Always keep skating,

over thick ice and thin ice --

And avoid the holes.

Over dik en dunÜber dickes Eis
ijs alle dagen schaatsen --und dünnes Eis eislaufen --
Wakken vermijden.Waken vermeiden.

Gedicht h0076
Amsterdam, 2011-12-11

Trefwoord: Life: survival 

I learn every day

from all my fellow students --

that I'm different.

Ik leer elke dagTäglich lerne ich
van mijn medestudenten --von meinen Mitstudenten --
dat ik anders ben.dass ich anders bin.

Gedicht s0016
Amsterdam, 2011-12-19

INSEAD in Singapore
Trefwoord: Identity:  
Opgedragen aan: Claudia A 

Here, please take my hand,

and feel the silky wrinkles --

which you may caress.

Hier, pak mijn hand maar,Hier, nimm meine Hand,
en voel de zachte rimpels --mit allen weichen Falten --
die jij kunt strelen.die du streicheln kannst.

Gedicht h0110
Julianadorp, 2011-12-25

Trefwoord: Contact: touch 

A lot of half-truths

fill the newspaper daily --

lifelike, and so true?

Halve waarhedenTja, Halbwahrheiten
vullen dagelijks het nieuws --füllen täglich die Zeitung --
levensecht, toch waar?lebensecht, so wahr?

Gedicht s0037
Amsterdam, 2012-01-28

Trefwoord: Truth 

After his stupid

statement, his laugh challenged me:

Just contemplate this!

Zijn lach na iets domsNach seiner Dummheit
dat hij zei, daagde me uit:lockt sein Lachen mich heraus:
Denk hier over na!Überdenke das!

Gedicht h0467
Amsterdam, 2013-06-17

Trefwoord: Communication 

The window steams up,

and I read: I'm also there --

when you can't see it.

De ruiten beslaan,Das Fenster beschlägt,
en er staat: ik ben er ook --ich lese: ich bin da, auch --
als je het niet ziet.wenn du es nicht siehst.

Gedicht h0608
Amsterdam, 2013-10-06

Trefwoord: Perception:  

The cows look at me

as if they ask me: are you --

living without grass?

De koeien kijkenDie Kühe sehen
me aan alsof ze vragen:mich an als fragen sie mich:
leef jij zonder gras?lebst du ohne Gras?

Gedicht s0104
Amsterdam, 2013-10-08

Trefwoord: Nature: animals 

Zywa Bow waves

My world doesn't have to be bigger
than as far as my eyes reach
yet they see a new horizon
when I look around over there

     Give me your hand, wait
     a while with going and come
     with me, together
     we can be at home

I will always stand still
on street corners
looking where the sun is
where the clouds go

     Take off your jacket, your fear
     be happy here
     take a bath
     I'll give you a massage

Indefinite scents
blow over the beach
my feet push
bow waves in the sand

Gedicht 598
Amsterdam, 2016-03-22

Man and woman
Trefwoord: Curiosity: desire to travel 

Zywa Good enough

Your mirror image isn't equally
beautiful on all sides
but good enough
and if someone takes an example
to you, it's about something else -
the way you are
the way you behave

an attitude, a virtue
a skill, an understanding
a balance of interests
as if it always goes that way
but you do know
better, you know


also mirrored differently being just good enough

Gedicht 757
Amsterdam, 2016-08-20

Trefwoord: Self-knowledge 

The poets are proud

of their own publication:

more real than they are!

Trots zijn de dichtersDie Dichter sind stolz
op hun eigen uitgave:auf ihre Publikation:
echter dan zijzelf!echter als sie selbst!

Gedicht s0399
Amsterdam, 2016-10-01

Trefwoord: Authorship 

In the arms of clouds

I'm climbing up to the light --

that recedes from me.

Omarmd door wolkenVon Wolken umarmt
klim ik omhoog naar het licht --klettere ich zu dem Licht --
dat wegzweeft van mij.das von mir wegschwebt.

Gedicht s0400
Amsterdam, 2016-10-01

Trefwoord: Idealism 

Dad thinks I'm fighting,

I do, I'm fighting the wind --

in his idle mind!

Pa denkt dat ik vecht,Paps denkt, ich kämpfe,
ja, ik vecht tegen de lucht --ja genau: gegen die Luft --
van zijn gedachten!seiner Gedanken!

Gedicht h1544
, 2016-10-10

"El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha" ("The ingenious gentleman, sir Quijote of the Mancha", 1605, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)
Trefwoord: Puberty 

Zywa q.

I live in a half-home
hours from the city
in a rubble village
from which the youth is leaving
and where I don't hear language
that speeds up my pulse

I recognize the coats
of my neighbours and I think
that they are decent people
strangers that I greet
and from whom I don't want
to know more than from myself

It's all clearly
a question about friendship
whether there are doors
which I open myself
and what choices
I turn over in my mind

Gedicht 829
Amsterdam, 2016-11-12

Quaestion >> q. >> ?
Trefwoord: Friendship: neighbours 

Zywa Icons

This town has stars
a Walk of Fame paved
by underlords and commissions
with a professional pomp

as shepherds of international honour
Who falls prey to them
definitely will no longer be oneself
he is extinguished and replaced

by the icon with his name
Gautama the awakened
Jesus the highest love
Socrates has self-knowledge

Leonardo and Albert are brilliant
and Judas stands for betrayal –

we passers-by echo it
and let the stars shine

to receive as much light
from them as possible, why
actually? Why do we betray
ourselves by not venturing

to love, knowing
enlightened and freed who we are?

Gedicht 890
Amsterdam, 2016-12-12

Trefwoord: Wisdom / Stupidity 

Zywa Rewrite the rules

Your house can be my house
our house, a nice house
I love you

if you don't want to be more
than I am and want to be more
than you are, not a boy

but a man who dares
to see me as Í see me
then you'll see more

of reality than you think
you see with your self-conceit
Look carefully, look better, I am

not a lesser man, I am
more than your expectations
How far do you dare?

Gedicht 1985
Amsterdam, 2018-12-13

"Rewrite the rules" is the appeal in an Always infomercial, calling up to rewrite the male rules of society
Trefwoord: Equality: self-respect 

Gedicht 2052
Amsterdam, 2019-01-25

Trefwoord: Letting go 

Gedicht 2183
Amsterdam, 2019-03-25

Painting "Les énervés de Jumièges" ("The de-nerved of Jumièges" / "The sons of Clovis")
Trefwoord: Death:  
Eerbetuiging: Luminais, Evariste-Vital 

Zywa Upper boss

Get started! With a small box, some leaves
and some ants, and practise lightning
a flying storm and the heavenly hand

until you can do it
Then take a larger box
with more stuff and many more ants

Of course, they don't mess up
properly, so you shake the box
and occasionally you raise your higher hand

Then you can do it with two boxes
and having mastered that, you throw them
together and you appoint petty bosses

If a box fails, you set it on fire
You open a new one
and you give the boss a second chance

Well, it's so easy
to be the upper boss

Gedicht 2277
Amsterdam, 2019-06-18

Trefwoord: Power:  

Zywa Blessing

The palm of a hand
is the sign of good intentions
     I am not armed
     that's my gift

so is everything
in everyone's hands
     live with me
     I will help you

My palm says
who I am, asking you
     who you want to be
     for yourself and me

before oblivion
erases who I didn't help
     to grow, and why
     I didn't bloom

My darling does things
that are a gift
     it's her name
     as a sign

Gedicht 2288
Amsterdam, 2019-06-20

Signum = sign, God's blessing
Doron = gift, palm

Trefwoord: Life: gift 
Opgedragen aan: Dory dK 

Zywa Higher I

I am or we are, that is
the question, everyday drama
Am I myself or do I join a group, do I
want coverage, but not too many
claims to my freedom?

That there are rules but
enough options left
to evade them legally
to look the other way and
to take advantage behind the scenes
even though I know (if I want)
that there is a higher I

that does not want to harm itself
certainly not want to mutilate itself
with sticks, stones, scimitars
or very civilized in one
fell swoop with the push
of a button

Gedicht 2301
Amsterdam, 2019-06-25

Trefwoord: People: individuals 

Zywa Until here

In the dark below
of the tower only the cord
catches light, back and forth
while the bell is ringing

Immediately people come
to the shouting secret
there is news, the latest news
and they comment on the rope

(decent people are unmasked
  their additional interests revealed
  and underground networks

but they are particularly
curious about the hands
pulling the bell
there in the dark below

at the bottom of the tower
in the interior of the mind
that cannot be forced
to remain silent

After that, the fresh breeze
from the belfry holes soon blows
away, the clear sky gets covered
and people go

their own way again
after the solemn agreement
that it will never, never
happen again

Gedicht 2304
Amsterdam, 2019-06-25

Trefwoord: Greed 

Zywa Torn off

The books are decorations
only covers, gold-leafed
light and empty, my legacy
in attic racks

I would laugh at it
if I didn't cough
of the dust (are you)

There's a paper inserted –
the torn certificate
of a birth

a secret: I am legitimized
made real with a stamp
I live under a false name

It feels like dying
to the question what
name I would like and what

it would change, this official
document erases my name
I will always think
it's not who I am

Gedicht 2306
Amsterdam, 2019-06-26

Trefwoord: Identity:  

Mama, what is death?

That is the end of one's life.

And life, what is life?

Mama, wat is dood?Mama, was ist tot?
Dat je ophoudt te leven.Dass du aufhörst zu leben.
En wat is leven?Und was ist leben?

Gedicht h2627
Amsterdam, 2019-11-17

Trefwoord: Questions 

Zywa Fleaing myself

I look sideways at the flowers
I picked in the woods this morning
they stretch in the warmth
of my bedroom

outside, the rain rustles
over the traffic, the city
hidden behind the soft wall
of the curtains

the light from the clouds
shines broadly around
the candles on the plates
on the floor next to my bed

my skin is showered smooth
I brush the downy hair
this is me, to be loved
and coddled

I stroke my heart
it is not arousing
to whisper to myself
I love you

I stretch and pile pillows
under my buttocks, what shall I
fantasize, here I lie
as a queen

Gedicht 2527
Amsterdam, 2019-12-03

Fleaing is not: defleaing, but: removing skin flakes from the fur
Trefwoord: Love: for yourself 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

A women's circle,

long hair waving in the wind --

dresses flying up.

Vrouwen in een kring,Ein Kreis von Frauen
lange haren in de wind --mit langen Haaren im Wind --
vliegende rokken.fliegende Kleider.

Gedicht h2666
Zandvoort aan Zee, 2020-02-02

Trefwoord: Self-expression 

Gedicht 2672
Amsterdam, 2020-02-03

The clowns (Federico Fellini) (1970)
Film "I clowns"
Trefwoord: People:  
Eerbetuiging: Fellini, Federico 

Where I cut, I bleed,

please look, look at me, I am --

warm, no delusion.

Waar ik snijd bloed ik,Ich schneide, blute,
kijk dan, kijk naar mij, ik ben --schau mal, schau mich an, ich bin --
warm, geen verzinsel.warm, keine Fiktion.

Gedicht s0993
Amsterdam, 2020-03-02

Trefwoord: Attention:  

This graffiti scratched

into my skin: living art --

my body, myself.

Graffiti, gekrastGraffiti, gekratzt
in mijn huid: levende kunst --in die Haut: lebendige --
mijn lichaam, ikzelf.Kunst, mein Körper, ich.

Gedicht s1121
Amsterdam, 2021-01-04

Trefwoord: Identity:  

Babies say "Mama”

and start talking more, yet less --

you get to know them.

Na "Papa” pratenNach “Papa” reden
baby's steeds meer, en minder --Babys mehr, und weniger --
ga je hen kennen.wird man sie kennen.

Gedicht s1141
Amsterdam, 2021-03-07

At the birth of Sybren
Trefwoord: People: individuals 
Opgedragen aan: Karin J J 
Opgedragen aan: Joris S 

A baby doesn't talk,

yet you do understand him --

better than adults.

Een baby praat niet,Ein Baby spricht nicht,
toch begrijp je hem beter --doch man versteht ihn besser --
dan volwassenen.als Erwachsene.

Gedicht s1142
Amsterdam, 2021-03-07

Trefwoord: People: mankind 

Zywa Groping for each other

What you experience, I experience
through your stories, it becomes also my
also my memory, my identity

Your desire, your delight
is also my emotion, my need
my reason of subsistence

The love that embraces you
also warms me, the love
you miss, also saddens me

With you, I follow the choices
that you make, regardless which
choices I would make myself

Your confusion, your searching
confuses me, makes me grope
where you are, on my side

We embrace life
the secrets of our bodies
We embrace, embrace each other

Gedicht 3935
Amsterdam, 2021-09-20

Trefwoord: Friendship:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Divided man

To take care of you, help
others, perform projects of my own
undisturbed, without being troubled

by anyone or anything, or
obliged to anything

Show what I'm worth
and then do something
very different

Sit at home together
cosily on the couch
reading about adventures

and suddenly set out
just like that, being free
and still belonging

I want it all

Gedicht 4097
Amsterdam, 2021-11-03

Trefwoord: Balance: psychic 
Eerbetuiging: Verhaeghe, Paul 

In cities you may

get to know your real self as --

a species-member.

In de stad kun jeIn der Stadt kannst du
jezelf goed leren kennen --dich sehr gut kennenlernen --
als lid van de soort.als Mitglied der Art.

Gedicht h3126
Amsterdam, 2021-11-13

Trefwoord: Self-knowledge 

I write in relief,

the ballpoint ink is used up --

but I still have words.

Ik schrijf in reliëf,Ich schreib in Relief,
de inkt in de pen is op --ich hab keine Tinte mehr --
mijn woorden nog niet.Worte immer noch.

Gedicht h3130
, 2021-11-14

Trefwoord: Authorship 

Zywa Photo of my covered flower

Can I leave something? Would I
like to hang in a museum, with name
and lifetime or anonymous

as Woman With Blossom Branches
better known as The Covered Flower -
a lasting proof of my existence
living on as an iconic person?

You thought I was beautiful, you had to
take a photo, for that moment
itself (I can't show myself like that)

Even if you look at me
without me being there
the question is who or what
I am for you then

Am I beautiful in another way
now, am I more fragrant
with almost flaccid ripeness?

Or do you not dare to take
a good look, afraid of me-
lancholy, pity and regrets
of the missed chances?

Gedicht 4726
Amsterdam, 2022-10-11

Trefwoord: Identity: body 

Zywa Empty face

Horizontally my visibility is
250 degrees, I guess, at the front
- in the palmated bowl
of my skull - an open visor
looking at the wide world and all

of myself, except
what is mostly me
my face
so that I only have a faint idea
who the people who see me see

Their reactions are familiar to me
I am who I am
but a stranger to myself
and less and less my inner
image, as time passes

Gedicht 4756
Amsterdam, 2022-10-24

Trefwoord: Identity: body 

I can see myself

dancing on fast and light feet --

all without stumbling.

Ik zie me dansenIch sehe mich schnell
op snelle, lichte voeten --und sehr leichtfüßig tanzen --
zonder gestruikel.ohne zu stolpern.

Gedicht h3532
Amsterdam, 2022-10-26

1/38 (Kevan and Bijan Chemirani) (2022)
Composition, performed on October 26th, 2022 in the Music Building on IJ, by Sokratis Sinopoulos [lyra], Jean-Guihen Queyras [cello], and Bijan Chemirani [zarb and daf]
Trefwoord: Fantasy: imagination 
Componist: Chemirani, Kevan 
Componist: Chemirani, Bijan 

Garlanded by hearts,

by stars and thumbs-up I am --

who I think I am.

Omkranst met hartjes,Umkränzt von Herzen
sterren en duimpjes ben ik --und Daumen bin ich der, der --
wie ik denk te zijn.ich glaube, ich bin.

Gedicht s1556
Amsterdam, 2022-10-31

Trefwoord: Identity: self-image 

Zywa Who I am

I peek at my classmates
who I am, and I try it
out on them, because
they don't know me yet

Not as well as Mum
who already knows who I am
and comments on it
which often stops me

from being myself, from doing
as I please, Mum says
rather take example
by your brother or by us

I find it quite a hassle
to find out how
I am, I think I am
constantly changing

Gedicht 2283
Amsterdam, 2019-06-19

Trefwoord: Identity:  

Gedicht 2060
Amsterdam, 2019-01-26

LATIN Ordo = queue
Trefwoord: Order:  

Zywa Dew

The morning dawns, I step out of bed
Because I want to feel it, I go through

being born in public, I undress myself
in the street and it feels funny

I caress my goose bumps, it's embarrassing
that I have to pee on the waterfront

We're standing still not to fall
Shoulder before shoulder all together

We're standing still for the picture
like athletes at the start, we stretch, forget

the small hard shelves, the extending toes
and the cold iron between butt and legs

We're standing still as if we hover –
an arch of bellies soft

stretched over the canal
Venuses for a moment

Gedicht 76
Train Amsterdam-Nijmegen, 2007-06-08

Leliegracht (Lily Canal), Amsterdam June 3rd, 2007 (Spencer Tunick)
Trefwoord: Body:  
Eerbetuiging: Tunick, Spencer 

Zywa Fight after the fight

Amsterdam! Free
man of the world you want to be

your wild eyes threaten
my father hand, please, send
an angel, light, a woman
a favourable wind, sweet dreams
someone, something to help you
unbreakable mirrors if need be

Father, mother, earth, universe
make something happen, of course
who sees everything, does not know why
to intervene

freedom would be meaningless
if for adults only

understanding and obedient
everything with measure, giving up
what is beautiful and attractive
and smiling
at the discontented excuses
and lies of the past

You grow up wounded
I too have built, defended
and then demolished
castles and walls -

old men's proud
of the scars of my fight

Gedicht 622
Amsterdam, 2016-04-07

Trefwoord: Puberty 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa The martial art of virtue

I may sit on the couch
complaining that it isn't right
however I do my best

to understand it
like so many people
who are not afraid

and yet do not dare
to rely on themselves
I may dream more

than that I pay attention and
put into practice what I know
not making decisions and

living an insignificant life
but I prefer to act as if
everything is important to me

Thoughts are not virtues
and virtues are no thoughts
or superpositional patterns

but magical moments
in visible reality:
my energy

Gedicht 2057
Amsterdam, 2019-01-26

Trefwoord: Ethics:  

Zywa Thought to be

What I do and how
     I live and think and whereto

Still breathing air
     from your mouth and thinking
     to be rather we than me

Questions I had, you unexpectedly
     asked, so I thought
     to be rather we than me

Your eyes asked me
     without any shield or fence of appearances
     to feel who we are, by the sea

you whispered I see myself in you
     and I thought to be rather we than me
     whoever we might be

Gedicht 136
Train Doetinchem-Nijmegen-Amsterdam, 2009-08-10

Trefwoord: Identity:  

Zywa Reago ergo sum

I want to live, not sleep
bobbing on a bed
of laurels or walk laps
on a treadmill, always

take part in something new
even though you laugh at me -
After every experience I die
and I wake up

in a new experience
That is the story
of my life

per experience -
respond as well as possible
in every situation
Without plot, without end

just like when I was child
You are mature
if you understand this:
Reago ergo sum

Gedicht 613
Amsterdam, 2016-04-01

Trefwoord: Illusions: story 

Zywa My vague self

In distorting mirrors and family photos
I explore the limits of who I am
In company, I let my body bob
my eyes expectantly hidden

behind a golden curtain of long hair
enticing like a star, with puckered lips
to feel what it is like
to be world famous

and then experience my vagueness
all the more, hidden behind big eyes
like a child in angel wings of sand
with golden keys in my hand

Gedicht 2276
Amsterdam, 2019-06-18

Trefwoord: Identity:  

Zywa Extras

Digging for a new tree
I find bones in my garden
that have lived
where I live now

in a house like mine
maybe the same
dressed with flesh
two eyes and a mouth

a stranger like the neighbour
with his wild hair, in a bathrobe
in front of the window
like so many people

staff and passers-by
people who are busy
and people who are bored
extras, all of them

they act and fill the world
of others without playing
in a play, including me
with the bones in my hand

Gedicht 2267
Amsterdam, 2019-06-15

Trefwoord: Temporality 

Zywa In love's shoes

On good days I am not alone
Then love walks along, a step
aside is easily done, as though
I walk in love's shoes

and feel and know
what love would do, love that
does understand the other

and loves everyone equally
in a neutral, unjustly neutral way

because love is so much greater than we are

So, on good days I walk
in different shoes, I look
with different eyes and I feel
with a different, greater heart

which has room for all kind of things
that people do without love -
as people are: humane

and that is not redundant
no tautology or pleonasm

but a paradox

Gedicht 2244
Amsterdam, 2019-05-18

Trefwoord: Paradox 

Zywa Softer and sweeter

I have carved thousands of photos
of my life in stone
without my name
let alone gilded
in chiseled capitals

Photos for strangers
who dont live'yet
I have counted and weighed them
their balance is nothing

I ripened, I am softer
and sweeter now
not who I have been
not what remains hard
as if it still exists

With all my experiences
I swaddled myself
in the stone folds
to decay there
and be forgotten

Gedicht 2269
Amsterdam, 2019-06-16

Trefwoord: Temporality 

Zywa A dog started

It happened, he died
I saw him lie in state

leaving his house, many people
joined and whispered

It had not been sorted out yet
but his defense was so slight
it didn't even make the newspaper

The bearers said he was guilty
boys threw paint on his terrace
the bells were ringing, a dog started

barking as hard as he could

Gedicht 2273
Amsterdam, 2019-06-17

Trefwoord: Slander 

Zywa In the middle

Always build a tower
solid and in the middle
make a daily round

along the outposts, you learn
from that, also from the wind
and the farmers, sit down

with the children playing
and listen to what they repeat
from their parents and the neighbours

Occasionally beat the drums
but never dig holes
for the dead of tomorrow

plant flowers every season
around the squares and the cities
as a welcome to the enemy

in your suspicion, and pay attention
because the better you look
the more you see

Gedicht 2058
Amsterdam, 2019-01-26

Trefwoord: Foreigners: meet 

     Collection:   I am