Gedicht 169
Amsterdam, 2011-05-29

Bundel: Ogen lippen borst en buik 
Trefwoord: Samen: ontmoeting 

Zywa The Love Expert

shows me Venus
in her mirror: without clothes
pearls or gold am I there
impressing myself

     That is love, genuine
     love inside, precious
     Each woman coming here
     would wish she had it

     Now the time has come
     because you have come
     so seize the day today
     for a happy end

     Give up small wishes
     resignation and patience
     only then there will be space
     for The Grand to be fulfilled

Confused I leave the tent
Did she look through me
and does she know more than I do?
Who will I meet in a moment?

A boy is calling, Madam
Madam, here around the corner!
Please come along, there is a café
and you are looking, aren't you?

He takes my hand and I know
now it may happen, it is
about seeing opportunities
and people

Poem 1452
Amsterdam, 2017-07-29

Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 
Keyword: Together: meeting 

Gedicht 2572
Amsterdam, 2019-12-24

Band: Augen Lippen Brust und Bauch 
Stichwort: Zusammen: Treffen