cosmos
I am Fire, Wood, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit
I am complete

Zywa Waffaqa

Can a person be successful
if temporality denies success
exposing that it is vain, an illusion
of vanity or complacency?

Can a person be successful
if he does not know how long he will be survived
by his performance, how many generations
how many centuries of utilization?

Can a person be successful
in his own eyes, measured
by his wishes
and the years of his life?

Can a person be successful
if he makes his results
outweigh his problems
failures and efforts?

Or is a person successful if
he makes go as well as possible
what happens, the normal
daily, wherever he is

if he lets his energy flow
in harmony, attentive and caring
for the ups and downs of himself
and his loved ones?

Poem 1852
Amsterdam, 2018-09-29

Keyword: Success 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Trainees

My most important deeds
were to stop the work
to talk with you

about the rules and your ideas
to ask time after time
What is it all about?

What are we doing?
To practice the skill
to be critical

to figure out the beaten tracks
to dare to check them and
to choose the best approach

I remember your names
How did you go?
Have you become giants?

Giantesses without the vanity
of the people, who do not dare
to abide when it comes to it?

Poem 4648
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06

Keyword: Mastery 

Zywa Quartermaster

I'm a servant, I give -- space
to inspiration and objections
I fill myself with wishes
and pour them out into decisions
until contentment flows over

I don't hear complainers complain
they encourage, never getting lost
in expectations

The profit is just a balance
of round-off differences
expenditure becomes income
in the space -- of the living together
where everyone is in the middle

of nowhere special, nowhere people
everywhere, on their way to nowhere
because they are already there

Poem 3838
Amsterdam, 2021-06-14

Nowhere Man (The Beatles) - 1965
Song (album "Rubber Soul")

Keyword: Leadership 
Tribute to: Lennon, John; The Beatles 

Lilith's Powers
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