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Zywa Love indivisible

A lot of people weigh
what other people say
and add it up each day
to more regret and more complaint

but I just know: repute weighs nothing
and good looks even can be killing
inevitably there is a loss in winning
which is the only thing that's gained

Anyway, the sun will shine
and every day you'll be fine
as long as you confine
yourself to all the things that you can touch

Know, there is no force of fate
seize your chances to create
so take deep breaths, just watch and wait
attentively and do not judge

rather let the winds with their
brushes made of fluffy air
stroke beauty in time, everywhere
and invite your heart to where you go

Who knows if your smile may
daze someone in such a magic way
that you are in love one day
wonderingly in a wonder world

Gedicht 101
Amsterdam, 2008-04-25
Love minus zero / no limit (Bob Dylan) - 1965
Song (album "Bringing it all back home"), sung by Joan Baez on the 1968 album "Any Day Now"

Collection: Great Flow 
Tribute to: Dylan, Bob 
Tribute to: Baez, Joan 

It is light to love

you, but also very dark --

that you are so sick.

Het is licht van jouEs ist hell um dich
te houden, maar erg donker --zu lieben, und sehr dunkel --
dat je zo ziek bent.dass du so krank bist.

Gedicht H1559
Amsterdam, 2016-10-13
Collection: Without reserve 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa If love is everything

   If love is everything
and the only condition
at the end of the journey
that is our love

   If love is everything
ours, the love of you and me
it never has an end
a light in the dark

   If love is everything
where you stay, where you go
if parting doesn't exist
no sadness, no missing

   If love is everything
to understand each other
and then go on
that creates meaning

   If love is everything
what we have said
our words sincere
as a confession

   If love is everything
that you grant everyone
and can give yourself
as your testimony

   If love is everything
finding her spontaneously
and then connecting
people in their history

   If love is everything
where everybody fits in
you are holding in your hand
the whole world

Gedicht 833
Amsterdam, 2016-11-16
When you only have love (Jacques Brel) - 1957
Lied "Quand on n'a que l'amour"

Collection: Without reserve 

Zywa Yes I do

Ignorant, I felt confident
but since her later is earlier
than we thought when we signed
it suddenly comes

down to every ordinary day
to what is keeping me
from being nice to her

the love of my Yes
I do

I hesitate to repeat that
Her condition, our problems
I must knowingly forget
to be able to live

ordinary days, in love
with the promising incertainties
in the hands of the filly

of my Yes
I do

Gedicht 983
Amsterdam, 2017-01-29
Collection: Without reserve 
Dedicated to: T D 

Gedicht 985
Amsterdam, 2017-01-30
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Zywa A body

By way of precaution
my hands are tied
above me

I'm not myself, a body
with breasts and access
for nasty eyes

to be watched, beaten
to force me
to laugh

and not to hate, because asked
if I want to hate I had to reply
No, I don't want to hate

loving is what I want
I sobbed and they scolded
me: then do it!

Gedicht 1150
Amsterdam, 2017-03-07
Collection: Freend 

Zywa Bridal bed

You came, didn't ask anything
smelled the fragrances
of maturity around my body

you gave me sweet words
and later a kiss
I floated

Come down
you beckoned, here, but
it is precisely your eyes that make me light

keeping me night and day
in the air without ballast
I'll help you, you smile

and you lick the fragrances
from my skin, you dress me
with your look, I get weight

and you lay me down
among the flowers
in which I unfold myself

Gedicht 1172
Amsterdam, 2017-03-09
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Zywa Treasure

The talking
stopped with a kiss

your breath now
floating in my blood

the glow makes me sad
knowing how it goes on

I wrap myself around you
suck you into my desire

of doing everything together
till you slip away anyway

separately but happily

without saying a thing

Gedicht 1175
Amsterdam, 2017-03-09
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Zywa Big heart

All beginnings are difficult, but
shall his heart grow with mine
and will not-matching sensitivities

be given a warm place anyway?
Can it be big like an elephant?

It already is, trumpets one
yeah ha ha ha, stamp the others
grandma Phant blows my hair in a mess

don't hold on to your questions
she says, better come with us

She trunks me between her ears
chatting about phants and people
with their peculiarities

we reach a wide field
of waving colours

The children phants start tasting them
crushing more flowers than they pick
but with love, new ones grow

you see, grandma Phant says
it's easy

if you give space to the sun

Gedicht 1220
Amsterdam, 2017-03-14
Collection: Webgarden 

Gedicht 1250
Amsterdam, 2017-04-03
Collection: Freend 

Zywa Müntschi

Thunder and rain
but the sheets caress me
It's not a dawn yet

You blow little kisses in my ear
Wake up, I want to smell
in your blood

Touch me, make me more beautiful
than I am, turn around, kiss me
desire me and make me happy

Let velvet bumblebees buzz
in me, on me, around me
let me shine and fly

let your little kissing mouths
float away from my skin
like velvet petals

to the sea of stars
filling the whole sky and
making me feel fine forever

Gedicht 1454
Amsterdam, 2017-07-29
SWITZERLAND Müntschi = little mouths, little kisses
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa Love is now

Love is now
it does not measure with the past

Love is timeless
it knows neither profit nor loss

Love is precious
it does not wrong anyone

Love is nonviolent
it does not harm anyone

Love is free
it does not hope for later

Love is now

Gedicht 1478
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02
Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa To you

Lightning above the city
I want to go home, to you
love is blowing

through the trees
it flushes into the gutter
flies sometimes

with restrained breath
somewhere inside
where it's welcome

to be ready
in a dream
stronger than worries

and it lightens
frightens people
(sometimes makes them wise)

it protects me
brings me home
and touches me

Gedicht 1500
Amsterdam, 2017-08-08
Collection: The Big Secret 
Dedicated to: Peter H 

Zywa Only everything

If I only have love
when I meet you
I have everything

to exist
to say
and be safe

If I am love
I bear death
and the pain, my tears

flow around
the world and together
we can be happy

Gedicht 1506
Amsterdam, 2017-08-09
When you only have love (Jacques Brel) - 1956
Song "Quand on n'a que l'amour"

Collection: The Big Secret 
Tribute to: Brel, Jacques 

Zywa I promise you

I promise you
not to build mountains of gold
on weak ground, I promise you
no lifelong love
out of blind lust

I promise you
no great deeds
but sincere ones
to do what I can
to be who I am

that is: your
wisdom when you're angry
defence wall around your fear
hand under your head
nest for your sorrow

I am your
understanding answer
mountain with a view
double joy
and other side

I am your
well-doing bath
together at the table
bed to sleep in
love to your toes

Gedicht 1507
Amsterdam, 2017-08-09
That mountain will be built (Thijs Zonneveld) - 2011
In August 2011 Thijs Zonneveld published on the news site the column "That mountain will be built" about building a 2 km high mountain in Flevoland; the idea was abandoned in 2015-2016

Collection: The Big Secret 
Tribute to: Zonneveld, Thijs 

Zywa Lazy love

Love is a tree full
of hearts in love
to live in

and to sing together there
to sing together forever
even if it is not yet so

and you are in bed, lazy
     spun in yourself
     being who you are

and to be or not to be
     happy together
     is no question

because you are warm
and the world is turning
with the tree full of hearts

and there is no one
who can stop that

Gedicht 1517
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Collection: Take a picture, now 
Dedicated to: Madelief dK 

Zywa Love is never

Love is never a wall
covered inside
with cushions and a view
of barbed wire

Love is never a wall
around concealed wishes
a weak spot, a secret
shame or a holy duty

Love is climbing over walls
without solutions
never dislodged drunk
with faith, hope, or dreams

Love is never unbelieving
desperate or unimaginative
and other symptoms
of death

Gedicht 1518
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa Only our love is great enough

Labels come off again
life is pulling and pushing

itself free, eventually, wishing
to see and show: the body
merely dressed in its soul

the human being we are
the life we lead
in reality

from one another, connected
with the Very Greatest

which is too great for us, too great
for narrow-minds knowing-it-all
or thinking they are better –

only our deeds
can share in it
our caring

our love
only our love
is great enough

Gedicht 1651
Amsterdam, 2018-01-19
Collection: Imprints Masks 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Lying in you

Lie in you
let me lie in you
lie in your body
as long as we wish, as long
as we want to

Not loose, not apart
when I think of that
I fall
to pieces
in my own arms, afraid

to reach out my hand
in bed in the middle of the night
and wake up forever
without you, without your
eyes and mouth

Gedicht 1693
Amsterdam, 2018-02-26
Hold me / In my sleep I reach out my hand (Hildegard Knef) - 1970
Songs "Halt mich fest" (1967, lyrics and vocals Hildegard Knef, music Hans Hammerschmid) and "Im Schlaf strecke ich meine Hand aus" (1970, lyrics and vocals Hildegard Knef, music Hermann Thieme)

Collection: More 
Tribute to: Knef, Hildegard 

This hour and this day

are my own time, my own life --

to express my love.

Dit uur, deze dag,Stunden und Tagen
zijn mijn tijd en mijn leven --sind meine Zeit, mein Leben --
om lief te zu lieben, jetzt.

Gedicht H2233
Amsterdam, 2018-06-25
A place to love (Toon Hermans) - 1967
Song "Een plek om lief te hebben"

Collection: SoulSenseSun 
Tribute to: Hermans, Toon 

Zywa Dans met mij

Ik dwaal in mijn slaap
over een weg ... van gevoelens
Ik wist niet dat ik verliefd was
Was dit een illusie
Ken ik mezelf?

Ben jij klaar voor mij?
Laat me mijn liefde onthullen
elk masker dat ik draag
We schamen ons niet
al zijn we twee aparte werelden

Je kunt me bespotten
ik zoek geen goedkeuring
Waarom hou ik van je als ik je niet ken?
Laat me jouw ziel kussen
in de fanfare van het leven

Helder schijnt voor jou en mij het licht
uit de diepten van mijn ziel
terwijl ik kijk naar de sterren van een sterloze nacht
de schaduwen, de schoonheid van de maan
De Eindeloze Liefde ... De Eindeloze Liefde ...

De kus van jouw dromen vanavond
door mijn ziel flitsende
kosmische tinten van liefde
Waar ben je, mijn lief?
Jij en ik, Twee Werelden ... Twee Metgezellen voor het Leven

Gedicht 2200
Amsterdam, 2019-04-06
Titles of poems by AP haikusaur, published 2016-2019 on AP (
Collection: It takes a lot of tries to make a début 
Dedicated to: AP haikusaur 

Zywa Feel what I feel

Under the vine, I dance
with my swan arm one by one
the grapes above our heads
gracefully to your longing mouth
in my lap
     Do you feel what I feel?

Or does your desire look too far
ahead and is it worried
whether it will stay that way?
I don't know, I don't know
We shall see, you are with me
     Do you feel what I feel?

The smile in your eyes
sucks me in your heart
that's nice, we kiss
the light of heaven
and the goodness of the earth
     Do I feel what you feel?

I feel love, and it makes us
beautiful, it makes beautiful
what we do, do not doubt
     Feel what I feel
     then I will feel what you feel

Gedicht 2464
Amsterdam, 2019-10-22
Something (The Beatles) - 1969
Song (album "Abbey Road")
Celtic symbolism: Muin (the Vine), that is initiated into sacred knowledge; the Vine should be guided by Tuatha De Danaan (the gods of light and goodness) and the Swan (the symbol of grace and beauty)

Collection: Lilith's Powers 
Tribute to: Harrison, George 
Tribute to: The Beatles 

Loving you is light

and dark is the suffering --

that you share with me.

Van jou te houdenDich lieb zu haben
is licht, en donker is het --ist hell, und dunkel ist das --
lijden dat jij deelt.Leiden das du teilst.

Gedicht H2685
Amsterdam, 2020-04-12
Collection: Without reserve 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

To love is to give

and to be, it is caring --

to be Give To Be.

Liefde is gevenLiebe ist geben
en zijn, het is heel zorgzaam --und sein, es ist sehr sorgsam --
Geven Te Zijn zijn.Zu Sein Geben sein.

Gedicht H2927
, 2021-03-31
After poem 1498. Give To Be (0352. Geven Te Zijn, October 31th, 2014)
Collection: Without reserve 

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