Zywa The small world

When my friend comes
I don't have to do
anything to make things
happen, shamelessly

we are who we want to be
we let warm breaths
play with happiness
in our blood, and exchange

words for bites
of peace in our belly
- the small world
   of contentment

   in the big world
   of striving -
until we are satisfied
and stop laughing

Gedicht 620
Amsterdam, 2016-04-05

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

We will remain friends,

it's familiar to us how --

different we are.

We blijven bevriend,Wir bleiben Freunde,
het is voor ons heel vertrouwd --unsere Unterschiede --
hoe anders we zijn.sind uns sehr vertraut.

Gedicht h1556
, 2016-10-11

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

I like your sweet lips

licking the love from my lips --

eating heartily.

Ik wil jouw lippenLass deine Lippen
mijn lippen laten likken --meine Lippen ablecken --
smullend van liefde.die Liebe schmausen.

Gedicht h1579
Amsterdam, 2016-10-30

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: lust 

Gedicht 1413
Amsterrdam, 2017-06-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: lust 

Zywa In the dark at my window

Light dances out from the club
It colours the wind
in my net curtain

The rain rustles and splashes
in the greasy gleam of the wet film
over the mud road through the village

A woman and a man appear
and play in their underwear
They push and slide

Mud on their skin, I watch
and undress in the dark
Where is my darling?

Gedicht 1578
Amsterdam, 2017-10-26

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Sex: desire 

Zywa Again

The click of the key
the shoes in the cabinet
the slight rustle in the toilet

and intimately the gleam
under the bathroom door, his smell
entering at my feet

So predictable
how he slides towards me
carefully warming his hands

under his armpits
to caress me
from sleep to wonderful

and to make me stretch out
in a sea of time
where the wind rises

and hands and mouths
rush unstoppably
till the sky clears

And then

Gedicht 1584
Amsterdam, 2017-10-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Sex: have sex 

Zywa At home

The wash turns and hums
It sounds content
No birds, quiet
as in a dream

You got up early, I know
how you unfold a shirt
pull it over and enjoy
the cool fabric

     I don't feel like
     getting dressed yet, wait
     at the kitchen counter

     until the tea is brewed
     then I fold your clothes
     very precisely and lay them
     in the closet. What shall I

     cook for you tonight
     and what shall I wear?
     First something warm
     to do the grocery shopping

Gedicht 1585
Amsterdam, 2017-10-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Happiness: in love 

Zywa Half days

Awakening with a start, I softly push
over your snoring, reassured

I sink back in fatigue, dreaming
to catch up what I don''t come around to

in my half days of little
care for Missy, you and me

Sometimes I have to keep kissing you
have to weep you wet for more

time, doing more, living bigger
with less sleep, I do have so much

to give what I dont come around to
in my half days of little

care for Missy, you and me

Gedicht 1619
Amsterdam, 2017-11-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

We wanted to say

so much, we told everything --

with our eyes only.

We wilden zo veelWir wollten so viel
vertellen, zeiden alles --sagen, erzählten alles --
met onze ogen.mit uns'ren Augen.

Gedicht h1906
Amsterdam, 2017-12-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Contact: eyes 

Zywa aiMe

Just going to bed alone
at midnight, it makes no sense
to warm his place for him
or to guess in recovery position
where he could be

At times I find an M
in a heart somewhere
with a smile
I put that note
in my yearbook

When I go peeing at night
I see him lie, being awake
enough to get confused
by the odour of his sleep
and then I have to wait

Take all the time in the morning
For love

Gedicht 1655
Amsterdam, 2018-01-20

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: patience 

Zywa Lying in you

Lie in you
let me lie in you
lie in your body
as long as we wish, as long
as we want to

Not loose, not apart
when I think of that
I fall
to pieces
in my own arms, afraid

to reach out my hand
in bed in the middle of the night
and wake up forever
without you, without your
eyes and mouth

Gedicht 1693
Amsterdam, 2018-02-26

Hold me / In my sleep I reach out my hand (Hildegard Knef) (1970)
Songs "Halt mich fest" (1967, lyrics and vocals Hildegard Knef, music Hans Hammerschmid) and "Im Schlaf strecke ich meine Hand aus" (1970, lyrics and vocals Hildegard Knef, music Hermann Thieme)
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love:  
Eerbetuiging: Knef, Hildegard 

Zywa Twilight

All the little shutters opened up
feeling what is going on
in the twilight
within me

not fantasizing
feeling what is going on
outside, over there, a farewell
their arms around each other

and all the way long
my legs are tired
from the runner who smiles
at the happy woman

tears in my eyes
over the baby in her pram
it is getting dark
my window a mirror

in which my preliminary self
asks for love
for my marriage
under construction

and for my body
oh mirror image
I love you
I do what I can

Gedicht 1697
Amsterdam, 2018-02-28

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: for yourself 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Waiting

Lost in the women's section
harmless smiling clumsy
I saw, wanted you

I let you cook for me
and wait after dinner
for a next time, love

is waiting and waiting
is being alive, you were confused
you wanted me

to pamper me, to cook for me
and you had fantasies, patiently
waiting, about a night

with me, love
that will last a lifetime
an adventure of differences

that make our hearts falter
with misunderstandings, but then
they relax again

Gedicht 1750
Amsterdam, 2018-05-05

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 

Zywa Night after a long evening

The stars are living bright
seen from my bed
very deep
inside the window frame

Comfortably cool you lie beside me
but my skin is burning
where I miss you, you
are sleeping satisfied

after the long evening
in this longhouse, where we
only dared to make love
restrainedly, not used

to hear it from others
For the rest I don't hear anything
but rustling rain
that warm pleasure

of the children, and for us
if there had been no neighbours
who would be ashamed
So we did not do that

and we did it quietly
like the lash mites
that let us sleep
when they mate

Gedicht 1781
Amsterdam, 2018-06-02

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Sex: desire 

You flutter inside

me and my hands butterfly --

to touch and feel you.

Jij vlindert in mij,Du falterst in mir,
mijn handen fladderen mee --meine Hände flattern mit --
en betasten jou.und betasten dich.

Gedicht h2185
Amsterdam, 2018-06-18

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 

Zywa Your faces

Certainly, I can recognize
your belly
with which nobody else is familiar

and if you had no arms
no legs and if possible
also no belly anymore

you would still be exactly you
even without hair and ears
you would still have your faces

being enigmatically
and incomprehensibly
yourself, no matter how

I experience you
in admiration
with open senses

and in the curious amazement
of anyone who is taking notice
of you, then wishing to stay

Gedicht 1818
Amsterdam, 2018-08-25

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: People:  

Zywa Passport Love

You have boundaries too, haven't you?
I do hear you, but I won't let you
in with your feelings, because
there is no room for them

You'll first have to win
enough love with me
as a passport, and even then
you may not get any further

than a waiting room
where you are spun in
by the sticky silk
of my own feelings

As a child, I have learned
that it certainly does not help
to start nagging or tickling
and that you'd better think

that I love you anyway

Gedicht 1942
Amsterdam, 2018-11-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 

Zywa Streamo (Flowing)

I know too many people, seriously
I am very, very busy

calling them and having tea together
it can not be done, my day

is too short and life is sand
leaking out of my hand

Of course, I must not clench
it is only an illusion

hiding that I am lying
in the body of the earth

breathing in her lungs
and eating in her belly

flowing in her existence
with my love, my lover and my friends

together, wherever we are
at the same time fully conscious

that the weeks are running through the years
and the years through our lives

Gedicht 1945
Amsterdam, 2018-11-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa A full life

The old library: full

of preserved books
hard-cover descriptions
of the world, obvious

as it once was, shelf after shelf
centuries and days, the times
have changed, people have not

I experience their fortunes, I
dream of it, and all the more
my hungry body reaches

out, to belong closely together
eye for an eye, arm for an arm
and laugh for a laugh

to smell and to feel, to enjoy
the warmth, to shiver from the cold
and sometimes to cry together with grief

in a full life

Gedicht 1994
Amsterdam, 2018-12-15

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: energy 

Please hurry, help me,

I'm craving for attention --

Tell me a secret!

Help me alsjeblieft,Hilf mir, ich sehne
ik snak naar aandacht, vertel --nach Aufmerksamkeit, sag mir --
me gauw een geheim!doch ein Geheimnis!

Gedicht s0854
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Secret 

I'm getting married,

yes, on the Day Of My Life --

then: the afterplay!

Ja, ik ga trouwen,Ich heirate, am
op de Dag Van Mijn Leven --Schönsten Tag Meines Lebens --
en dan: het naspel!und dann: das Nachspiel!

Gedicht s0856
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

Variant: afterplay >> afterlife
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Marriage 

Day 1 of Year 1:

our country flowers with peace --

times of happiness.

Dag 1 van Jaar 1:Tag 1 im Jahr 1:
er bloeit vrede in ons land --unser Land blüht vor Frieden --
een tijd van geluk.eine Zeit des Glücks.

Gedicht h2428
Amsterdam, 2019-04-05

Reiwa-jidai (from the 1st of May) (2019)
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Peace: new start 
Trefwoord: New Year^ 

No longer bewitched

yet I still like to see him --

not changed for a bit.

Niet meer betoverdNicht mehr verzaubert,
door hem, toch zie ik hem graag --dennoch seh ich ihn gerne --
geen spat veranderd.gar nicht geändert.

Gedicht h2434
Amsterdam, 2019-04-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: relationship 

Zywa The giantess likes to eat

The giantess likes to eat
cake pans, crunchy
fishshells with fishink

cheese boards and cell goblets
gland sweat, salad Russians
peachicks and bean runners

she sniffs up sausage smoke
and krautsauer, munches
on fruit stones

takes tomatoes for desert
with white cheese goats
and always hungers

for Himmel und Erde

Gedicht 2398
Amsterdam, 2019-09-08

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Gluttony 
Opgedragen aan: Lotte W 

Zywa Rouse life into me

Undressed, my nakedness
bound in my skin
with sensually tight ropes

And a whizzing wind of arrows
to lick the blood away
from the resented beauty
they gaze at

the women with tears
the men mocking, boys
and girls curiously

Nobody touches me
nobody feels the warmth
of my body

Pull the heads out of my flesh
embrace my wounds with your hands
and take me, rouse life into me

Gedicht 2422
Amsterdam, 2019-09-23

Sebastian from Narbonne, died AD 288
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 

Zywa Nourishing friends

Friendship is love
Working in a store also
but that is practical -
the cold side

A warm friendship is
unorganized love
(mutually convenient or not
as it suits)

to nourish each other
because you recognize yourself
in the image you have of the other
which you like to keep in your heart

a friend is familiar
a friend is peace
even if you grow apart
you still will love each other

Gedicht 2493
Amsterdam, 2019-11-03

Fr? = own -> loved -> 1. wife, 2. free (own, no slave)
Friodu / Fridu = peace, rest, the state that one's own is not threatened
Frij?n = dating, caressing, making love
Fri?nds = dated, caressed, loved, having made love
Fri?nd = 1. relative, 2. someone who obtains the status of relative: friend

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Gedicht 2501
Amsterdam, 2019-11-07

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: nourishes 

Zywa Autumn sun

Because I feel that
we still love each other
at a distance, I dare

after the tour through the garden
the last honeysuckle smell and
drinking unclarified apple juice

together in the autumn sun
to ask you:
How are we

now, our love
how close are we still
heart to heart?

Would we, living in the same
house, also have gone
different paths?

In what spring will we
receive our children
after this winter?

Gedicht 2513
Amsterdam, 2019-11-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: bond 
Opgedragen aan: Sylvia F C 

Gedicht 2517
Amsterdam, 2019-11-21

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Fantasy:  

If love is no dream

but sharing a good habit --

you may miss the dream.

Als liefde geen droomWenn Liebe kein Traum
maar goede gewoonte is --sondern Angewohnheit ist --
mis je soms de droom.vermisst man den Traum.

Gedicht s0976
Amsterdam, 2019-11-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 

My crush gave me love,

which still gives me so much more:

my motherly love.

Mijn verliefdheid gafVerliebtheit gab mir
me liefde, die nog meer geeft:Liebe, die mir noch mehr gibt:
mijn moederliefde.die Mutterliebe.

Gedicht h2637
Amsterdam, 2019-11-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Parents: motherhood 

She has grown up, so

my worries do not matter --

confidence sometimes.

Ze is geen kind meer,Sie ist kein Kind mehr,
mijn zorgen doen er niet toe --meine Sorgen zählen nicht --
vertrouwen soms wel.Vertrauen manchmal.

Gedicht h2638
Amsterdam, 2019-11-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Parents: parenthood 

Gedicht 2535
Amsterdam, 2019-12-08

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Missing:  
Opgedragen aan: Dory dK 

Meeting a stranger

is letting each other in --

through attentive eyes.

Vreemden ontmoetenIch treffe Fremde:
is elkaar binnenlaten --wir lassen uns herein durch --
door open ogen.offene Augen.

Gedicht h2647
Amsterdam, 2019-12-12

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Contact: eyes 

Gedicht 2566
Amsterdam, 2019-12-23

Lament about the sun (Laura Cahen) (2019)
Song "La complainte du soleil"
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: heartbreak 
Eerbetuiging: Cahen, Laura 

French life is: dining

tables in the garden, and --

lots of family.

Frans is een film pasFranzösisch leben
met eettafels in de tuin --das heißt: Esstische im Garten --
en veel familie.und viel Familie.

Gedicht h2658
Amsterdam, 2020-01-10

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Family: relatives 

My darling, your eyes,

put up above the sofa --

in a frame of kohl.

Liefste, jouw ogen,Ach, deine Augen
hangend boven het bankstel --in einem Rahmen von Kohl --
in een lijst van kohl.über dem Sofa.

Gedicht s0991
Amsterdam, 2020-02-09

Her eyes (De Romein) (2010)
Poem "Haar ogen" (collection "Ode - modelgedichten")
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 
Eerbetuiging: De Romein 

Zywa Witness of your life

You look so sweet at me
I don't have to dream about it
that you love me

but the romantic heart
in my head is afraid and
wants the best, lifelong

happiness, the greatest imaginable
in short, love, the eternal
always praised love

that you don't see around you
because, you know, people in love
can hardly live

without each other in their minds
but I want to be mature and
restart our relationship

after every crisis, or not
and always cherish what we have
experienced, what nobody else has

taken part in

Gedicht 2723
Amsterdam, 2020-02-23

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: relationship 

My wish is growing,

I'm breathing life into it --

until it will pop.

Mijn wens wordt groter,Ich hauche Leben
want ik blaas er leven in --in meinen Wunsch, er schwellt an --
tot hij zal klappen.bis er platzen wird.

Gedicht h2743
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Wishes 

You are familiar,

I always see how you feel --

yet I do not know.

Je bent me vertrouwd,Du bist mir vertraut,
ik kan zien hoe jij je voelt --ich sehe, wie du dich fühlst --
toch weet ik het niet.doch ich weiß es nicht.

Gedicht h2852
, 2020-12-12

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 

Love does not anchor

in the time of corona --

catching up for years.

Liefde blijft varenLiebe ankert nicht
in tijden van corona --in Zeiten der Korona --
ze haalt jaren in.holt jahrelang auf.

Gedicht h2850
Amsterdam, 2020-12-12

Gabriel García Márquez:"El amor en los tiempos de cólera" (1985, "Love in the Time of Cholera")
Fermina and Florentino sail on "La Nueva Fidelidad" ("The New Fidelity") in quarantine back and forth on the river Magdalena

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: relationship 
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 
Eerbetuiging: García Márquez, Gabriel 

You know me, and yet

you want to be with me, still --

want to stay, don't you?

Jij kent mij, en tochDu kennst mich, und willst
wil je bij mij, je wilt toch --doch bei mir bleiben, willst noch --
nog bij mij blijven?mit mir sein, oder?

Gedicht h2881
, 2021-01-01

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: mystery 

Zywa While I lie awake

Without the outside world, my house
is everything, less and less a home
Short walks, for the rest
we stay inside
when we go out

with a video call
a nicely set table
a borrowed book, movies
always in the same chair
and a neighbour visiting

Lots of time together
but he has a hobby and I don't
come around to anything
It's boring, life
does not flow in me

In bed I share him
with silence and sleep
no radio, no talking
just his warmth next to me
while I lie awake

Gedicht 3415
Amsterdam, 2021-01-29

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Contact:  
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 
Opgedragen aan: Dory dK 

Zywa Keeping on

Today you are touchably
close to me, your scent
a cheek against my cheek
our hands free

upon each other's warmth
friendship feels like that
without words
without question

There is always so much
to share, so much
that we know and do not dare
to know, do not dare to despair

It's still going well
enough, we want to
keep it, keep on
repeating it

our arms tight around
each other, around the skin
the blood and the bones
of our souls

Gedicht 3850
Amsterdam, 2021-06-28

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Friendship:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Pregnant of future

The dogs left the town, away
from the barbed wire rolls
in the streets, I walk crooked
with my nose above
their trail to freedom
and the danger of their teeth

I can do it if you, will you
are you coming too, barefoot
in peace, our love all night
guarded by the dogs
and your belly pregnant
of future?

I lie awake, listen
whether you come
I hear the neighbours
utter cries of pleasure
and desire for each other
the desire for more
the desire for eternal happiness

Gedicht 3854
Amsterdam, 2021-06-28

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Desire:  

So much wanting to

be together all day: love --

Its start and its end.

Liefst de hele dagSo viel wie möglich
samen willen zijn: liefdes-miteinander sein: Liebes-
begin en -einde.beginn und -ende.

Gedicht h2978
, 2021-07-05

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: bond 

Zywa Doubt talk

You deserve love, I know you
you deserve it, look for it
with someone else, play for high stakes

And stay, stay with me
Come lie with me
on the couch and watch
a movie with me

That's what it's about
our daily happiness
not about you, not about me
separately, but touched

It's good and allowed
Come, you are the most beautiful
because I love you

Whatever I say
on nodays, those words
are doubt talk, they cry out
that I want a YesDay

Gedicht 3903
Amsterdam, 2021-07-26

Song "Yesday" (2021, Lize Bastiaens ['s-Hertogenbosch 2012])
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Doubt 

My skin is springtime,

pastel green with pink flowers --

radiant of love.

Mijn huid is lente,Meine Haut: Frühling,
zacht groen met roze bloemen --zartgrün mit rosa Blüten --
stralend van liefde.strahlend von Liebe.

Gedicht h3009
, 2021-08-12

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust,  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Look at me, my wound

is a branch full of life force --

full of peace blossoms.

Kijk naar mij, mijn wondSchau: meine Wunde,
is een tak vol levenskracht --ein Zweig voller Lebenskraft --
vol vredebloesems.und Friedensblüten.

Gedicht h3010
, 2021-08-12

Body paint starting from the branch on an operation scar
Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust,  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Just like yesterday,

branches grow from me, adorned --

with one-day flowers.

Net als gisterenGenau wie gestern
groeien er takken uit mij --wachsen Zweigen aus mir, voll --
vol eendagsbloemen.von Eintagsblümen.

Gedicht h3011
, 2021-08-12

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust,  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Because I know you,

I want to hear your story --

tell me who you are.

Omdat ik jou ken,Weil ich dich kenne,
wil ik jouw verhaal horen --frag ich nach deinem Leben --
zeg me wie jij bent.sag mir, wer du bist.

Gedicht h3020
, 2021-08-20

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Sympathy / Compassion 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Away with strict rules

to prolong my existence --

I keep on living.

Geen strenge regelsKeine Regeln um
om mijn leven te rekken --mein Leben zu verlängern --
maar blijven leven.ich lebe weiter.

Gedicht h3021
, 2021-08-21

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust,  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

No goodbye: we stay

together, cheerful, nothing --

is for the last time.

Geen afscheid: vrolijkKein Abschied: fröhlich
samen zijn, nooit voor het laatst --sind wir, nie zum letzten Mal --
iets zeggen of doen.was sagen, was tun.

Gedicht h3025
, 2021-08-21

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust,  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

I want a shoulder,

a lap, and tender kisses --

on the bitterness.

Ik wil een schouder,Ich möchte Arme,
een schoot, en zoete kussen --einen Schoß, süße Küsse --
op de bitterheid.auf der Bitterkeit.

Gedicht h3049
, 2021-09-19

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Safety:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa My soul has tender skin

No matter how good it is
as it is, still I long
to feel and make it feel
that we are intimate friends

My soul has tender skin
when we physically feel
the love we feel
and the fierce passion

we smile together with it
My skin has hands
for intimacy, for you
tight against me

fingertips for
gently sparing
the delicate spots
and heartfelt contentment

Gedicht 3967
Amsterdam, 2021-09-30

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 

Zywa Belonging [1]

I want to belong
laugh together
and keep talking

whisper in the warmth
of each other's blood
safe in the insecurity
of life

that hits friends and takes them away
from the chain dance -- to the last
we hold them
hand in hand

I don't lock me up
in guarantees and fear
I bump and dent me outside
in the storm, together

with warriors
who do not hide
from the fate of others
because they belong

Gedicht 3973
Amsterdam, 2021-10-02

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Wagtails in the garden

Through the shadowy grey
of who what when
the mornings are fuzzy

green of visitors that will dance
and laugh, tell stories
with many gestures

and always find a reason
to touch me and embrace
me intimately

It's all, but not enough
I don't want to
crawl away in my hole yet

Could I only hide
like the sun
and appear again

with wagtails in the garden
and playing children

Gedicht 3997
Amsterdam, 2021-10-07

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Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

My love asks for one

more day, and another day --

that you stay alive.

Mijn liefde verlangtMeine Liebe wünscht
nog een dag en nog een dag --dir, noch und noch einen Tag --
dat jij blijft leven.weiter zu leben.

Gedicht h3095
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-27

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Trefwoord: Love: bond 

Zywa Timing

Love and friendship
are sometimes laborious
There is no connection
You are too early or too late
You don't match up

But in the scraping
when passing
there is contact and you stay
connected, mutually
a piece

of the world that just continues
There is attention
which you need, even
if it is lost upon you
Because you want to know for sure

you want to feel
and cherish
that the love
the friendship
is real

Gedicht 4261
Amsterdam, 2021-12-27

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Trefwoord: Friendship:  

Zywa Let's go on vacation

On vacation it is different
Then you are the man
I saw in you

then we do everything together
then we look together
viewed as together -

the outside of it
our two bodies
which are curiously scanned

through our clothes
We see it happen
and we see ourselves

as desirable persons
with fondle skin and lips
that laugh and whisper sweetly

I imagine it while
I wait for the kettle
Let's go on vacation

Gedicht 4652
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06

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Trefwoord: Love: wish 

Zywa Sensitive love

There is a lot I can no longer
do spontaneously
I touch myself with caution
and rather let you look

than act, but sometimes
the tingling of your
caress arouses unfulfillable needs
deeper and deeper in me

They are sleeping
in my cells, still
desiring to jump you
but your hands ward me off

as a precaution, so sensitive
are our skin and our bones
so painful it can be
to wish to be young

Gedicht 4705
Amsterdam, 2022-10-09

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Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 

Zywa Presents with a bow

To be touched, I must
first be seen or heard, which is
becoming increasingly difficult

My smile is still sweet, but I
had to speak sweet words and
the words had to be sweeter

My body is still beautiful, but you
gave me perfume, a fishnet dress
and black-red lingerie

as if I am a doll
a new one, that you like
to explore with pinches and kisses

the hard in the weak
curious about my cuddliness
and the little sounds I will sigh

For the mystery of my soul
you have only little patience
half an ear and a fleeting eye

Gedicht 4718
Amsterdam, 2022-10-10

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Trefwoord: Touched 

Zywa In bed I think you

In bed I think you
close to me, I am -
my shapes in your hands
and can forget for a while

My belly on the inside full
of bruises, right there
I long for you, I want to feel
you and not know an hour

Clean and fragrant from the bath
happily ever after
sucking and caressing
horsing around immortally

Do what I can do, dream
take my mind off, change
my horizon until you are here
and eat something in between

Gedicht 4729
Amsterdam, 2022-10-17

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Desire: wish-dream 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Intimacy

Only experiences count
now that every day matters:
new activities
beauty to the full

and attention to me
The rest, I clear out
What I have saved for years
I throw away neatly

in wrapping paper
or I fold flowers from it
witch will get dusted
in memory

of my company
our meetings
which cannot wait
We give each other

this day, everything
that can be intimate between
people in the passing
of an ordinary day

I do the fun things
that everyone says
he'd like to do, with you
and you and you and you

Gedicht 4301
Amsterdam, 2022-02-07

Collection: More 
Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

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