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A trail in the snow:

the fresh footprints of a fox --

along red spatters.

Een spoor in de sneeuw:Frische Fußspuren
verse prenten van een vos --eines Fuchses im Nachtschnee --
langs rode spatten.Mit roten Spritzern.

Gedicht H0537
Amsterdam, 2013-08-10
Collection: Bruises 

Adam had taught him

to kill, but killing a man --

is no longer peace.

Adam leerde hemAdam lehrte ihn
doden, maar een mens doodslaan --zu töten, aber ein Mord --
is geen vrede kein Frieden mehr.

Gedicht S0401
Amsterdam, 2016-10-05
Acquittal for Cain - the mother (Hester Knibbe) - 2014
Poem "Vrijspraak voor Kain - de moeder" (collection "Archaïsch de dieren")

Collection: May the Might 
Keyword: Bible 
Tribute to: Knibbe, Hester 

Zywa Mark of Cain

The oldest sons count
as patriarchs from Adam
Seth and Enos to Methuselah

Cain is a different story
from a time when there were more people
more women to get married

It is the story of the sacrifice
that was rejected
as if God did not exist

so that Cain lost his faith
and mourned for that
and God was sorry

so He forbade to kill him
and other unbelievers
you shall not kill a human being

Moses chiseled in two stones
which he smashed immediately
to teach the people a lesson

with the seething murder
of 3000 men, the blood sticks
to the priests forever

but they had every right
because God wanted
to do it Himself

Gedicht 1728
Amsterdam, 2018-04-24
The name Abel is related to ablu (son), and abal (mourning)
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Bible 

Zywa We start with prayer

     Boots, your size, laundry basket and soap
     each his own soap, your body
     is a temple, your hand is God's

She is crying wildly in front of us
in a nightgown, her hair tousled
Barefoot she wants to stop me

     Here, take the book, guard it
     with your life, your gun and the bullet
     belts. Exercise!

Her family is hiding, I think
Beware, before it's too late
I must... Is she coming closer?

     Headscarves, every morning
     a box of clean clothes and ammunition
     Get ready for training

Must I shoot, is it true?
Are the clean hands for others?
Forget about the mess, be proud!

     You turn in the laundry before the appeal
     That's it, the rest comes later
     We start with prayer

Which of us did it? Where
is the heavenly light, the blessing on the silence
on the debris and the blood in the sand?

Gedicht 2028
Amsterdam, 2019-01-13
Syria (ar-Raqqa in 2014)
Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Islam 

Her head torn to shreds,

sharp-edged stones, bloody, thrown --

again and again.

Haar hoofd aan flarden,Ihr Kopf in Fetzen,
vlijmscherpe stenen, bebloed --kantige Steine, blutig --
opnieuw geworpen.wieder geworfen.

Gedicht S1409
Amsterdam, 2022-05-18
Girl (Edna O'Brien) - 2019

Collection: Skin-contact 
Tribute to: O Brien, Edna 

The walnut tree falls

slowly, horribly, it groans --

sadly in my ear.

De notelaar valtDer Nussbaum fällt um,
traag, gruwelijk mooi, hij kermt --langsam, schrecklich schön, er stöhnt --
bedroefd in mijn oor.still in meinem Ohr.

Gedicht S1426
Amsterdam, 2022-06-14
Tree N (Peter Verhelst) - 1994
Poem #55 "De boom N" (collection "De boom N")

Collection: After the festivities 
Tribute to: Verhelst, Peter 

Death penalty: could

be, but it's risky to train--


De doodstraf: misschien,Todesstrafe schon,
maar dan: beulen opleiden --aber Henker ausbilden --
dat is heel viel zu riskant.

Gedicht S1722
Amsterdam, 2023-04-01
The Office - The Death of Maarten Koning (Han Voskuil) - 2000
Novel "Het Bureau - De dood van Maarten Koning"
Page 108, Maarten Koning and Ad Muller (1988)

Collection: Not too bad [1974-2001] 
Tribute to: Voskuil, Han 

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