Keyword  Love: relationship

We want each other,

we're not like two birds in rut --

desiring to nest.

Wij willen elkaar,Wir wollen nur uns,
niet als een broeds vogelpaar --nicht wie brünstige Vögel --
een nest gaan bouwen.ein Nestchen bauen.

Gedicht S1021
, 0000-00-00
Anonymous (West Flanders) - 1100
Have alle birds begun nests, except me and you. What are we awaiting?

Collection: Love Mind and Death 


The couple
Beek (Berg en Dal), 1985-01-06
India ink on paper
Keyword: Drawing 
Dedicated to: Lucy J 
Dedicated to: Harry S 

Modelling a man,

gently folding hands and heart --

all around my love.

Een man boetseren,Einen Mann formen,
zijn handen en hart vouwen --Hände und Herz sanft falten --
rondom mijn meine Liebe.

Gedicht S0199
Amsterdam, 2014-05-22
Collection: Webgarden 

His attention, caught,

and dropped from excitement, then --

she picked up the shards.

Ze trok zijn aandacht,Sie zog seinen Blick,
maar liet die vallen, en toen --ließ ihn leider fallen, dann --
raapte ze scherven.hob sie Scherben auf.

Gedicht S0398
Amsterdam, 2016-09-30
Broken (Hagar Peeters) - 2008
Sarah and Abraham
Poem "Verbroken" (collection "Loper van licht")

Collection: VacantVoid 
Tribute to: Peeters, Hagar 

Zywa Different

These circumstances, difficulties
and your behaviour

I don't know myself that way
although I see a bit more
who I am, and you, we

and how things are going
I just have to

make the best
of it again
What should be different?

Two, three things
now you that you ask
If it's possible

And then
make the best of it

Gedicht 923
Amsterdam, 2016-12-28
Collection: Foghorn 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Slowly the night falls

My dear, my dear
and I are bored
he is surfing

the internet and I practise
not to disturb him
fingerings in the air

I will go away, move
and he? frets himself
looking for a way out

slowly the night falls
silently I close the piano
if only I could help him

foot by foot four passes
to behind his chair, gently
I touch him, caress

an arm, he puts the screen away
and leans back, lets me
wrap my arms around him

quietly he lays his hands on mine
if only he had tears, words
if need be, passionate kisses

Gedicht 1203
Amsterdam, 2017-03-12
Room in New York (Edward Hopper) - 1932
Film "Shirley: visions of reality (2013, Gustav Deutsch)

Collection: NightWatch 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 
Tribute to: Deutsch, Gustav 

Zywa Real Buttocks

A second, a stain flies over
the wall, a seagull

the evening is brewing and I
lie in my shirt on the bed

and read Plato, the allegory
of the prisoners in the cave

I hear my husband, close quickly
the book and turn around

with my back to him
I pretend that I'm asleep. He comes

and sits next to me, unpleasantly
warm against me

My buttocks are exposed
but he takes no notice of that

Gedicht 1202
Amsterdam, 2017-03-12
Excursion into philosophy (Edward Hopper) - 1959
Film "Shirley: visions of reality (2013, Gustav Deutsch)

Collection: NightWatch 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 
Tribute to: Deutsch, Gustav 

Zywa Love invites

The idea pushes me to later
to looking back on my life
since the answer

I am going to give now
to his question, his second
proposal: he wants a child

He sits on my stomach
looking so seductive and sweet
that I wish to

keep it as it is
with the two of us and the pill
better I don't say anything

pull him over to me
kiss his eyes shut
and attack

Gedicht 1215
Amsterdam, 2017-03-13
Collection: Webgarden 

Gedicht 1248
Amsterdam, 2017-04-01
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Gedicht 1456
Amsterdam, 2017-07-29
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa Great-great-old

Great-great-grand does sound old
but he was younger than you

fifteen years, the toughest
boy in the street

and I used to be the prettiest
the happiest too: a girl

born on my birthday
We were fine

with the money from Dutch John
the sweet boarder, my lover

when tough Louis left leaving
only his name for our little

Francis, your great-grand
dead as well

when your time began

Anna Doremans, 27 years old
Gedicht 1516
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Anna Maria Catharina Doremans (1876-1904), on her 19th birthday she gave birth to Regina, who was recognized by Louis de Kok as his daughter half a year later in her wedding with him; 1900 Louis moved to his mistress, and 1901 Anna got a son with boarder Jan Stans, registered as Frans De Kok
Collection: Take a picture, now 
Dedicated to: Madelief dK 
Dedicated to: Florentin dK 
Dedicated to: Lotte W 
Dedicated to: Tom V W 
Dedicated to: Anna MC D 

Zywa Dry on dry

I like to look at you
still want to
pull the towel away
wrap me up in you, wet on wet
It used to be possible more often
always, I think, it is almost all
we need

Now my thoughts caress
your body in the golden
mean between longing
and receiving, tame
we lie together
until it gets too hot
or uncomfortable

My hand strokes
good night
over your sweet curve

Gedicht 1522
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Collection: Without reserve 

Our wedding kiss, we

see it again and we doubt --

how do we kiss now?

De huwelijkskusUns'ren Hochzeitskuss
terugzien en twijfelen --wieder sehen und zweifeln --
hoe kussen we nu?wie küssen wir jetzt?

Gedicht S0639
Amsterdam, 2018-01-01
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Zywa Our promise

The morning sunlight
on our face, our house
of brownstones, the promise
of the future that we chose

It is really starting now, we will
walk along the channeled stream
and the children will play
under the pines on the hill

Here we want to root
broadly and deeply
until the sun sets

We have unpacked our stuff
the cards with congratulations
next to the vase with tulips

the bed open
the house inaugurated

Gedicht 1683
Amsterdam, 2018-02-17
Sunlight on brownstones (Edward Hopper) - 1956
Film "Shirley: visions of reality (2013, Gustav Deutsch)

Collection: NightWatch 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 
Tribute to: Deutsch, Gustav 

Zywa Our adventure threatens

We are honest
we keep the game going
with serious faces
without playing that we play

We say out loud that
our expectations are fighting
with the facts we say

we accept
and we warily search
in each other for solid ground
for our loose anchors

The mantle of the ropes
that connect us, is being
scraped to shreds
and we warily search

under water
for places to grow
from and with each other

for our adventure threatens
to get stuck in inability
like a project in a final phase
without end

Gedicht 2067
Amsterdam, 2019-01-27
Collection: Freend 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Going together,

feeling in your hand in mine --

your heartbeat with mine.

Samen op pad gaan,Den Herzschlag fühlen
en in jouw hand in mijn hand --wir doppelt in deiner Hand --
onze hartslagen.sanft in meiner Hand.

Gedicht H2385
Amsterdam, 2019-02-08
Rebirth - 2 (Antonio Machado) - 1907
Poem "Renacimiento" - 2 (collection "Soledades. Galerías. Otros poemas.")

Collection: Love Mind and Death 
Tribute to: Machado, Antonio 

No longer bewitched

yet I still like to see him --

not changed for a bit.

Niet meer betoverdNicht mehr verzaubert,
door hem, toch zie ik hem graag --dennoch seh ich ihn gerne --
geen spat veranderd.gar nicht geändert.

Gedicht H2434
Amsterdam, 2019-04-17
Collection: More 

Being together

for a lifetime: call it love --

if it has been love.

Een heel leven langDas ganze Leben
samen zijn: noem het liefde --zusammen sein: nenn's Liebe --
als het liefde was.wenn es Liebe war.

Gedicht H2512
Amsterdam, 2019-06-28
Love, if it is so (Marijke Schermer) - 2019
After the book title "Liefde, als dat het is" (novel)

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Schermer, Marijke 

I don't explore you

anymore, I recognize --

you, whatever we do.

Ik hoef jou niet meerIch muss dich nicht mehr
te ontdekken, ik herken --entdecken, ich erkenne --
jou, wat we ook doen.dich immer wieder.

Gedicht H2513
Amsterdam, 2019-06-29
Love, if it is so (Marijke Schermer) - 2019
Novel "Liefde, als dat het is"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Schermer, Marijke 

Gedicht 2318
Amsterdam, 2019-06-29
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa We're on the bed

The night-light is still on
we're on the bed, we look
at each other and we look away

Our words are unsure
so nude
that they can't lie

but speaking the truth
is too difficult, oh
we've each other

discovered already, up
to the limit of our shame
not for the ordinariness

of our bodies
impatience, disinterest
and lazy ignorance

but for denying
that we do not meet
our ideals

How can I more closely
make you feel in the dark
that it's good with us anyway?

Gedicht 2329
Amsterdam, 2019-07-02
Collection: Freend 

Our heart-shaped balloons

keep kissing the ceiling, time --

beats them black and blue.

De hartballonnenUnsre Herzballons
kussen het plafond, de tijd --küssen die Decke, der Zeit --
slaat hen bont en blauw.schlägt sie grün und blau.

Gedicht S0964
Amsterdam, 2019-11-16
Now (Anne Sexton) - 1969
Poem (collection "Love Poems")

Collection: Being my own museum 
Tribute to: Sexton, Anne 

My kisses ask you

please love me, I do love you --

because I kiss you.

Mijn kus vraagt aan jouMein Kuss bittet dich
houd van mij, ik houd van jou --liebe mich, ich liebe dich --
omdat ik je kus.weil ich dich küsse.

Gedicht H2653
Amsterdam, 2019-12-29
Love is a duty of formality (Henk Bressers) - 2019
"Liefde is vormenplicht" (collection "")

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Bressers, Henk 

Darling, yes, I do,

with a smile, I'll look away --

from all your mistakes.

Liefste, ja, ik wil,Liebling, ja, ich will
ik zal lachend wegkijken --immer lächelnd wegschauen --
van al jouw fouten.von deinen Fehlern.

Gedicht H2654
Amsterdam, 2019-12-29
Just look away if he annoys you (Marinette Troost) - 2019
Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Troost, Marinette 

I do respect you

your habits, I know, sometimes --

mine aren't nice either.

Ik respecteer jou,Ich respektiere
jouw gewoontes, de mijne --Gewohnheiten, auch meine --
zijn soms ook niet leuk.sins manchmal nicht nett.

Gedicht H2655
Amsterdam, 2019-12-29
Grant your partner what you don't want yourself (I. Klein Clauding) - 2019
Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Klein Clauding, I. 

Zywa Witness of your life

You look so sweet at me
I don't have to dream about it
that you love me

but the romantic heart
in my head is afraid and
wants the best, lifelong

happiness, the greatest imaginable
in short, love, the eternal
always praised love

that you don't see around you
because, you know, people in love
can hardly live

without each other in their minds
but I want to be mature and
restart our relationship

after every crisis, or not
and always cherish what we have
experienced, what nobody else has

taken part in

Gedicht 2723
Amsterdam, 2020-02-23
Collection: More 

Zywa Does it spark?

My love, why are you still dreaming
of the Madonna I don't want to be?
Why are you standing at the window
with your back to the woman
who wants to take care of you?

Do you see only short circuits
in the depths of the city, car in
car out, while you want a woman
who is above that, averse
to backseat fiddling?

Why do you dream
of escaping? What makes
her nest, my affection a cage?
Why do you dream
of Mona Lisa?

Is there no power there?
Is it only sparking, faintly
somewhere between your belly
and your head? Does it spark
with her too? You hope?

Gedicht 2978
Amsterdam, 2020-05-23
Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan) - 1966
Song about Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

Collection: Great Flow 
Tribute to: Dylan, Bob 
Tribute to: Baez, Joan 

What to do with him?

He lies there so between us --

What's this kiss about?

Wat wil je met hem?Was willst du mit ihm?
Hij ligt zo tussen ons in --Er liegt da so zwischen uns --
Wat is dat voor kus?Was ist mit dem Kuss?

Gedicht S1018
Amsterdam, 2020-05-28
Secret poem (Ingmar Heytze) - 2005
Poem "Geheim gedicht" (collection "Schaduwboekhouding")

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Heytze, Ingmar 

I bury one kiss

to harvest thousands of them --

they'll all be for you.

Ik begraaf één kusIch begrab' einen
om er duizend te oogsten --Kuss, um tausend zu ernten --
allemaal voor jou.allesamt für dich.

Gedicht S1020
Amsterdam, 2020-05-28
Secret poem (Ingmar Heytze) - 2005
Poem "Geheim gedicht" (collection "Schaduwboekhouding")

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Heytze, Ingmar 

I do like to talk

with your mind, but the white sheet --

doesn't look good on it.

Met jouw geest praat ikGewiss, dein Geist spricht
graag, maar het witte laken --ganz klug, aber das Laken --
staat hem niet zo best.steht ihm nicht sehr gut.

Gedicht H2829
Amsterdam, 2020-11-15
Dreams of metaphysics (Riekus Waskowsky) - 1966
Poem "Träume der Metaphysik" ("Gandalf", (no. 13, January 1966)

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Tribute to: Waskowsky, Riekus 

What if? I don't want

to think that, because he would --

think it's worse for me.

Wat als? wil ik nietWas, wenn? denke ich
denken, want voor mij zou hij --nicht, weil für mich würde er --
het erger schlimmer finden.

Gedicht H2832
, 2020-11-24
Wedding day (1978) and day of death (2017) of Herman Huilmand
In 2020 there is a pandemic
For Ineke Jansen

Collection: Greeting from before 
Dedicated to: Ineke J 

Love does not anchor

in the time of corona --

catching up for years.

Liefde blijft varenLiebe ankert nicht
in tijden van corona --in Zeiten der Korona --
ze haalt jaren in.holt jahrelang auf.

Gedicht H2850
Amsterdam, 2020-12-12
Gabriel García Márquez:"El amor en los tiempos de cólera" (1985, "Love in the Time of Cholera")
Fermina and Florentino sail on "La Nueva Fidelidad" ("The New Fidelity") in quarantine back and forth on the river Magdalena

Collection: More 
Keyword: Covid-19 
Tribute to: García Márquez, Gabriel 

That is how we are

a couple, by pretending --

we're not a couple!

Zo zijn wij een paar,So sind wir ein Paar,
gewoon door te doen alsof --wir tun einfach nur so, als --
we het juist niet zijn.wären wir es nicht.

Gedicht S1224
Overberg, 2021-09-03
Collection: Freend 

He looks tired, a bit

tarnished already, but sweet --

Right to be coddled.

Hij ziet er moe uit,Er sieht müde aus,
al wat versleten, maar lief --abgekämpft, aber sehr süß --
Om te verwennen.Um zu verwöhnen.

Gedicht H3039
Train Veenendaal-Amsterdam, 2021-09-10
The ice bearers (Anna Enquist) - 2002
Novella "De ijsdragers"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Enquist, Anna 

A lot has happened,

mistakes have been made, and crates --

have been packed and moved.

Er is veel gebeurd,Viel ist ja passiert,
er zijn fouten gemaakt, dozen --wir haben Kisten gepackt --
gepakt en verhuisd.und umgezogen.

Gedicht S1252
Amsterdam, 2021-10-08
Artis (Spinvis) - 2017
Song "Artis" (album "Trein Vuur Dageraad")
"A day in the life" (1967, John Lennon & Paul McCartney)

Collection: After the festivities 
Tribute to: Spinvis 

That you do love me

is nice, but please, oh please don't --

start being like me!

Dat je van mij houdt,Nett, dass du mich liebst,
is fijn, maar alsjeblieft, ga --aber bitte fang nicht an --
niet op mij lijken!

Gedicht S1264
Amsterdam, 2021-10-16
Collection: Freend 

I could have married

a good man, but I did not --

ever fall in love.

Ik kon wel trouwenJa, gute Männer
met een goede man, maar ach --könnte ich heiraten, nur --
ik was nooit verliefd.ich bin nie verliebt.

Gedicht S1273
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-26
The Book and the Brotherhood (Iris Murdoch) - 1987

Collection: Unspoken 
Tribute to: Murdoch, Iris 

Zywa Williewo

Then you want to run away
let me feel for hours
that I'm very, well
as if you are right

You tear yourself loose, always stronger
always lingering at the door
sometimes I get ahead of you
throw me on your williewo

ride Rodeo on your chest
cuddling and massaging
until you give in
and I can present myself

as a mirror
of who you also are
so that we can escape
our loneliness

Gedicht 4456
Amsterdam, 2022-04-11
Collection: Freend 

The friction between

I am me and you are you --

is love and loveless.

De wrijving tussenDie Reibung zwischen
ik ben ik en jij bent jij --ich bin ich und du bist du --
is min en Lust und Unlust.

Gedicht H3280
Amsterdam, 2022-04-23
Collection: The drama 

Be careful, my love

is heavy, you will get tired --

and then you'll leave me.

Pas op, mijn liefdeMeine Liebe ist
is zwaar, je zult moe worden --schwer, du wirst müde werden --
en mij verlaten.und mich verlassen.

Gedicht S1405
Amsterdam, 2022-05-06
Not her (Siera Mayhew) - 2021

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 20s and 30s 
Tribute to: Mayhew, Siera 

Zywa Sometimes bleeding

I looked at his hands
as if there was blood on them
and I cursed him
He stayed calm and read

in my eyes the shape
that he had to put on
to win me
His amorousness pushed boundaries

We had long conversations
and made future
plans for the world
as it should be

with us shining in the middle
as a sun that doesn't need to
be applauded, but simply exists
to share richly what it has

The planets follow their orbits
understanding and friendship drop down
and our hands do the work
Sometimes bleeding

Gedicht 4472
Amsterdam, 2022-05-09
Collection: Freend 

Zywa Meagrebeast

The poet dreams romantic
of unearthly beautiful women
and he mocks the ordinary people

He's bluffing he will reveal
the women's secret
their fondest heart's desire

In the end he promises
loyalty to an old woman
whose words laugh at him

Women want to be the boss
of their husband and their lover
not allow them a life of their own

like in the land of Meagrebeast
where this truth is lied
by women who are jealous

and who defend their husbands
so they don't have to go to bed
with their wrong

Gedicht 4514
Amsterdam, 2022-06-06
Clerk's Tale (Geoffrey Chaucer) - 1400
The tale closes with a song about Griselda, in which Chaucer refers to Meagre cow
Meagrebeast: Chichevache ("Meagre cow"), the name which Geoffrey Chaucer gave to Chichifache ("Uglyface"), the werewolf, which, according to a French legend, only fed itself with obedient wives and was therefore very skinny
And the panther-bull Bicorn ("Two-horn") devours kind husbands, so he is plump and stuffed

Collection: Mastress 
Tribute to: Chaucer, Geoffrey 

Even if I don't

want to, we'll stay together --

but sometimes I leave.

Ook als ik niet wil,Auch wenn ich nicht will,
zullen wij samen blijven --bleiben wir zusammen, und --
maar soms ga ik weg.manchmal gehe ich.

Gedicht H3341
Amsterdam, 2022-06-23
Suriname. Holland. Sranan (Astrid Roemer) - 1985
Poem (albums "En wat dan nog?!" and "Ik ga strijden moeder – Gekozen gedichten" [2021])

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s 
Tribute to: Roemer, Astrid 

To disappoint me

is okay, if it's okay --

that I let you know.

Mij teleurstellenDass du mich enttäuscht,
is goed, als jij het goed vindt --steht dir frei, wenn's mir frei steht --
dat ik het uitspreek.das auszusprechen.

Gedicht H3356
Amsterdam, 2022-07-05
Like it or not - Faxing to Ger #4 (Nicolien Mizee) - 2021
Diary-novel "Hoog en laag springen - Faxen aan Ger #4"

Collection: Out of place 
Tribute to: Mizee, Nicolien 

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