My poems: she gave

them back, years of happiness --

that I'm sharing now.

Mijn gedichten gaf zeMeine Gedichte
terug, jarenlang geluk --gab sie zurück, all das Glück --
dat ik nu uitdeel.das ich jetzt teile.

Gedicht h0906
Amsterdam, 2014-04-14

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Poetry 

Days of remembrance,

days of love and funerals:

Days of Poetry.

4 mei en verliefdheden:Gedenk- und Liebestage:

Gedicht s0464
Amsterdam, 2017-01-26

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Poetry 

Gedicht 1228
Amsterdam, 2017-03-19

Muggestutz is the eldest dwarf of the Hasli valley
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Feelings 
Trefwoord: Schweiz% 

I am creating

bodies of words for feelings:

living their own life.

Ik schep een lichaamKörper erschaffen
van woorden voor gevoelens:von Wörtern für Gefühle:
een eigen leven.eigene Leben.

Gedicht h1828
Amsterdam, 2017-10-20

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Poetry 

Zywa With Nana to the big city

With Nana to the big city
the translation tongues in our ear
Mignoter et manger, pipi, caca

we understand everything
that tourists are doing here
Plain easy, isn't it?

she sighs, satisfied, licking
a rainbow ice-cream
Tiresome uneasy

I think, all those people
I don't belong to them
Grandma don't you think so:

grown-ups are actually
quite the same
when you hear them talk

because they already know
everything and I do not and
I think that's a lot more fun

Gedicht 1596
Amsterdam, 2017-11-01

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Child:  
Opgedragen aan: Marlies D 

Gedicht 1709
Amsterdam, 2018-03-23

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Tradition 

Zywa Am I, volatile

Gradually writing less
wanting to act as well
anonymously being

heard and read
nothing else for me
please, no incense

with plumes, I am not sharing
anything that’s mine, I only give
mirror images of life

fed by me, cherished
and let go, parts of
my existence, volatile –

nothing is mine
only my birthday
with this thought

Gedicht 1719
Amsterdam, 2018-04-17

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Authorship 

Zywa In past and impossible

After others I see myself
dying between these walls
whirling through the day

like a butterfly, too fragile
to be able to enjoy
what life is offering

I still have my wings
In the brighter colours
of midazolam and morphine

that distort the world
past and impossible
are melted

into heaven and fear
of pain that I do not feel
until I wake up frightened

from the emergency cries
of my broken body
that calls for redemption

Gedicht 2040
Amsterdam, 2019-01-20

Palliative sedation
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Death: dying 

Poems are fragile,

they're lapis-lazuli dreams --

of significance.

Gedichten zijn teer,Gedichte sind zart,
lapis-lazuli dromen --lapislazuli Träume --
van betekenis.von Bedeutsamkeit.

Gedicht h2427
Amsterdam, 2019-04-04

"Lapis-lazuli dream" is the name of level 14 on
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Poetry 

Zywa The magic side

Tell a thousand and one stories
of the magic side, of roses
veils, lamp bowls, starlight

sweet tea and carpets, beautiful
bodies on thick cushions
and forget the robber

who sold me far from home
forget the murderers
the poison cups for the throne

the first one that I didn't drink
and not even fifty years old
the second, unexpected one

Tell a thousand and one stories
sing of the birds in the pleasure garden
sleep in harems of delight

between pink water lilies, gold
brocade and the moon, dream, dream
dream it will always stay that way

Gedicht 2229
Amsterdam, 2019-04-26

One Thousand and One Nights (0)
al-Khayzuran bint Atta, murdered by her son Harun ar-Rashid
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Power:  

Zywa Passing by

I pass by, a passer-by
postponing passing
to stand still
and read

I hear sounds, I see people
a known world, a story
in which I recognize something
of myself, as in a photo

Curiously I look
for the poetess, she is seated
in her verses, peeking
I push them aside

Who would she be without?
A heart, an oracle
that extends my view
and throws it on other lives?

Gedicht 2262
Amsterdam, 2019-06-09

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Observation:  

Zywa Illuminate

Not write You Now! or I Why?
but more than a subject:
skilfully collect them
prune and rebind them

in stories and novels -
make an exemplary report
against forgetting
the unique battle or
the special failure

in an argument or poem -
expose and illuminate lovingly
the unseen aspects
and the hidden patterns
or explore the unknown

Gedicht 2309
Amsterdam, 2019-06-27

"U Nu!" ("You Now!", 1620, Vondel)
"I Why?" (1946, Charles Ghigna)
Anything that is illuminated is not hidden
According to the Greek word aletheia a truth is: unhiddenness

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Literature 
Eerbetuiging: Vondel 
Eerbetuiging: Chinga, Charles 

Gedicht 2319
Amsterdam, 2019-06-29

Eternity: the ultimate black hole
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Identity:  

Gedicht 2320
Amsterdam, 2019-06-29

Slav = someone who speaks my language
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Foreigners: different 

Zywa 00 LU

I can talk to men, and laugh
with my girlfriends
they are playful, like kids
and you are both
you write me t+

You don't have much time
TM I understand
IMO it is also healthier
for your thumbs

You will see, UNK
&NBD how it works out
HF& you'll always have LOL
with a second and a third choice
to be happy, NP4U

You know that
somehow better
than my friends
00 LU

Gedicht 2317
Amsterdam, 2019-06-29

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Communication 

Zywa So

Afterwards everything can be
clearly seen in the sky, so
an invisible hand directs
the stars, the sun and the moon
even the kings on earth

as they say themselves, depending
of their own show, in the end
no army is strong enough
to save them, so
it is wise to kneel

urges the teacher with the ointment
who perfectly draws free-hand
circles on the board, so
he sits on the left hand
of the mayor on duty

who receives the golden threads
for the baldachin of power
which he serves or thinks to control
holy holy holy, intoxicated
by incense and blood, so

he continues to weave
his invisible hand

Gedicht 2321
Amsterdam, 2019-06-30

Myrrh (for ointment, the gift for prophets and healers), gold (the gift for kings), and incense (the gift for gods)
Baldachin = fabric from Baldac (Baghdad)

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Religion:  

Zywa I am I and you...

A high whistle, the banging
in my throat, I look
at the monster with one eye

it rages
towards me
I look
with my other eye

who dares to press
his thumb the longest
on the rails, in sight
of the express train

The train driver is startled
but not Pooh, Edward Bear
living under the name of Sanders

He likes his new name
(maybe Winnie is a girl)
and he does not know
the swan of long ago

I am Christopher
I love stories and I live
behind a green door

Gedicht 2323
Amsterdam, 2019-06-30

Winnie-the-Pooh (Alan Milne) (1926)
Quote: "I am me, and you are you, as you can see; but when you do the things that you can do, you will find the Way, and the Way will follow you.

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Fantasy: playing 
Eerbetuiging: Milne, Alan 

Zywa Pop-up

The train driver is startled, and I
am not myself, my thumb
presses upon the rails

It's one of the trillions
of temporary states
of my consciousness

in which everything is allowed
and possible, in the childhood
of the universe

No you or me
how real is that?
A green door

is just art, made
from a piece of tree, exhibited
in pop-up museum earth

Gedicht 2324
Amsterdam, 2019-06-30

Continuation of poem 2323. I am I and you... (June 30th, 2019)
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Fantasy: playing 

Zywa Fire in my belly

Her poetry is also about me
even though it isn't entirely true
there ís a fire in my belly

maybe it can be put out
but as long as it burns, it desires
the best of you

that does not lust after my beauty
to penetrate my lips
but is longing

for the best of me
the heavy whole, holy
and safe, my home

that I formed myself
from the metal of my body
and the silk of my spirit

Gedicht 2426
Amsterdam, 2019-09-25

Milk and Honey (Rupi Kaur) (2014)
Poem "Milk and Honey"
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Identity:  
Opgedragen aan: Siera M 
Eerbetuiging: Kaur, Rupi 

Zywa You say the words

Dad, you know where it hurts
although you weren't there
You always ask exactly

for something important that
others didn't miss
in my story, an aside

of the path, a depth
I told around
feelings that I avoid

because they itch in my head
and scars that I keep covered
You understand it all

already before I tell you
and you say the words
that embrace me

and upset me
with sorrow, confused
with this happiness

Gedicht 2435
Amsterdam, 2019-09-30

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Parents: father 

Gedicht 2521
Amsterdam, 2019-11-29

4½ to 2½ million years ago, the sky was orange (due to a lot of carbon dioxide, with methane, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide) and the sea was green (due to a lot of iron)
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Insight 

Difficult questions

are no fun, you don't ask them --

to yourself, do you?

Moeilijke vragenSchwierige Fragen
zijn niet leuk, je stelt ze niet --sind nervig, du stellst sie nicht --
aan jezelf, of wel?nicht dir selbst, oder?

Gedicht s1003
Amsterdam, 2020-03-30

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Self-knowledge 

What is left to say,

in the words of your language?

Who can I still be?

Wat blijft er overIn deiner Sprache:
om te zeggen, in jouw taal?was bleibt übrig zu sagen?
Wie kan ik nog zijn?Wer kann ich noch sein?

Gedicht h2711
Amsterdam, 2020-06-03

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Identity:  

Sometimes I accept

something I don't like, always --

I complain of it.

Soms accepteer ikIch akzeptiere,
wat me niet bevalt, altijd --manchmal muss ich, doch immer --
doe ik mijn beklag.beschwere ich mich.

Gedicht h2834
Amsterdam, 2020-11-25

Discourses (Epictetus) (135)
"Disseertationes" (documented by Lucius Flavius Arrianus)
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Ethics:  
Eerbetuiging: Epictetus 

Freedom: being free

from stupidity, it is --

everyone's ordeal.

Vrijheid is vrij zijnFreiheit heißt frei sein
van domheid, de beproeving --von Dummheit, diese Tortur --
van alle mensen.für alle Menschen.

Gedicht s1154
Amsterdam, 2021-03-30

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Freedom:  

Gedicht 3725
Amsterdam, 2021-04-22

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Love: bond 

With letters, I sow

all kinds of thoughts full of love --

I'm writing in lives.

Met letters zaai ikIch säe liebe-
gedachten vol liefde uit --volle Gedanken, schreibe --
schrijf ik in levens.sie in dein Leben.

Gedicht h2986
, 2021-07-11

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Authorship 

Zywa Now that winter comes

Now that winter comes
and the trees have not been
in full leaf
I shiver from what will be

from the shivering people
in a winter of possibly
forty years, as end times
of the rampant growth

and also from the winter cold
in our hearts, because our life
costs more and more lives
and more and more sorrow

If we do nothing about it
our tears will freeze
to a crust around the earth
and there will be a spring

without us

Gedicht 3995
Amsterdam, 2021-10-07

Earth ecosystem
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Earth:  

Zywa My life described

You ask who I am, you look
for the colour of my eyes
what is sickening me
the status of my past

In the absence of facts you search
for traces, indicating words
places of interest, preferably living
people, who add pieces

to my portrait, since I am
camouflaged by namesakes
You don't want to stand guard
at my door, not try if it's me

who in school learned the stories
of the Jewish people and God on earth
who learned dead languages, and critique
(be able to distinguish)

who read of the shining armour
the red palace, sand for the coast
and foolish bees - all heavenly
and in vain, fragmented tales

because otherwise it would be fiction
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity always
scaffolded, pollarded and fenced off
Read, it says who we are, who I am

Gedicht 640
Amsterdam, 2016-04-23

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Identity:  

Thinkers just follow

the path of their thoughts, curious --

where they will arrive.

Een denker volgt slechtsEin Denker folgt nur
de weg van zijn gedachten --dem Weg seiner Gedanken --
benieuwd waar hij komt.gespannt wo er kommt.

Gedicht h2257
Amsterdam, 2018-08-01

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Think 

In the large bookcase

the cat is choosing the scent --

to lie down and dream.

Poes kiest in de kastZwischen den Büchern
een geur tussen de boeken --wählt die Katze einen Duft --
voor een mooie droom.für süße Träume.

Gedicht h3214
Amsterdam, 2022-03-05

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Fantasy: dreaming 
Opgedragen aan: Vincie vG 

Reading books you fly

in everywhere, completely --

without being seen.

Lezend in boekenWenn du Büchern liest,
vlieg je overal binnen --fliegst du überall hinein --
totaal onzichtbaar.völlig unsichtbar.

Gedicht h3215
Amsterdam, 2022-03-05

Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Fantasy: imagination 
Opgedragen aan: Lotte W 

Crying out half-truths

will make you popular, as --

a wise oracle.

Halve waarhedenHalbwahrheiten zu
roepen maakt je populair --rufen macht dich beliebt, als --
als wijs orakel.weises Orakel.

Gedicht s1414
Amsterdam, 2022-06-01

From prehistoric oracles and soothsayers to political careers
Collection: The light of words 
Trefwoord: Truth 
Trefwoord: Politics^ 

     Collection:   The light of words