Keyword  Freedom:

are not dogmatic

I grant everyone his views

I grant everyone his habits

zijn niet dogmatisch
sind nicht dogmatisch
Ik gun iedereen zijn opvattingenIch gewähre jedem seine Ansichten
Ik gun iedereen zijn gewoontenIch gewähre jedem seine Gewohnheiten

Gedicht Q114
Amsterdam, 2001-04-17
I too give space to other people - 0
I grant everyone the same amount of freedom

Collection: Lilith's Powers 
Dedicated to: n417 

A beast is pushing

to freedom, under my skin --

and it makes me dance.

Wild duwt zich een dierWild drängt sich ein Tier
naar vrijheid, onder mijn huid --zur Freiheit, durch meine Haut --
en doet mij dansen.und lässt mich tanzen.

Gedicht H0650
Amsterdam, 2013-12-25
The dancer (Martinus Nijhoff) - 1924
Poem "De danser"

Collection: Passage Passion 
Tribute to: Nijhoff, Martinus 

With flags of freedom,

you will not occupy peace --

but you do resist.

Met vrijheidsvlaggenMit Freiheitsflaggen
verover je geen vrede --wird kein Frieden erobert --
maar pleeg je ist Widerstand.

Gedicht H0970
Amsterdam, 2014-05-30
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [2] 

All your thoughts are free,

they are only limited --

by their own bulwarks.

Gedachten zijn vrij,Gedanken sind frei,
ze worden alleen beperkt --sie sind einfach nur begrenzt --
door eigen muren.durch Eigenwände.

Gedicht H1047
, 2014-11-06
Thoughts are free - 1780
Song "Die Gedanken sind frei"

Collection: The Yellow House Museum 

Thoughts are free, they sing

it out loud, the prisoners --

of their own free thoughts.

Gedachten zijn vrij,Gedanken sind frei,
zingen de gevangenen --singen die Gefangenen --
van hun gedachten.ihrer Gedanken.

Gedicht S0407
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2016-10-09
The lyrics "Die Gedanken sind frei" have been published in 1780 and set to music for the first time in Bern, at the beginning of the 19th century, and included in the "Lieder der Brienzer Mädchen". Almost a century later, in 1898, Gustav Mahler set the text to music.
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 

Zywa Not a guest like a slave

I'm back, on my guard
in the streets of my youth
and the crying embrace

of amma and my sisters
on the banks where I've played
I won't leave here again

even if I have to fight for it
It is not in my hand
to die or to kill

No longer can I be an exile
a polite guest conforming
like a slave

I'm back, on my guard
in my own house, and you, brother
the oldest, you must be wiser

No king
can crown himself
at most he can be a servant

Gedicht 896
Amsterdam, 2016-12-16
600 BC
"Seven against Thebes" (Aeschylus, 467 BC)
"Phoenician Women" (Euripides, 410 BC)
1200 BC
"Mahabharata" ("The Great World")

Collection: PumicePieces 
Tribute to: Euripides 
Tribute to: Aischylos 

Zywa Anything but

Talking to men
who I don't know
singing along with the music

on which I dance in the eyes
that follow me
like shadows

wishing to be desired
without being in danger
dressed for it, that too

is who I am, free
to the extent it is permitted
by the hell

of other people's eyes
that love my body
and hate me for it

but that's not me
I am anything
but what they think

Gedicht 1164
Amsterdam, 2017-03-08
No Exit (Jean-Paul Sartre) - 1943
One act play "Huis clos" ("No Exit" / "Closed doors")
Everyone's freedom of action is limited by the judging look of other people

Collection: Webgarden 
Tribute to: Sartre, Jean-Paul 

Gedicht 1240
Amsterdam, 2017-03-23
The mountain: Olympos, where the gods live
Terpsichore entered the world through the Gate of the Gods (Bab-Ilim, Babylon)

Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa Angry with me

Never I wanted to tolerate anything from anyone
exept from myself, I preferred

to be lazy and if I ever once did
help a bit really everyone was amazed

and looking at me -- I already see the time
approaching no one does remember that

Ice-cold I snubbed my parents
at all times I was quarrelling

at our home there always seemed something to be
the matter and every time I was angry

with myself, while nobody was angry with me
what was even more difficult for me

then I wished to be left alone
and full of misery I sat down and cried --

the entire earth is a vale of tears
that a girl has to endure virtuously

by being beautiful every new day again
like a flower that makes people happy

Gedicht 852
Amsterdam, 2017-04-04
Diary 1944-1945 - 1945
Collection: Pending rain 
Dedicated to: Riet O 

Zywa I give myself

I give myself
to be read

that's an act
not a desire

it is surrender
not fearing danger

it is sharing and healing
who we are

releasing together
what is stuck

a bond
of freedom

Gedicht 1601
Amsterdam, 2017-11-05
Collection: Without reserve 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Wedged

After the departure of the Romans
we were again our own masters
at war with each other

The sergeants took over
first the peripheral areas
then the middle land

Only behind the mountains
the residents continue to resist
longing for a king of their own

As once
his sword shone
his sword shines

immovably stuck
in the eyes of the people
dreaming of a peaceful life –

a passed-on promise
for once, but unfortunately
the sword has disappeared

Gedicht 2095
Amsterdam, 2019-02-16
Excalibur, Britain AD 410
Collection: Secrets & Believers 

Zywa The light shines in darkness

Expats, migrant workers, people
who are stuck and continue to dream
of a free life as shepherds and cattle lords
in their own land of grassy meadows
milk and honey (the old promise)

The young men long
for the beautiful girls
of the north
while they do the work here
in the delta, where they feel only at home

in the stories
of the ancient god who created the world
with thoughts from his heart, living
words from his mouth, the Potter
who molded man

that knead their souls, giving some light
when it is dark in their hearts
full of old ashes, in which still glows
the fire of the Destroyer

Gedicht 2327
Amsterdam, 2019-07-01
Prince Djhut-mose / Thut-mose (the eldest son of Amen-hotep III) = "son of Thoth" (Djhut) = Moses (in Goshen, the eastern Nile Delta, where he is high priest, in the temple of Ptah at Memphis)
Ptah = Maker (of the world)
El Shaddai = God the Destroyer

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Bible 

Gedicht 2487
Amsterdam, 2019-10-29
Hugo Grotius (1583-1645): "Mare Liberum" ("The Freedom of the Seas") in 1609, escape from Loevestein Castle on March 22nd, 1621
Collection: Migration 
Tribute to: De Groot, Hugo 

Politics: fighting

hard for sufficient freedom --

to enjoy your life.

Politiek is hardDie Politik kämpft
strijden om genoeg vrijheid --hart für genügend Freiheit --
voor levensvreugde.für Lebensfreude.

Gedicht S0983
Roermond, 2020-01-11
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Politics 

Zywa Stepmama

I would
escape, not know better
and run off, maybe scared
without a street cat helping me
but free

I would
go straight for my dreams
the smells that I can't reach
stroll through hedges and gardens
I'll never forget it

Would it
have happened that way
and do you want that too
or is attention enough
when you meow

Entertain me, Caress me
or are you asking: Comfort me
you just have no idea
what prison is
set me free

Gedicht 2781
Amsterdam, 2020-03-15
Collection: Migration 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Walking on a leash,

I do have enough leeway --

to hop happily.

Lopend aan de lijnAn der Leine, schon,
heb ik genoeg speelruimte --aber mit genug Spielraum --
om te huppelen.herumzuhüpfen.

Gedicht H2730
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14
The dog on a leash - 215
Quoted in "The Refutation of All Heresies" by Antipope Hippolytus of Rome, c. 200

Collection: Between where 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 
Tribute to: Zeno(n) - Citium 

Dear eyeing prompter,

in the spotlight of your views --

I don't play a role.

Lieve soufflirter,Lieber Soufflirter,
in het licht van jouw ogen --im Spotlight deiner Augen --
speel ik geen rol meer.gibt's keine Rollen.

Gedicht H2737
Amsterdam, 2020-06-19
Collection: Imprints Masks 
Dedicated to: Dory de Kok 

Outside the treadmill,

my legs don't know any way --

to pave for themselves.

Uit de tredmolenAus der Tretmühle
weten mijn benen geen weg --kenne ich gar keinen Weg --
om zelf te mich zu bahnen.

Gedicht H2739
Amsterdam, 2020-06-19
Collection: Different times 

No new week ahead,

if there were no more Sundays --

whoopee, no Mondays!

Zonder zondag zouToll, ohne Sonntag
er geen nieuwe week wachten --keine neuen Wochen mehr --
heerlijk, geen maandag!keine Montage!

Gedicht S1100
Amsterdam, 2020-12-09
In evil hour (Gabriel García Márquez) - 1962
Novel "La mala hora"

Collection: Shelter 
Tribute to: García Márquez, Gabriel 

I was twenty, now

I am twenty, only time --

has been imprisoned.

Toen was ik twintig,Ich war zwanzig, jetzt
nu twintig, het was de tijd --bin ich zwanzig, nur die Zeit --
die gevangen zat.wurde eingesperrt.

Gedicht S1133
Amsterdam, 2021-01-25
An elegy for the January 25th dream (Mohamed Mohsen) - 2020
Collection (Egypt)

Collection: VacantVoid 
Tribute to: Mohsen, Mohamed 

Gedicht 3420
Amsterdam, 2021-01-31
Collection: Lilith's Powers 

21 years old,

I'm independent, beware:

Don't be a Mistress!

21 jaar,21, jetzt
ik ben zelfstandig, pas op:bin ich selbstständig, Vorsicht:
Geen Mevrouw worden!Keine Frau werden!

Gedicht S1136
Amsterdam, 2021-02-05
Don't be Miss De Beauvoir, be yourself (Simone de Beauvoir) - 1926
"Ne soyez pas Mademoiselle De Beauvoir, soyez vous-même" (diary)

Collection: Inmost 
Tribute to: De Beauvoir, Simone 

Peep at my figure,

with the wind wild in my hair --

I'm fearlessly free.

Begluur mijn figuur,Belauer mich schon,
de wind wild in mijn haren --der Wind in meinen Haaren --
ik ben vrij, niet bang.ich bin furchtlos frei.

Gedicht S1150
Amsterdam, 2021-03-21
Collection: Ifless 

Freedom: being free

from stupidity, it is --

everyone's ordeal.

Vrijheid is vrij zijnFreiheit heißt frei sein
van domheid, de beproeving --von Dummheit, diese Tortur --
van alle mensen.für alle Menschen.

Gedicht S1154
Amsterdam, 2021-03-30
Collection: The light of words 

Gedicht 3756
Amsterdam, 2021-04-27
1713, Catalonia: viurem lliures o morirem (we will live free or die)
1789, France: liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la mort
1800, Frisians: lewwer duad üs slaav (better dead than a slave)
1821, Greece: eleuthería y thánatos (freedom or death)
1825, Uruguay: libertad o muerte (freedom or death)

Collection: Mastress 

Thoughts are free, even

insusceptible to lies --

about obvious facts.

Gedachten zijn vrij,Gedanken sind frei,
zelfs onvatbaar voor leugens --nicht anfällig für Lügen --
over de feiten.über die Fakten.

Gedicht H2945
Amsterdam, 2021-04-29
Homecoming: a novel (Bernhard Schlink) - 2006
Novel "Die Heimkehr"
"Die Gedanken sind frei" ("Thoughts are free", 1780, with music in the "Lieder der Brienzer Mädchen" from 1800)

Collection: Thinkles Lusionless 
Tribute to: Schlink, Bernhard 

Gedicht 3768
Amsterdam, 2021-04-30
The fatherhood of Manasseh and Ephraim is attributed at the Hebrew Yuya (Joseph) to disconnect his Egyptian position as the father of Tiye and Ay
Queen Tiye, 1398-1338, was married to Amen-hotep III (Pharaoh 1388-1351), who introduced the Aton-cult; their oldest son was (crown) prince and high priest Thut-mose (abbreviated: Moses)
Her brother Ay, the royal writer in the temple of Karnak, was undoubtedly one of the Hebrew members of the elite, who simplified the Egyptian hieroglyphs to be able to write in their own language; these new characters were the beginning of the alphabet; he became the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 

Zywa Don't talk, tomorrow too

Don't talk, tomorrow too, tell
no stories, no illusions
rather do not give me anything

The reality is enough
as it is, not specified
free of labels

If I ever learn this
I will be wise and see
the known myself

also what isn't specified
of which I have to guess
what I smell, what I feel

and hear and see
also you
who wishes to be known

Don't talk, don't frame yourself
in an anecdote, such a short film
caught in templates

Gedicht 3857
Amsterdam, 2021-06-29
Caught in our own stories (Arjen van Veelen) - 2021
Essay in NRC (June 28th, 2021)

Collection: WoofWoof 
Tribute to: Van Veelen, Arjen 

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