Gedicht 490
Amsterdam, 2015-10-14

Marcus 3-14 en Lucas 19:27-28
Jezus = "JHWH is redding"

Bundel: Uit Heilige Boeken [2] 
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Trefwoord: Bijbel^ 

Zywa The Liberator

The winter is over, the men want action
like rams without ewes and without a shepherd
By the fishing lake, I promise to be their king

It takes a fortune, rows of carts
bring bread and fish every day
the campaign begins, we march
through the outer regions

On the Mount of Anointment near the capital
we camp under the olive trees
The saint pours a golden crown of oil
over my head, it is my best birthday

I address the men: It is near!
And my enemies, who do not want me
bring them here and slay them before me!

Poem 2352
Amsterdam, 2019-07-07

Mark 3-14 and Luke 19:27-28
Jesus = "JHWH is rescue"

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [2] 
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Keyword: Bible^ 

Gedicht 3630
Amsterdam, 2021-04-04

Markus 3-14 und Lukas 19:27-28
Jesus = "JHWH ist Rettung"

Band: Aus Heiligen Schriften [2] 
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Stichwort: Bibel^