It intrudes, kicks things

upside down and connects me --

to people: music.

Ze dringt binnen, schoptDringt ein, tritt alles
alles om en verbindt me --um und verbindet mich dann --
met mensen: Menschen: Musik.

Poem H0042
Amsterdam, 2011-11-28

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Music: feelings 
Keyword: Music: connects 

A feather over

circles in the town canal --

Domestic wildlife.

Er zweeft een veertjeEine Feder schwebt
boven kringen in de gracht --über Kreisen im Kanal --
Wilde stadsnatuur.Wilde Stadtnatur.

Poem H0051
Amsterdam, 2011-11-30

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Nature: animals 

While the farmers drudge

I wonder, am I ashamed --

not to have to help?

De boeren zwoegen;Die Bauern schuften;
ik kijk en ik schaam me niet --ich schaue, schäme mich nicht --
te hoeven helpen.helfen zu müssen.

Poem H0126
Julianadorp, 2011-12-27

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: society 

The wind throws branches,

it swishes the warmth away --

Time to say goodbye.

De wind strooit takken,Der Wind streut Zweige,
zwiept de warmte het land uit --peitscht die Wärme aus dem Land --
We nemen afscheid.Wir sagen ade.

Poem H0350
Amsterdam, 2012-08-29

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Goodbye: leaving 

The frogs are croaking,

safe under a cloud of blood-

thirsty mosquitoes.

De kikkers kwakenDie Frösche quaken
veilig onder een wolk bloed-unter einer Wolke blut-
dorstige muggen.rünstiger Mücken.

Poem H0352
Amsterdam, 2012-09-12

The forest behind the cemetery of La Ferté Saint Cyr (on May 31st, 2012)
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Nature: animals 
Keyword: France% 

The dogs romp about,

their masters prefer to look --

any other way.

De honden stoeien,Die Hunde balgen,
hun baasjes kijken liever --die Herrchen schauen lieber --
steeds weg van elkaar.voneinander weg.

Poem H0438
Amsterdam, 2013-04-22

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Contact: avoid 

Spring starts hungrily:

in the shrubs, the new leaf shoots --

eat all the berries.

De lente begintDer Frühling beginnt
hongerig: nieuwe blaadjes --hungrig: die neuen Blätter --
eten de bessen.fressen die Beeren.

Poem H0653
Amsterdam, 2014-01-08

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Nature: plants 
Keyword: Spring^ 

Zywa Passengers

Dressed in mama's nightgown
skating in the middle of the street
and making long journeys
with trains in the attic, yet
if someone later says

It was already there
you know, don't you?
Twelve years old...
two four six eight ten
who is not gone, is seen

just look around you:
people are on their way
all of them passengers
in a private seat joining
the flight to the same

the travel rules are clear
put on the safety belts
for extras, you have to pay
but love and fate
are nowhere for sale

then shrug your shoulders
and start talking about something else
because reason demands that
you don't take anything personally
even if it is about you

Poem 961
Amsterdam, 2017-01-18

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Life: course 
Dedicated to: Frank W 

Zywa The together

However different people are
from my thoughts about myself:
if I look better, I know that
the differences do not matter
that what is conspicuous in their behaviour
reflects my own attention

Those times when I was in love
I heard it in some songs
recognized it in movies and sometimes
someone recites a poem
with exactly the right words

that make contact and let
energy flow on a basic tone
that brings us together, the together
that I often ignore

Poem 1133
Amsterdam, 2017-03-05

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Attention: focus 
Keyword: Mirror 

Zywa John

I don't want to write nicely
about the discomfort of his life

and the success of his plans
to put an end to it. It's terrible

for me, for me
it isn't right, it is different

it should have been different, together
in one way or another

Sometimes I recognize him in a passer-by
that way I keep him here

but each time he escapes
even if I jump at him right away

and give a kiss, he is someone else
No kiss was enough

to make him light
too light to possibly die

and kisses are not enough
to make me light again

Poem 1360
Amsterdam, 2017-05-19

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Death:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa What can I do?

Ill again. Panic
of falling into pieces
in my own skin

Trying all I can
to hold myself
Searching for weapons
and dreaming of ruses
Waking up without

Walking the problem out
the door, having to rest
somewhere in the grass, seeing blood
well up from an abrasion

Taking a baffled look at it
My worthless body full
of fresh blood, full of strength
There is still so much to do

what I thought I could
postpone, time and attention
for friends in the waiting
rooms of my eager life

Come on, I live, I can
bleed and be ill, take care
of others, I live –
no measured hours

Poem 1377
Amsterdam, 2017-05-25

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Disease:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Turbulence

I watch, take a grab
of the facts, rearrange the booty
to body's own and the world

constructions of fragments
of reality and myself, the truth
of my existence, my who I am:

turbulent clouds
in my sleep
and reckless pilots

of medicinal substances
that play with me
throwing me back and forth

through the hell
they mold out of my life
and I can only watch

Sometimes they also fly by day --
from my very own memory
I am thought by foreign substances

Poem 1492
Amsterdam, 2017-08-05

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity:  
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Our beautiful life

Our beautiful life, preserved
against the cold that may return:

cans with beans, old newspapers
worn out clothes, jars of jam
up to the ceiling
the hard land, and the hard way
of the great leaders, and the little ones
who fought for their own advantage
the heroes of steel, later torn
from their home and from the books

But we are still there, in our musty house
we still share - a beautiful life

Poem 1571
Amsterdam, 2017-10-18

Love is potatoes (Aliona van der Horst) (2017)
Documentary film "Liefde is aardappelen"
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Poverty 
Keyword: Politics^ 
Tribute to: Van der Horst, Aliona 

Zywa Gardendoubts

The travelling man created
the inn, later also the pub
and he saw that it was good

The forests have been felled, the trees
sawed up, carpentered and polished
- a couch on which I sit

in the back of the pub with people
talking about the curiosities of their lives
and asking me what I know

of my work, is it more
than what I do? Am how far
does its influence extend?

What is our place
in All, what is the point
of our effort?

Poem 1594
Amsterdam, 2017-10-31

Café "Tuin" ("Garden" Pub) in Amsterdam
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Life: effort 
Keyword: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Sidewalk speech

Trolley cases on the quay, tourists
They belong to it when you live here
Thin John sitting straight on his bike
every morning three times around the block
in the afternoon on foot the other way around
And Mario the sidewalk speaker
with his dog. They belong to it

The children who jump cannonballs
next to party people in their sloop
We ourselves when we go on vacation
in airplanes every two minutes
low over the houses against the wind
The cyclists with their priority face
Ordinary people who are living here

The Americans in front of their café
on the corner, where believers sat
when the church with the tower was still there
Red Mia dutifully shuffling around
the litter bins which she keeps tidy
And neighbours arguing once again
They all belong to it

They live here, and everywhere
the world is maladjusted, so
I begin on the street, with myself
with them and with you: Hello!
A good day here
where we are at home and wish
that everything stays different

Poem 1631
Amsterdam, 2017-11-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: City 
Keyword: Amsterdam% 

Karma: taking care

of yourself and your neighbours --

now and now and now.

Karma is zorgenKarma ist sorgen
voor jezelf en je naasten --für dich und deine Nächsten --
nu en nu en und jetzt und jetzt.

Poem H2004
Zandvoort aan Zee, 2018-02-01

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Ethics: karma 

Zywa Via Via

Via Via I do approximately know who I am
someone among all the people

who keep the city alive
and show me my soul
We feed each other, therefore eat
each other as one body
mankind, hungry to live
approximately knowing who we are
among each other and the rest
on our long way
up, down
and around

The goals I had, lost
and not missed, lost
in ubuntu

Poem 1744
Amsterdam, 2018-05-02

A Via Via café
Bantu = people; munu/muntu = man
Ubuntu = becoming and being human through others, being one, I am because we are
Song "Ich bin den weiten Weg gegangen" ("I went the long way", 1974, Hildegard Knef)

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: connected 
Tribute to: Knef, Hildegard 

Poem 1746
Amsterdam, 2018-05-03

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Love: in love 

Zywa Dancing as I am

Speaking with hands and feet

with fists rain and furious storm

composing in passwords who I am

arm blows stamping no thinking

about who I am and if you fight with me

when there is a gale in our blood

you too are crying yourself free while you dance

my soul connected with your heart

heaven found each other's hands

our steps follow the sun

my whole body understands

who I am, feels what is moving me

Poem 1802
Amsterdam, 2018-08-06

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity:  
Dedicated to: Madelief dK 

Zywa Favourite colours

I believe and I have a dream
are famous words
Obsolete now

that there are so many more beliefs
so many more truths
to dream away

from reality
which no longer can be guessed
but inescapably

is what it is, you have to
deal with it, you should
deal with it

but you prefer to wrap it up
in light-fast favourite colours
and facts thought hard

I know and I have the certainty
are our words in the turmoil
of colliding opinions

Poem 1806
Amsterdam, 2018-08-11

Paul, Martin Luther King, own truths
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Illusions:  

Zywa The drama

What I secretly do
but not hidden

from myself, the truth
that I do not want to know

yet sometimes see
in the questioning eyes

of others, surprised
or hurt, on the border

of judgment on me
is the truth in the eyes

of my conscience that examines me
I sweat, it's a purgatory

and as long as it lasts, it is
hell: I am not

just myself
but one of the others

That's the drama

Poem 1876
Amsterdam, 2018-10-19

No Exit (Jean-Paul Sartre) (1943)
One act play "Huis clos" ("No Exit" / "Closed doors")
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: connected 
Tribute to: Sartre, Jean-Paul 

A group deforms you:

you must conform, be alike --

or will be kept out.

Een groep vervormt je:Gruppen verzerren
iedereen is hetzelfde --dich: jeder ist gleich, oder --
of hoort er niet bij.gehört nicht dazu.

Poem S0812
Amsterdam, 2018-11-11

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: group 

Zywa Connected in our imagination

My words and poses
my taste and helpfulness, all of it
has been demonstrated to me, time after time

Together we are a copy of people
who together were also a copy
of people of people

unique collections
of ordinary habits
and general peculiarities

in a temporary body
that draws a boundary
between you and me

between all souls and senses:
for a multitude of experiences
that we can share with each other

to erase the boundaries again
being connected in our imagination
and to be more than ourselves

Poem 1959
Amsterdam, 2018-12-05

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: individuals 
Dedicated to: Ellen H 

Zywa About me

Sometimes I look in the mirror
and I see a look
of recognition

that jumps from my body
to my mind, my thoughts
about myself

Sometimes mum says something
about dad that she recognizes in me
and sometimes I like it

but I prefer to be a mix
of traits from mum
dad, the grandmas, and grandads

who must have seen it
but I did not recognize their look
of recognition

Sometimes I firmly say something
and right away doubt springs upon me
while the others are certain

that those words of mine
do say a lot
about me

Poem 1972
Amsterdam, 2018-12-10

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity:  
Dedicated to: Christel H 

Zywa Afraid of love

Half the world is free, celebrating
peace on earth, but a friend
of my husband has problems

with his wife, he stays with us
for a while (entertaining)

In the evening he tells stories
about the foreigners in our city
where he wouldn't want to live

afraid of the uninvited guests
afraid of losing what he has

his income, his stuff
maybe even his wife
I see that he doesn't dare to give

love, doesn't dare to think
and live great ideas

Only in small gestures
casually from his back pocket
his conscience speaks

of liberty
equality and fraternity

Poem 2002
Amsterdam, 2019-01-01

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Friendship:  
Keyword: New Year^ 

Zywa Meditation in the Vondelpark

The grass is still wet
around my mat
early in the morning
in the Vondelpark

under the high dome
of vapour trails through
the blue sky above the city --
the space of my mind

My sense of reality crackles
fiercely through it, igniting
fuses in my head and
my feeling to be me

splinters for an indefinite period --
the remaining time
of «unknown»
is unknown

Poem 2012
Amsterdam, 2019-01-05

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Meditation 
Keyword: Amsterdam% 
Dedicated to: Lisa W 

Zywa Do it, blame me

Do it, blame me
that you get little attention
It's true

I am
occupied with myself
I'm very well aware

that my life is too short
to postpone

what is important
not only you

also my peculiarities
pleasures, habits
and responsibilities

for my health, at home
with the neighbours and at work
I am proud of it

whatever you think of it
so do it, blame me

that I love myself

Poem 2035
Amsterdam, 2019-01-18

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Relationship 

Zywa Moving side-wards

We admire the starry sky
the flourishing earth and ourselves
and we conclude: God

is incapable of creating
something improvable
so mankind must be good

Our morals don't go backwards
or forwards, nor up or down
but left and right, side-wards

to and fro, from person to person
between hard and soft, joys and sorrows
young and old, wise and stupid

busy every day
to take care of ourselves
and to be a good neighbour

Poem 2179
Amsterdam, 2019-03-24

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Ethics: virtues 

Zywa Zing voor mij

Namasté, wees niet bang voor mij
Ik ben Godzilla!
Geef het toe
– Je Kunt Me Haten

Ik Hoor Hier Niet ...
Ik ben Verlaten ...
Dit is geen Droom
Dit is een Prehistorische Nachtmerrie

Soms vraag ik me af ...
Ben ik ... een Avatar geworden of Waanzin?
Ik ... zoek ... Zuiverheid
– Wezen, Geloof en Onschuld

Ik ben de muze, ik speel
de liedjes van schoonheid
uit de school van het leven
hoor de bevrijdende melodieën

geheimen in een wereld van duisternis
Ik luister naar de stem van zielen
ik geef geen antwoorden, ik adem
met de verlangens

Bevrijd mij, ik ben begaafd
Ik wil alleen maar je ziel
ik roep de kracht van liefde op
door de wil van de hemelen en de aarde

Poem 2181
Amsterdam, 2019-03-24

Titles of poems by AP haikusaur, published 2016-2019 on AP (
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Love: wish 
Dedicated to: AP haikusaur 

Golden cloaks for sale,

against all evil-thinking --

Of you? Or of me?

Dekmantels te koop,Tarnung zum Verkauf,
tegen al het kwaaddenken --gegen das böse Denken --
Van jou? Of van mij?Von dir? Oder mir?

Poem S0852
Amsterdam, 2019-03-25

In response to the Gold Membership benefits at
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Judgement 

I am shy, you know,

because of my big secret:

I'm very ugly.

Ik ben verlegen,Ich bin schüchtern, weil
want ik heb een groot geheim:ich ein Geheimnis habe:
ik ben erg lelijk.ich bin sehr hässlich.

Poem S0855
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Secret 
Dedicated to: AP haikusaur 

I am not normal

you know, I have no secrets.

Don't tell anyone!

Ik ben niet normaal,Ich bin nicht normal,
want ik heb geen ohne Geheimnisse --
Vertel het niet door!Sag es nicht weiter!

Poem H2420
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Secret 

Zywa Party with fairies

Election time: there they are
in beautiful dresses, the fairies
with their wands
aiming at my dreams

Sparkling stars
a beautiful world
is what they wish me
I get it as a gift

if I want, Say it
my vote
makes the difference
but the jester laughs

and dances around the shiny dresses
He points to the wands
they mostly point to each other
the rest is advertising paper

that wraps up the problems nicely
so be careful with wishes
they come true
the way you think

half, and inconsistent
with a bill
for others
or for later

Poem 2278
Amsterdam, 2019-06-18

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Elections 
Keyword: Politics^ 

Zywa I = We

What is one, is itself
but if you know someone else
you are also partly that person
you are also what was different
until that moment

And you observe that, it penetrates
you and you grow

That's interesting, we repeat it
in stories about people
and the gods they imagine:
the more souls, the merrier and the more
humor thanks to the differences

And the secret is to learn
to see that everyone is everything

That's why, yes for that reason
the bad sons were invited to conclude
their tumultuous lives with a feast
in heaven, while the good sons
were brought to hell

And the supreme god laughed
for their illusions

Poem 2370
Amsterdam, 2019-07-26

The Venerable World (-1500)
Epic "Mahabharata" ("The Venerable World"), book 18:3
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity:  
Tribute to: Mahabharata 

Feeling fine or queer,

after drinking wine and beer --

people are equal.

Plezier en venijn,Fein oder gemein,
na het bier en de wijn zijn --je nach dem Bier und dem Wein --
arm en rijk gelijk.sind die Menschen gleich.

Poem S0936
Amsterdam, 2019-09-28

Poor people drink beer, rich people drink wine
(Beer before wine and you'll be fine -- wine before beer and you'll feel queer)

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Equality:  

If once, you could see

me the way I do, then what --

would your face show me?

Als jij mij eens zagWenn du mich sähest
zoals ik, wat zou ik dan --wie ich, was sähe ich dann --
kunnen zien aan jou?in deinem Gesicht?

Poem H2583
Amsterdam, 2019-10-14

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity: mirror 

A lie cannot walk,

it has neither feet nor legs --

you have to bring it.

Een leugen loopt niet,Eine Lüge läuft
ze heeft voeten noch benen --nicht, hat Füße noch Beine --
je moet haar muss sie bringen.

Poem S0960
Amsterdam, 2019-11-14

Reflection on the proverb "A lie has no legs"
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Ethics: lie 

Poem 2523
Amsterdam, 2019-12-01

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Brain 

Poem 2598
Amsterdam, 2019-12-31

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Brotherhood 

Poem 2602
Amsterdam, 2020-01-01

Ideological uniformity
In the Chinese chess game ("Elephant Game") the red army has 5 B?ng-soldiers ("foot soldier") and the black army has 5 Zú-soldiers ("private", "property")
The symbol voor B?ng is an ax in two hands, the symbol for Zú is a corn field

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Brotherhood 

Poem 2604
Amsterdam, 2020-01-01

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: society 
Keyword: Singapore% 
Dedicated to: Claudia A 

Zywa I Ivy

Our skin is a pleasant separation
to undo with our body and limbs
and when we kiss and are one breath

we are also one spirit
no different thoughts
one passion, nothing separating us

agreeing with each other and ourselves
complete in boundless

But where there is space
presence arrives, thoughts
tacitly sneak in, hand in hand

they build a thick wall
as a solid support
for familiar views

You no longer see a wall
only a green hedge

rampant with repetition
and rooted in the need
to be apart with acquaintances

without contradiction
ambivalence and understanding
safe and not powerless

Poem 2707
Amsterdam, 2020-02-16

Borderline (Joni Mitchell) (1994)
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Contact:  
Tribute to: Mitchell, Joni 
Composer: Mitchell, Joni 

Sow the seed of peace:

you are No-other, almost --

the same as I am.

De kiem van vrede:Same des Friedens:
jij bent Geenander, bijna --du bist Keinanderer, fast --
hetzelfde als ik.genauso wie ich.

Poem H2700
Amsterdam, 2020-05-07

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Peace:  

No obligations,

freely being myself, great!


Geen verplichtingen,Keine Verpflichtung,
vrijuit mezelf zijn, heerlijk!freiheraus ich selbst sein, toll!

Poem S1016
Amsterdam, 2020-05-17

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: individuals 

Quarrels, the little

war at home, my fear of your --

being different.

Ruzie, de kleineStreit, der kleine Krieg
oorlogen in huis, mijn angst --zu Hause, meine Angst vor --
voor jouw anders zijn.deinem Anderssein.

Poem S1033
Amsterdam, 2020-06-16

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Ego / ~ism/~centrism 

People are puzzles,

even when they are best friends --

this is not certain.

Mensen zijn raadsels,Menschen sind Rätsel,
zelfs wanneer ze vrienden zijn --selbst wenn sie Hausfreunde sind --
is dat niet das nicht sicher.

Poem S1070
Amsterdam, 2020-10-22

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: individuals 

This must and that will

change the whole world, all our lives --

for better, for worse.

Dit moet en dat zalDies muss und das wird
ons leven veranderen --unser Leben verändern --
in lief en in Freud und in Leid.

Poem S1094
Amsterdam, 2020-11-28

New Year's wish with a drawing of a yin-yang earth in a blue to green universe
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: society 

Christmas, visitors

absent -- as the saying goes:

peace starts with yourself.

Kerst zonder bezoek:Weihnacht, kein Besuch:
vrede, zei het spreekwoord al --Frieden, wie das Sprichwort sagt --
begint bij jezelf.beginnt bei dir selbst.

Poem H2849
Amsterdam, 2020-12-12

Mohanda Ghandi (1869-1948): If you want to change the world, first change yourself
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Peace:  
Keyword: Covid-19^ 
Tribute to: Ghandi, Mohanda 

This full quarantine:

who can manage long enough?

Only the lonely?

De quarantaine:Die Quarantäne:
wie kunnen het volhouden?welche Leute halten durch?
Eenzame mensen?Einsame Menschen?

Poem S1122
Amsterdam, 2021-01-14

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

Poem 3775
Amsterdam, 2021-05-02

Santarém = Holy Queen
Noblesse oblige, nobility obliges

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Honour / Fame 

Wealth costs injustice,

luck and the self-deception --

that you are righteous.

Rijkdom kost mazzel,Reichtum kostet Glück,
onrecht en het zelfbedrog --Unrecht und die Selbsttäuschung --
dat het je recht is.dass du gerecht bist.

Poem S1190
Amsterdam, 2021-06-16

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Wealth / Abundance 

Is waiting waiting

if you start having a talk --

about who you are?

Is wachten wachtenIst warten warten
als je een gesprek begint --wenn man ein Gespräch anknüpft --
over wie je bent?über einander?

Poem H3033
Overberg, 2021-09-05

Waiting room
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Attention:  

Here, the urban crowd

and there, an extensive field --

I'm feeling lonely.

Hier de stadsdrukteHier der Stadtbetrieb
en daar een uitgestrekt veld --und dort ein riesiger Feld --
Ik voel me eenzaam.Ich fühl mich einsam.

Poem S1272
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-25

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

Fans must stand in line,

that is the generic law --

of imitation.

Liefhebbers moetenFans stehen Schlange,
in de rij, dat is de wet --das ist das Gattungsgesetz --
van na-aperij.der Nachahmungen.

Poem H3127
Amsterdam, 2021-11-13

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Imitate 

Zywa The Dreamchild
(Early summer)

I don't have to dream
of emperors and dragons
I know I am like that myself
a focal point

of energy, the energy
that is capable of everything
if it has a free way
and knows desires

to flow to or away from
to flow flows
of life and knowledge
that that is life

A focal point
is what I want to be, I'm dreaming of
renewing, renewing
what is stuck

or run off track, passing on
order, the fire
of life, the snorting
fire, my snorting fire

Poem 4138
Amsterdam, 2021-11-24

Being born in early summer
Tarot: the Emperor & Death

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Order: life energy 
Keyword: Summer^ 
Dedicated to: Honglin L 

Zywa I don't cry

Here are people living
in wet boxes
and I don't cry
I am not campaigning
for an allocation in the budget

I feel alone
just like the others
in their houses and clean clothes
who already have so much to do
and who walk by embarrassed

with a friendly greeting
that cuts off a conversation
before it can begin
and who forget this quickly
before it becomes a problem

Sometimes we give money
What else can you do
but ponder your sin-
ful needs and spend
what you have got after that

Poem 4222
Amsterdam, 2021-12-13

Another day in paradise (Phil Collins) (1989)
Song "Another day in paradise" (album "But Seriously", 1989, Phil Collins)
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Paradise 
Tribute to: Collins, Phil 

Here is the hotspot:

a meander of people --

queueing for a shot.

Hier is de hotspot:Hier ist der Hotspot:
een lange slinger mensen --eine Langschnur von Leuten --
die een prik willen.für eine Impfung.

Poem H3153
Amsterdam, 2021-12-23

Covid-19 (booster dose)
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: society 
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

The Welcome signposts

lead me deep into the maze --

At Shot I am out.

De bordjes WelkomWillkommensschilder
leiden me de doolhof in --ins Labyrinth, bei Impfung --
Bij Prik ben ik uit.bin ich endlich Aus.

Poem H3155
Amsterdam, 2021-12-23

Covid-19 (booster dose)
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Order: society 
Keyword: Covid-19^ 

When I dance, I am

an exhibitionist, yes --

with all my clothes on.

Als ik dans, ben ikBeim Tanzen bin ich
een exhibitionist --ein Exhibitionist --
met mijn kleren aan.zwar angezogen.

Poem H3226
Amsterdam, 2022-03-19

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Self-expression 

Giving attention

is contrariously tough --

so exemplary!

Luisteren, aandachtAufmerksam zu sein
geven is tegendraads stoer --ist ja gegensätzlich stark --
wow, zo voorbeeldig!ja, so vorbildlich!

Poem H3227
Amsterdam, 2022-03-19

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Attention: for someone 

We don't share that much

joy and sorrow, but we do --

help each other out.

Lief en leed delenFreud und Leid teilen
we niet zoveel, maar altijd --wir nur wenig, aber wir --
helpen we elkaar.helfen einander.

Poem H3228
Amsterdam, 2022-03-19

Neighbourly help
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Neighbours 

I still want to see

what is veiled, so I'm peering --

with my fantasy.

Wat versluierd is,Um zu sehen, was
wil ik toch zien, dus tuur ik --verhüllt ist, spähe ich mit --
met mijn fantasie.meiner Fantasie.

Poem H3229
Amsterdam, 2022-03-19

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Curiosity: fantasy 

Clothes in the colour

of my skin, I do not dare --

even on the beach.

Kleren in de kleurKleider in meiner
van mijn huid durf ik niet aan --Hautfarbe wage ich nicht --
zelfs niet op het strand.nicht einmal am Strand.

Poem S1373
Amsterdam, 2022-03-24

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Identity: body 

Buzzing everywhere,

the oasis full of bees --

All flowers empty.

Overal gezoem,Summen, überall,
de oase vol bijen --Oase voller Bienen --
Alle bloemen leeg.Alle Blumen leer.

Poem S1432
Amsterdam, 2022-06-21

Migration to rich countries, which get too crowded to feed everyone
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: mankind 

Zywa Gatherings

You don't have to build a tower
to observe people
the harmony and the beauty

of a village and a city
the rub surfaces and the laws
of attraction and repulsion

In whatever clothes
there are gatherings
of souls who feel

to be one without knowing
how it works, how it can be

It is a big matter
of too small groups
to really be one

Poem 4580
Amsterdam, 2022-07-11

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: group 

Zywa Metapsychics

Thinking about life is disconnecting
the two as much as possible
taking a distance, an unobstructed view

from an ivory tower
observing with all-hearing ears
and eyes that recognize everything

capable to understand
everybody's daily ignoring
of the deadly sins, those old

lessons about the pride
to consider yourself higher and to think
to live in a better way than others

time and again clearly measured
on a standard of your own
which you review from time to time

by climbing the tower to look
at the foolishness of the people
and be above it

Poem 4582
Amsterdam, 2022-07-11

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Ethics: vices 

Under the cedars

we sit and wait together --

for a cooler sun.

Onder de bomenUnter den Bäumen
wachten we met zijn allen --warten wir miteinander --
op een koele zon.auf kühle Sonne.

Poem H3381
Amsterdam, 2022-07-14

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: community 

Zywa Witches from Lilith

The witch in me sleeps
in velvet sheets, she seduces
my dear husband into chores
in our own little house on the banks
of the Mississippi in Louisiana

earned on my own
out of the lusts of men
I was popular, I enjoyed
all my sins as long
as I needed them

for there's no success
in settling the slogan
in which nobody believes
except my dear husband
who doesn't want to lose me

We will share and share alike
without greed or anger
without gluttony and jealousy
I'll only keep the luxury
of laziness a little longer

Poem 4597
Amsterdam, 2022-07-25

The seven deadly sins (Bertolt Brecht) (1933)
Ballet "Die Sieben Todsünden"
Pride (superbia), greed (avaritia), anger (ira), gluttony (gula), envy (invidia), lust (luxuria), sloth (acedia)

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Wishes 
Tribute to: Brecht, Bertolt 

Zywa Hawai'i

Paradise is paved, everywhere
you can park in front of the door now
Pink walls and plastic flowers:
places where people like to be

Isn't it a shame that only afterwards
you open your eyes for what you had?
Paradise is paved, everywhere
you can park in front of the door now

All trees are saved, come, have a look
in the greenhouses of the museum!
It is not expensive to see them all
and you get bees and butterflies too!

There are greenhouses everywhere, no spots
on the apples, they won't even get brown
But last night the door slammed shut
and my beloved left in a big taxi

Poem 4662
Amsterdam, 2022-09-12

Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) (1970)
Song (album "Ladies of the Canyon")
Collection: The drama 
Collection: Reaching out 
Keyword: Paradise 
Tribute to: Mitchell, Joni 
Composer: Mitchell, Joni 

Zywa Back in the garden

I met someone and asked
Where are you going? Something special?
There's a large field over there
where I will sing
to free my soul

People are golden, star
dust in the large, large field
- finally back in the garden
Oh, can I come with you?
Out of the smog!

We just spin around
in mists without a view
but very perhaps
something changes
in time, or in me

The army no longer throws bombs
but food and drinks
on all the hungry people
without money, devilish money
- finally back in the garden

Poem 4664
Amsterdam, 2022-09-12

Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) (1970)
Song (album "Ladies of the Canyon")
Collection: The drama 
Collection: Reaching out 
Keyword: Peace: wish 
Tribute to: Mitchell, Joni 
Composer: Mitchell, Joni 

Zywa Exit to hell

There's a woman in the verge
of the highway, I know her
She looks like me, like the face
next to me in the side window

She comes closer and bends
forward to my indicator
I break a sweat in the dark
behind my steering wheel

My boy, what are you doing here?
I turn over in my grave
of all my worries
about you

Mama, I'm going to work hard
and then I'll get rich
Oh boy, don't you know?
This is the road to hell

On your journey through barren poverty
from the desert to the source
you got lost, you turned off
to hell

Poem 4680
Amsterdam, 2022-09-19

The Road to Hell - Part 1 (Chris Rea) (1989)
Song (album "The Road to Hell")
Collection: The drama 
Collection: Reaching out 
Keyword: Environment 
Tribute to: Rea, Chris 

Zywa Gateway to hell

The river is full, it is not dry
although it does not flow, it just boils
bubbling of all conceivable poisons

It can be seen day and night
yet the light of joy is extinguished
in darkness

People are more afraid than they want
to admit and the threat of violence
has broken them of laughing

Common sense rings the alarm bell:
this is not a technological error
no, this is the gateway to hell

The believe in a happy ending jams
the roads, you can't do anything
about the piles of paper plans

Look out what happens to the world
please pay attention to where this goes
before it's too late

This is not a way forward, no no
this is a road, really a road
a road to hell

Poem 4682
Amsterdam, 2022-09-19

The Road to Hell - Part 2 (Chris Rea) (1989)
Song (album "The Road to Hell")
Collection: The drama 
Collection: Reaching out 
Keyword: Environment 
Tribute to: Rea, Chris 

How can we direct

socially responsible --


Hoe regelen weWie regeln wir nun
maatschappelijk verantwoord --sozial verantwortliches --

Poem S1513
Amsterdam, 2022-09-20

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: social 

One two, up we go!

Together we go pippop --

perthepop, hooray!

Eén twee, hopsasa!Eins zwei, Hopsasa!
Samen gaan we hupperhiep --Zusammen gehen wir Hüpf --
perdepiep, hoera!fererpüpf, Hurra!

Poem H3467
Amsterdam, 2022-09-24

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Paul McCartney, The Beatles) (1968)
For Ineke's birthday
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: community 
Dedicated to: Ineke J 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul 
Tribute to: The Beatles 
Composer: McCartney, Paul 

I thank him and he

says politely: 'No problem' --

That's not: 'With pleasure' ?

Ik bedankte hem.Ich bedanke mich.
'Geen probleem', zei hij beleefd --'Kein Problem', sagt er höflich --
Dus niet: 'Graag gedaan' ?Also nicht: 'Bitte' ?

Poem S1537
Train Nijmegen-Amsterdam, 2022-10-14

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: social 

Only equal say

in the community rules --

is really freedom.

Inspraak van iederNur die Mitsprache
in de gemeenschapsregels --bei Regeln der Gemeinschaft --
is pas echt wirklich Freiheit.

Poem H3545
Amsterdam, 2022-10-29

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Freedom: self-determination 
Keyword: Politics^ 

We're sitting around,

do nothing, we're together --

Yes, that's what we do.

We zitten gewoonWir sitzen herum,
te niksen, samen te zijn --tun nichts, wir sind zusammen --
dus toch iets te doen.Das tun wir also.

Poem H3621
Amsterdam, 2022-12-25

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: community 

Zywa People's person

We danced to a new year
in the utopia of the music
and the Golden Oldie
songs of love, longing
and sorrow that live
in our lungs

and emerge unpredictably
all of a sudden from the depths
of our breath
caressing or storming full
of experiences that make us
feel who we are

and what it's all about, seize
the eternity of our lives
in the stream of our breath
which is also the breath of others
while we are completely
engrossed in our presence

Poem 4905
Amsterdam, 2023-01-01

The principle of hope (Ernst Bloch) (1959)
Utopia: the word whose meaning lies midway between "not-existent place/society" and "good place / happy society"
Carpe diem = Seize the day (Horace, 23 BC)
Carpe aeternitatem in momento = Seize eternity in the moment (Ernst Bloch, 1954-1959, in: "Das Prinzip Hoffnung" / "The principle of hope")

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Life: stream 
Keyword: Happiness: connection 
Tribute to: Bloch, Ernst 

In major actions,

people are contributors --

or accomplices.

Bij grote dadenBei großen Taten
zijn mensen medewerker --sind Menschen Mitarbeiter --
of medeplichtig.oder Komplizen.

Poem H3640
Amsterdam, 2023-01-02

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: mankind 

We're all beautiful

and extraordinary, it's --

just ordinary.

Allemaal zijn weWir sind alle recht
mooi en bijzonder, dat is --schön und besonders, das ist --
dus juist heel gewoon.einfach gewöhnlich.

Poem H3641
Amsterdam, 2023-01-02

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: mankind 

Zywa Peaceful people

Because he was the strongest
the richest, the cruelest, the man
who could do it, he was king
our royal body
the best protection
that we protected

We prospered well
our body became a giant
we wrote more and more laws
in which self-interests diluted
as much as our feeling
to be a strong body

Yes, there are other bodies
sometimes opponents without respect
for us and our needs
with an inflated body that is strong
and crushes millions of peace-
ful people

There are laws against that
but only the ravages of time
will change something about it
and until then we have to
put on an ugly face
knowing that we are different

Poem 4436
Amsterdam, 2012-04-04

Corps législatif: representation of the people, parliament
The embodiment of the people:
- Corps royal (royal body), monarchy >>
- Corps divin (divine body), theocracy / tyranny >>
- Corps noble (noble body), aristocracy >>
- Corps social (social body), socialist oligarchy >>
- Corps législatif (legislative body), democracy >>
- Corps commun (common body), populist totalitarianism (communism, fascism)

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: society 

With wet feet, the storks

easily potter about --

amidst lots of food.

Met natte voetenMit nassen Füßen
lopen de ooievaars rond --gehen die Störche herum --
tussen hun ihrem Essen.

Poem H1160
Melchnau, 2015-05-14

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Wealth / Abundance 
Keyword: Schweiz% 

Zywa Shield and spear Dreams in me Mars

You are hiding
behind a shield, you tough
man with a spear

Sure, you want me
but you have been warned
by your previous girlfriend

You can fight the world
you want to fight who you are
for ideals, amma or me

but for love, for me
you can not fight without hurting
her, without hurting me

or giving up your power
You may see your dreams in me
but I do not exist

in your dreams, you tough
man with a spear, you tough
man with a spear

Poem 1286
Amsterdam, 2017-04-21

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: People: men 

Zywa The Guardian Angel Café

Sweetheart, the earth is getting cold
we have to do something
take ourselves by the hand
The guides walk away

in different directions
guided by the wishes
of their followers, that's how

it always goes, whatever you think of it
If only there were guardian angels
with power, not the writers

who meet in this café
no, a Guardian Council
for presidents and scholars

who want to unload graphite powder
on the north pole, throw atomic bombs
upon it, or build a dam

in the Bering Strait, with pumps
on peaceful nuclear energy
finishing the job

Yet... all of us, we
must do it ourselves, guard each other
with wings of compassion and reason

Poem 1293
Amsterdam, 2017-04-23

Against the cooling of the earth:
Petr Borisov in 1956: dam with pumps
Petr Borisov in 1958: graphite powder
Julian Huxley in 1945: atomic bombs

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Earth: biosphere 
Keyword: Amsterdam% 

Zywa Calling / Invitation

Mama went to work
we stayed at home
could not get out
snow, no shoes

silence everywhere
fear of the police
and suppressed madness
which strangles desires

without killing them
impossible love
only the daily potatoes
hoping for a piece

of the repeated promises
for us, the children, and now
that we are no longer children
for our children

Poem 1653
Amsterdam, 2018-01-20

Love is potatoes (Aliona van der Horst) (2017)
Documentary "Liefde is aardappelen"
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Poverty 
Tribute to: Van der Horst, Aliona 

Frightening someone

is a pretty good training --

not to be afraid.

Iemand bang makenAngst einzujagen
is een goede oefening --ist eine gute Übung --
om niet bang te zijn.gegen Ängstlichkeit.

Poem S0775
Amsterdam, 2018-08-01

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Fear: violence 

A human does not,

belong to humanity --

It is not a group.

Al ben je een mensAls Mensch gehörst du
je hoort niet bij de mensheid --nicht zur Menschheit, denn die ist --
want die is geen groep.nicht eine Gruppe.

Poem S0817
Amsterdam, 2019-01-03

The concept of humanity is fictitious
Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Together: group 

Zywa Drinking with the neighbours

The sun is a diver
in the west, unreachable
for the moon, her hair
colours red from desire

And red colour the grapes
in the valley with the lighthouses
along the swamp river
in the country in the middle

between pole and equator
The days are short
With the neighbours
we drink last year's wine

dark as the nights
The moon kisses the sun
out of his sleep, kisses him
kisses, kisses him back

We celebrate, treat
each other at togetherness
Choirs pass from door to door
and we eat pastries

Poem 4285
Amsterdam, 2022-01-03

Endymion = Diver
Selene (the moon), drawn with red hair, is the name of a wine from Reca? (near Timi?oara)
Thib = swamp >> Timi? (river) >> Timi?-oara (Timi?-castle)

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Neighbours:  
Dedicated to: Adina M 

The friction between

I am me and you are you --

is love and loveless.

De wrijving tussenDie Reibung zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
is min en Lust und Unlust.

Poem H3280
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Love: relationship 

The distance between

I am me and you are you --

is my loneliness.

De afstand tussenDer Abstand zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du:
is mijn eenzaamheid.meine Einsamkeit.

Poem S1402
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Alone: lonely 

The tension between

I am me and you are you --

is released in bed.

De spanning tussenDie Spannung zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
ontlaadt zich in bed.erlöst sich in Bett.

Poem H3281
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Sex: relaxation 

The talking between

I am me and you are you --

writes into our souls.

De gesprek tussenDas Gespräch zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
schrijft in onze unsren Seelen.

Poem H3282
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Communication 

The rivalry of

I am me and you are you --

limits who we are.

De wedijver vanDer Wettbewerb von
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
beperkt wie we zijn.begrenzt, wer wir sind.

Poem S1403
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Honour / Fame 

If it's peace between

I am me and you are you --

we may call it love.

De vrede tussenDer Frieden zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
noemen we liefde.nennen wir Liebe.

Poem H3283
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Peace: social 

Zywa The barbarians have come

The barbarians have come
and they keep coming
century after century

We are polite, we give
them high titles
They give us their laws

in a nice speech
with eloquent words
about civilisation in our wilderness

that we nota bene no longer
need to live like savages
no longer in the wilderness

The barbarians have come
and they keep coming
century after century obedient

to the right and the interests
that threaten them with the strong arm
the hard hand, and a ripped out tongue

Poem 4501
Amsterdam, 2022-05-30

#14 "Periménontas tous Barbárous" ("Waiting for the Barbarians" (1904, Konstantínos Kaváfis)
- The barbarians, when they are there, will give the laws.
- And the emperor waits to receive their leader. He even had a parchment made to give him. On it he wrote many titles and big names for him.
- Because the barbarians will come today, and they do not like eloquence and beautiful speeches.

In the council of the league of the Iroquois are speakers (sachem) those who bring the position of their group and try to convince the others to agree with it (the Aztecs named these speakers 'tlatoani', with Moctezuma as huey-tlatoami [supreme speaker]); it is honorable to be a speaker, but there is no power attached to it, so that the settlers wrongly treated the speakers as 'chief'

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Power: compulsion / violence 
Keyword: Iroquois% 
Keyword: Politics^ 
Tribute to: Kavafis, Konstantinos 

Zywa Five ponds, five nations

Peace got clothes to wear
that are called democracy
and are also worn by others

doppelgangers on the stage
of the power that they serve
as an extra or a puppet

It's an easy role
but in real life it is great
self-control and a matter

of patience to understand others
and to convince each other
of a public interest

This is how the Great Law
of Peace works along the Panther Lake
and the Sparkling Water

listening and consulting
without ventriloquism
or indelicate word

Poem 4503
Amsterdam, 2022-05-30

In the Mohawk area are the 'Five Ponds Wilderness' and the 'Black River Wild Forest'
The Iroquois are the league of the five tribes (nations) Mohawk, Oneida, Onanondaga, Cayuga and Seneca; this league is called Kaianerekowa = Great Law of Peace
In the council of the league of the Iroquois are speakers (sachem) those who bring the position of their group and try to convince the others to agree with it (the Aztecs named these speakers 'tlatoani', with Moctezuma as huey-tlatoami [supreme speaker]); it is honorable to be a speaker, but there is no power attached to it, so that the settlers wrongly treated the speakers as 'chief'
Lake Erie: Erielhonan = Long-tail/Panther
Lake Ontario: Ontario = Sparkling water

Collection: The drama 
Keyword: Peace:  
Keyword: Iroquois% 
Keyword: Politics^ 

     Collection:   The drama