Gedicht 765
Amsterdam, 2016-08-24

Nanan = lekkers, snoep
Nana = vriendinnetje
Een struisvogel is een geslachtsrijp kuiken met dons en onvolgroeide vleugels

Bundel: Ogen lippen borst en buik 
Trefwoord: Mensen: mannen 

Zywa Nanannana

Men among each other
having good laughs
at the ostrich girls

they are seeing in women:
big eyes looking up at them
They trim the little skirts

they blow up the breasts
they push the mouths round –
for each of them a candy girl

each of them a Betty
Betty Boop or Betty Bum
downy hands, downy belly

beefy girls, but downy women
they cannot fly away
and want sex all the time

Betty Boop or Betty Bum
in the boys' world
of men among each other

Poem 1427
Amsterdam, 2017-06-22

Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 
Keyword: People: men 

Gedicht 2613
Amsterdam, 2020-01-05

Band: Augen Lippen Brust und Bauch 
Stichwort: Menschen: Männer