She watches her child,

and follows it in her mind --

as guardian angel.

Ze kijkt haar kind na,Sie sieht ihr Kind nach,
en volgt het in gedachten --und folgt ihm in Gedanken --
als beschermengel.als sein Schutzengel.

Gedicht h0085
Amsterdam, 2011-12-16

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Parents: parenthood 

The bicycle tires

hum and the backs bend over --

word-bits drift along.

De banden zoeven,Die Reifen brummen,
de ruggen zijn gebogen --die Rücken beugen sich vor --
woorden waaien mee.Worte wehen mit.

Gedicht h0091
Amsterdam, 2011-12-17

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Communication 

My dear tree of birth,

we're just as old, just as bold --

but you're growing buds.

Mijn geboorteboom,Lieber Geburtsbaum,
wij zijn even oud en kaal --wir zwei sind gleich alt und kahl --
maar jij krijgt knoppen.doch du treibst Knospen.

Gedicht h0104
Julianadorp, 2011-12-24

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Old age:  

Out of the deep blue

a bumblebee is landing --

like a huge spacecraft.

Uit het diepe blauwAus dem tiefen Blau
landt een hommel op de bloem --landet eine Erdhummel --
als een ruimteschip.wie ein Raumfahrzeug.

Gedicht h0291-47
Cour (Blois), 2012-05-28

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Earth:  

Zywa Explorer

With the past, I have nothing
to do, those times were
different and they are over

Wash tub, bleachfield and garden-toilet
in sepia with a jagged edge
behind modern colour photos

of my own life in the progress
of the nations to the romanticism
of amusement parks to participate

in Romans or Indians
farmers and old crafts
from the Middle Ages

my own life
as a real explorer
who explores the Celts

and the Batavi, smelling
their life, the pine needles
swampy grass, smoking fire

charred food, wet clothes
and the self-dug poo pit
that I already knew from the photo

Gedicht 1347
Amsterdam, 2017-05-12

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Past 

Zywa Brusserdam

Life is good
in Brussels and Amsterdam
thanks to people who do their job

without headlines and footnotes
without indolence and excuses
in advance

Work and rules change
but everyone knows for themselves
what it takes, voluntarily

under the yoke of cooperation
and service, which gives
unsuspected powers of satisfaction

Each time the customer king for a while
and both human
with each other

Gedicht 1573
Amsterdam, 2017-10-19

Qui s'excuse s'accuse (Who offers excuses, accuses himself)
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Together: society 

Zywa Akin

After his death
we talk
My warmth searches
for bridges and contact
across the emptiness

Rituals are too cold
for my soul
I want to be closer
in the underflow
of being there, feel

and receive together
the confidence
that we will reroot
balanced side by side
You are where you were

in the middle of the circle
next to the open space
which we preserve
for beloved flowers
to bloom

Gedicht 1633
Amsterdam, 2017-11-25

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Comfort 
Opgedragen aan: Ineke J 

It was a good year,

so we wish to wish the Old --

for the new year.

Het was een goed jaar,Dieses Jahr war gut,
dus wensen we het Oude --also, wünsche das Alte --
voor het nieuwe jaar.für das neue Jahr.

Gedicht h1942
Amsterdam, 2017-12-29

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Future: wish 
Trefwoord: New Year^ 

Zywa Timethoughts

The smiley faces on my screen
are always the same, without wrinkles
The eyes never wink

I am often here, alone
though inseparably
we have become distant friends

So I like to smile a Good Day
at strangers in the street
I'm a good neighbour

and I think about it
that I am so selective
protecting my noble heart

with sensitive antennae
for who oh who
likes to make time for me

Gedicht 1689
Amsterdam, 2018-02-23

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Contact:  

Zywa Honourless

The pale one is watching me
with her big sad eyes
Ashamed I look at the manure
in which I live with Nena

Never should she, like me
be orphaned, daddy why
did you co-operate, why
didn't withdraw me from that honour

to make money in the temple
of the mother of us all
where men come
and pay for the fertility

of their cattle, oh heifer
I don't want anymore, but you
must be on heat again

otherwise you are more useless
than I, cast, thanks
for services rendered

Gedicht 1760
Amsterdam, 2018-05-17

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Equality: inequality 
Trefwoord: Honour / Fame 

Zywa Dymaxion World

Once the earth was flat
under celestial spheres
then it became a globe
in the void

with countries proud
to be big bigger biggest
fighting together, up
to the planets

Some say turn turn turn
the world upside down
the Land of Fire on top
Thule at the bottom

but Bucky knew better:
with twenty triangles
he made a new model --
the flat globe

and it may be the future
he shows, with America
opposed to the rest
of the world

Gedicht 2139
Amsterdam, 2019-03-08

World map (Richard Buckminster Fuller) (1943)
1943, World map by Richard Buckminster Fuller
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: World(view) 
Eerbetuiging: Buckminster Fuller, Richard 

My skin is ageing,

it is my unseen secret --

I'm undercover.

Mijn huid is al oud,Meine Haut ist alt,
dat is mijn stille geheim --das ist ja mein Geheimnis --
als undercover.als Undercover.

Gedicht h2419
Amsterdam, 2019-03-28

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Secret 

Gedicht 2192
Amsterdam, 2019-04-02

When his hair started to grey (Fazlul Huq) (2019)
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Old age:  
Eerbetuiging: Huq, Fazlul 

Zywa The blue light

For half an hour already
Mimi is purring in my lap

on the toilet
where I am stroking her
because of the lightning

No fear for her
I am a good person
I know that myself

my side is the right side
of the line under the door
the blue light

of the bolts
and the rumbling thunder
the sword of Michael

that separates evil
from good in a time
we all know

as our own time

Gedicht 2212
Amsterdam, 2019-04-20

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Fear:  

Zywa Dear heart

What does it matter
how old I am, whether I have sisters
and children, where and with whom?

These are not worth knowing
In any kind of clothes, I am
with legs, torso and a face

my heart, desired or not
I want your imagination
to make appear the world

in which we can live
be freely safe and
kneel without finery

for the others, dear heart
together we can undertake
everything we wish

Gedicht 2263
Amsterdam, 2019-06-09

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 

Not enough to eat,

not enough toilets, just peace --

with love and music.

Gebrek aan etenMangel an Essen
en wc's, alleen vrede --und Toiletten, nur Frieden --
liefde en muziek.Liebe und Musik.

Gedicht h2510
Amsterdam, 2019-06-28

Woodstock (1969)
"Woodstock" Music & Art Fair (August 15-18, 1969 in Bethel, New York)
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Peace: celebration 
Trefwoord: USA% 

Freedom brings peace, food

just appears out of the sky --

Joy of brotherhood.

Vrijheid brengt vrede,Freiheit bringt Frieden,
het voedsel valt uit de lucht --das Essen fällt aus der Luft --
Feest van broederschap.Fest der Bruderschaft.

Gedicht h2511
Amsterdam, 2019-06-28

Woodstock (1969)
"Woodstock" Music & Art Fair (August 15-18, 1969 in Bethel, NY)
- Army helicopters supply the visitors
- Liberation of Europe in 1945
- Manna for the Hebrews on their Exodus

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Peace: celebration 
Trefwoord: USA% 

Zywa In control

I can do anything to myself
get me stuck in dilemmas
ponder myself sick, activate me
or do nothing and wait
alternately on the couch, my bed
or hanging in the garden
between oak and lime

I can worry
about my health
and you, endlessly
make considerations
and decisions

     At least, if that is true
     because thinking is re-
     flecting, chasing after
     the events, telling myself

     that I have control over myself
     that I can make plans
     about my work and my life
     with you, now that everything changes

     and yet later will turn out
     to have stayed almost the same
     but then without this job
     and without you, only

     the transition is uneasy

Gedicht 2357
Amsterdam, 2019-07-08

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Relationship 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa It is so personal

I stuff my ears
with prefered sounds
I fill my eyes
with statuses and trivia
and sometimes I see the light
of today far away
in a picture

I ignore the people
around me, that's how
personal my life is
completely custom-made
inside my head

and confirmed
by my friends
who touch me and are
touched exclusively
on the friendship spot
where our two worlds kiss
each other autonomously

Gedicht 2366
Amsterdam, 2019-07-21

Hyowon Gweon (Palo Alto [CA]) in The Hague
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: People: individuals 

Zywa Our fathers

If you are a bad child
in the eyes of your parents
they sigh
oh, what shall

become of you?
Others are harder, they scold
you and demand respect
for the authority

of faith and customs
They think you are a nihilist
because they don't understand you
and because you do understand

you cannot argue with them
But you try
to explain -- no matter how nil
the rules are, there is one anyway:

do the others justice

Gedicht 2368
Amsterdam, 2019-07-24

Fathers and children (Ivan Turgenev) (1862)
"Nihilist" is a term of abuse during the French Revolution (1789-1799)
Novel "Otcy i deti"

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Education 
Eerbetuiging: Turgenev, Ivan 

Zywa Recession Party

Don't look at the past
with statistics that must
rise, deepening the abyss
in which we dare not fall

Rather turn around, step back
live like old people
simple, without illusions
about what you need

Take so many steps back
that you have time again
to do nothing and can pay
more to others

Join the splinter party
for public facilities
in the margins of the world
and choose the future

Gedicht 2394
Amsterdam, 2019-08-19

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Balance:  

I'm starting anew,

taking shoots of my life: green --

that I'll pass around.

Ik begin opnieuwIch fange neu an,
mijn leven te stekken: groen --gewinne Stecklinge: Grün --
om uit te delen.das ich verteile.

Gedicht h2562
Amsterdam, 2019-09-01

Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East, ward B8
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Share 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Flowers and balloons

The defects themselves are not as bad
as the memories of the time
I didn't have them, but

well, if that is all
what it is not, time after time
and yet I keep thinking it

sometimes wondering if
and where there is a limit
to rather give up

there's still só much I want
see flowers and release balloons
around the world to touch

people with a caress
of soft thoughts and
moments of peace

Gedicht 2409
Amsterdam, 2019-09-16

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Poetry 

Zywa Meantime beyond The Gateless Gate

Beyond the Gateless Gate
I gave my stuff away --
homeless I roamed under Pisces
in the sky, their time is a long
time on the clock of the earth

The cities were founded quickly
in Aries' short hour --
but Aquarius, your centuries
are still far in the future
after the strong men

You and I don't wait anymore
we gain, in our meantime --
it is no different, changes
happen gradually, even
what dominates is only partially there

Now we have some stuff again
and we no longer roam, we are --
stronger than the strong men
water carriers for each other, at home
beyond the Gateless Gate

Gedicht 2413
Amsterdam, 2019-09-20

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Together:  

Zywa Islands and bridges

Bridges are no riches
anymore, they don't offer space
but rush

over my head, they separate
people and confine them
to an island without energy

a void that exhausts me
and that I cannot fill
with the contacts I make

over all the bridges
with which I make shift
for lack of time

to go out the door
and explore my island
a while without agenda

having casual conversations
and meet neighbours
who I can touch

Gedicht 2423
Amsterdam, 2019-09-23

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Bridge 

I am still alive,

everything has changed now, all --

at once. Your world too?

Ik leef nog, en nuIch lebe noch, jetzt
is alles ineens anders --ist plötzlich alles anders --
Jullie wereld ook?Euere Welt auch?

Gedicht h2572
Amsterdam, 2019-10-05

Escaped from death
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Health 

Zywa Free expression in the evening

In the evening we dance
free expression, I am
free and safe in the camp

There is only one lock, one man
who has the key, because
who would want to leave?

Come and take a look
through the fence wires
we don't hide anything

Shirking, sneaky
stuf, a rape, everything
is seen and then

the police quickly take you
to the decision square
that has no facades

There are always people passing
by the houses without outside
walls and without back rooms

seeing if you are doing your best
keep on working and are proper
in the picture and in the toilet

Gedicht 2509
Amsterdam, 2019-11-10

Big Brotherhood
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Together:  

Our life is partly

different now, without you --

We say it out loud.

Ons leven is deelsUnser Leben ist
anders zonder jou, hardop --ja anders ohne dich, laut --
spreken we dat uit.sprechen wir das aus.

Gedicht h2631
Amsterdam, 2019-11-23

On November 24th, Herman H's day of death
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Memory: of people 
Opgedragen aan: Ineke J 
Opgedragen aan: Mark H 
Opgedragen aan: Christel H 
Opgedragen aan: Ellen H 
Opgedragen aan: Marianne H 

Zywa Mirror on the wall

The world reflects everything
from everyone, but luckily
we see very little of it

Except, unfortunately, the queen
who gains in beauty every day
But young men don't see it

They shout: the princess
is more beautiful - their fantasy
of daily pleasure, a dream

of effortlessly becoming king
So Helen does not trust herself
She looks in the mirror

that lies a false truth
she walks to the lake
(guards follow her remotely)

Her eyes search the water
her lips talk to the wash of the waves
her hands reach for a golden fish

Gedicht 2534
Amsterdam, 2019-12-08

Ye Xian (Yeh-Shen) and Snow White
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Beauty:  

Zywa "Stay home"

Not unmoved, sitting still
standing still, I can do it
though not that long

in the same position, but I do it
finally, without interference
everything is going on beyond me

the light, the clouds
smells, plants, and animals
I know roughly what will

Wait and see is enough, wait
for what comes back, like memories
that repeat themselves, the sounds

every day again, at home
in my mind knowing
what we are all missing

the feeling of being missed
when spring comes, summer comes
everywhere we can't be

Gedicht 2969
Amsterdam, 2020-05-12

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Calm:  

Zywa 1.5m fire

Hey, there you are again
What a coincidence. I am here again
Well, we both are, like yesterday
Are those rolling motion shoes?

Oh, that's a birthmark
here, you mean, you point
right here? no
don't come any closer!

     You're already scorching me!
     you ignite my imagination
     it starts to burn
     the smoke clouds me

     and I like to blaze splendidly
     until nothing is left of me
     and then arise again, jump
     again, into the fire

     of desire
     dance in the flames
     glow together forever
     Where shall we meet?

     I'd like to get to know you
     although I wonder:
     does fire know the bodies
     to which it jumps?

Gedicht 3017
Amsterdam, 2020-06-27

Covid-19 pandemic, Social distancing
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Love: in love 
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 

Zywa 1.5m earth

We are close together
without touching each other
we do that underground

in the airy worm bed
far from the chattering magpies
on our arms, the arrows

of the squeaky parakeets
with the news of the day
and the screaming gulls

We do it in the dark
licking each other's juices
and we intertwine

Ants, we don't tolerate
nowhere on our skin
they have to go elsewhere

where the parties are
fungi and lice galore
not here

Gedicht 3020
Amsterdam, 2020-06-28

Covid-19 pandemic, Social distancing
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Love: intimacy 
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 

Zywa 1.5m water

We swarm across the border
where the threshold was a wall
the guards are large-sighted
the farmers plow on

We push our way out of the cold
through the roses on the right, the lilies on the left
red and white the leaves
swirling behind us

We are many
more tomorrow
thunder rolls through the clouds
the children become restless

the parents get them home
on the way, they still glow
with freedom, at home
they close the doors

with infected hands
there is not enough soap
and not enough stock
to keep us at bay

We escape time and time again
nail open new houses
dive inside
and unleash a flood

Gedicht 3023
Amsterdam, 2020-06-29

Covid-19 pandemic, Social distancing
The virion enters the cell with an S-spike glycoprotein (spike-shaped protrusion)

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Foreigners: guest 
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 

Zywa 1.5m air

Sometimes you look up, listening
whether there is anyone, then I don't fall
into your arms, we are not so
intimate with each other
regardless how much I love you

I get as close as possible
I whiten my shadows, bath me
in the scents of your home
and sneak around like a ghost
without a sheet

Sometimes something creaks
then you look up for a moment
without seeing where I am
and I answer your thoughts
with Chance

and the feeling of being alone
peacefully alone at home
there is no kissing
no sleeping together
and no one is missed

Gedicht 3026
Amsterdam, 2020-06-30

Covid-19 pandemic, Social distancing
Dule si (Temple of Solitary Joy, in Tianjin, dedicated to Guanyin, built in 984)

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Peace:  
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 

Zywa Old wisdom

It's over, foreign interests
rearrange everyday life
and clear old wisdom

The children adapt
They don't lift a finger
at the dust and the leaks

They shrug their shoulders
about the salty sea breeze
and don't see the bugs

They are amazed
when the door is open
and the aisles are full

of trampled papers
as fuel for a bonfire
at the Sun Gate

They have not the faintest idea
what was of value
to the thieves

Gedicht 3276
Amsterdam, 2020-11-11

The decline of the Royal Library of Alexandria in the centuries after Christ
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: New: renewal 

We hear the glass skin

that separates us, ringing. --

Another outbreak.

Je hoort de glashuidMan hört die Glashaut
die ons scheidt vaak rinkelen. --die uns trennt, immer klirren. --
Weer een uitbraak.Ausbruch nach Ausbruch.

Gedicht s1114
Amsterdam, 2020-12-22

Social distancing (Covid-19)
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Contact:  
Trefwoord: Covid-19^ 

Ninety-nine years old

already, but he has stayed --

much younger for us.

Negenennegen-Schon neunundneunzig,
tig al, maar hij is jonger --aber viel jünger ist er --
gebleven voor ons.für uns geblieben.

Gedicht h2882
, 2021-01-04

Birth date of Kees J (1922-1994)
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Memory:  
Opgedragen aan: Kees J 

Zywa Electro

The robots are served
by me, I have no choice
They squeak horribly
when I don't do it well

Then I hear the people
who don't get enough
They are entitled to their dose
of electronic alcohol

and to a nice development
of their plants, growth and
flowering with artful scents
controlled in the room next-door

After the beverage sensation, there is a choice
between avatars and dreams
with or without sex --
everything Bien de Luxe

After work done, it is sweet
to rest for those who are in the pass
of electronic life
that knows what is good for us

Gedicht 3845
Amsterdam, 2021-06-25

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Privacy 

Play an open hand,

even though you don't know what --

to do with their shock.

Open kaart spelen,Mit offenen Karten
zonder te weten wat dan --spielen, aber was zu tun --
met hun schrik te ihrem Schrecken?

Gedicht s1243
Amsterdam, 2021-09-15

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Openness 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Without happily

ever after: already --

I feel a distance.

Kom, zonder het langKein glückseliges
en gelukkig voel ik al --Ende: ich fühle bereits --
afstand tussen ons.Distanz zwischen uns.

Gedicht s1244
Amsterdam, 2021-09-15

Serious illness
Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Disease:  
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

I'd like to meet you

for years, or be endlessly --

stalling for this year.

Liefst ontmoet ik jouDich treffen, möglichst
nog jaren, of eindeloos --noch lange, oder endlos --
dit jaar steeds rekken.dieses Jahr schinden.

Gedicht s1245
Amsterdam, 2021-09-15

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Goodbye: postponement 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

I am here, with you,

today and also next week --

when I won't be there.

Ik ben er, bij jou,Ich bin da, bei dir,
vandaag, ook volgende week --heute, auch nächste Woche --
als ik er niet ben.wenn ich nicht da bin.

Gedicht s1246
Amsterdam, 2021-09-15

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Love: wish 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

Fresh air from outside,

smashed into the theatre --

by the wrecking ball.

Frisse buitenluchtFrische Außenluft
het theater ingeslagen --in das Theater, entlang --
door de sloopkogel.der Abrissbirne.

Gedicht s1247
Amsterdam, 2021-09-19

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Economy 

I will not accept

foolishness nor misery --

I know I'm a fool.

Ik wil geen dwaasheid,Ich akzeptiere
noch ellende aanvaarden --keine Dummheit noch Elend --
ook al is dat dwaas.auch wenn das dumm ist.

Gedicht h3066
Amsterdam, 2021-10-15

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Together: society 

There are no best years,

they're different, all of them --

are most beautiful.

Er zijn geen mooisteNein, keine schönsten
jaren, alles is anders --Jahre, alles ist immer --
het mooist van alles.anders das schönste.

Gedicht h3072
Amsterdam, 2021-10-16

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Happiness: volatile 
Opgedragen aan: Maria Godschalk 

I am going out

with my child and the pram, full --

of necessities.

Op pad met mijn kindNach draußen mit Kind
en de kinderwagen, vol --und Kinderwagen, voller --

Gedicht h3385
Amsterdam, 2022-07-14

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Parents: parenthood 

Zywa The guestbook

Outside, the street is full of roles
barbed wire, you don't see them
behind the blinded windows
of formal peace

Inside everyone walks naked
in their clothes around the tower
of stacked seats on which
the Commissioner is sitting

He wiggles, the mouth full
of national interests and mutual care
The walls are decorated with names
Out of politeness I note mine

in the guestbook, sixteen pages
after a woman who has become famous
I leave my borrowed laurels
I don't want to rest on them

Gedicht 1734
Amsterdam, 2018-04-27

Headquarters of the British police in the Princess Mary Street, Jerusalem, May 19th, 1948
Poem "The Tower" (Charles Simic, 1994, collection "A Wedding in Hell")

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Colonialism 
Trefwoord: Jerusalem% 

Outside the treadmill,

my legs don't know any way --

to pave for themselves.

Uit de tredmolenAus der Tretmühle
weten mijn benen geen weg --kenne ich gar keinen Weg --
om zelf te mich zu bahnen.

Gedicht h2739
Amsterdam, 2020-06-19

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Freedom:  

Springtime in my blood,

I want to do a whole lot --

that really can't wait.

Lente in mijn bloed,Der Frühling im Blut,
ik wil van alles gaan doen --ich möchte so vieles tun --
dat niet kan wachten.was nicht warten kann.

Gedicht h3216
Amsterdam, 2022-03-06

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Life: lust 
Opgedragen aan: Ineke J 

City life: walking

with a coffee in my hand --

to meet a new friend.

Het stadse leven:Das Großstadtleben:
koffie in de hand, op weg --zu Fuß, Kaffee in der Hand --
naar nieuwe vrienden.zu neuen Freunden.

Gedicht h3289
Amsterdam, 2022-05-11

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: City 

Zywa Oh knowing better

I am as I used to be
cheerfully my mind flies
in front of the group, to the sun:
I receive a laughing hat

Goodness, what big eyes you have!
To look all day
and make me think

about my familiar self
full of action and attention
full of inexhaustible energy
until the reaction comes

to all those wonderful particles
in my blood and my body
runs off track: should I

smile and prefer to keep
the mean tediously, heading
to a smaller, inner happiness
I do know it all

so well, but it is a fight
for who I am, oh doom, oh wisdom
of my mind

Gedicht 1834
Amsterdam, 2018-09-07

Collection: Different times 
Trefwoord: Wisdom / Stupidity 

     Collection:   Different times