Opdracht aan:  Tom Valentijn Woestenberg

Amsterdam, 2016-07-05
Anna Maria Catharina Doremans (1876-1904)
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Trefwoord: Liefdesrelatie 

Great-great-grand does sound old
but he was younger than you

fifteen years, the toughest
boy in the street

and I used to be the prettiest
the happiest too: a girl

born on my birthday
We were fine

with the money from Dutch John
the sweet boarder, my lover

when tough Louis left leaving
only his name for our little

Francis, your great-grand
dead as well

when your time began
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
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Amsterdam, 2020-01-19
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Componisten Duits Engels 5-7-5
Penseel PuimPuin Regen Liefdes
Verdicht Trekvogels Alsloos Theater