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His farewell wishes

were: take good care of yourself --

and one another.

Ten afscheid vroeg hijZum Abschied bat er
ons om goed te zorgen voor --uns, gut aufzupassen auf --
onszelf en elkaar.uns und einander.

Poem H3417
Amsterdam, 2022-08-14
Crito (Plato) - -399
Collection: Em Brace 

Zywa The Ship of Fools

The journey is restless, but
the ship is marvelous
It's a beautiful ship

Unfortunately without ship gnomes
to help the whole lot escape, no
there are only fools on board

who sing songs of freedom
and toast to distant beaches
Alas, we get off our course

The magnetic field loses strength
and the north pole is shifting
Ports remain unread

Sessilia grab us by the keel
growing anchors to the deep
of the restless water

The unreachable moon draws
a sweet scent in the salty air
But who could live there?

Poem 4511
Amsterdam, 2022-06-05
The Ship of Fools (Plato) - -407
"Ship of fools" (in book IV of "Politeia" ["The Republic"], 407 BC, Plato)
"Het narrenschip" ("The Ship of Fools", 1491, Hieronymus Bosch)
"Ship of Fools" and "Land Ho!" (album "Morrison Hotel", 1970, The Doors)
Since 1900, the North Magnetic Pole has shifted 1,100 km towards Canada, and since 1850, the strength of the magnetic field has decreased by 10%

Collection: Migration 

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