Low tide, the morning

mist surrounding my senses:

circle of silence.

Het is eb, ochtend-Ebbe, der Morgen-
mist rondom mijn zintuigen --nebel um meine Sinne --
een cirkel stilte.ein Kreis der Stille.

Poem H1046
, 2014-11-06

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Silence 

Zywa From the depths

When I feel that there is something higher
I feel, on the contrary, my body

Not looking from the depths
if there is a ladder, but
limitless, and then
I know It does not exist
as higher, but within everything
I touch, within everything I think
and inhale and exhale

What I feel is not the distance
but the proximity of the all
and I sigh from the depths
of my soul, which does not exist
the way I've learned, but
which is bodily, I feel it
when I feel that there is something higher

Poem 1097
Amsterdam, 2017-03-01

Psalm 130: De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine (From the depths I have cried out to you, o Lord)
Jacob's Stairs (Sulaam Yaakov)
Genesis 28:10-19

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Together: connected 
Keyword: Bible^ 

Zywa Germ Substance

Hidden in a belly it begins
In a bank of black seeds
in the soil, in a blood biotope

in the cortex of the unborn
and then the unpredictable path
like every snowflake comes

to earth differently, every particle
touched on its way and
formed by unique contacts

into distinct faces
that attach and detach
germinate and split

into new old germ substance
of your species of life
Hidden in a belly it begins

Poem 1290
Amsterdam, 2017-04-22

Blood biotope: fetus in the womb
Cortex: of the ovary, which contains one million viable oocytes ('egg cells') at the time of birth of a girl

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Earth: biosphere 

Zywa Let it

Seek, and ye shall find
that the answer lies
beneath a new question

After God was found
and defined
as inconceivable
people called: Yes, but
that makes it a belief!

Paul wrote it down:

The old stories are no evidence
neither is the new story
no matter how blind I've been

Go and nail it on the doors!
And yet it must
exist, look at the wonders
around you, look at everything
You shouldn't seek at all
not define, but be aware

be open to it and let it
come and go, then you have found

Poem 1307
Amsterdam, 2017-04-25

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Blind: Acts 9:8
Nail: in 1517 Martin Luther published 95 theses (Disputation on the power of indulgences), which according to later stories were posted by him on the door of the All Saints' (Castle) church in Wittenburg

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Religion: belief 
Keyword: Bible^ 

Poem 1312
Amsterdam, 2017-04-26

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life:  
Tribute to: Thales 

Zywa Chat box

I sleep well, I exercise and I eat
healthy, I can do everything

I want, my body works
I just keep going, I can
do without breaks

Do it the other way around
the teacher says
Thoughts can do a lot

but they are ghosts
above life, they know no death
and they look over suffering

I wish it was like that
then I wouldn't be sitting here
so uncomfortably

learning to silence
the chat box in my head

Poem 1363
Amsterdam, 2017-05-19

Vipassana: the body should be leading
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Awareness:  
Dedicated to: Claudia A 

Zywa Easy go

Sipping warmth
on my balcony
watching the fluxskies

Red geraniums, the full weight
of my soul resting on the earth –
sensual of well-being

my voice strolls and tells
it to a friend, andante:
the music that I am

Then at the table
the pencils arranged
draw in silence, merge

in creating, smiling
at the rainbow fan
of dry paintbrushes

little brush tails, small
penises in my sleigh of hand
(easy going)

Poem 1561
Amsterdam, 2017-09-25

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Self-expression 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa The good I receive

Non-believers too
have everything - received:
the world, my life, your life
and the duty to help each other
Everything else is possible

nothing else can go right or wrong
In all languages we wish each other
peace and happiness, the good:

It is our chance and our mission
it is my name, which I don't want to exchange
and certainly wouldn't want to lack
from her clear mouth – she's an angel
everyone hears it, non-believers too

Poem 1588
Amsterdam, 2017-10-29

For Taoufik D
Toba [Hebrew] = good >> Tobiah = the goodness of God >> Tawfik/Tevfik/Togiq/Taoufik = the ability or opportunity to achieve success

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Ethics: virtues 
Keyword: Religion: commandments 
Dedicated to: Taoufik D 

Zywa Half-light

Alone in the empty movie theatre
between the carpets
my eyes in half-light

closed, back and thighs
firmly in the chair travelling
through the buzzing space

of busy traffic
of merging and outgoing
in the distance and somewhere

a song slides by
- familiar emotions
on exits without a destination

going around the network of roads
Therefore and because no one
would remember the song

it points out, in half-light, only half
the way, but this does not matter
in the one universe of the journey

Poem 1609
Amsterdam, 2017-11-08

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Feelings 

Zywa Let me go

Hope would be the worst
that slow poison that constantly torments
because it keeps you alive

Also the hell of the rest, unleashed
by the cleaners to whom I gave the keys
takes too long for me

Emotions are haunting around me
I run to the door
but the room stretches out

A man shouts: What do you want?
Laughing he blows away
Others start to whisper yellowish

I do need skates right now
I empty all the cupboards, heated
under the burning sun

so I have to undress
and know what I want
where I am

Poem 1635
Amsterdam, 2017-11-25

Door: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" ("Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"), above the gate of hell (1307-1314, "Inferno", the first part of Dante Alighieri's "La divina commedia")

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Psyche 
Keyword: Hope 

Einstein knew it too:

the more space you can create,

the more time you'll get.

Einstein wist het ook:Einstein wusste auch:
hoe meer ruimte je zelf schept,je mehr Raum man schafft, desto
hoe meer tijd je krijgt.mehr Zeit man bekommt.

Poem H1891
Amsterdam, 2017-12-09

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Calm: space 

Zywa Mind map

On the way, I make a map
of the roads to the roads
that I do not know yet
on the small earth of my body
within the large body of It

I learn what it needs
see the roses bloom
smell the fungi and recognize
by the mushrooms feelings
I have buried

in storage holes in the ground
of my body, my earth
On the way, I make a map
of my discoveries, of the truth
of life, my soul

the temporary skin
between inside and outside
tightened between human beings
an interface, touched
and read by a few

Poem 1643
Amsterdam, 2018-01-15

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Identity:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Sweet-I

The dragon is hungry, biting
away my resistance, eating
my powers, sweet-I

is falling apart –
it just happens
and it hurts

I fight it with dragon-
killers, they do their best
my love runs back and forth

between other fronts
he doesn't tempt me
to what I need

what we could
draw a banning circle
so I just

retreat, observe where
in my battered inside
the dragon is roaring

for attention and love
for my best self
to be exposed

Poem 1644
Amsterdam, 2018-01-15

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Love: for yourself 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Trinity

Another day
of manoeuvring

in the holy triangle
of languor, passion and harmony

In my blood, lethargy is floating
lazily along banks and jetties

It lies down
in the signal boxes

of my muscles and mood
as the prey of the fighters

who ignore the night
to make a party

of my life, now or never
a plaything

of higher powers that wait
what it is worth to me

to participate, out of desire
for happiness (not lasting long)

Poem 1645
Amsterdam, 2018-01-15

Tamas (Maintenance) - Rajas (Change) - Sattva (Being)
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Balance:  

Zywa Vipassana

It's only the third day
I keep thinking, and also that
this doesn't bring me anything

My breath does, and the peace
since, for the time being, there’s nothing
to do about the facts of blood

stone, iron, the elements
of the periodic table
nothing to do, only to think

And that may be a bit less
the weighing and determining
of my advancing insight

what is good for me
in the attacks of chaos
and panic, only to think

of myself
as the creator
of my life

Poem 1649
Amsterdam, 2018-01-18

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Think 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Verbs

To have is not a verb
to have is very little
life, not the true one

Yes, I do
want to experience, enjoy
remain, therefore make
the world safer

starting with myself:
hello mirror image
today I want love

today I want to be
the two main verbs
make and be
make myself be

make you be
and then, that everything
stays with the new

Poem 1657
Amsterdam, 2018-01-21

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Love: Give To Be 

Zywa The soul

Sex is nature, the soul

makes it happen, maybe
the cells come together
and the soul grows further

in a new body
which will become an old body
that feels its temporality

with a young mind

that counts the years
and cannot comprehend
to be the soul itself

that sets its mind
on new lives
of the eternally old and

eternally young soul

Poem 1659
Amsterdam, 2018-01-22

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Soul 

Zywa What is happening

The teacher strays off
about the arts, useless
at first and afterwards
there is a use

With everything it has gone
like that, with language
it is repeated
at every birth

Babies try
to link
our sweet words
and motherese

to what is happening and thus
to come from provisional
to definite meanings
Step by step it gets useful

to talk to each other
even as a stranger
to the strangers
you don't understand

Poem 1663
Amsterdam, 2018-01-24

From Bacteria to Bach and Back: the Evolution of Minds (Daniel Dennett) (2017)
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Language 
Tribute to: Dennett, Daniel 

My heart is awake,

a beehive crowded with dreams --

bringing me honey.

Mijn hart is wakker,Mein Herz ist wach, ein
een bijenkorf vol dromen --Bienenstock voller Träume --
die honing brengen.die Honig bringen.

Poem H2380
Amsterdam, 2019-02-05

Has my heart fallen asleep? (Antonio Machado) (1907)
After the poem "¿Mi corazón se ha dormido?" (collection "Soledades. Galerías. Otros poemas.")
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Desire: wish-dream 
Keyword: Dreaming 
Tribute to: Machado, Antonio 

Zywa Tijdstrillingen

Ik denk eraan, voel het niet
toch moet het er zijn
op zijn minst even
moet het er geweest zijn

heel klein
nog groeiend

onmerkbare trillingen
die me nieuwsgierig maken
wie ik zal zijn

een harmonie
van talloze trillingen
het heelal, de eenheid
van tijd

Poem 2170
Amsterdam, 2019-03-19

?tman, the essence of all that is, creates time
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Universe 

Zywa Time is my prey

I am a vulture
and time is my prey
If it flies, I fly

faster, if it's past
I devour it
in my mind

digesting the flesh
of my experiences
and wearing out my body

until my beak is too weak
and time escapes
to its final ending

Poem 2167
Amsterdam, 2019-03-20

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Time 

If only love is

visible, what will be left --

to see of people?

Als alleen liefdeWenn nur die Liebe
zichtbaar is, wat zie je dan --sichtbar ist, was siehst du dann --
nog van de mensen?noch von den Menschen?

Poem S0858
Amsterdam, 2019-03-29

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Love: is all 

Zywa Echo-room

I am living in a box
a little box in a box
yes, robots can live

in tiny houses
without needs
except for the sun

spare parts once in a while
and commands to get out
of the rut of repetition

I am closed, a black box
that you can read
as if I were made of glass

and, you'll see: I am
a little box that thinks
out of the box

of my body
an echo-room
of the net

Poem 2189
Amsterdam, 2019-03-31

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Technics 

In Jerusalem

the sky merges with the trees --

in keppel kippahs.

In JeruzalemIn Jerusalem
versmelt de lucht met bomen --verschmelzt die Luft mit Bäumen:
in keppel keppels.in kepplen Kippot.

Poem H2424
Amsterdam, 2019-03-31

In Dutch a kippah is called "keppel"
Colour keppel #3AB09E

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Colour 

Zywa Miracles with a beginning

In the beginning man created
the thought: everything, mankind
and the earth, is a miracle
with a beginning

and anything that procreates
will die, only the sun
the stars and the stones
had no end, until later

infinity was conceived
and they even never had begun

so the rest, actually everything
that is known, the world
will have to perish one day

and, if you dare
to think it out, also
the elusive time

will not last and already now
nothing is left
but nullity

Poem 2248
Amsterdam, 2019-05-19

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Temporality 

We are consumers,

we're very hungry, we eat --

all of the planet.

Consumenten zijnKonsumenten sind
we, hongerig eten we --wir, sehr hungrig fressen wir --
heel de planeet op.den Planeten auf.

Poem S0921
Amsterdam, 2019-07-23

Collection: Being 
Keyword: People: mankind 

Zywa Spell

Lured into the cave
by curly hair
reflected on the ceiling
behind the entrance, I hope

to discover a wonder
not believing in an evil
spell that will rape me
on a chilly oyster bank

I shiver on the nail bed
that is cutting open my skin
while I repeat the mantra
It's not real, the knives

about to fall, the horror
of the maggots that slither
to my eyes and pop into
my head like dying fireworks

It's not real, It's not real
it's the cool of the mountain
it's ice drip and stalactites
it's the shiny glitter

of water on the wall, wonders
of pristine nature, feeding
my imagination with images
of what I don't want to do to her

Poem 2418
Amsterdam, 2019-09-21

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Balance:  

I'm forest bathing

in smells, waving, twittering --

scattered cracking sounds.

Ik neem een bosbadIch nehme ein Bad
in geuren, wuiven, tjilpen --in Düften, Wiegen, Zwitschern --
knappende takjes.knackenden Zweigen.

Poem H2590
Amsterdam, 2019-10-21

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Senses 
Dedicated to: Guido dP 

I pray and open

my soul very wide and deep --

Deep enough for God?

Ik bid en openIch bete, öffne
mijn ziel heel wijd en heel diep --meine Seele weit und tief --
Diep genoeg voor God?Tief genug für Gott?

Poem H2626
Amsterdam, 2019-11-17

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Religion: prayer 

Farmlands and pastures,

with the crops and the livestock --

it is peace, right there.

Akkers en weiden,Felder und Wiesen,
de gewassen en het vee --die Nutzpflanzen und das Vieh --
daar is het vrede.dort gibt es Frieden.

Poem H2633
Amsterdam, 2019-11-23

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Peace: order 

Zywa Weaving springs

It has already been two weeks
since we wrote to each other, rejoiced
weaving springs into a poem

about love in which we mix ourselves
with the candour of a friend
and our need for being connected

You rhyme with me
into an ethereal love, we create
daisies in waving fields

with kissing gates in the hawthorn
the golden keys shine
upon our hearts

Come in and play, dance
blind man's buff, reach and touch
each other's soul

Poem 2525
Amsterdam, 2019-12-02

Blind man's buff (blindfold tag) is an ancient game, popular with the wealthy bourgeoisie in the 18th century, in response to the decency norm that physical contact is prohibited
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Together:  
Dedicated to: Sylvia F C 

Poem 2661
Amsterdam, 2020-01-30

The good life (Federico Fellini) (1960)
Film "La dolce vita"
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life: lust 
Tribute to: Fellini, Federico 

Around the sun I

soul, and I am hot and cold --

within my balance.

Ik ziel om de zonIch seele um die
en ik heb het heet en koud --Sonne, mir ist heiß und kalt --
binnen mijn balans.in dem Gleichgewicht.

Poem H2686
Amsterdam, 2020-04-13

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Balance:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa The Fly

Humans can be strong
like a bear, with a gun

or a cannon, and swim
like the fastest fish, with sails

or a motor, they can
even fly with large wings

that don't need to strike
and therefore are not real wings

An airplane is a thing
the true flyer is the Fly

All birds are jealous of it
because it wears the crown

of its name, credit
where credit is due: the Fly

Poem 2963
Amsterdam, 2020-04-26

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Language 
Dedicated to: Lotte W 

He's a man, a life:

Mifune-san, Toshiro --

Nothing. Everything.

Een man, een leven:Ein Mann, ein Leben:
Mifune-san, Toshiro --Mifune-san, Toshiro --
Niets. Daarom alles.Nichts. Deshalb alles.

Poem H2699
Amsterdam, 2020-05-07

The perfection of total dedication, even if everything continues as if it doesn't matter
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Temporality 
Tribute to: Mifune, Toshiro 

Being there, that's it,

he smiles at me, gardens live --

and are never done.

Er zijn, dat is het,Dasein, das ist es,
glimlacht de tuinman, een tuin --lächelt er, ein Garten lebt --
leeft en is nooit af.und ist nie fertig.

Poem H2705
Amsterdam, 2020-05-12

Movie "Being there" (1979)
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 
Tribute to: Sellers, Peter 

The odour, a mix

of earth and decaying leaves --

of both life and death.

De gemengde geurDer Duft von Erde
van aarde en rottend blad --und verrottende Blättern --
van leven en dood.von Leben und Tod.

Poem H2708
Amsterdam, 2020-05-19

Forest air, earthy odour (geosmin)
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life:  

You, unhappy one,

life is hard, you just have to --

make it together.

Ongelukkige,Du Unglücklicher,
het leven is hard, je moet --leben ist schwer, du musst es --
het samen redden.zusammen schaffen.

Poem H2709
Amsterdam, 2020-05-29

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Together: social 

Ancient chemistry:

his pipette squirts elixir --

into her retort.

Oeroude chemie:Urchemie: seine
zijn pipet spuit elixer --Pipette spritzt Elixier --
diep in haar retort.in ihren Kolben.

Poem H2719
Amsterdam, 2020-06-12

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Sex:  

To live is to feel

that you're losing what you get --

but Goodness remains.

Leven is voelenLeben heißt fühlen:
dat je kwijtraakt wat je krijgt --man verliert, was man bekommt --
alleen Goedheid blijft.nur die Güte bleibt.

Poem H2769
Amsterdam, 2020-08-19

Monologue "Slanter, the Evil Tongue"
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Goodness / Kindness 

Keep feeling alive,

that's just what it's all about --

your body does know.

Onderweg voelenEs geht ja darum,
dat je leeft, daar gaat het om --sich lebendig zu fühlen --
je lichaam weet dat.das weiß dein Körper.

Poem H2866
Amsterdam, 2020-12-21

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life:  
Dedicated to: Ellen H 

With human knowledge

you can know your fellow men --

perhaps yourself too.

Met mensenkennisMit Menschenkenntnis
kun je anderen kennen --kann man andere kennen --
misschien ook jezelf.vielleicht auch sich selbst.

Poem H2911
Amsterdam, 2021-03-07

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Self-knowledge 

Poem 3765
Amsterdam, 2021-04-29

John Cleese (Monty Python) in 1970
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Body:  
Tribute to: Monty Python 

All my life it is

mysterious that I think --

with all my body.

Levenslang is hetSo geheimnisvoll:
geheimzinnig dat ik denk --mein ganzer Körper ersinnt --
met heel mijn lichaam.meine Gedanken.

Poem H3002
Amsterdam, 2021-08-07

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Awareness:  

In semidarkness

the cat strides from low to high --

over the white keys.

In het halfduisterDie Katze schreitet
schrijdt de kat van laag naar hoog --im Zwielicht von tief zu hoch --
over de toetsen.über die Tasten.

Poem H3048
Amsterdam, 2021-09-19

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Music:  

Zywa My world tree

Under my skull, my heaven firmament
is a world tree branching off
and that is me

Memories live there
in flashes of time
bounced at

from outside, here and there
lighting up to a memory
field, all sorts of things

in a fluent wave simultaneously
actively present, to muster
to be or not to be

a world of possibilities
all true for a second
or false and unnoticed

when the light extinguishes
and the flash of my knowing
hooks on to another memory

Poem 3943
Amsterdam, 2021-09-22

Consciousness as a series of quantum processes in the fractal structure of the neuron network of the brain
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Awareness:  

In all its colours,

life keeps unfolding in us --

deep within our soul.

In al zijn kleurenDas Leben faltet
plooit het leven zich in ons --Farben in unsren Augen --
diep in onze ziel.in unsrer Seele.

Poem H3057
Amsterdam, 2021-10-07

Baby (Gustav Klimt) (1917)
Baby in the cradle
Zywa: at the birth of Harper Elizabeth Engwerda on September 14th, 2021

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Psyche 
Tribute to: Klimt, Gustav 

Zywa White soul

My heart never stops
it goes to the end

within the trinity of time
from the green dawn
of the day, getting myself
on my feet, rising again
from my destiny

jumping back into the stream
of experiences with the power
of my passion, swimming a stroke
every now and then, drifting along
a little and letting a lot pass

beauty and cruelty, waves
of feelings and caresses
of life under the foam
of my consciousness, the white soul
of time

Poem 4002
Amsterdam, 2021-10-09

Rajas (Change) - Tamas (Maintenance) - Sattva (Being)
Rajas (red, passion, will) - nature's dynamic lust for life
Tamas (green, body) - the passive structure of nature
Sattva (white, soul) - the balanced whole of nature

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life: course 

The yellow-brown waves

of the muddy murky surf:

crowned fizzingly white.

Geelbruine golvenGelbbraune Wellen
van de troebele branding:der schlammig-trüben Brandung:
bruisend wit bekroond.sprudelnd weiß gekrönt.

Poem H3105
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-28

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Beach 

The clouds are the blood

of planet Earth, my mother --

the blood of my blood.

Wolken zijn het bloedWolken sind das Blut
van de Aarde, mijn moeder --der Erde, meiner Mutter --
het bloed van mijn bloed.Blut meines Blutes.

Poem H3174
Amsterdam, 2022-01-10

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Earth: mother 

Zywa Concurrence

The hour has struck
Immediately we forget the time
and wish each other all the best
and boredom

that blessed can do everything
with the peaceful ticking
of grandma's clock without the hands
of an agenda that calls Action!

New Year, the realization
that time in ourselves never passes
In one body we are years
of experiences that are not closed

but do themselves well
on new discoveries and occasionally
set us thinking
about how it all comes together

Poem 4903
Amsterdam, 2023-01-01

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life: stream 
Keyword: New Year^ 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Action, reaction,

the earth is just what it is --

without creator.

Actie, reactie,Aktion, Reaktion,
de aarde is wat ze is --die Erde ist, was sie ist --
zonder een maker.ohne Hersteller.

Poem H3639
Amsterdam, 2023-01-02

In reference to the movie title "Werk ohne Autor" ("Work without a maker" [released as "Never Look Away"], 2018, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
Collection: Being 
Keyword: Earth: biosphere 

From clouds from spitfire

the green mountain hails itself --

a dress of ashes.

Uit wolken uit vuurWolken aus Feuer,
hagelt de groene spitsberg --der grüne Berg hagelt sich --
zich een kleed van as.ein Kleid aus Asche.

Poem H3678
Amsterdam, 2023-01-20

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Nature: elements 

City on the hill,

in between heaven and earth --

a port by the sea.

Stad op de heuvel,Stadt auf dem Hügel,
tussen hemel en aarde --zwischen Himmel und Erde --
een haven aan zee.ein Hafen am Meer.

Poem H2312
Amsterdam, 2018-11-04

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Balance:  

A group like loose grains

is open for everyone --

to participate.

Een groep als los zandGerade Gruppen
staat voor iedereen open --wie loser Sand sind offen --
om deel te nemen.dran teil zu nehmen.

Poem H2342
Amsterdam, 2019-01-03

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Together:  

Cauliflower, figs,

the dissecting room kitchen:

I cut brains and hearts.

Bloemkool en vijgen,Blumenkohl, Feigen,
de keuken is mijn snijzaal:die Anatomieküche:
hersenen, harten.Gehirn und Herzen.

Poem H2752
Amsterdam, 2020-06-24

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Knowledge: thoughts 

I watch the bubbles

in the water, the eggs cook --

they're dancing around.

Ik kook eieren,Ich koche Eier,
luchtbellen in het water --im Wasser immer mehr Luft-
om in te dansen.blasen zum Tanzen.

Poem H3178
Amsterdam, 2022-01-20

Collection: Being 
Keyword: Life: energy 

     Collection:   Being