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Zywa Ornamental body

In the middle of the night
tapped invisibly
played and stirred
by a heavenly hand
swings the woman

who I watch, who I am
I feel my feet free
of my weight, relaxed
are also my buttocks, all of me
is free to be seen

Dresses hanging down:
my sisters
upwards by the ankles
arms and hair gracefully
loose, swaying

on the heavenly hand
and pulled away
on meat hooks
our screaming
flown away

Poem 1365
Amsterdam, 2017-05-20
I/II/III/IIII (Kris Verdonck) (2007)
Dance installation I/II/III/IIII (2007, Kris Verdonck)
Song "Bitter fruit" (1937, Lewis Allen)

Collection: The Yellow House Museum 
Keyword: Freedom: physical 
Keyword: Dance 

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