Zywa But

In the tearoom, we pretend
to be good friends – in turn
we bounceball our days

If only I could make contact
but with words, it doesn't work
Our hands are close together

We gaze outside
it can't be explained
although we understand it

And that already comes too close

Gedicht 65
Train Amsterdam-Nijmegen, 2007-03-09

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Goodbye:  
Opgedragen aan: C W 

Once upon a time

there was a man in the moon --

and we called on him.

Er was eens een man-Ja, es war einmal
netje op de maan en wij --ein Männchen im Mond und wir --
gingen op bezoek.gingen zu Besuch.

Gedicht s0009
Amsterdam, 2011-12-01

July 20th, 1969 -- Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Moon 

We build walls around

our replicate paradise --

it is almost real.

We bouwen murenWir ummauerten
om ons namaakparadijs --unser Kopieparadies --
het is bijna echt.es ist fast wie echt.

Gedicht h0079
Amsterdam, 2011-12-13

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Paradise 

The silverfish slips

away after exploring --

the floor that I cleaned.

Het zilvervisjeDas Silberfischchen
verkent de vloer en glipt weg:rutscht vom Boden weg, er ist --
ik heb schoongemaakt.zu sauber gemacht.

Gedicht h0200
Amsterdam, 2012-01-23

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Environment 

I think, hence I am

completely full of thinkings --

Where is the outlet?

Ik denk, dus ik benIch denke, also
vol geraakt met bedenksels --bin ich voller Denkungen --
Waar is de afvoer?Wo ist der Abfluß?

Gedicht s0039
Amsterdam, 2012-02-06

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Illusions:  

The children's parade,

with swinging paper lanterns --

and a wisp of songs.

De kinderoptocht:Der Kinderumzug,
schommelende lampions --mit schwingenden Laternen --
en een sliert liedjes.Ein Wisch von Liedern.

Gedicht h0265
Grossdietwil, 2012-02-18

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Party: tradition 

I'm getting old and

can see me ever clearer --

as who I have been.

Ik word oud en zieIch werde alt und
mijzelf steeds duidelijker --sehe mich immer klarer --
als wie ik ooit was.als wer ich je war.

Gedicht h0575
Amsterdam, 2013-09-27

Health Care Centre of Our Lady
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Life: course 

The mountains, floating

out of range above the sea:

the heavenly land.

De bergen zwevenDie Berge schweben
onbereikbaar boven zee:unnahbar über dem Meer:
das himmlische Land.

Gedicht h1055
Amsterdam, 2014-11-19

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Heaven / Sky / Hell 

The air mooes and pounds

on itself, it falls and hunts --

for equality.

De lucht boe't en bonktDie Luft muht und haut
op zichzelf, ze valt en jaagt --auf sich selbst, sie fällt und jagt --
steeds gelijkheid na.immer nach Gleichheit.

Gedicht s0257
Amsterdam, 2014-11-19

Atmospheric pressure differences
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Equality:  

His travels pinned up

on the world map, with pin-heads:

colourful conquests.

Zijn reizen: spelden,Reisen: Stecknadeln
op de wereldkaart geprikt --auf der Weltkarte, bunte --
als verovering.Eroberungen.

Gedicht h1059
Amsterdam, 2014-11-28

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Curiosity:  

Zywa Forget the herd

Finally free in an open field
where there is more to see
than I like

that catches my attention
being an obstacle
that hides
what is invisible

A lightning field of insights
that prove themselves
because once you have an eye
for the heartbeat and the breath

of the tree of life
in which you move
it is very difficult
to be blind again

and lonely
and forget
the herd
and the earth

Gedicht 635
De Koog, 2016-04-17

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People: individuals 

Love wants to explore

the whole world together, and --

likes to live at home.

Liefde wil samenLiebe will die Welt
heel de wereld ontdekken --zusammen entdecken, und --
en ze woont graag thuis.zu Hause leben.

Gedicht h1554
, 2016-10-11

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Love: is all 

Zywa Dreamflight

Looking back, I recognize pieces
of the road that I went
The connections are gone
there are still no signposts

I can count the fictional
reality, the numbers
of seasons, homes, friends
The rest is a dream cord

of desires and parties
that I have not forgotten
of unrequited love
and perfect moments

memories in the deep
black, lighting up
as floating islands
with graceful peaks

of adventures
a journey
through the abysses of the night
that make children cry

Gedicht 1036
Amsterdam, 2017-02-18

Attraction "Dreamflight" in the Efteling since 1993
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Life: course 
Trefwoord: Brabant% 

Zywa Touched

Less than two square meters
that isn't much skin

to make contact
with so many people

who attract me, all the children
I would like to cherish

besides the cows and the donkeys
with whom I'd like to have a talk

too many animals to mention
also the amazing beings

that plants are, their strength
and acceptance to carelessly

lose to fruitrobbers what they get
and the stones, rough and smooth

in all colours, they touch me
down to the finest folds, deep

in my body with the wind
of my thoughts

Gedicht 1149
Amsterdam, 2017-03-07

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Contact:  

Zywa They just have to suffer

We must suffer
until we are strong enough

to make demands
But why me?

I only have one life, may have
it better in another country

and if they don't want me there
then the people here should

help me, even though
they have nothing

to do with it except that
that we are humans

They just have to

until they will:
be the owner

of the problems and the solutions
the owner of their ideals

Gedicht 1229
Amsterdam, 2017-03-19

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Together: solidarity 

Life is a journey,

you get to know a few roads --

and a few habits.

Het leven: een reis.Die Lebensreise:
Je leert wat wegen kennen --man lernt einige Wege --
en wat gewoonten.und Gewohnheiten.

Gedicht s0783
Amsterdam, 2018-09-12

After ghazal 1 by Hafez (1320-1390)
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Life: course 

Zywa Too hot to sleep

I am bored, but the view
of the city at night
is beautiful, still

too hot to sleep or count
the skyscrapers, the stacks
of illuminated windows

My hand waves goodnight
Would anyone be looking at me?
I squint my eyes

to peeping telescopes
then I cast them down again
to read a little, insights

I already had, but can not rhyme
right now, with the world
that keeps me awake

If only I could sleep, dream
of light towers in the desert
without being there myself

Gedicht 1943
Amsterdam, 2018-11-29

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Foreigners: guest 

Zywa B EÃU FORT motor ride

I sit on the full power
of 210 horses, running
across Rooster beach
I exist, I live
ouring fast

my soul devours the surf
and the dune, the landscape
of my freedom, my dream
and reality fall together
on the border of the sea and friends

where I embrace my Norton
strong, autonomous and free
I create image by image
life from my desires
I create love in myself

Gedicht 2258
Amsterdam, 2019-06-03

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Trefwoord: België% 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa We take time (to live)

It is going well, we are driving fast
away from where the bombs fall
Fatima's hand sways move move

We are many
stronger than the rules
We break through them

to a rich country, not a monastery
although we will live slowly, but
we bring our own rules

We want to work, take time
to learn and get married
to have a future

and to give it
to our parents
who did not believe in it

Gedicht 2270
Amsterdam, 2019-06-16

Hamsa = five, the amulet "hand of Fatima", originally "hand of Inanna" (Sumer, 5000 BC), then "hand of Ishtar" (Akkad, 2300 BC); Jews used the hand against the evil eye
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Migration 

Zywa American Dream [1]

I dream myself in the sun
on Italian shoes, eyes
follow and admire me

That is what's missing, naturally
should have been there after years of toil:
being in my place, tired but satisfied

waking up in an easy life
(fish jump into my pan
  the cotton is flowering
  high in the summer)

I dream myself in America
Spotlights are waiting for me
They follow and admire me

where I come, in light halls
and clean streets smelling of
jasmine clouds and sweet men

who bow to my analysis
(I speak, light on my feet
  with big, wise cat eyes
  Thank you. I have made my mark.)

Gedicht 2282
Amsterdam, 2019-06-19

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Ambition 
Opgedragen aan: Magda S 

Zywa Playing

I have become old
and I can only play
with my thoughts
the rest is too stiff

But don't be mistaken
it is pleasant to feel
in today's warm wind
what it is like

to stand on the jetty
in a thin dress, waiting
without the need
to do anything

but enjoy, flapping
in the sun, while I
can see now how
it all will continue

My crush and the child
who embraces my leg
the same child next to me
with her own child

on her arm, our feet
in the surf, breathing
one love, three women
with wild hair

just like on the mountain
where I throw up the ashes
into the world, that's how I play
my life together

Gedicht 2285
Amsterdam, 2019-06-19

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Old age:  

Zywa I am a balloon

I am a balloon
tied together
with strings of gravity

to a hawser of people
in a knot of umbilical cords
(the earth)

My inflated head thinks
to be independent, floating
in its own piece of heaven

(a fantastic existence
  above all the complications
  in the knot)

so full of all sensations
that I don't want to puncture them
because I'm a balloon

Gedicht 2287
Amsterdam, 2019-06-20

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People: individuals 

Zywa Old keys

I have kept boxes (first quality)
with nails, a jam jar full
of keys from unknown doors

and a pile of suitcases
foundjects from mother's house
memories that have become secrets

as undescribed museum pieces
sparsely on a shelf in the shed
put away by me for later, ever

to open my past with it
when time stands still, and I
no longer find doors

to the future, only
can get lost in the present
or in the past

Gedicht 2289
Amsterdam, 2019-06-20

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Memory:  

Zywa Migrating

The brains above my mouth
make me eat on time
two extensions detect
food and that's how

it got out of hand

The eyes made the hands go
to the inedible world, and
made them build extra rooms
to store things

I too went
and from time to time
I migrated back to the past
my friends and family

with whom my itch started
to make cartwheels
to another world, away
from the table at home

where I had eaten enough
and was looking into the distance
where I hoped to be touched
by a new love

Gedicht 2325
Amsterdam, 2019-07-01

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Evolution 

Zywa You are different

Falcons do not grab footwear
for their nest, not the slipper
that the Pharaoh gets served on his lap

     He looks up and everyone
     looks with him
     at the falcon in the sky

It must be a sign
an assignment from heaven
and the search begins

     The welfare of the entire nation
     is at stake, the question
     is: to find or to fall

The court moves from cottage to cottage
to see the women and the girls
all over the wide delta

     The heavenly slipper fits at the foot
     of the foreign Pale Face
     the slave who is different

She had put it to dry
after washing clothes in the river
and shows the other one

Gedicht 2390
Amsterdam, 2019-08-14

Pale Face (-1550)
Story that is laid in the time of Pharaoh Ahmose I, who expelled the Hyksos from the Nile Delta and then became Pharaoh in Thebes (from 1550 BC). From 1540 he controlled all of Egypt.
Rhodopis ("Pink Face" / "Pale Face") will undoubtedly have been bullied with worse abusive words than her nickname, but Strabo (Amaseia 64 BC - AD 24) has omitted them when he recorded the story under the title Rhodopis

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Equality:  
Opgedragen aan: T D 

Gedicht 2487
Amsterdam, 2019-10-29

Hugo Grotius (1583-1645): "Mare Liberum" ("The Freedom of the Seas") in 1609, escape from Loevestein Castle on March 22nd, 1621
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Freedom:  
Eerbetuiging: De Groot, Hugo 

I ride on the bus,

the day begins, I wake up --

in trusted landscapes.

Ik zit in de bus,Ich sitze im Bus,
de dag begint, ik ontwaak --es wird Tag, ich wache auf --
in vertrouwd landschap.in vertrautem Land.

Gedicht h2607
Amsterdam, 2019-11-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Safety: security 
Opgedragen aan: Florentin dK 

I travel daily

throught the forest, unnoticed --

we are transforming.

Ik rijdt dagelijksIch reise täglich
door het bos, onopvallend --durch den Wald, unauffällig --
veranderen we.verwandeln wir uns.

Gedicht h2608
Amsterdam, 2019-11-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Change: process 
Opgedragen aan: Florentin dK 

I'm exhaling clouds

and inhaling the clear air --

the sun shines in me.

Ik blaas wolkjes uit,Ich blase Wolken
adem heldere lucht in --aus und atme klare Luft --
de zon schijnt in mij.Sonnenschein in mir.

Gedicht h2609
Amsterdam, 2019-11-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Breath 
Opgedragen aan: Florentin dK 

I train my body

daily to embrace people --

with strength and beauty.

Ik train mijn lichaamIch trainiere hart,
om mensen te omarmen --um Menschen zu umarmen --
met kracht en schoonheid.mit Kraft und Schönheit.

Gedicht h2610
Amsterdam, 2019-11-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Care: body 
Opgedragen aan: Florentin dK 

It's a lot of work,

to be who you want to be --

a lot of redo's.

Het is best veel werk,Es ist viel Arbeit,
te worden wie je wilt zijn --zu werden, wer du sein willst --
het moet vaak over.mit vielen Nochmals.

Gedicht h2611
Amsterdam, 2019-11-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Identity: change 
Opgedragen aan: Florentin dK 

Zywa Stepmama

I would
escape, not know better
and run off, maybe scared
without a street cat helping me
but free

I would
go straight for my dreams
the smells that I can't reach
stroll through hedges and gardens
I'll never forget it

Would it
have happened that way
and do you want that too
or is attention enough
when you meow

Entertain me, Caress me
or are you asking: Comfort me
you just have no idea
what prison is
set me free

Gedicht 2781
Amsterdam, 2020-03-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Freedom:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

The sea used to be

an ocean, because smaller --

was everyone's world.

De zee was vroegerDas Meer war früher
een oceaan, want kleiner --ein Ozean, weil kleiner --
was ieders wereld.war die Welt aller.

Gedicht h2695
Amsterdam, 2020-05-05

In Scotland, the North Sea was called "German Ocean"
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Knowledge:  

Moments are tatters,

preserved by me in series --

making up my life.

Momenten: flarden,Momente: Fetzen,
door mij bewaard in reeksen --von mir in Serien bewahrt --
vormen mijn leven.bilden mein Leben.

Gedicht h2766
Amsterdam, 2020-08-17

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Life:  

Do you want to shine

like a star, a fire, bright, hot --

reaching us lukewarm?

Wil je schitterenMöchtest du leuchten
als een ster, een vuur, fel, heet --wie ein Stern, ein Feuer, heiß --
ons lauw bereiken?uns lau erreichen?

Gedicht s1064
Amsterdam, 2020-10-09

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Honour / Fame 

Zywa Not just in between

By bike, I came to Poppel
and Cleves, abroad
Friends lived in Gendt

I got firm thighs and calves
school was in the city
college in another city

Then my world no longer fitted
in a circle of an hour's travel
but in Amsterdam it was again

like in my childhood, everything
nearby, the world big enough
to move in it under my own power

New friends within reach
and occasionally new neighbours
but family members scattered

across distant regions, sometimes travelled
in call and engine time, never just
together in between

Gedicht 3287
Amsterdam, 2020-11-25

13 km Van Musschenbroekstraat 4 in Tilburg to Poppel
15 km Bongerdstraat 82 in Beek (Berg en Dal) to Gendt
18 km via Kranenburg to Cleves (40 km to Kevelaer)
13 km from Amsterdam Oud-West to Zaandam
15 km from Amsterdam Oud-West to Gaasperdam

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Together:  
Opgedragen aan: Ruud J 
Opgedragen aan: Lucy J 
Opgedragen aan: Johan A 
Opgedragen aan: Louisa B 
Opgedragen aan: Afke B 

Days without a view,

right through the forest, with inns --

as signs to the world.

Dagen uitzichtloosTage aussichtslos
het woud door, met herbergen --durch den Wald, mit Gasthäusern --
als wereldwijzer.als Weiser der Welt.

Gedicht s1222
Tilburg, 2021-08-25

The forested country in earlier centuries
View of the south, from the residential towers of the Cenakel in Tilburg

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Economy 

Zywa Explore horizons

I can't live faster
than my body
can keep up with
Cycling and boating are the maximum

A short train or bus trip may go well
if I pay attention and transform
not read or sleep, otherwise
I will have to endure the skipped life
at a blow on arrival

Express trains and planes break me
up, then I immediately fall behind
and it doesn't help
to count down the kilometers
every five minutes
by tens at a time

My roots are lithe
they make me reach
for the world
to which they bind me
that's why I move them carefully
and slowly when I set out
to explore horizons

Gedicht 3961
Amsterdam, 2021-09-27

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Calm:  

Visual arts can

certainly suggest lust, just --

not with nudity.

De beeldende kunstDie bildende Kunst
kan wel lust suggereren --kann schon Lust suggerieren --
maar niet met naaktheid.nur, nicht mit Nacktheit.

Gedicht h3240
Amsterdam, 2022-03-26

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Body: naked 

I met Sharon, walked

her along unknown canals --

and bikes, everywhere.

Ik liep met SharonIch führte Sharon
langs onbekende grachten --entlang stiller Kanäle --
en heel veel fietsen.voller Fahrräder.

Gedicht h3325
Amsterdam, 2022-06-10

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Neighbours: along the way 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Upon departure

we're packed with expectations --

and sweet homesickness.

Wachten op vertrek,Bei der Abreise voll-
bepakt met verwachtingen --gepackt mit Erwartungen --
en zoete heimwee.und süßem Heimweh.

Gedicht h3346
Amsterdam, 2022-06-25

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Journey 

The world we know is

an evolutionary

boundary crossing.

De wereld is eenDie Welt ist eine

Gedicht h3682
Amsterdam, 2023-01-23

Boundary crossing #1, Evolution
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Evolution 

Emperors and kings

defend their authority --

They cross boundaries.

Keizers en vorstenKaiser und Fürsten
verdedigen hun gezag --verteidigen ihre Macht --

Gedicht s1644
Amsterdam, 2023-01-23

Boundary crossing #2, War
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Power: compulsion / violence 

People with prestige

always want more, they have to --

cross another line.

Mensen met statusMenschen mit Status
willen meer, ze moeten wel --wollen mehr, also sind sie --
over de schreef gaan.grenzüberschreitend.

Gedicht s1645
Amsterdam, 2023-01-23

Boundary crossing #3, Assault
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Power: manipulation 

Tourists are a plague,

going further and further --

they keep crossing lines.

Al die toeristenTouristenplage:
zijn een plaag, steeds verder gaan --immer noch weiter über-
ze over de schreef.schreiten sie Grenzen.

Gedicht s1646
Amsterdam, 2023-01-23

Boundary crossing #4, Tourism
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Tourism 

Zywa In Rome

I knew my neighbourhood
the streets to everything
I knew

but all those streets
didn't go anywhere
I learned, and I went

on larger streets
into the wide world
to other neighbourhoods

and those streets too
didn't go anywhere
I learned, only

comfortably home again
That's why nowadays I sit still
at home in my Rome, and

one after the other is coming
towards me over invisible roads
fast stars in the sky

of my thoughts

Gedicht 2072
Amsterdam, 2019-02-01

The roads of the social media (lead to "Rome")
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: World(view) 

Gedicht 150
Amsterdam, 2010-09-13

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 

Zywa See, hear, and speak no evil

I am I and you are you
there are too many people

to possibly love
too many to possibly live without

manners, although it takes
the joy of the wonder

of each other – every other
you meet, you and me

who is like us

The people next to me

on the train are talking
I hear their stories, luckily

I don't belong to them
I hope

they are so different, or even
worse: I am the same

Unspoken we leave
the miracle unseen

Gedicht 114
Train Amsterdam-Nijmegen, 2008-07-28

Avalokitesvara (the Lord who looks [at the world],/small>)
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People:  

Zywa Intermediate man

I thought it was something of the past
the sharp division
between yes and no, guilt and innocence
contaminated and pure, woman and virgin

But the computer leaves me
with no choice but to be
friends or not, committed
or available, yes or no

a response, a date
stand still or take a step
in five possible directions
and if the game goes wrong

they pretend you can delete
everything and start again
your experiences hidden
behind a clean slate

for new choices
which is quite a big deal
in life where dreams are
the game and temporality

is real: constantly I-intermediate man
am living intermediately between everything
in intermediate scores and intermediate times -
an intermediary at intermediate stations

Gedicht 895
Amsterdam, 2016-12-15

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Temporality 

Zywa The beauty

Prosperity in city and country, see
the light under the clouds in the showroom
of earthly paradise, see

a glimpse of ourselves
in the looks of those days
the beauty of their attention

their desires
in younger years of the world –
the same as ours

We process and preserve
we build and improve
we create the beauty

in which we want to live
Here it is collected, see
it is good

Gedicht 2272
Amsterdam, 2019-06-17

National museum in Amsterdam
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Museum 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Art web

In the museum the wind blows
from everywhere to everywhere, like us
visitors from all over the world

We carry a culture web, nourish it
with the collections of the museums
which are larger than their buildings

We carry the art
with us, it is greater than we are
greater than our time and abode

We carry out the art
the history that connects us
and always does continue where it ends

Gedicht 2048
Amsterdam, 2019-01-22

National museum in Amsterdam
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Museum 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Reaching

The world a maze
under the nut tree
in this well-arranged garden

Follow a path
learn how it goes
what is important

Travel with strangers
experiencing the secret
with our senses

And reach further
re-create the world
beyond our lives

This is our world
how it was and can be
carefully we reach

For beauty and stories
we reach
for contact

With other lives
we connect
we connect
from heart to heart

Gedicht 2271
Amsterdam, 2019-06-16

National museum in Amsterdam
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Museum 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Embrace

Come in, I kiss your eyes
I'll show you everything
Take your time, come as often as you like
and you will leave satisfied

Take a bath
in all my colours – soft
like powder brushes they caress
your look

I embrace your attention
with the gold of history
Here everything is
forever young

Unconditionally, I fold myself
to your needs
I give
images you'll never forget

Be surprised, enchanted, thrilled
Come inside and flow
through me
I'm there for you

Gedicht 1227
Amsterdam, 2017-03-19

National museum in Amsterdam
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Museum 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Tall grown-ups

Here we grow
We add history
to our lives, and beauty

We bring old masterpieces
to life by looking
in time mirrors

in which we also see ourselves:
tall grown-ups
with a museum in our head

quiet rooms
in which we can wander
between reality and ideals

the past and dreams of the future
At any time
Tall grown-ups

Gedicht 2047
Amsterdam, 2013-02-15

National museum in Amsterdam
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Museum 
Trefwoord: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Skirting along the sea

Tires hum, backs are bowed
clouds of words drift along:
cyclists skirt along the sea

They pedal and talk but don't smell
what I smell, don't look the way I look

They sweat out fragrances
make in monologues
their fiddle-faddle over again

They feel important

Gedicht 112
Amsterdam, 2008-07-26

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People:  

Zywa The stone raft

The sun sets in our beautiful
land of the sunset, let it go
wrong, the voters shout

let there be a power failure
let the earth be torn and the dogs
be barking, let the sea roar

They dive and turn
like a flock of starlings
There is a system in it

that is difficult to influence
by directors, like birdwatchers
they explain the omens

After the great quake, countries break
off and they sail away, their cape cuts
through the ocean: a proud rock titan

full of rabbits and settlers
who hole up behind angry words
because it is so complicated

They want a course of their own
they want a new sun
The women are pregnant

Gedicht 2030
Amsterdam, 2019-01-14

"A jangada de pedra" (1986, José de Sousa Saramago)
"La balsa de piedra" (2002, George Sluizer)

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Elections 
Trefwoord: Politics^ 
Eerbetuiging: Saramago, José de Sousa  
Eerbetuiging: Sluizer, George 

Zywa Just wait

Nobody notices it
yet, but I have it in me

the brilliant ideas and the authority
to make things run

as they should, worked out
in detail in my reports

My promotion is a matter
of time, my work will be seen

it is already there
in my head, ready

to be announced, politely
taking everyone into consideration

Yes, I adapt, I wait
for the right time

and prepare everything
I see it in my mind

I know how the world works
and when the time comes, we can

all be satisfied

Gedicht 2031
Amsterdam, 2019-01-15

The double (Richard Ayoade) (2014)
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Confidence 
Eerbetuiging: Ayoade, Richard 

The man drove so fast

that he was first to arrive --

at his accident.

De man reed zo snelDer Mann fuhr so schnell,
dat hij als eerste aankwam --dass er als erster ankam --
bij zijn ongeluk.an seinem Unfall.

Gedicht s0002
Amsterdam, 2011-11-18

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People: unwise 

By a litter bin

in a whiff of petrol air --

we're at a standstill.

Bij een afvalbakAn den Mülleimern
in een vleug benzinelucht --in einem Hauch von Benzin --
staan we even stil.stehen wir kurz still.

Gedicht h3313
Amsterdam, 2022-05-30

Petrol station
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: On the way 

The flying saucer:

under the large elytron --

the nipples hang down.

Onder het dekschildDas große Raumschiff:
van de vliegende schotel --unter den Flügeldecken --
hangen de tepels.hängen die Zitze.

Gedicht h3314
Amsterdam, 2022-05-30

Petrol station "Green Planet" on the A28 (near Pesse)
Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: Consume 

Zywa The Ship of Fools

The journey is restless, but
the ship is marvelous
It's a beautiful ship

Unfortunately without ship gnomes
to help the whole lot escape, no
there are only fools on board

who sing songs of freedom
and toast to distant beaches
Alas, we get off our course

The magnetic field loses strength
and the north pole is shifting
Ports remain unread

Sessilia grab us by the keel
growing anchors to the deep
of the restless water

The unreachable moon draws
a sweet scent in the salty air
But who could live there?

Gedicht 4511
Amsterdam, 2022-06-05

The Ship of Fools (Plato) (-407)
"Ship of fools" (in book IV of "Politeia" ["The Republic"], 407 BC, Plato)
"Het narrenschip" ("The Ship of Fools", 1491, Hieronymus Bosch)
"Ship of Fools" and "Land Ho!" (album "Morrison Hotel", 1970, The Doors)
Since 1900, the North Magnetic Pole has shifted 1,100 km towards Canada, and since 1850, the strength of the magnetic field has decreased by 10%

Collection: Migration 
Trefwoord: People: unwise 
Eerbetuiging: Plato 
Eerbetuiging: Bosch, Jheronimus 
Componist: The Doors