Keyword  Apocalypse

Zywa Dreaming of Hell

Why are there people dreaming
of hell, a formless world
with leafless trees, beastly

people, thirsty victims
theatres where the murders are real
and of slogans written in blood?

Why do they fantasise like this
about a better life
about a new beginning?

Why are there people dreaming
of freedom, equality, fraternity
without prelates and politicians?

Why don't they sing
the song of humanity

do they numb themselves
to explode
their pettiness?

Gedicht 5230
Amsterdam, 2023-06-05
Man, you should explode (Namdea Dhasal) - 1972
Poem (collection "Golpitha", 1973)

Collection: Different times 
Keyword: Heaven / Sky / Hell 
Tribute to: Dhasal, Namdea 

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