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is an exchange of energy

I listen

I do not judge

is een uitwisseling van energie
ist ein Energieaustausch
Ik luisterIch höre zu
Ik oordeel nietIch urteile nicht

Gedicht Q110
Amsterdam, 2001-04-17
I too receive energy and I pass on energy - 0
I have compassion

Collection: Lilith's Powers 
Keyword: Reiki 
Dedicated to: n419 

Zywa Please let us

Have normal dates with me
have fun together and
talk about all sorts of things

but not about me
because by letting you speak
nothing seems to stay in its place:

with questions that I don't have yet
dared to explore
you set my thoughts in motion

you drive them apart
and confused I leave you
Please let us be friends

Gedicht 131
Rovio, 2009-07-13
Quatio - Disquatio - Discutio
chasing apart - setting in motion - discussion, conversation

Collection: Freend 

Zywa Finger eyes

I shape you, foot by foot
massage your soles and heels
From the slices of your tarsal bones
I follow the traces through your body
to the heartbeat of your soul

The pinching helps me to understand you
cell by cell I discreetly sense
your dreams, what is streaming
I feel that love discloses your skin
and recognize who you are, inside

I shape you, touch you
massage you, touch you
I caress your outs and ins, seeing
with amorous finger eyes who
you are – I understood your soul

Gedicht 152
Amsterdam, 2010-10-02
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 
Dedicated to: C W 

At the reception

I am bouncing everyone --

like silly putty.

Op de receptieAm tollen Empfang
stuiter ik langs iedereen --stoß ich an allen vorbei --
als silly putty.wie Hüpfender Kitt.

Gedicht S0015
Amsterdam, 2011-12-17
Collection: Blown sand 

Zywa Touched

Less than two square meters
that isn't much skin

to make contact
with so many people

who attract me, all the children
I would like to cherish

besides the cows and the donkeys
with whom I'd like to have a talk

too many animals to mention
also the amazing beings

that plants are, their strength
and acceptance to carelessly

lose to fruitrobbers what they get
and the stones, rough and smooth

in all colours, they touch me
down to the finest folds, deep

in my body with the wind
of my thoughts

Gedicht 1149
Amsterdam, 2017-03-07
Collection: Migration 

Zywa Reading breath

Just as the wind, sometimes
drawing my belly
in the fabric of my dress
I am reading your soul
with the breath of my soul

my passion discovers
yours, who you are
and the boy you were

I read your desires
and your love for me
from the flowing glow

over your beating body
in the fragrantly brewing bed
of autumn leaves in which
you stretch out, inside out
read by me

Gedicht 1197
Amsterdam, 2017-03-12
Collection: Webgarden 

Zywa Timethoughts

The smiley faces on my screen
are always the same, without wrinkles
The eyes never wink

I am often here, alone
though inseparably
we have become distant friends

So I like to smile a Good Day
at strangers in the street
I'm a good neighbour

and I think about it
that I am so selective
protecting my noble heart

with sensitive antennae
for who oh who
likes to make time for me

Gedicht 1689
Amsterdam, 2018-02-23
Collection: Different times 

Zywa Defenceless

My eyes, turned away
read that you are defenceless

I pull and press, I rub your skin
carefully strip your feelings

and uncover your inner sides
tacitly sharing

the bed of your blood
in your foot, I feel the passion

for kind people like you
to now a little bit closer

the magic of love from my hands
over your longing body

yes, I understood you well
I'm sorry, but – I must go now

Gedicht 118
Amsterdam, 2018-10-04
Foot reflexology massage
Collection: Heart's Delight 
Dedicated to: C W 

Gedicht 1923
Amsterdam, 2018-11-12
February 2000
Collection: Pending rain 
Dedicated to: Amira S 

What if my words were

written all over my skin --

Would you undress me?

Wat als mijn woordenWenn meine Worte
mijn huid zouden bedekken --auf meiner Haut sein würden --
Kleed jij me dan uit?Ziehst du mich dann aus?

Gedicht H2398
Amsterdam, 2019-02-18
Spoken words on our skin (Rachel Mitchell) - 2019
Poem (

Collection: Actively Passive 
Tribute to: Mitchell, Rachel 

Zywa Our big hearts

Maybe because of my big heart
that is nevertheless afraid
of everything that could go wrong

and often does not offer room
for what I need, does not make space
for what I wish for

Or to bridge the distance
from my high legs and long neck
to you, and not to look down on you

with armed love
to soothe an unmet need

Maybe I just imagine
what you do and say to me
maybe we want the same

maybe, under the skin, you too
are a giraffe, maybe we can
just be giraffes

Gedicht 2411
Amsterdam, 2019-09-17
Nonviolent communication
Collection: Half The Work 

Meeting a stranger:

the firewood of language sounds --

is warming our hearts.

Vreemden ontmoeten:Ich treffe Fremde:
gesprokkelde klanken taal --gesammelte Sprachlaute --
verwarmen ons hart.erwärmen mein Herz.

Gedicht H2646
Amsterdam, 2019-12-12
Caravan (A.L. Snijders) - 2019
Collection: It takes a lot of tries to make a début 
Tribute to: Snijders, A.L. 

It is our last chance

of contact, we say nothing:

my hand on his hand.

Onze laatste kansDie letzte Kontakt
op contact, we zeggen niets:möglichkeit, wir sagen nichts --
mijn hand op zijn hand.und halten Händchen.

Gedicht H2651
Amsterdam, 2019-12-26
Love for Father (Frans Thomése) - 2019
(Novel "Vaderliefde")

Collection: Inmost 
Tribute to: Thomése, Frans 

Zywa I Ivy

Our skin is a pleasant separation
to undo with our body and limbs
and when we kiss and are one breath

we are also one spirit
no different thoughts
one passion, nothing separating us

agreeing with each other and ourselves
complete in boundless

But where there is space
presence arrives, thoughts
tacitly sneak in, hand in hand

they build a thick wall
as a solid support
for familiar views

You no longer see a wall
only a green hedge

rampant with repetition
and rooted in the need
to be apart with acquaintances

without contradiction
ambivalence and understanding
safe and not powerless

Gedicht 2707
Amsterdam, 2020-02-16
Borderline (Joni Mitchell) - 1994

Collection: The drama 
Tribute to: Mitchell, Joni 

In my ears, my heart

braces itself: Beep Beep --

no contact at all !

Mijn hart zet zich schrapMein Herz spannt sich an
in mijn oren: Tuut Tuut Tuut --in meinen Ohren: Piep Piep --
bang van geen contact.immer kein Kontakt!

Gedicht S1011
Amsterdam, 2020-05-04
Collection: Between where 

He's smiling as if

I am really nice in my --


Hij glimlacht alsofEr lächelt, als ob
ik echt wel leuk ben in mijn --ich fesch wäre in meinen --

Gedicht H2696
Amsterdam, 2020-05-05
Crusoe's Daughter (Jane Gardam) - 1985

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s 
Tribute to: Gardam, Jane 

While reading I meet

distant people as neighbours --

so intimately.

Lezend ontmoet ikBeim Lesen treffe
verre en dode mensen --ich Menschen, fern oder tot --
intiem als buren.intim wie Nachbarn.

Gedicht H2781
Amsterdam, 2020-09-24
A good neighbour (Ellen Deckwitz) - 2020
Column "Een goede buur" (in

Collection: Death on Cast 
Tribute to: Deckwitz, Ellen 

We hear the glass skin

that separates us, ringing. --

Another outbreak.

Je hoort de glashuidMan hört die Glashaut
die ons scheidt vaak rinkelen. --die uns trennt, immer klirren. --
Weer een uitbraak.Ausbruch nach Ausbruch.

Gedicht S1114
Amsterdam, 2020-12-22
Social distancing (Covid-19)
Collection: Different times 
Keyword: Covid-19 

I do not know how

long, but now I am with you --

now I laugh with you.

Ik weet niet hoe langWer weiß wie lange
nog, maar nu zit ik bij jou --noch, aber ich bin bei dir --
nu lach ik met jou.ich lache mit dir.

Gedicht H2878
, 2020-12-30
Collection: Ifless 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa While I lie awake

Without the outside world, my house
is everything, less and less a home
Short walks, for the rest
we stay inside
when we go out

with a video call
a nicely set table
a borrowed book, movies
always in the same chair
and a neighbour visiting

Lots of time together
but he has a hobby and I don't
come around to anything
It's boring, life
does not flow in me

In bed I share him
with silence and sleep
no radio, no talking
just his warmth next to me
while I lie awake

Gedicht 3415
Amsterdam, 2021-01-29
Collection: More 
Keyword: Covid-19 
Dedicated to: Dory dK 

I want to feel you,

yellow leg, blue arm, and red --

tightly intertwined.

Ik wil je voelen,Ich will dich fühlen,
geel been, blauwe arm, en rood --gelbes Bein, blauer Arm, rot --
ineengestrengeld.eng eingeflochten.

Gedicht H2975
, 2021-06-29
Collection: Without reserve 

Zywa Read me

PAN-PAN   Come closer
without secondary objects
of illness and dying

Do not waste time
read my face
not my unusual skull

The sun shines, I breathe just like you
Feel free to touch me, I am
not a shadow behind the threshold
of memories

We can be together these hours
without the fatal snake venom
overgrowing our relationship

There is so much
that I want to hear from you and
that you don't know of me

Be as carnal as you can be
Answer my body language
caress the painful spots and
put your soul in me for a moment

Gedicht 3925
Amsterdam, 2021-08-11
A person's (deadly) illness is not his identity
"Portrait de la jeune fille en feu" ("Portrait of a Lady on Fire", 2019, Céline Sciamma)
"PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN" is the request for help (no emergency)

Collection: On living on 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

I want to exist,

please look at me, sympathise --

and feel who I am.

Ik wil bestaan, kijkIch will leben, schau
me aan, leef met mij mee, voel --mich an und fühle mit mir --
en zie wie ik ben.sehe, wer ich bin.

Gedicht H3018
, 2021-08-18
The closing song of "Tommy" (1969, The Who), "We're not gonna take it", ends with the exclamation "See me, feel me, / touch me, heal me"
Collection: On living on 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Bumping into each

other always made us laugh --

it was fun. Back then.

Tegen elkaar opGegen einander
botsen, we lachten erom --aufstoßen, wir hatten Spaß --
het was fijn. war toll. Damals.

Gedicht H3046
, 2021-09-17
Short story
Collection: Without reserve 

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