Zywa In love

Perhaps on a later date
four six eight
but at first two
little dolls in my eyes
who like me

Gedicht 27
Amsterdam, 2005-08-03

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

The crow builds a nest

in the axil of the tree --

very beak-handy.

De kraai bouwt een nestDie Krähen bauen
in de oksel van de boom --ein Nest in der Baumachsel --
zo snavel-handig.so Schnabel-praktisch.

Gedicht h0183
Amsterdam, 2012-01-16

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Mastery 

It is light to love

you, but also very dark --

that you are so sick.

Het is licht van jouEs ist hell um dich
te houden, maar erg donker --zu lieben, und sehr dunkel --
dat je zo ziek bent.dass du so krank bist.

Gedicht h1559
Amsterdam, 2016-10-13

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa If love is everything

   If love is everything
and the only condition
at the end of the journey
that is our love

   If love is everything
ours, the love of you and me
it never has an end
a light in the dark

   If love is everything
where you stay, where you go
if parting doesn't exist
no sadness, no missing

   If love is everything
to understand each other
and then go on
that creates meaning

   If love is everything
what we have said
our words sincere
as a confession

   If love is everything
that you grant everyone
and can give yourself
as your testimony

   If love is everything
finding her spontaneously
and then connecting
people in their history

   If love is everything
where everybody fits in
you are holding in your hand
the whole world

Gedicht 833
Amsterdam, 2016-11-16

When you only have love (Jacques Brel) (1957)
Lied "Quand on n'a que l'amour"
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love:  

Zywa Call for the owls

When I want to know something, I call

someone from the explanation folks
Strangers are my interpreters
and my guides in the web

Be my brother, my sister
give me a real kiss
We are family, we are birds

of a feather, we fly together
over the net that binds us
to what we know

: our golden rule
Hand In Hand, Have Trust
in yourself and in the things you do

Gedicht 867
Amsterdam, 2016-12-04

"We are family" (1979, text Bernard Edwards, sung by Sister Sledge)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Together: connected 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Each day a party,

I only have to make time --

and hang up garlands.

Elke dag een feest,Jeder Tag ein Fest,
als ik er maar tijd voor maak --wenn ich mir nur Zeit nehme --
en slingers ophang.und das Haus schmücke.

Gedicht h1627
Amsterdam, 2016-12-22

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Party: celebrate life 

Zywa Photos nobody else will ever see

The people who nodded
yes, that's you, those cheeks
that smiling face

in my baby photo album
those people are dead, and I
don't know anything about it

I remember the signboards
the superscriptions that I wanted to read
my eyes took pictures

that nobody else will ever see

the locks of hair on the slippery tiles
at the barber in Hesperen Street
tapping lotion into my skin

the two chestnut trees in the yard
of the kindergarten and the children
who want to sail across in the playtime

the marvel of the beechnuts
swirling down in the Wedding Avenue
(funny that there is no church there)

Handfuls of nuts I took with me
my memory has pictures of it
which I will not forget

Gedicht 959
Amsterdam, 2017-01-17

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Memory:  

Zywa Reserved

I want his face
nicely towards me

I don't want to tear it open
because he chooses
me this weekend

I want his stubble
his fabric softener

he is so different
from the men of my friends
with their itchy sperm

I want his words
his withheld love

for me under clothes
of inaccessibility

Gedicht 975
Amsterdam, 2017-01-23

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 
Opgedragen aan: Sheree P 

Zywa Eyes my hands

Kim is at a sleepover
the whole house is for me
my silence my music

I can jump as much as I like
the whole bed is for me
my skin my desire

for disordered bedding
the whole mirror is for me
my eyes my hands

the pearls shine
in my areolae my fur
in my eyes my hands

Kim is at a sleepover
For the first time I see my mother
standing naked in my body

Gedicht 977
Amsterdam, 2017-01-24

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Identity:  
Opgedragen aan: Sheree P 

Zywa Yes I do

Ignorant, I felt confident
but since her later is earlier
than we thought when we signed
it suddenly comes

down to every ordinary day
to what is keeping me
from being nice to her

the love of my Yes
I do

I hesitate to repeat that
Her condition, our problems
I must knowingly forget
to be able to live

ordinary days, in love
with the promising incertainties
in the hands of the filly

of my Yes
I do

Gedicht 983
Amsterdam, 2017-01-29

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love:  
Opgedragen aan: T D 

Zywa !!

That sense of yellowing and falling
to an adornment around my feet
the richness of what was, what wasn't

missing, I know that well
but I'm not looking at it
the way my friends do

Only for a while do they join me
down in my beauty and gratitude
and then they quickly stand back

aside again
looking into the pit
in which I am budding

That sense of hard work
on the balance beam and whoopee
I live, io vivo, I know that well

I do not fall, I plus up
and subtract, step by step
I go further than they do

Gedicht 1066
Amsterdam, 2017-02-23

The abbreviation of io (hi, hurray) was i, but for clarity, it was turned upside down to !
The international student song "Io vivat" originated in Leiden during the Batavian Republic (1795-1801)

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Disease:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Love my love

O love my love, the summer's been so bright
     the gaily colours faint in fading light
my whitish skin is turning snowy white
     the world is now rotating to the night

And though there's just a short time left to give
     delights of love to one another, you
will keep my spirit and my soul in who
     you've grown to be as long as you will live

I hear you boil the water, making tea –
     our love is still the same as years ago
with all your heart you put a heart in me
     and give the autumn light its golden glow

The future keeps receding, no tomorrow
     but I am feeling safe to close my eyes
when in your arms asleep my body lies
     when in your arms asleep my body lies

Gedicht 1123
Amsterdam, 2017-03-04

Danny Boy (Frederic Weatherly) (1910)
Song ("A Londonderry Air", 1792)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Goodbye:  
Eerbetuiging: Weatherly, Frederic 

Zywa Friends

Sometimes the moon is round
sometimes she is a boat
in which I can sail up

when I go to sleep, and then
you are sailing with me
to the sun

of the next day
We wave to the stars
to the great and the little

Bear and Sirius the Dog
and we sprinkle kisses
to the people

with sparkles in all colours
of very nice dreams
about having fun with friends

helping each other, living
together, because that's me
such a friend, your friend

Gedicht 1341
Amsterdam, 2017-05-10

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  
Opgedragen aan: Lotte W 

Zywa Not for the other

With children it is different
you must give them opportunities

to practice, parents too, and
subs, trainees and of course

the people who are in love
or otherwise biased

Apart from that, the talents are divided
and everyone has diplomas

for his capabilities, well
not for friendship

which you get, or not
and as long as it lasts

as long as both of you are honest
about what you feel and need

as long as you don't think for the other
afraid of being a burden on her

in her own life, however sweet
she may be, willing to suspend

her own needs for me, just as I
would do for her, if

Gedicht 1343
Amsterdam, 2017-05-11

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Zywa Conbody

Wordless reunion
first, I sense his flanks

his hands over my back
with closed eyes

pressed against each other
who knows the time

Then, with all our muscles
talking our naked self

reflected in the love
of one another's soul: we are

inviolably strong
(though we do have doubts)

Over the roots of breathing
and eating we are singing life

in different words
with the same meaning

Gedicht 1371
Amsterdam, 2017-05-22

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Reunion 

Zywa Saturday morning

Saturday morning breakfast
in bed, each part of
my body in its place

at ease, happiness down to my toes
the sun shining andante over
the birds in the garden and you

say: you are beautiful
the elephants colour
with your skin

The brown elephants
on the pillows
and there, our dance

on the picture at the table
it exists here and now
timeless and spacious

Gedicht 1381
Amsterdam, 2017-05-27

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Harmony: relaxation 
Opgedragen aan: Dory dK 

Zywa Springtail

I dont have to rest
ánymore than I need
the rest is a loss of time

Life is jumping
and eating experiences:
every day a Sunday

Tasting and digesting together
and the moon in the evening
but that doesnt interest you

Ánd it is cold in winter
and still light in summer
when I have to go

to sleep, we make the
exceptions whatever
the consequences

for others, for
carefree fun, fully
celebrating that we exist

Gedicht 1426
Amsterdam, 2017-06-21

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Welling heart

Only afterwards do I know
that a rose is happiness
and seeing a rose is happiness

going by, so I want you
to well up inside me again
when I'm standing still, touched

before a blushing rose
which opens its petals -
not for me, yet

also for me, and I watch
timeless, thoughtless, ignorant
of budding pain

the rose as I watch you: happiness
is welling up in my heart and in my body
are warm waves freely surging outward

like when rose petals
unfold fast forward
into a euphoric state of happiness

Gedicht 1432
Amsterdam, 2017-07-12

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: Give To Be 
Trefwoord: Happiness: fulfilment 

Zywa Two-part

When he cried, I listened
I looked at him without

saying anything, I don't know what
time it was, whether it was busy

in the street, in what kind of room
we were, I didn't look or listen

past him, his words were
low and slow, like a bass

in my silence
and later

my questions sang
as a cello, along

with his story and my feelings
accompanied his grief

That's how we walked through the pain together
Nothing else

Gedicht 1476
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Zywa With which humans human

I wake up

in the bright light
of the judge's chair
to answer

who I've been

this last day and
what it was heading for and
which choices I made and

it does not matter

how pleased I was
with myself and the music
of compliments for my work

and it does not matter

what I got done
or how able I was
in arranging and resolving

my own mistakes

and other people's business
and always hearing the question
with which humans I was human –

the attentive listeners

take accurately note of everything
in calligraphic writing on handmade paper
let me sign it

and throw it away gracefully

into the everlasting fire
in which my omissions disappear forever
and the lack of my deeds is blackening

a brand in my soul

Gedicht 1497
Amsterdam, 2017-08-08

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Ethics:  

Zywa Real without mirrors

What's the use of being beautifully young
dressed with decency and expectations

hidden in a rented room
full of love, waiting for an answer

why these years are not bubbling
and exulting with immortal pleasure

real each day
without mirrors

of the fantasy
of caressing hands

Gedicht 1520
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 

Zywa Dry on dry

I like to look at you
still want to
pull the towel away
wrap me up in you, wet on wet
It used to be possible more often
always, I think, it is almost all
we need

Now my thoughts caress
your body in the golden
mean between longing
and receiving, tame
we lie together
until it gets too hot
or uncomfortable

My hand strokes
good night
over your sweet curve

Gedicht 1522
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: relationship 

Zywa Lichtschip

Er komen steeds meer kleuren in de vlag
tot het hele spectrum straalt als een zon
een baken
op de onrustige reis

Het is maar een vlag
geweldloze communicatie
in de wind
een zwijgende blik

De stok een toverstaf
een zieneres, baken
van geduld
uit goed hout gesneden

Eik en linde, vlier, vijg en kers
de bomen van Moeder Aarde
beuk en berk, ceder, cipres
zoveel meer dan olm en es

Een helende staf
met een kleed om te dragen
in de kleuren van onze ziel
alle kleuren van het licht

Gedicht 1530
Ufhusen, 2017-08-27

Rainbow flag
Poem "Völuspá" ("Prophecy of the Sorceress/Seeress"):
The three forefathers of the divine Aesir (Breathing creatures/Asians), Odin, Vili and Ve, formed the female human from the elm tree/vine (embla) and the male human from the ash tree (asker)

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: People: fellow man 

Zywa After the years of romance

I just let the pointless anger
rage around in my head
and bang the door

behind my sadness
searching for a way out
of your incomprehension

which I can not bear
I am suffering, knowing not
to be a child, you not my mother

who could read my face
whether open or closed
We have to take pains:

married love, wanting
to go together through life
under a yoke, not running away

after the years of romance

Gedicht 1558
Amsterdam, 2017-09-25

iugum = yoke
coniunx = spouse, "joined together"

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Loyalty 

Zywa Showing colours

Call them white, grey or black
the clouds of nice words

and concealments
in which I'm standing

for the sake of convenience while
taking one step closer is easy

I don't have to know much
maybe even nothing

of you
to dare to show

my colours: brown
my thoughts, mosaic

my emotion, without any pink
of shame – my supreme

and most beautiful, honest
I, worthy of myself

and the all-seeing eye
of the world, blue

is my blue, violet my violet
no gold, nor filters

Gedicht 1564
Amsterdam, 2017-10-08

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Self-expression 

Zywa My beautiful for you

Still after all the years
the mystery
which I love most -

I am often amazed
at your image of me
which you mirror to me
your story to my thoughts

words and deeds, my promise
to you, my more and less
beautiful for you -
beautiful for you

by the question in your eyes
which desire my love
and call my name
Where are you?

Gedicht 1586
Amsterdam, 2017-10-29

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: mystery 

Zywa Love in and out

Afterwards I make up
what it was and is:
nothing to save
nothing at all to keep
only letting go what is

collected or locked up
in anxiety and pose -
my body connected in confidence
to the world, as good and as bad
as it is, that's all

In his warm hands
a gentle sun shone and in his words
I was safe, I felt no limits
but love flowing in and out
of my full glory

Gedicht 1587
Amsterdam, 2017-10-29

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: is all 
Trefwoord: Reiki^ 

Zywa With reserve
(it's for yourself)

Is being mature being amazed
when nudity isn't disarming
and enabling to tenderness

only, a body, a human being
neither eyes, scared, asking
or embracing, and also

is being mature following
your own way, responding
to each other's needs

not like children, wishing
to be safe in one another
not limitless enthusiastic

inexhaustible and unconditional
but together, working, working
together, bearing out of love

the burdens and the suffering
of life, of you and me
together, not for anyone else

not leaving it for anyone else
wishing to do that
for yourself

Gedicht 1600
Amsterdam, 2017-11-05

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Ethics:  

Zywa I give myself

I give myself
to be read

that's an act
not a desire

it is surrender
not fearing danger

it is sharing and healing
who we are

releasing together
what is stuck

a bond
of freedom

Gedicht 1601
Amsterdam, 2017-11-05

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Freedom:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

I hear you, the song

of your face, of your body --

that tells everything.

Jou verstaan, het liedIch verstehe dich,
van jouw gezicht, jouw lichaam --das Loblied deines Körpers --
dat alles vertelt.das mir alles sagt.

Gedicht h1928
Amsterdam, 2017-12-27

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Zywa Where are you?

Where are you?
Witchfinger moss
shows you the way in the woods

I watch, I reach
my green hands
are leaking love

my head shakes seeds
into the world, friends
eat them

fairy tales will grow
from them, give them hugs
and tears, where are you?

I am the tree of your soul
that you can embrace
come with your cheek

put it against my belly, take
my belly in your lap
just come

and heal from the welts
of life, come
sing and jump

not only underground
I want to be
connected with you

Gedicht 1661
Amsterdam, 2018-01-23

Witchfinger moss: translation of the Dutch name of physcia tenella
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Together: connected 

Zywa You count on it, a home

I sleep on this couch because
at home, it doesn't go right now
you know it happens

My friends do
what they can
they help me

Not so much to help me
but as the answer
to my unspoken question

Of course
things are changing
and of course

I am still safe
here, together, here
in this house

is my safe square, a bed
here are their hands, reaching
to my hand

Gedicht 1669
Amsterdam, 2018-01-27

The square (Ruben Östlund) (2017)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  
Eerbetuiging: Östlund, Ruben 

My heart skips a beat,

once a flash and forever --

we kiss each other.

Mijn hart slaat over.Mein Herz überspringt,
één keer een flits en eeuwig --nur éin Blitz und für immer --
kussen we elkaar.werden wir küssen.

Gedicht h2028
Amsterdam, 2018-02-13

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

Zywa You are back

We are embraced in the bath
of our friendship, unharmed
by the curiosity
of my family, caressing

You wander off
to the eyes of my sister
in which we are desirably naked
with a vigorous member

I notice it and revert

You are back, close
Everywhere is your body
adjusting itself softly
to my soul, fulfilled

is my sleeping desire
for your warm body
full of all the years
since we were together

and were not together

Gedicht 1671
Amsterdam, 2018-02-14

Collection: Without reserve 

Gedicht 1797
Amsterdam, 2018-07-27

Come on to me (Paul McCartney) (2018)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex:  
Eerbetuiging: McCartney, Paul 

Zywa defenceless powerful

In love, every time
again, instantly

from you, your face
whoever you are
whatever you see

not me
because then I wouldn't have time
to think this, wondering

how the mirror works
and what you see
when you see me

We don't need words
I could be deaf
and just as touched

open up with love
to see you
live, powerful

in better and worse

Gedicht 1947
Amsterdam, 2018-11-30

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

Proudly living large

with many colours to show:

the elephant strides.

Fier en groot leven,Stolz und groß leben,
alle kleuren laten zien:alle Farben vorzeigen:
de olifant schrijdt.der Elefant schritt.

Gedicht h2418
Amsterdam, 2019-03-26

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Identity: personality 

I need you indeed,

however I need you less --

than I do love you.

Zeker, ik heb jouIch brauche dich zwar,
wel nodig, maar toch minder --aber zum Glück weniger --
dan ik van je houd.als ich dich liebe.

Gedicht h2652
Amsterdam, 2019-12-27

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: nourishes 

Loving you is light

and dark is the suffering --

that you share with me.

Van jou te houdenDich lieb zu haben
is licht, en donker is het --ist hell, und dunkel ist das --
lijden dat jij deelt.Leiden das du teilst.

Gedicht h2685
Amsterdam, 2020-04-12

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Shall I open up

to this man, shall I venture --

on falling in love?

Zal ik het wagen,Wage ich es mal,
me open te stellen, en --mich zu öffnen, wage ich --
verliefd te worden?mich zu verlieben?

Gedicht h2725
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

So long and winding,

there is no end tot the kiss

paths in the forest.

Zo lang en bochtig,So lang und kurvig,
er komt geen eind aan de kus-ohne ein Ende, die Kuss-
paadjes in het bos.pfade durch den Wald.

Gedicht h2732
Amsterdam, 2020-06-17

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

Your smell: predicting

that I will be smooth, sliding --

into your desire.

Jouw geur voorspelt meDein Geruch sagt mir,
dat ik glad zal zijn, glijden --ich werde glatt sein, gleiten --
in jouw verlangen.in dein Verlangen.

Gedicht h2745
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

As warm spring water

your hand flows over my skin --

I become liquid.

Als een warme bronWie warmes Wasser
stroomt jouw hand over mijn huid --fließt deine Hand über mich --
tot ik vloeibaar word.Ich werde flüssig.

Gedicht h2746
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex:  

Zywa Knowing what is going to happen

I know what's going to happen
and that's great, I don't have to
pay attention, not to
worry about anything

not about my belly, my breasts
not about what I do
and what he wants me to do
It is all known

the kisses, the repetition
of caressing hands
the teasing delay
We can surrender

I like to see his face
when he doesn't know who he is
and neither I do
have thoughts about myself

when we are just driven
and see it, in each other's eyes
without secrets, only this way
is a person without secrets
– shameless

Gedicht 3163
Amsterdam, 2020-09-12

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: mystery 

Hi, I don't know you,

but who would I wait for now --

that you are with me?

Dag, ik ken je niet,Ich kenne dich nicht,
maar op wie zou ik wachten --aber: kein Warten mehr, jetzt --
nu jij bij mij bent?wo du bei mir bist!

Gedicht h2840
, 2020-11-29

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Care:  

Zywa Heavenly dew

When people pray, they pray
for rains of righteousness
dewing from the high heavens

that quench their desire
and redeem their souls
in the midst of life

from which they suffer
reaching for an angel
of comfort and encouragement

a helping hand
even if it can only help
to help others together

and to greet the flowers
that shoot up where it was not possible
and to greet the flowers
that shoot up where it was not possible

Gedicht 3293
Amsterdam, 2020-11-30

Date of death of Kees J; every year at the end of the Advent, he sang in the church the song "Rorate" (Isaiah 45:8): Rorate caeli desuper, et nubes pluant justum (Heavens, drop down dew from above, and clouds, rain the just)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Care:  
Opgedragen aan: Kees J 

I am a house full

of good will, you are welcome --

to make peace with me.

Ik ben een huis volWilkommen, mein Haus
goede wil, je bent welkom:ist voller Wohlgefallen:
sticht vrede met mij.schließ Frieden mit mir.

Gedicht s1105
Amsterdam, 2020-12-12

Luke 2:14 (KJV) "on earth peace, good will toward men"
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Neighbours: love 

Listening to you,

in powerless knowledge, I --

dare to be your friend.

Naar jou luisteren,Machtlos mitwissend
machteloos medeweten --höre ich dir zu, wage --
jouw vriend durven zijn.es dein Freund zu sein.

Gedicht h2873
, 2020-12-23

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Zywa Struck

I know the names
and some pictures

of your friends, unfamiliarly
we would greet each other

there are no words
to share your wonder

We want to, but we can't
explain, we don't want to explain

because already while conceiving
every onset misses your essence

I have to accept
to be confused

every time, and forever

you are wherever
on my mind

Gedicht 3368
Amsterdam, 2021-01-15

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  
Opgedragen aan: Jan Aart K 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Kisses of Bliss

You sleep and I watch --
tired, but happy
with you, a dream
that has come true

With you, I know more
of happiness, with you
I know myself more
With you, I am new

With you, the world is full
of your wonder
Together we fold ourselves
around you into a safe house

where you discover the wonders
of the world, the squeak
of the rose-ringed parakeets and
the carpet of winter aconite

And I watch
along with you, with your finger
pointing into the world
and then back to you

Gedicht 3396
Amsterdam, 2021-01-23

At the birth of Julia
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Happiness: fulfilment 
Opgedragen aan: Magda S 

To love is to give

and to be, it is caring --

to be Give To Be.

Liefde is gevenLiebe ist geben
en zijn, het is heel zorgzaam --und sein, es ist sehr sorgsam --
Geven Te Zijn zijn.Zu Sein Geben sein.

Gedicht h2927
, 2021-03-31

After poem 1498. Give To Be (0352. Geven Te Zijn, October 31th, 2014)
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love:  

Zywa Explod

Your kisses drizzle under my skin
they buzz in all directions
My arms and legs are panting

Your breath, I feel it whispers
that I am enchanted forever
My desire sighs for more

Your hands splashpatter
they rustle me completely wetterwet
My sweat gushes in your mouth

Your muscles dance and drone
they sulphurize thunder in my nose
My ears sough and sizzle

Your pelvis rages in me
pommels of fireworks explode
hunted by my heart

Gedicht 3823
Amsterdam, 2021-05-24

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex:  

I want to feel you,

yellow leg, blue arm, and red --

tightly intertwined.

Ik wil je voelen,Ich will dich fühlen,
geel been, blauwe arm, en rood --gelbes Bein, blauer Arm, rot --
ineengestrengeld.eng eingeflochten.

Gedicht h2975
, 2021-06-29

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Contact:  

Zywa Friends, Peace

My friend, my peace
with you, I eat, I drink --
carefree about what I like
to eat, drink and do

My friend, my peace
with how it goes --
the help I need
and the attention I do not give

My friend, my peace
with whom I am, shamefree --
past puberty for a long time
I don't have to hide anything anymore

My friend, my peace
You see me, I see you --
wherever we are
we are not alone

My friend, my peace
I don't have to give you anything --
I am there myself, just like you, both
we know who we are

Gedicht 3929
Amsterdam, 2021-09-02

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

We're walking along,

I see what you see, and I --

point out what I see.

Ik loop met je mee,Ich geh mit dir, seh,
ik zie wat jij ziet en wijs --was du siehst und ich zeige --
jou aan wat ik zie.dich was ich sehe.

Gedicht h3045
, 2021-09-16

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: On the way 

Bumping into each

other always made us laugh --

it was fun. Back then.

Tegen elkaar opGegen einander
botsen, we lachten erom --aufstoßen, wir hatten Spaß --
het was fijn. Vroeger.es war toll. Damals.

Gedicht h3046
, 2021-09-17

Short story
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Contact:  


parents just for a short time --

children all their life.

Onmisbaar, oudersUnverzichtbar, das
zijn dat kort, hun kinderen --sind Eltern kurz, die Kinder --
zijn het levenslang.sind's auf Lebenszeit.

Gedicht h3065
Amsterdam, 2021-10-14

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Parents: parenthood 

I open my soul

for the Force I recognise --

in the one I meet.

Ik open mijn zielIch öffne mich für
voor de Kracht die ik herken --die Macht, die ich erkenne --
in wie ik niet ken.in Unbekannten.

Gedicht h3089
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-25

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Life: energy 

We kiss on the beach,

our worries are blown away:

space for each other.

Kussend op het strand,Wir küssen am Strand,
waaien onze zorgen weg:Sorgen sind weggeblasen:
ruimte voor elkaar.Raum für einander.

Gedicht h3106
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-28

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: is all 

We like each other,

your big nose, my port-wine stain --

are not to be spurned.

Wij zien elkaar graag,Deine Großnase,
jouw grote neus, mijn wijnvlek --mein markantes Feuermal --
versmaden we niet.verschmähen wir nicht.

Gedicht h3234
Amsterdam, 2022-03-23

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Beauty: body 

Children take notice

of naked people and sex --

That's their innocence.

Kinderen lettenKinder achten auf
op blote mensen en seks --nackte Menschen und Sex, das --
Dat is hun onschuld.ist ihre Unschuld.

Gedicht h3474
Amsterdam, 2022-09-28

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Perception: observation 

Zywa This is real

He is grazing, getting closer
invisible to people
Only the birds watch

His warm breath undresses me
sucking he explores my desire
I smell what it does to him

One by one, he carefully pulls
off each scale from me
I let go of my imagination

and follow my body
This is real, the mystery
of love, without an outside

My skin trembles in all
my organs, in every cell
of my consciousness

I read my namelessness
in his eyes, this is real
really not romance

Gedicht 4709
Amsterdam, 2022-10-09

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex: lust 

Zywa Known

We talk a lot, it can be
about everything, carefully
no misunderstandings

when it becomes intimate
and we explore how far
we dare to show ourselves

how shamelessly
curious we're allowed to be
about what is hidden

in uncertainty, longing
for the confirmation
that it is good, we

are good as we are
a loss, if we were
to fall out of the attention

of the other, no longer
celebrating life

Gedicht 4754
Amsterdam, 2022-10-24

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Friendship: conversations 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

People are equal,

Article 1 states, but who --

does obey the law?

Mensen zijn gelijk,Die Menschen sind gleich,
stelt Artikel 1, maar wie --laut Artikel 1, aber --
houdt zich aan de wet?wer folgt dem Gesetz?

Gedicht s1650
Amsterdam, 2023-01-29

Article 1 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands reads: "All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: People: fellow man 
Trefwoord: Ethics: laws 

The Guanyin statue:

her eyes have lost their colour --

but they see my need.

Het beeld van Kwanyin:Die Guanyin Skulptur:
haar ogen zijn verveloos --ihre farblose Augen --
maar ze zien mijn nood.sehen meine Not.

Gedicht s0008
Amsterdam, 2011-11-30

Variant: Maria statue
Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Care: neighbours 

Incense, myrrh, and gold:

gifts for the love of the child --

inside each of us!

Wierook, mirre, goud:Weihrauch, Myrrhe, Gold:
voor de liefde van het kind --für die Liebe des Kindes --
in ieder van ons!in jedem von uns!

Gedicht h2334
Amsterdam, 2018-12-12

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Love: for yourself 

You roll off sweaty,

an eternal slumber grows --

crystals on our skin.

Bezweet rol jij weg,Verschwitzt rollst du weg,
een eeuwige sluimer groeit --ein ewiger Schlummer wächst --
kristallen op ons.Kristalle auf uns.

Gedicht h2748
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex: have sex 

There, deeply planted

by your finger mouth, the seed --

tickles in my soil.

Het zaad, diep geplantDer Samen, tief aus
uit jouw volle vingermond --deinem Fingermund, kribbelt --
kriebelt in mijn grond.in meiner Erde.

Gedicht h2749
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex: conception 

Please, do come, will you?

As quickly as possible --

I'm itching for you!

Kom je? Alsjeblieft,Kommst du? Bitte, komm
het moet, zo vlug mogelijk --so schnell wie möglich, es muss --
Ik heb jeuk naar jou!Ich jucke nach dir!

Gedicht h3286
Amsterdam, 2022-05-08

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Sex: desire 

Zywa Happier than I think

Nice activities are enough
they don't have to be
thought of every minute, and also not be
thought about, let alone be counted

Doing ordinary things
eating together or quietly
sweeping the house, listening
to music, a song

that understands me
talking with a child
walking the world
and discovering it, I am

happier than I think
I can see the sun coming up
and then wake my children
without saying a word

Gedicht 4474
Amsterdam, 2022-05-09

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Happiness: relaxation 

Under the cedar

next to my house is a bench --

for new encounters.

Onder de cederUnter der Zedern
voor mijn huis staat een tuinbank --vor meinem Haus ist ein Bank --
voor ontmoetingen.für Begegnungen.

Gedicht h3291
Amsterdam, 2022-05-12

Collection: Without reserve 
Trefwoord: Together: meeting 

     Collection:   Without reserve