Zywa Home

Also worlds that we don't have
and have not even experienced
we can cherish, skaters
on the canals of the eleven cities
and those of Amsterdam

We know it from photos and
paintings, fashion from grandma's time
pharaohs, Indians and dinosaurs
the splendour of microorganisms
and the blue ice of glaciers

where cows now graze, the love
on the faces of strangers
which I look at again and again
or a drawing of a little trip
with the three of us on a bicycle

We save it all
somewhere inside us, in the world
which we built ourselves and
where we feel more at home
than wherever

Gedicht 4967
Amsterdam, 2023-01-12
Collection: Frames 
Keyword: Home: security / comfort 
Keyword: World(view) 

Reading books you fly

in everywhere, completely --

without being seen.

Lezend in boekenWenn du Büchern liest,
vlieg je overal binnen --fliegst du überall hinein --
totaal onzichtbaar.völlig unsichtbar.

Gedicht H3215
Amsterdam, 2022-03-05
Collection: The light of words 
Keyword: Fantasy: imagination 

Zywa Hopperthepop

I hear my own voice
it echoes where I live
in the lap of the mountains

I can clump, I can swing
I can jump, I can sing
out loud to you

Hip hip hipperthepip
hop hop hopperthepop

Are you coming knockertheknock
for another clickertheclack
with me this afternoon?

Hip hip hipperthepip
hop hop hopperthepop

We clump and we jump
we swing and we sing
hopperthepop, hop, hop

Gedicht 3399
Amsterdam, 2021-01-24
Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Playing: 

The rugged mountain

border road mill turns at night --

Lotte sleeps well there.

De grenswegmolenDie Grenzwegmühle
op de woeste berg draait 's nachts --am wüstem Berg dreht sich nachts --
Lotte slaapt heerlijk.Die Lotte schläft gut.

Gedicht H2792
, 2020-10-08
Woestenberg: rugged mountain
Nattenmüller: night miller
Mühlerainweg 9: Mill border road

Collection: Summer birds 
Keyword: Safety: home 

Grandpa likes to talk

about the past, yet beware! --

maybe he's joking!

Opa vertelt graagOpa erzählt gern
over vroeger, maar pas op! --von früher, aber Vorsicht! --
hij maakt ook grappen!er macht auch Witze!

Gedicht H2790
Amsterdam, 2020-10-07
Secret Agent Grandpa (Manon Sikkel) - 2020
Collection: On the fly 
Keyword: Stories: 
Tribute: Sikkel, Manon 

Zywa Drawings with a D

Grandma Dory enjoys a
100 Drawings
with a D by
Lotte Dematons, and grand-
pa Paul Declares them:
Diary – Dagger – Damaged roof – Darts – Star of David – Decor – Devil fish – Diamond – Dice – Discus – Discus fish – Discus thrower – Diving board – Doctor – Dolmen – Dormer – Dossier – Dovecote – Dracula - Draughts – Dried flowers – Driftwood – Dynamite
It is Dark under the bellies
of the Dinosaur
and the Dragon while clouds
of hot Damp
hide the Dolphin
with the Diving goggles, and inside
out a Dwarf is lost
but not Disappearing in the round re-
volving Door, that boring maze:
it's one Dead end!
In the Dune
at the Douglas firs
and the Daffodils
with a Dahlia
a thief Doubts whether to
eat the Donut, behind
him the Deer barks
at the Didgeridoo
like a Dingo
at the Droning
of the Dutch street organ
trembling Down
all the Dominoes
The great Dalmatian plays the bagpipes
and the Danish Dane
beats the Drum Kit, with the squirrel monkey
on the Djembe, next
to the Dude who
blows a Ditty on his flute, luring
the three Dromedaries of which Fattie
Fat is Dreaming
Near the Devil
are three Dinky toddlers
sitting Docilely in front of the
music Director who strikes
glowing Dust particles
in a Duple metre, yet
in his Donald Duck
shirt, the DJ swishes his records
on the Dresser
and the Dompteur swishes his whip
On a Deltoid
rug the Dodo and the badger
are still Dancing
for the Domestic help
and the Dame
on the Divan
with her Decolletage
and a Diadem
but the Dove flies away

Gedicht 3179
Amsterdam, 2020-09-21
To the Charlotte Dematons alphabet
Collection: The Yellow House Museum 
Keyword: Language 

Zywa The Fly

Humans can be strong
like a bear, with a gun

or a cannon, and swim
like the fastest fish, with sails

or a motor, they can
even fly with large wings

that don't need to strike
and therefore are not real wings

An airplane is a thing
the true flyer is the Fly

All birds are jealous of it
because it wears the crown

of its name, credit
where credit is due: the Fly

Gedicht 2963
Amsterdam, 2020-04-26
Collection: Metamorphic body 
Keyword: Language 

Peace on earth can be

a blanket of snow crystals --

for the sleeping fox.

Vrede op aardeFriede auf Erden
kan een deken van sneeuw zijn --kann eine Schneedecken sein --
voor de vos die slaapt.für den Fuchs der schläft.

Gedicht H2644
Amsterdam, 2019-12-12
Collection: Metamorphic body 
Keyword: Peace: temporary 
Keyword: Animals: fox 
Also dedicated to: Florentin dK 

Zywa The giantess likes to eat

The giantess likes to eat
cake pans, crunchy
fishshells with fishink

cheese boards and cell goblets
gland sweat, salad Russians
peachicks and bean runners

she sniffs up sausage smoke
and krautsauer, munches
on fruit stones

takes tomatoes for desert
with white cheese goats
and always hungers

for Himmel und Erde

Gedicht 2398
Amsterdam, 2019-09-08
Collection: More 
Keyword: Gluttony 

Zywa Glueing

The publication of this poem has not yet been authorised by the owner of the copyright on the original text

Gedicht 1803
Amsterdam, 2018-08-06
Glueing (Joke van Leeuwen) - 2000
Poem "Lijmen" (collection "Ozo heppie en andere versjes")
Collection: Reaching out 
Keyword: Fantasy: playing 
Tribute: Van Leeuwen, Joke 


Beach (hole)
De Koog, 2018-07-22
Lotte W
Collection: 2018 
Keyword: Texel% 

Zywa The Hinterland

Across the road was the land
homesteads mixed farming
in acid air are the animals
clearing their throat, safe

behind the teeth of the dog
each of them servient
to a higher order
only the rooster didn't know that

I grew up at that fringe of the city
and in my absence the farms
have grown to giants
which have eaten the landscape

but they don't have an appetite
for hills and gorges, winding roads
choke them, so they leave
the Hinterland alive

Gedicht 1531
Amsterdam, 2017-08-31
The Hinterland (in Switserland)
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures
The Praised One 

Keyword: Balance: 
Keyword: Schweiz% 
Also dedicated to: Madelief dK 
Also dedicated to: Florentin dK 

Zywa Great-great-old

Great-great-grand does sound old
but he was younger than you

fifteen years, the toughest
boy in the street

and I used to be the prettiest
the happiest too: a girl

born on my birthday
We were fine

with the money from Dutch John
the sweet boarder, my lover

when tough Louis left leaving
only his name for our little

Francis, your great-grand
dead as well

when your time began

Anna Doremans, 27 years old
Gedicht 1516
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Anna Maria Catharina Doremans (1876-1904), on her 19th birthday she gave birth to Regina, who was recognized by Louis de Kok as his daughter half a year later in her wedding with him; 1900 Louis moved to his mistress, and 1901 Anna got a son with boarder Jan Stans, registered as Frans De Kok
Collection: Take a picture, now 
Keyword: Love: fidelity / infidelity 
Also dedicated to: Madelief dK 
Also dedicated to: Florentin dK 
Also dedicated to: Tom V W 
Also dedicated to: Anna MC D 

Zywa Friends

Sometimes the moon is round
sometimes she is a boat
in which I can sail up

when I go to sleep, and then
you are sailing with me
to the sun

of the next day
We wave to the stars
to the great and the little

Bear and Sirius the Dog
and we sprinkle kisses
to the people

with sparkles in all colours
of very nice dreams
about having fun with friends

helping each other, living
together, because that's me
such a friend, your friend

Gedicht 1341
Amsterdam, 2017-05-10
Collection: Without reserve 
Keyword: Friendship: 


Child (swing)
Gondiswil, 2013-05-19
Graben, Lotte W
Collection: 2013 
Keyword: Schweiz% 


Amsterdam, 2013-01-11
Keyword: Drawing^ 

Lotte W
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