Zywa I live what lives

My mind has remained empty
no voice, no inspirations
nothing divine, just
what was already there
what I have found

I peeled, viewed
the persistent thoughts
with which I was raised
the many lies that bind me
to a false image of who I am

of us and the others
as strangers of each other
who I should fear and keep away
with their customs, interesting
perhaps, but uncomfortable

Empty, I let the scents
flow through me
I can't hold them
only experience them, I live
what lives

Gedicht 4445
Amsterdam, 2022-04-06
The lies that bind (Kwame Anthony Appiah)
Book "The lies that bind -- Rethinking identity"
Bundel: Metamorphic body
Keyword: Identity: surroundings 
Tribute to: Appiah, Kwame Anthony 

Tribute to
Appiah, Kwame Anthony
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