Zywa American Dream [2]

There is a fresh wind
there is a new world blowing
through the city, I see
my life in the distance

lying to my feet
Young men aspire to me
they give me everything that's needed
for the new time

They are the promise
I carry its torch
They are the deed
I am the promise

I promise heaven
on earth, my breasts
are full, my dress
is transparent

After every conception
I am a virgin again
After every conception
I am still a virgin

Poem 4086
Amsterdam, 0000-00-00

Summertime (Edward Hopper) (1943)
"Liberty Enlightening the World" (1886, Frédéric Bartholdi)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Future:  
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Dozing, I vibrate

along with the world outside --

A leaf in the wind.

Doezelend tril ikDösend vibriere
mee met de wereld buiten --ich mit der Welt da draußen --
Een blad in de wind.Ein Blättchen im Wind.

Poem H0031
Amsterdam, 2011-11-26

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Awareness: connection 
Keyword: Life: stream 

The rain shower pours

down, it rustles everywhere --

I'm treading water.

De regenbui stortDer Regenguß platzt
zich neer, overal ruist het --nieder, es rauscht überall --
Ik watertrappel.Ich trete Wasser.

Poem H0103
Julianadorp, 2011-12-23

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Rain 

She gives me a kiss

with her sweet mouth of candy

floss sticking to me.

Ze geeft me een kusIhr Naschmund küsst mich
met haar snoepmond suikerspin --ganz voller Zuckerwatten --
aan mij vastgeplakt.Sie klebt sich an mir.

Poem H0107
Julianadorp, 2011-12-25

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: surrender 

Grandma's tapestries,

which she wove as a girl, are --

decaying with her.

Oma's wandkleden,Omas Gobelins;
die zij als meisje weefde --die sie als Kind gewebt hat --
vergaan met haar mee.zerfallen mit ihr.

Poem H0129
Julianadorp, 2011-12-28

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Decay 

Yesterday it rained,

today they are still alive --

the one-day flowers.

Gisteren regen,Gestern nur Regen,
en vandaag leven ze nog --und heute leben sie noch --
de eendagsbloemen.die Eintagsblüme.

Poem H0137
Julianadorp, 2011-12-29

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Life: lust,  

With heads of pure gold

the lances stand hand in hand --

fencing mightily.

Met gouden puntenDie goldspitzigen
staan de lansen hand in hand --Lanzen stehen Hand in Hand --
sterk te hekwerken.mächtig zu zaunen.

Poem H0256
Amsterdam, 2012-02-12

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Power: wealth 

The snow stops traffic,

all I can do is stand still --

with my own shadow.

Sneeuw stopt het verkeer,Schnee stoppt den Verkehr,
ik kan alleen nog stilstaan --ich kann nur noch still stehen --
bij mijn eigen schim.bei meinem Schatten.

Poem H0291
Amsterdam, 2012-03-03

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Calm: standstill 

Seeds of wild grasses

are freely floating over --

the highest fences.

Er zweven zadenSamen von wilden
van wilde grassen over --Gräsern schweben hinüber --
de hoge hekken.über die Zäune.

Poem H0309
Amsterdam, 2012-07-04

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Child: teenager 

The birds fly with me

in the same direction, if --

I look short enough.

De vogels vliegenDie Vögel fliegen
dezelfde kant op als ik --mit mir in gleicher Richtung --
maar kort genoeg kijk.wenn ich kurz hinschau.

Poem S0067
Amsterdam, 2012-07-15

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Perception: observation 

In high-tech sweatshirts

the joggers are running trails --

of expensive scents.

In hightech sweatersLäufer in Hightech-
lopen trimmers geursporen --Sweatshirts, mit Geruchsspuren --
van dure parfums.von teuren Parfüms.

Poem S0068
Amsterdam, 2012-07-18

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Appearances 

The bellowing wind,

the seagulls and the surf: noise --

that still calms me down.

Bulderende wind,Ein tobender Wind,
meeuwen, de branding: herrie --Möwen, die Brandung: Geräusch --
die mij rustig maakt.das mich beruhigt.

Poem H0359
Amsterdam, 2012-10-01

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Calm: space 

Zywa Nocturnal woman

Dreaming, I wake up
in the house of my fears

without corridors, caught
between highwalls and spirits

folding themselves almighty
around my thoughts

slowly strangling them
or inflate them to black giants

who are hungry, who are smelling me
on the ledge of death and life

darkness engulfs me, pain
awakens me in the narrow channel

that presses me into the world again
and, along with the sun and the planets

flings me away in the equilibrium
of an ordinary loiterday

in the universe, out of the night
of my fears

Poem 1161
Amsterdam, 2017-03-08

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Fear: dream 

Zywa Nocturnal peacock

My clothes are heavy, pack animals
with bags full of worries, I have them
washed when I sleep, dried
in the light of the moon, breathe

Water ripples in the dark
of the gorge between the mountains
here and there fireflies
wanting to sex, they dance

in front of me to the bay
the water is still warm
like when I was a child
with mama in the bath

her soft body
the sweet, lukewarm air
that I still can smell
in the light of the moon

I spread my arms and legs
like a peacock
and draw a circle around me
only my body is still here

Poem 1162
Amsterdam, 2017-03-08

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Transition 

Zywa Mother's Day

There is quite some wind
the woman on the corner pulls her dog

She comes back again
for the rest an empty street, no visitors yet

The children do not call
there is no need to, if they come

for a good time, not being too busy
And there is no point

in saying anything about it
Maybe they are on the way

Could I have forgotten something?
The cookies are ready

the curtains are washed
there is no stain on my dress

Poem 1373
Amsterdam, 2017-05-23

Mother's Day (Marcel van Roosmalen) (2017)
Column "Moederdag" in nrc.next, May 15th, 2017
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Old age:  
Tribute to: Van Roosmalen, Marcel 

Zywa There is so much more

There is so much more
than being happy
a whole world

of life
radiant eyes
arms seeking me
yet being shaken
by a word


Near someone else
in his mind
vulnerable sad
my own way


There is so much more
than arguing
not trusting
what seems to be beautiful
a whole world

of words, shaking
arms, facts, illusions
of pink wishes
of love
hiding another love

Poem 1435
Amsterdam, 2017-07-15

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: separate 

I just let life pass,

I don't have any bait and --

I can't even fish.

Ik laat het levenDas Leben passiert,
passeren, ik heb geen aas --ich habe keinen Köder --
en kan niet vissen.und kann nicht fischen.

Poem S0947
Amsterdam, 2019-10-14

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Depression / Melancholy 

I went out fishing

to lose the weight of myself --

in ground fog and dew.

Ik ben gaan vissenIch angle, möchte
om mezelf te verliezen --mich vollständig verlieren --
in grondmist en dauw.in Nebel und Tau.

Poem H2584
Amsterdam, 2019-10-14

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Calm: space 

Loneliness, leaking

out of me, a thin desire --

for the lowest point.

Er lekt eenzaamheidEinsamkeit leckt aus
uit mij, een dun verlangen --mir, ein dünner Verlangen --
naar het laagste punt.nach dem tiefsten Punkt.

Poem S0948
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2019-10-17

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

The public listens,

and watches me, silently --

I turn the sheet music.

Het publiek luistert,Das Publikum hört,
en let op mij; stil sla ik --und sieht mich an; ich schlage --
de bladmuziek om.Notenblätter um.

Poem S0950
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2019-10-18

The page-turner
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Attention: surroundings 

Do I love you, or

the rather my fantasy

about you, and me?

Houd ik echt van jouLieb ich dich wirklich,
of meer van mijn fantasieoder meine Fantasie --
over jou, en mij?über dich, und mich?

Poem S0952
Amsterdam, 2019-10-20

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: romance 

People on the train

get off, out of the landscape --

and into the Web.

Mensen in de treinDie Leute im Zug
stappen uit, uit het landschap --steigen aus, aus der Landschaft --
het internet in.und ins Internet.

Poem S0977
Amsterdam, 2019-12-04

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Absence 

Zywa Come back

To find your company
again, I walk
between two worlds

every day
I pass strangers
They are busy

I feel no warmth
in their breath, no warmth
in their renowned pursuits

I don't meet anyone
because here everything is
already said and done

and in the other world
where you are not
I eat and sleep

Without you, I can't stand
it there, rather I wander
through the danger

of my memories
with the enticing risk
of losing my way

Poem 2529
Amsterdam, 2019-12-05

The gods must have their number (Hubert Lampo) (1969)
Novella "De goden moeten hun getal hebben"
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sadness: suffer 
Keyword: Trauma 
Tribute to: Lampo, Hubert 

Zywa Midgard in endless

Mealy-mouthed, the words send
you out of your house
out of your expectations
into the bush of hope
the white powder

that sticks to you
but is fading more and more
with your own bones and flesh
as the only support
for your thoughts

your Midgard, middle yard
of known regions, surrounded
by the endless of mountains
a jungle in the south
and the ocean in the west

where the serpent rules, the monster
the mealy mouth speaks of
to save you from its jaws
opened wide to devour
if you are afraid

Poem 2720
Amsterdam, 2020-02-22

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Fear:  

Zywa Saints in their stables

An afternoon with father
he directs a play
in the patron's building and
meanwhile, I wander around
the attic, room after room
musty stuff from the past

saints that I don't know
of wood that I don't know
smoothly and shiny waxed
but fallen out of favour
only sometimes as an advocate
carried on a throne in a procession

here they are real
here I can smell them
and touch them, see
their look close up and feel it
upon me from heaven
questioningly I look at them

Poem 2738
Amsterdam, 2020-03-02

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Religion:  
Dedicated to: Dory dK 

Zywa Café the Laugh

I think of America, the dream
of life giving you a smile
so exuberantly

the woman sings out
on the sign of Café the Laugh
Underneath it grows some moss

that takes life as it is
between the roof tiles on the sidewalk
It must

have been very stormy last night
but everyone was inside
and forgot the world

which is not as safe
as we wish, not as solid
as thought when it was built

Everywhere there grows some moss
that takes life as it is
also in America

Poem 2954
Amsterdam, 2020-04-22

Cafe de Lach, 15 Market, Oirschot [NL]
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Dreaming 
Keyword: Brabant% 

In my ears, my heart

braces itself: Beep Beep --

no contact at all !

Mijn hart zet zich schrapMein Herz spannt sich an
in mijn oren: Tuut Tuut Tuut --in meinen Ohren: Piep Piep --
bang van geen contact.immer kein Kontakt!

Poem S1011
Amsterdam, 2020-05-04

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Contact:  

Zywa Not a mother

Lost what does not exist
maybe myself, alone
between nothing, no before, no after

Just my sweetheart, and the thought
that he may be enough, but
how, however sweet

he is, not a father
showing my happiness
to my mother

who died prematurely, or not
now this won't happen –
a future lost

to another future
that I am sadly afraid of
at most, it can drown

in sorrow for the sorrow
that drowns me, lost
in the flow of time

Poem 2972
Amsterdam, 2020-05-13

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Parents: motherhood 

Zywa My life as a ghost

My memory talks
to people just long enough
to get rid of them neatly
They don't demand answers
it's enough that I don't run away

Then why do I long
for contact, why don't I feel
anything? Because of the sense
that it is not possible
or is it due to the pills?

Will I get my body back
will I ever smell where I am
and no longer feel straight
through myself and others
with thin memories

from the time I learned
to behave
as if it matters
and I'm interesting
worth loving?

Poem 2993
Amsterdam, 2020-06-07

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Depression / Melancholy 

Blind premature deaths

sneak around in sheep's clothing --

we look them away.

Voortijdige doodVorzeitiger Tod
sluipt blind rond in schaapskleren --schleicht blind herum im Schafspelz --
we kijken hem weg.wir schauen ihn weg.

Poem S1024
, 2020-06-12

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Death:  
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

Walking the city,

with a thought to the shelters --

where life is teeming.

De stad belopen,Die Stadt bewandern,
stilstaan bij de schuilplaatsen --aufmerksam auf die Schutze --
waar leven krioelt.wo Leben wimmelt.

Poem H2721
Amsterdam, 2020-06-12

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Environment 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Inside me, life is

teeming, bumping and bouncing --

I feel who I am.

Er krioelt levenDas Leben wimmelt
in mij, hotsend en botsend --in mir, fallend und prallend --
voel ik wie ik ben.fühl' ich wer ich bin.

Poem H2724
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Life: lust,  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

My body has stopped,

my head is still running on --

thinking to be free.

Mijn lichaam valt stil,Mein Körper fällt still,
alleen mijn hoofd holt nog door --mein Kopf hastet noch weiter --
en denkt vrij te zijn.und denkt frei zu sein.

Poem S1027
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Illusions:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Walking on a leash,

I do have enough leeway --

to hop happily.

Lopend aan de lijnAn der Leine, schon,
heb ik genoeg speelruimte --aber mit genug Spielraum --
om te huppelen.herumzuhüpfen.

Poem H2730
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14

The dog on a leash (215)
Quoted in "The Refutation of All Heresies" by Antipope Hippolytus of Rome, c. 200
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Freedom:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 
Tribute to: Zeno(n) - Citium 

My mask is smiling,

quite happily, I'm not sick --

but I'm frustrated.

Mijn mondkapje lacht,Die Maske lächelt,
heel vrolijk, ik ben niet ziek --sehr fröhlich, ich bin nicht krank --
maar wel gefrustreerd.aber frustriert schon.

Poem S1032
Amsterdam, 2020-06-15

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Balance: psycho-soma 
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

City life is hard,

made of stone, but with sidewalks --

smelling of roses.

Stadsleven is hard,Stadtleben ist hart,
van steen, maar er zijn stoepen --Stein, aber mit Gehwegen --
waar rozen geuren.duftend nach Rosen.

Poem H2733
Amsterdam, 2020-06-17

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Together: society 

Making love, you don't

care about blood, it is sweet --

that I am your prey.

Jij maalt niet om bloedBlut ist dir egal
bij het vrijen, het smaakt zoet --beim lieben, es schmeckt sehr süß --
dat ik jouw prooi ben.als deine Beute.

Poem H2747
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: surrender 

Zywa Crack between shame and decency

They slip in through a crack
between shame and decency
their bodies lie down

on the disposable covers
and smell the expectation
not the disinfectant

on my hands, not the rubber
around their longing, beating
for my proximity, their imagination

makes me desirable
the woman of their dreams
thought in the flesh

Outside, the Elephant waits
his eyes seem very small
peering inside

until the door opens
and his trunk searches for me
to swing me on his back

Poem 3104
Amsterdam, 2020-07-11

Ndlovu = (little) elephant
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sex:  
Dedicated to: Godfrey N 

Zywa Sentences of loneliness

How would I be without words?
What would I be called

if a word being would name me?
How many words does it take

to make clear that you are like I

so that we can make contact
can tell what we think

and have experienced
then and then --

all fleeting events
that are kept

as in a poem --
in increasingly beautiful sentences

because they stand between us
as loneliness

Poem 3350
Amsterdam, 2021-01-10

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone:  

Zywa Companions

Not a path, but an abyss
Cold wind, threatening clouds
It is inhospitable here

Diagonally in front of me
black leaves crunch open
Straight from the ground

Owls grow from them
they inflate themselves
thoughtful as they are

As if they could fly
they are close to the edge
to keep me from a false step

Behind me, I hear them
When I look back quickly

the remnants pretend nothing
is going on, but if I do it calmy
they are completely gone

Poem 3372
Amsterdam, 2021-01-16

The companions of fear (René Magritte) (1942)
Painting "Les compagnons de la peur"
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Fear:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 
Tribute to: Magritte, Rene 

Zywa No way back

I didn't even live by a river
yet again I stare into the distance

at nothing, at the water
that cannot choose either

where it ends up
over which toxic grounds
and prickly expectations
diluted, frozen or eaten
by a thousand kilometers of sun

Black wings of homesickness
grow on my shoulders

but I know I'm covered
by the lion of my duties

to people like me
who once left somewhere
dreaming, to learn
that there is no way back
to their youth

Poem 3374
Amsterdam, 2021-01-16

Homesickness (René Magritte) (1941)
Painting "Le mal du pays"
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Home: homesickness 
Tribute to: Magritte, Rene 

Poem 3497
Amsterdam, 2021-02-21

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sadness:  

In a green landscape,

cars are flashing around me --

It's aircon-silent.

Er flitsen auto'sAutos flitzen durch
door het groene boslandschap --die grüne Landschaft vorbei --
Het is airco-stil.Es ist Airco-still.

Poem S1220
Amsterdam, 2021-08-24

Van der Valk-hotel Tilburg
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Calm:  

Mourning for Tibet,

gathered in the palace square --

somewhere far from home.

Treurend om Tibet,Trauer um Tibet,
op het plein voor het paleis --auf dem Platz vor dem Palast --
ergens ver van huis.weit von der Heimat.

Poem S1249
Amsterdam, 2021-09-25

Dam Square in Amsterdam (or elsewhere)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Home: displaced 
Keyword: Tibet% 

Zywa Brief break on the road

A brief break on the road
too tired for a nap
or to really eat here, something
that they don't even have

It's no use
to take my coat off
I just keep that one
glove on as well

I wish I was at home, in bed
not those bright lights, not that
endless dark night
still to go

Poem 4005
Amsterdam, 2021-10-10

Automat (Edward Hopper) (1927)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: On the way 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa The people in their houses

Daydreaming in the tower
of concrete, manning
the office, that's not too bad
on a sunny day

I just have to point
my nose out, count
the chimneys, and I don't
have to pay attention to clouds

Nobody comes
only me, in the morning
with a packed lunch
and a clean mind

for new ideas
about the people in the houses
below me, I know a few
who show themselves sometimes

Poem 4042
Amsterdam, 2021-10-21

Office in a Small City (Edward Hopper) (1953)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Overview 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Nude I play to be naked

Occasionally someone is looking
Then I play a role

in his head, as the girl
from the other side, the girl
with too long hair
to see her breasts well

In the shadow months
the apartment blocks remain gloomy
Then I close the curtains
and wander through the pattern

in this same soft chair
in which I am completely free
and experience my firmness
breathing inwards from the outside

knowing what it is
to exist -- then it's nice
to be nude and play to be naked
and seduce someone

with what I could
desire and do
in broad daylight
if I were not alone

Poem 4044
Amsterdam, 2021-10-21

Eleven a.m. (Edward Hopper) (1926)
Nude = without clothes, unprotected
Naket = clothes taken off, uncovered

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Body:  
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Cafetaria

It is too high here
and too empty, and that man
over there is observing me
so awkwardly

He apparently has nothing
to do, he's knotted up and keeps
looking past me, squinting
at my breasts

His second cigarette
does not soothe him either
his thumb is tense
of desire

I can't go anywhere
there are no stores in this quarter
to escape
if he trails behind me

Should I just nod
to him, kindly
as the sunlight
and have a chat?

Poem 4062
Amsterdam, 2021-10-29

Sunlight in a Cafetaria (Edward Hopper) (1958)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: People: men, aggression 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Man on the street

On the low steps in front
of the open door
in the empty street

a man is sitting
with crossed arms
his lips sucking

a cigar --
thick lips, never
may they kiss me

He peeps up
to my belly --
the sneak

in uncrushable work clothes
free from overt suspicions
but never someone looks back

He is politely avoided
with a nod, quick steps
and thoughts to forget

Poem 4064
Amsterdam, 2021-10-29

Sunday (Edward Hopper) (1926)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: People: men, aggression 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Summer wound

The door is open
Something happened and I
don't dare to move

Was there a man?
Where are her clothes?
What is this smell?

Should I call the police?
Her hand lies protectively
between her legs

Did she hear me?
She doesn't look up, something
is wrong, she is despondently

slumped against the bed
the sheets pulled to the floor
under her bare lower body

the clip still in her hair

Poem 4066
Amsterdam, 2021-10-30

Summer Interior (Edward Hopper) (1909)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sex: abuse 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Chinese tea

The woman behind my sister
looks outside, and her husband
is also busy

with his own thoughts
I wonder why
she herself looks past me

although she wanted to bridge
the distance she felt
and now I feel the same

She has changed
her breasts are too full
in the tight sweater

and her lipstick is too red
so unapproachably girlish
under the helmet of her hat

We have finished our tea
They'll stare us out
if we don't order a new pot

Poem 4068
Amsterdam, 2021-10-30

Chop Suey (Edward Hopper) (1929)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Distance / Detachment 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Heir

The stone is smooth, always cool
always the same blue
and at home in my pocket

We arrived and we are on the way
We live and stay
at this hotel today

The view is wonderfully boring
You hear the trains rush
over the passing track

Jeanette has taken off her travel clothes
She's reading, it's too early
to go down for dinner

We're doing well together, there's enough
to do, in between the breaks, enough
to see in nothing special

if you have an eye for it
and give caring attention
to others

as heir of a piece of world

Poem 4070
Amsterdam, 2021-10-30

Hotel by a Railroad (Edward Hopper) (1952)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Care:  
Dedicated to: Ruud J 
Dedicated to: Jeanette vdZ 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Raging

The silent life lies on the cemetery
right here, the new life rages
past it over iron bars
and this makes me crazy, it thunders
through the rooms where I played

I empty them out and I smoke them out
with Nag Champa, with tears
in my eyes I close the windows
and still the walls get thicker
from the raging, they eat it up

just like me, it haunts my mind
that there is a smell in the basement
where mammy in the rocking chair
commands that I am not as sweet
as her new friend

but I don't want a new friend
I want everything as it was
slow and simple
quiet and familiar, silence
without a graveyard

Poem 4072
Amsterdam, 2021-10-30

House by the Railroad (Edward Hopper) (1925)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Psyche 
Keyword: USA% 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 
Tribute to: Hitchcock, Alfred 

Zywa Summer evening

On the veranda, we wait
for coolness, a fresh shower
Only with us there is light

Nobody sees us
nobody is at home
What is he thinking of?

Not of me, fortunately
I'm already hot
in my underwear

I keep quiet
otherwise he'll fancy
and that takes me too long

The nights are so short
we need sleep
no sweaty sex

Poem 4074
Amsterdam, 2021-10-31

Summer evening (Edward Hopper) (1947)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Summer^ 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa All inclusive

On assigned holidays
I step out of the order
of my work into the row
for useful relaxation

The grain comes up
the sun breeds the grains
and colours the winter out of our skin

Everything is included, extras
can be booked on site
and appropriately enjoyed
in one of the wings

Thus we fly laps
in our dreams for a week
enjoying our role

although there is always someone
who doesn't participate, hooking
on to the back with a book
that he could have read at home

without disturbing others
in their well-deserved vacation
of exclusive behaviour

Poem 4076
Amsterdam, 2021-10-31

People in the Sun (Edward Hopper) (1963)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Holiday / Vacation 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa A chink in time

The sun falls diagonally
along the shadow of the extension
upon the threshold of the house
upon the woman in the door

What did draw her
to this outpost of the old?

where there is no path anymore
to get there
where there is no fence, no border
where everything is open, empty

without a beginning
of going somewhere

There's a chink in the curtains
her long shirt falls open
and her body senses
a presence

going to happen

Poem 4078
Amsterdam, 2021-10-31

High Noon (Edward Hopper) (1949)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Future:  
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Looking at the dog

I get too fat
I can't go anywhere
The grass is too high

Not for Collie
She feels at home here
For me it's a fairy tale

of Grimm, the forest is dark
it makes sounds all night
and it pushes against the house

which is not as beautiful as it seems
with the luxury glass, the frills
and the canopy above the door

It's hard working all day
In the evening we look at the dog's
running, until bedtime

Poem 4080
Amsterdam, 2021-10-31

Cape Cod Evening (Edward Hopper) (1939)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Boredom:  
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Night Stage

How did we come in?
Can we just peg out again
to the right there, and
are the WCs behind this door?

Are we here or do we play it?
The city is asleep, are we asleep
when everyone lives?

Can we touch each other
and let each other blush, or are we
shadows on the empty scene
of our alienation?

What are we doing here, in this scenery
of deceased peace? Are we dreaming
of last masterstrokes?

The sandwich and the drinks are real
the round room is not a stage
it throws a lighthouse light
into empty streets -- a beacon

that attracts night-moths
warning everyone
to stay away from here

Poem 4082
Amsterdam, 2021-10-31

Nighthawks (Edward Hopper) (1942)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Night 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Room in heaven

Wishing to live
in the city without
its burden, above

the chimneys, cleanly
swinging in grandma's chair
in front of the bay window

seeing the dormant mouths
of the pocked roofs
wake up without

having to smell their poison
and then also breathe it
out of solidarity with everyone

who has to live fast
in the stone world
where everything is hard

Poem 4084
Amsterdam, 2021-11-01

Room in Brooklyn (Edward Hopper) (1932)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Elite 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa My #eot

The sky is burning, mists
push forward, the signs tilt down --
Everyone lives longer

than the world in which he grew up
He has to withdraw
or change

The watchtower is unmanned
dogs whine in the distance
This city may no longer exist

as it was, its theaters
have been declared unnecessary
The last players watch

but now it is real
they find it difficult to enjoy
the beauty of the downfall

that, since hundreds of generations
has been flattening glorious empires
to heroic stories

Who will, without self-interest
sing the praises of the good
that I have known?

Poem 4088
Amsterdam, 2021-11-01

Sunset on the Railway (Edward Hopper) (1929)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Old age:  
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 

Zywa Live my dream

You rushed thunderclouds
and blew the warmth
away, you blew away
I dream you

safe in my love
under waterfalls of happiness
I dream and dream
and dream again

but it keeps snowing
Is there a coat against the cold?
Is there a coat with thick pockets?
Is there a coat warm enough?

Come in my arms, with magic
you get everything you wish
Put on your blue dress
and shake your hair loose

I dream you
safe in our love
With magic the sun shines
With magic you smile at me

Poem 4201
Amsterdam, 2021-12-07

David Bowie (1967)
- "When I live my dream"
- "Silly boy blue"
- "Sell me a coat"
- "In the heat of the morning"
- "Let me sleep beside you"
Songs on the Album "David Bowie" (1967, Australian release 1968)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: wish 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa I am the ghost

Too small for news
from all over the world, I
sigh, it haunts inside me
and I doubt

the future, mankind
and all the miracles
that love should
and I would like to perform

Madness haunts
the mass cities, the streets
full of shops, full of problems
that threaten business

The dead lie around sloppy
I'm dreaming of a ghost
It's me, the Saviour
Superwoman without a super-

goddess, without prayers
and laws, if possible
Only the plagues will
always be a danger

Poem 4204
Amsterdam, 2021-12-08

David Bowie (1972)
Albums "The Man Who Sold the World" (1970, David Bowie) and "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" (1972, David Bowie)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Depression / Melancholy 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa Deep down

Tired of travelling
station after station
through my full agenda

Stepped out to stand still
but the madness thunders
into the blue room

deep in the underground
hotel, where nothing changes
or it isn't conspicuous

Freed from the world
the mess at home, the stains
on the floor, rest at last

Nothing distracts me
from the mystery
of sex and the speed

of life
and of the despair
with which I dream

of not belonging here
powerless, put aside
like an alien

Poem 4207
Amsterdam, 2021-12-09

David Bowie (1977)
Albums "Station to Station" (1976, David Bowie) and "Low" (1977, David Bowie)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Depression / Melancholy 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa Outside the wall

The Beast is free, we kiss
outside the wall around
the Beauty of your fidelity

Of course we want to be
good, not stun ourselves
or stay in bed

to dream of big deeds -
figuring them out step by step
within far too many rules

We kiss, we are free
Nothing can hurt us today
We are each other's Hero

Our Love is a big deed
out of sight of the watchtowers
on the wall against our desires

Poem 4210
Amsterdam, 2021-12-10

Heroes (David Bowie) (1977)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Desire:  
Keyword: Berlin% 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa Wings of Desire

Happily Ever After
on The Wall across
my home, Berlin
is my Berlin

Yet I leaf through
a travel magazine, the sea
beckons, the mountains call
echoes Action! Action!

A man smiles at me
We are angels, I give
him my fear, lend
him my room

I need to go, away
from alone, be more
than my work, promise
someone loyalty

Poem 4213
Amsterdam, 2021-12-11

Lodger (David Bowie) (1979)
Album "Lodger" (1979, David Bowie)
Film "Der Himmel über Berlin" ("Wings of Desire" ["The Sky Over Berlin"], 1987, Wim Wenders) with Bruno Ganz as the angel Damiel

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: wish 
Keyword: Berlin% 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa Creepy shadows

And now he is gone
With broken dreams
everything is only half

I need to go outside
I can go every which way
but it's the same everywhere

The bargains, the hypes
Left right forward backwards
everyone in a row

Left right forward backwards
I will not participate
It is no good

It has nothing to do with me
I spit out my anger
and I crawl behind the window

I see people meekly
I look into their eyes
nobody is home

Looking far ahead doesn't make sense
hopefully, hoping does
I'm still young

Poem 4219
Amsterdam, 2021-12-12

Scary monsters (David Bowie) (1980)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Melancholy 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 
Composer: Bowie, David 

Zywa Flames in top

At home, Lonely Hearts sing
in a band, far from our room
where I hold your hand

We put a rainbow
of flowers in the windowsill
and we praise the hard workers

The fires of the light are blasting
outside, but love cannot harm us
We no longer have expectations

Doctors cannot help us
against the riot in the streets
It is everyone for himself

Girls have stains on their dress
Tramps climb the sidewalk
Beggars are burping at dinner

The flames flutter in top
above the citadel of the gang
of rich people everyone knows

Poem 4225
Amsterdam, 2021-12-14

The Rolling Stones (0)
Albums "Their Satanic Majesties Request" (1967, The Rolling Stones) and "Beggars Banquet" (1968, The Rolling Stones)
Reference to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967, The Beatles)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 
Tribute to: The Rolling Stones 

Zywa Let me bleed

Let me my habits
Let me, let me inside
Give me a shelter
Give me a kiss

     Take me
     Protect me
     Give me your magic
     Give me what I need

Then I'll give you my blood
I will pump it outwards
I will blood on your belly
I will blood in your mouth

     Danger is everywhere
     just a blow away
     Love is everywhere
     just a kiss away

Happiness is elusive
The pie turns around
Happiness is elusively

     Let me bleed
     in your storm
     Let me bleed
     in your heart

Poem 4228
Amsterdam, 2021-12-16

Let it bleed (The Rolling Stones) (1969)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Surrender 
Tribute to: The Rolling Stones 

Zywa Apart Together

     I here, you there
     Apart together
     Our love a bed
     full of missing

On my way home
weak from desire
for all days
with our family

     I here, you there
     Apart together
     Our love a bed
     full of missing

Wild, wild horses
cannot separate us
Wild, wild horses
we will ride

     I here, you there
     Apart together
     Our love a bed
     full of missing

Poem 4231
Amsterdam, 2021-12-17

Sticky fingers (The Rolling Stones) (1971)
- "Wild horses"
- "I got the blues"
- "Moonlight Mile"
Songs on the Album "Sticky fingers" (1971, The Rolling Stones)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Missing:  
Tribute to: The Rolling Stones 

Zywa Good citizens

Pupils are grown
properly raised
to be good Mouths
in the shopping society

They are hungry
for another life
but there are laws
and police forces

for those who do not participate
and complain about lack
of opportunities, but believe me
I figured it out:

It can't happen here
Mama Mia, not here
Do not worry
We are safe

Poem 4237
Amsterdam, 2021-12-19

Freak Out! (The Mothers of Invention) (1966)
- "Hungry Freaks, Daddy"
- "It Can't Happen Here"
Songs on the album "Freak Out!" (1966, The Mothers of Invention)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Resistance 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

Zywa Pandora's Box, 8118 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

Fellow countrymen, everyone can choose
there is a parliament for sale
     If you don't choose, you don't participate
there are nations, as many as you like
new mums and daddies
     They have plastic thoughts
With a button you open daddy's hand
for this week's pocket money
     Plastic stinks when it melts
There are nice little cars
convertibles and antiques
     Your salary goes to the factory
dogs and little balls: poo
and blood for the car accident
     The factory belongs to all of us
removable intestines
stretchers and body bags
     It stinks when it melts
New is the DeLuxe box
     But love is not plastic
with screeching, screaming and sirens
     Love is not for sale

Poem 4240
Amsterdam, 2021-12-20

Absolutely Free (The Mothers of Invention) (1967)
- "Plastic People"
- "Uncle Bernie's Farm"
Songs on the album "Absolutely Free" (1967, The Mothers of Invention)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Consume 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

Zywa Love arrows

Any way the wind blows
that's where people fall in love
until the poison stops working
your loved one pulls out
the arrow and makes you cry

No more sweet words
only the popular songs
about your own pitifulness
the widespread disbelief
in real real love

and the general envy
of cheap sensations, as if
people wish for nothing else
and have nothing more
to offer than that

Beware, wherever you are
there is always a fountain of love
nearby, where the world stands still
from timeless happiness
sealed with a coin

Poem 4243
Amsterdam, 2021-12-21

Cruising with Ruben & the Jets (The Mothers of Invention) (1968)
Album "Cruising with Ruben & the Jets"
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Love: romance 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

Zywa Operation #Snowflake

The parties fell silent
all fuss ran away
from the cafes and the streets
And the sky turned pale

We no longer participate
as long as it is winter
and we can do without
Only the absolute necessary

we'll buy, we'll maintain nothing
that sustains the occupation
its land bite, people bite
Freedom bite

Our blood flows, our breath
makes us appear at our most beautiful
crystal after crystal

We will die a new life
in the hearts of the soldiers
once vulnerably kiss spring
awake in them

Poem 4430
Amsterdam, 2022-03-28

Non-violent resistance
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Violence: non-violence 

Tell me what to do

about my fear of those things --

that may be hidden.

Zeg me wat te doenWas könnte ich tun
tegen mijn angst voor alles --gegen meine Angst vor dem --
wat verborgen is.was verborgen ist?

Poem S1376
Amsterdam, 2022-04-02

Aletheia = unhiddenness, truth
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Fear: vague 

The offshore strobe light

flashes up like a bright star --

in the mists of rain.

Het vuurtorenlichtDie Leuchtturmlampe
flitst als een heldere ster --ist ein hell blinkender Stern --
in de regenmist.im Regennebel.

Poem H3336
Amsterdam, 2022-06-17

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Culture 

It is the silence

that I notice all night long --

as if I'm dreaming.

Het is de stilteEs ist die Stille,
die me heel de nacht opvalt --die die ganze Nacht auffällt --
alsof ik het droom.wie in einem Traum.

Poem H3338
Amsterdam, 2022-06-17

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Silence 

Empty waiting rooms

in the hospital, no one --

will become ill here.

Lege wachtkamersDie Wartezimmer
in het ziekenhuis, niemand --der Poliklinik sind leer --
zal hier ziek worden.Hier wird niemand krank.

Poem S1481
Amsterdam, 2022-07-18

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Disease: care 
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

In sweltering heat

we sweat ever thicker crusts --

Salt suits of armour.

In de smoorhitteIn der Bruthitze
zweten we dikke korsten --schwitzen wir dicke Krusten --
Harnassen van zout.Eine Salzrüstung.

Poem H3391
Amsterdam, 2022-07-18

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Body: functioning 

Zywa Sermon to the Fish

You don't know why
don't even know the difference
between the rain and my tears

You have no idea
of the sea, which is for you
what the earth is for me

And what is heaven for me
you don't have to understand
It escapes me as well

just like you elude
my hand and my feelings
elude my will

Well, what do I know
about humans and animals
about breathing in the soil?

And then there are the angels
if they exist, the choirs
who praise God about everything

and the messengers who speak
what is true and just
Listen, I cry

for their wise words
that death is no mystery
but an encouragement to live

Poem 4588
Amsterdam, 2022-07-18

"Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt" ("St. Anthony of Padua's Sermon to the Fish", 1893, Gustav Mahler)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sadness: suffer 
Composer: Mahler, Gustav 

I talk to myself,

I know, I know very well --

nobody listens.

Ik praat in mezelf,Ich rede mit mir
ik weet het, weet het heel goed --selbst, ich weiß, ich weiß genau --
dat niemand luistert.dass niemand zuhört.

Poem S1491
Amsterdam, 2022-08-12

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

Zywa Days of the week

Who are you, you elusive
mermaid in my story
of desire and boredom?

My story, my story
of shipwreck and beach
beach, beach, pebble beach

Washed ashore, thirsty
and shivering of exhaustion
awakened by the hot sun

Beach, beach, pebble beach
washed ashore, delirious
from hunger and alone
all alone with you

dancing in the waves of the sea
the sea, the sea, the waving sea
and my story, only my story

is sailing past this beach
beach, beach, pebble beach
mama, mama, grandma

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, I'm doing my best
come soon, soon, don't leave me alone

Poem 4640
Amsterdam, 2022-09-01

Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe)
The Island (Anca Damian) (2021)

Book "The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: who lived eight and twenty years, all alone in an uninhabited island on the coast of America, near the Mouth of the great river of Oroonoque; having been cast on shore by shipwreck, wherein all the men perished but himself. With an account how he was at last as strangely deliver'd by pirates. Written by himself." (1719, Daniel Defoe)
Animated film "The Island" (2021, Anca Damian)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 
Tribute to: Defoe, Daniel 
Tribute to: Damian, Anca 

Sun on the roof edge,

underneath we sufferlead --

our cold shadow lives.

Zon op de dakrand,Sonniges Traufbrett,
eronder lijleiden wij --darunter führleiden wir --
een schaduwleven.ein Schattenleben.

Poem S1517
Amsterdam, 2022-09-22

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Life: effort 

From doing nothing

I get hungry, I wobble --

and wait for myself.

Van al het nietsdoenIch werde hungrig
krijg ik honger, ik wiebel --vom Nichtstun, ich wackle und --
en wacht op mezelf.warte auf mich selbst.

Poem S1559
Amsterdam, 2022-11-02

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Passivity: easiness (sloth) 

Zywa Thousand-petalled day

Thousands of slaves of The Saviour run
bent over to a place to sit, belly to buttock
nose in the back, sections full of light pink
shoulders under the violet
shaved crowns

to open the brain
under sun and moon
to the Great Soul
and to gain self-knowledge
from the mirrors around you

the exchangeable bodies that
under the discipline of loneliness
among silent fellow sufferers
no longer can die
from everyday life's dangers

Everywhere you see yourself
among the hard faces
of armed guards
and you cling to
the changing of the light

the rustle of rain and
scents brought by the wind
He laughs best who laughs last
But what kind of laugh is that?
A laugh which is not shared...

Poem 5108
Amsterdam, 2023-03-20

"Centro de Confinamiento del Terrorismo" (CECOT, "Terrorism Confinement Center") in Tecoluca (El Salvador), February 24th, 2023
Crown chakra "Sahasrara" ("Thousand-petalled")

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 
Keyword: Soul 

Zywa Baltimore

Crippled, skinny gull
puddles in the potholes
of empty streets

holes in the walls
the school closed, no one
who could leave stayed

after the riots
no one who was released
from the cells

Losses have been taken
suitcases packed
the water shut off

Old town, dead harbour
where I was at home and would
have liked to come back

clean your white stairs
turn on your lights, please
turn on, turn on again

Poem 5182
Amsterdam, 2023-05-11

Baltimore (Randy Newman) (1977)
Song "Baltimore" (1977, Randy Newman, album "Little Criminals", 1978 sung by Nina Simone)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Decay 
Keyword: Melancholy 
Tribute to: Newman, Randy 
Tribute to: Simone, Nina 

Here too, policemen

coming to deport me to --

a death of torture.

Ook hier politieAuch hier Polizei,
om me te deporteren --um mich zu deportieren --
naar een marteldood.in den Martertod.

Poem S1772
Amsterdam, 2023-05-23

That afternoon (Nafiss Nia) (2023)
After a rejected asylum application
Film "Die middag"

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Safety: flight 
Keyword: Iran% 
Tribute to: Nia, Nafiss 

Crochet, blended yarn,

as my bridal veil was then --

with the blood spatter.

Haakwerk, mélange,Ich häkle, Mischgarn,
zoals mijn bruidssluier was --wie damals mein Brautschleier --
met de bloedspatten.mit den Blutspritzern.

Poem S1773
Amsterdam, 2023-05-23

That afternoon (Nafiss Nia) (2023)
Red-white wool
Bride resists being married off to an old man
Film "Die middag"

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Equality: women 
Keyword: Iran% 
Tribute to: Nia, Nafiss 

For years, refugees

have to stay in the waiting --

area of hope.

De vluchtelingenFlüchtlinge sitzen
zitten jaren in de wacht-jahrelang nur im Warte-
kamer van de hoop.zimmer der Hoffnung.

Poem S1774
Amsterdam, 2023-05-23

That afternoon (Nafiss Nia) (2023)
Refugees, asylum seekers
Film "Die middag"

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Safety: flight 
Keyword: Europa% 
Keyword: Hope 
Tribute to: Nia, Nafiss 

Your despair against

my hope, nose to nose, only --

a door in between.

Jouw wanhoop tegenVerzweiflung gegen
mijn hoop, neus tegen neus, slechts --Hoffnung, Nase an Nase --
een deur ertussen.Die Tür dazwischen.

Poem S1775
Amsterdam, 2023-05-23

That afternoon (Nafiss Nia) (2023)
After a rejected asylum application
Film "Die middag"

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Hope 
Tribute to: Nia, Nafiss 

I just sit and wait

in the bus shelter, nowhere --

a home in the night.

Zitten te wachtenIn der Bushalte-
in het bushokje, nergens --stelle warten, nirgendwo --
een thuis in de nacht.gibt’s ein Zuhause.

Poem S1776
Amsterdam, 2023-05-23

That afternoon (Nafiss Nia) (2023)
On the run from deportation after a rejected asylum application
Film "Die middag"

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Home: displaced 
Keyword: Waiting 
Tribute to: Nia, Nafiss 

Zywa Waiting for the hereafter

The old failure is dragged up
by a fanatic who wants to try
again, in glowing words

he tells the dream
as a promise, a duty
yes, that is our culture

to live worry-free and worry
telling stories
like in the blank ages

without prophets who want to
be consistent and threatening
with hell and damnation

sell a sacred promise
of peace and health
for compliance

What we think we have
we would lose
if we don't give it up

Then rather give us a king
or a general, rather anything
then wait for the hereafter

Poem 3509
Amsterdam, 2021-02-24

Samson (situated in 1100 BC)
Maqabees 167-164 (Maqqaba = Hammer)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Religion:  

Zywa 20,000 hours under the sea

Qui - et   qui - et   qui - et

Space is shooting away
over the panorama window

Nebulae around our spiral dive
back into the ocean, Captain Colin
hovers us through echoes of life
signals in the round suite

20.000 hours is far, lying down
on bean bags, we drink from crystal
and live in eternity
There is no news

The two-year-old girl
points out the starfish
her sister is sleeping
in mammy's lap

The sonar manoeuvres us
through deeply tuned shadows
in the searchlights, the murky darkness
of the unseasonable, moonless night

until we wash ashore in a fjord

Poem 1795
Amsterdam, 2018-06-24

Electro Symphonic Orchestra (June 23rd, 2018, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam)
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Journey 
Composer: Benders, Colin 

Nothing but the lake

in between the shores of clouds --

drinking all the rain.

Het meer is allesDer See ist alles
tussen de wolkenoevers --zwischen die Wolkenufer --
Het drinkt de regen.Er trinkt den Regen.

Poem H0164
Amsterdam, 2012-01-14

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Gluttony 

It's heavy labour:

cutting, chopping and sawing --

sparing animals.

Het is hard werken:Es ist Schwerarbeit:
kappen, hakken en zagen --kappen, hacken und sägen --
en dieren sparen.und Tiere schonen.

Poem H0184
Amsterdam, 2012-01-20

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Care: animals 

A downpour: people

run to the ice-cream parlour --

to lick waiting time.

Een bui: de mensenEs gießt: die Menschen
vluchten de ijssalon in --fliehen in die Eisdiele --
en likken wachttijd.lecken Wartezeit.

Poem H0312
Amsterdam, 2012-07-09

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Waiting 

Zywa My house has large beds

My house has large beds
in which naked people groan
and girls are raped
by other people's loneliness

The guests pay for
washing the curtains
which their soft hands stroke
after the night

They don't expect calluses
from the day, they rearrange
and they smell, they don't pick the flowers
themselves, they live inside

where they are content
without achievements, because
the world is exhausting
if one wishes to change it

and spring admits no delay
life must be lived, enjoyed
since no one spoils you
better than you do

Poem 4294
Amsterdam, 2022-01-31

The vices of men come down to men being not realistic
Acedia (laziness, taking no action) and luxuria (lust, holding no goal)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Sex: desire / lust 

Be myself, social,

only then I don't go mad --

from my loneliness.

Mezelf zijn, sociaal,Ich selbst sein, sozial,
alleen dan word ik niet gek --dann werde ich nicht verrückt --
van mijn eenzaamheid.von der Einsamkeit.

Poem H3191
Amsterdam, 2022-02-06

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

Unsatisfied needs

will accumulate to waves --

of ferocity.

behoeftes stuwen zich op --Bedürfnisse stauen auf --
tot golven geweld.zu Gewaltwellen.

Poem S1329
Amsterdam, 2022-02-06

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Need 

Zywa We just have to

Everything has its time
the princes and the tyrants
the noble and the rich elite
the rights of liberty
equality and brotherhood
the incitement of the people
and again the king
our hero, our champion

I just have to
to make the best of it
My life is too short
for active resistance
for a more ideal later
which can only reach
its time after years
of quiet growth

Until then we just have to
be patient and
be satisfied
with each other's fears
vices, ugly
and nice words
out of impotence
to take care of each other

Poem 4304
Amsterdam, 2022-02-08

Monarchy >> Tyranny >> Aristocracy >> Oligarchy >> Democracy >> Populism >> Monarchy >>
Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Power:  
Keyword: Politics^ 

Zywa My house has smooth tiles

My house has smooth tiles
walls, white-washed by the avengers
from the clotted necessity
to eliminate

those who look down on others
who work behind smoke screens
who can't be reasoned with
or are otherwise different

From the casings of the bullets
with which they are stunned
a machine spins spools
full of copper wire

for the electric skeleton
of the world, which conduct everything
and levels facts, science and beauty
until many anger explodes

Maybe it is vain madness
in your eyes, in a heated head
it is inevitably
the poetry of resistance

Poem 4319
Amsterdam, 2022-02-14

(Paper clip) machine: invented in 2021 by Adelaide Lala Tam (Tam Kwan Yin, Guangdong 1993)
The vices of men come down to men being not realistic
Ira (wrath/anger, accepting no injustice) and vaine gloire (vanity)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Anger 

Zywa My house has bells

My house has bells
against sleep-passion, everywhere
where there is a hand
to press the button

The light stays on
there are no blindfolds
We are awake
of fatigue, fighting

against the gloom of the rut
and the shriveling of everything
So much to be experienced
and there is always more

within reach, if you slalom shrewdly
and do not attract the attention
of righteous people
with a show

The curtains closed
against envy and criticism
The loot is captured
the bells are waiting

Poem 4324
Amsterdam, 2022-02-21

The vices of men come down to men being not realistic
Invidia (envy) and gula (gluttony, not fulfilling obligations)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Gluttony 

Poem 4357
Amsterdam, 2022-03-07

A well-known anechoic chamber is located at Orfield Laboratories (Minneapolis, MN)
The vices of men come down to men being not realistic
Superbia (pride, not fulfilling other people's wishes and needs) and avaritia (greed, disregarding others)

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Anger 

     Collection:   Between where