Keyword  Love: wish

Zywa The gods run

Again it is happening
thoughts I have more
than the urge to participate
I'm dreaming of a kiss

and more lying ahead
Again I don't know why
also tonight I don't
just take action

even though I see opportunities here
I still don't find a way
to join, to take
a step with a joke

or careless gesture
I wish I could
we run past one another
like gods without a sun

Gedicht 33
Amsterdam, 2005-09-30
The Greek word theoi, meaning gods, is literally 'runners', since Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and Venus are planets, running through the sky
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Zywa Ninamasté

There are ships sailing at sea
yet none is taking me
but the thought
will I keep on waiting?

The party is crowded, my table is not
Again nobody waits on my glances
which are waving and jumping
help help help

Last night, I dreamt again
that city and country were flooded
ships went down overcrowded
help help help

Are there ears for my voice
or am I stuck in emptiness
will I keep on
keep on waiting?

Gedicht 83
Vaison-la-Romaine, 2007-06-15
Collection: Pending rain 

Gedicht 150
Amsterdam, 2010-09-13
Collection: Migration 

The field is ready,

freshly washed and tightly combed --

waiting for its clothes.

De akker ligt klaar,Das Feld liegt bereit,
gewassen en strak gekamd --gewaschen und straff gekämmt --
wachtend op kleren.wartend auf Kleider.

Gedicht H0291-44
Train Amsterdam-Arnhem, 2012-05-19
Collection: Webgarden 

Little light: just one

candle welcomes the Shadows --

of the Love we shared.

Weinig licht: één kaarsWenig Licht: eine
verwelkomt de Schaduwen --Kerze begrüßt die Schatten --
van onze Liefde.unserer Liebe.

Gedicht H0851
Amsterdam, 2014-03-07
For them to come -- [To call up the shades --] (Konstantinos Kaváfis) - 1920
Poem 093. "Gia nárthoun"

Collection: Shelter 
Tribute to: Kaváfis, Konstantinos 

Gedicht 841
Amsterdam, 2016-11-24
Collection: Pending rain 

Beyond the ideas

of we and they is a field --

where I wait for you.

Voorbij gedachtenAuf dem Feld jenseits
van wij en zij ligt een veld --der Idee von uns und sie --
waar ik op jou wacht.warte ich auf dich.

Gedicht H1613
Amsterdam, 2016-12-03
Quatrain "Beyond Islam and unbelief" (Mohamed Rumi) - 1250
Ghazal 171 "A great wagon" part 3: quatrain Isf 158 / F 395

Collection: SoulSenseSun 
Tribute to: Rumi, Mohamed 

My darling kisses

me and cries: Come on, wake up!

You see me, don't you?

Mijn liefste kust meMein Liebling küsst mich
huilend: Word toch eens wakker!weinend: Wache doch mal auf!
Je ziet me toch, dus?Du siehst mich, oder?

Gedicht H1619
Amsterdam, 2016-12-10
Last night my darling came to me (Mohamed Rumi) - 1250

Collection: Love Mind and Death 
Tribute to: Rumi, Mohamed 

Gedicht 903
Amsterdam, 2016-12-19
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Gedicht 1146
Amsterdam, 2017-03-07
Reguliersdwarsstraat 87, Amsterdam
Collection: Heart's Delight 
Keyword: Amsterdam 

Gedicht 1156
Amsterdam, 2017-03-08
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Zywa Fresh kisses

I look around in my short dress
slide into the splits right away
will certainly be kissed

tonight, or else tomorrow
I've been waiting so long, sucking on the mint
in my mouth, I like fresh kisses

when I dance and in bed
when I wake up
from my dreams of a man

whom I can follow
to where I want to go
who knows the way

in the maze
isn't just running around
not just doing anything

not frustrated again, a failure
if the invisible hand of a woman
does not help him

Gedicht 1179
Amsterdam, 2017-03-10
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Gedicht 1181
Amsterdam, 2017-03-10
Collection: Heart's Delight 

Gedicht 1186
Amsterdam, 2017-03-11
Parallel version of 0083. Ninamaste (June 15th, 2007)
Collection: Pending rain 

Zywa Waves

School and home, everything
on this side of the river
discussed with friends

on the other bank
only sheep
no view

of gleaming roofs
a sweet old fairy
doing the laundry

or a boy
taking a dive
nothing special, but

still, tingles inside
which make me paddle and
for a minute, float, through waves

of excitement in my body
propelled by the chance
of overwhelming happiness

Gedicht 1218
Amsterdam, 2017-03-14
Collection: Webgarden 

Gedicht 1237
Amsterdam, 2017-03-23
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Gedicht 1236
Amsterdam, 2017-03-23
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Gedicht 1389
Amsterdam, 2017-06-03
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa Cushion in my back

Please fold like a pillow
in my back, shape your body softly
to mine, then the pain will sink

down in it, in the embrace
of your affection, you may caress me
lightly over my shoulder, that's all

I can give you if you promise
not to move, I can't cope with more
my open flower remains closed

Sometimes it burns from cramping pain
sometimes from desire, always delicate
everything is delicate inside

too delicate for wild passion
nectar kisses, heavenly sweat
and total satisfaction

Gedicht 3887
Amsterdam, 2017-07-14
Maiden name Puni = Heavenly flower
Collection: On living on 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Skin of my soul

In the pond, I warm myself by the sun
like a prince to be kissed

a girl dances water lilies
around me, her mirror dress
touches me for a moment

Would her lips only bend to me
to lick the salt from my skin
and the skin from my soul

then I would fly magic butterflies
down to her toes, would I anoint
and crown her, wallow in her –

seeds around us, so light
that they don't cast shadows

Gedicht 1484
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02
Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa No man's

On the way
I ended up in a no man's house
in no-man's time and no man's land

The bed is queen-
size, enough place
for a king, if he

is good for more
than sleeping, than having sex
for more than once

In the empty hotel room
the window is a command
to look outside

Narrow ornamental curtains
always a view, always
being exposed

It is strange, nobody is living
in this beautiful place, here
I would like to live

Squeaking wheels
in the hallway, a clicking door
and it's quiet. What kind

of person may that be?
Shall I start to unpack
my suitcase anyway?

Gedicht 1474
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02
Western Motel (Edward Hopper) - 1957
Film "Shirley: visions of reality (2013, Gustav Deutsch)

Collection: NightWatch 
Tribute to: Hopper, Edward 
Tribute to: Deutsch, Gustav 

Zywa Two trees in the woods

The four of us cycle
to the woods, not that far
We split at the junction

Arne knows the path, he points:
further on there is an open space
let's go, there are two trees

with a kink in the trunk
The last piece we walk
and wheel the bikes

We could have sat down
at the path, but he wanted
to go here, for no reason

You see? That's all he says
He falls over backwards
and looks up all the time

Nothing will come of this - two trees
in the woods – so I just tell him
that I have to go home

Gedicht 1510
Amsterdam, 2017-08-09
The trees (Albert Alberts) - 1953
Novella "De bomen"

Collection: The Big Secret 
Tribute to: Alberts, Albert 

Zywa Real without mirrors

What's the use of being beautifully young
dressed with decency and expectations

hidden in a rented room
full of love, waiting for an answer

why these years are not bubbling
and exulting with immortal pleasure

real each day
without mirrors

of the fantasy
of caressing hands

Gedicht 1520
Amsterdam, 2017-08-17
Collection: Without reserve 

Flowers may remain

closed sometimes, for many years --

of awaiting love.

Soms blijven bloemenBlumen sind manchmal
vele jaren gesloten --viele Jahre geschlossen --
wachtend op liefde.wartend auf Liebe.

Gedicht H1995
Zandvoort aan Zee, 2018-01-29
The sensitive postman (Denis Thériault) - 2005
Novel "Le facteur émotif"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Thériault, Denis 

Zywa Waiting

Lost in the women's section
harmless smiling clumsy
I saw, wanted you

I let you cook for me
and wait after dinner
for a next time, love

is waiting and waiting
is being alive, you were confused
you wanted me

to pamper me, to cook for me
and you had fantasies, patiently
waiting, about a night

with me, love
that will last a lifetime
an adventure of differences

that make our hearts falter
with misunderstandings, but then
they relax again

Gedicht 1750
Amsterdam, 2018-05-05
Collection: More 

Zywa A life of my own

On the edge, I'm dripping out
from my jumps in men

their nice words
sex and impatience

Wishing to give each other everything but
not knowing how subsequently

to lead a life of our own
Thinking about that for so long

that it is a problem
insoluble for logic

from which it originated
and elusive

for my unrest that fears
to miss opportunities

and is distracted
by the laughing and dancing

of the passing people who
did not pay attention to me
did not pay attention to mé

on the edge, dripping
from unappreciated beauty

on the edge, dripping
from unappreciated desire

Gedicht 1793
Amsterdam, 2018-06-22
Collection: Webgarden 

Why does it happen,

why does my heart open out --

to love, constantly?

Waarom is het zo,Wieso ist es so,
waarom opent mijn hart zich --wieso öffnet mein Herz sich --
steeds voor de liefde?immer für Liebe?

Gedicht H2293
Amsterdam, 2018-09-27
Ghazal 2760 - Water of life (Mohamed Rumi) - 1250
Collection: Love Mind and Death 
Tribute to: Rumi, Mohamed 

The city reflects

my dream of love: weathered grey --

from all the waiting.

De stad weerspiegeltDie Stadt reflektiert
mijn droom van liefde: verweerd --den Liebestraum: verwittert --
van al het wachten.von all dem Warten.

Gedicht S0801
Amsterdam, 2018-10-03
The city sneaks through foggy twilight (Andreas Burnier) - 1965
Poem "De stad sluipt door een schemering van mist" (in the novel "Een tevreden lach")

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Tribute to: Burnier, Andreas 

My heart, aimlessly

drifting in the foggy gloam --

is dreaming of love.

Doelloos dwaalt mijn hartZiellos schweift mein Herz
door de schemer van de mist --durch die Nebeldämmerung --
dromend van liefde.träumend, von Liebe.

Gedicht H2298
Amsterdam, 2018-10-03
The city sneaks through foggy twilight (Andreas Burnier) - 1965
Novel "Een tevreden lach"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Tribute to: Burnier, Andreas 

Zywa Flowing body

You are a flowing body
of water in the river
just like me

rolling around you
my alluring nymph
you run fast and deep

ripple over hard rocks
and leave them smoother
in your sparkling wake

We caress the fish
embrace the water lilies
and rustle with the reeds

let us stay, it is good
here, the birds too
are swinging back

my fluvial dear
I don't want us
to reach the sea

Gedicht 2013
Amsterdam, 2019-01-06
she is a river (Conner M) - 2018
Poem published on

Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 
Dedicated to: Conner M 

Zywa Endorphin sweets

Sometimes I need someone

let us have a chat
meet somewhere here
or in a conversation box

we could laugh together
and share some
endorphin sweets

cutting isn't enough
red lines, welling up
from my heart

the kerfs of my tribe
saw teeth, welling up
from my heart

and read my poetry
red lines, welling up
from my heart

Gedicht 2143
Amsterdam, 2019-03-09
The Niuachi = People of the River Mouth, the Missouria tribe
Collection: Imprints Masks 
Keyword: USA 
Dedicated to: Siera M 

Zywa Dear gazelle

Write me, you'll see
angels won't flee

pains, they endure
that is the key

Cherish our love
darling, I plea

please, you can set
both of us free

Always you'll be
Zywa for me

Gedicht 2161
Amsterdam, 2019-03-18
Ghazal = Gazelle, beautiful woman, beloved
Zywa (Polish) = alive, vivid
This is a ghazal, the traditional Arabian style of a religious or love poem; the characteristics are: 5 or more verses, all lines have the same metre, the end rhyme scheme is aa ?a ?a ?a ?a, and the poet's name is mentioned in the last line
The lines of this poem "Dear gazelle" are a trochee with an iamb, much shorter than usual with a ghazal, because WhiteLioness has limited the number of words to a maximum of 35 in the contest on the following Rumi quote:To love is human
To feel pain is human
Yet to still love despite the pain is pure angel

Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa Zing voor mij

Namasté, wees niet bang voor mij
Ik ben Godzilla!
Geef het toe
– Je Kunt Me Haten

Ik Hoor Hier Niet ...
Ik ben Verlaten ...
Dit is geen Droom
Dit is een Prehistorische Nachtmerrie

Soms vraag ik me af ...
Ben ik ... een Avatar geworden of Waanzin?
Ik ... zoek ... Zuiverheid
– Wezen, Geloof en Onschuld

Ik ben de muze, ik speel
de liedjes van schoonheid
uit de school van het leven
hoor de bevrijdende melodieën

geheimen in een wereld van duisternis
Ik luister naar de stem van zielen
ik geef geen antwoorden, ik adem
met de verlangens

Bevrijd mij, ik ben begaafd
Ik wil alleen maar je ziel
ik roep de kracht van liefde op
door de wil van de hemelen en de aarde

Gedicht 2181
Amsterdam, 2019-03-24
Titles of poems by AP haikusaur, published 2016-2019 on AP (
Collection: The drama 
Dedicated to: AP haikusaur 

Zywa Thin curtains

It is windless
Plastic water
Dinner with mama

I linger at the crossroads
on the way home
My rooms are so empty

and you live nearby
I can go to you
and yet I can't

Behind the thin curtains
is the street, the city, alive
Nobody sees me

I'd like to read love letters
from you, confessions
that you never wrote to me

I keep thinking about that
waiting for sleep, lying still
like a plastic doll

Gedicht 2204
Amsterdam, 2019-04-14
Collection: Slow circles 

Zywa Dear heart

What does it matter
how old I am, whether I have sisters
and children, where and with whom?

These are not worth knowing
In any kind of clothes, I am
with legs, torso and a face

my heart, desired or not
I want your imagination
to make appear the world

in which we can live
be freely safe and
kneel without finery

for the others, dear heart
together we can undertake
everything we wish

Gedicht 2263
Amsterdam, 2019-06-09
Collection: Different times 

If love is no dream

but sharing a good habit --

you may miss the dream.

Als liefde geen droomWenn Liebe kein Traum
maar goede gewoonte is --sondern Angewohnheit ist --
mis je soms de droom.vermisst man den Traum.

Gedicht S0976
Amsterdam, 2019-11-29
Collection: More 

I comfort myself

with discounted chocolates --

for Valentine's Day.

Ik troost mezelf maarSo tröste ich mich
met afgeprijsde bonbons --mit Angebotspralinen --
van valentijnsdag.von Valentinstag.

Gedicht S0992
Amsterdam, 2020-02-21
all the sad left over valentine candy (Jon Nakapalau) - 2020
Poem (

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 20s and 30s 
Tribute to: Nakapalau, Jon 

See us sitting here

on each other's lap, happy --

to make this picture.

Kijk, hier zitten weSchau, hier sitzen wir
op elkaars schoot, gelukkig --uns auf dem Schoß, ja, glücklich --
gefotografeerd.gibt es das Foto.

Gedicht S1026
Amsterdam, 2020-06-14
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Zywa Open me

Our village is too small
I only have grandma
to go and talk to

I massage her shoulders
and she runs her fingers
through my hair, I arch
my back for more, deeper

I stretch my body
until her hand breaks me open
as a woman, who will
break me open as a woman?

The guys who don't see me
and the guys with staring eyes
who think to undress me
have nothing to offer me

I'm looking for one in between
who knows what he wants, and
only has to give
his virginity to me

Gedicht 3167
Amsterdam, 2020-09-12
Collection: It takes a lot of tries to make a début 

I don't look like much,

but I can sing you my song --

of a hard desire.

Ik zie er niet uit,Ich seh aus wie nichts,
maar ik zing voor jou mijn lied --aber singe dir mein Lied --
van stijf verlangen.der harten Sehnsucht.

Gedicht H2857
Amsterdam, 2020-12-17
Fifty-Fifty (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
Song on the album "Over-Nite Sensation"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Dedicated to: Valentina Bruno 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

He is leaving me,

though I tried my best so much --

It was not enough.

Hij gaat bij mij weg,Er geht von mir weg,
ik heb zo mijn best gedaan --ich versuchte mein Bestes --
Het was niet genoeg.Es war nicht genug.

Gedicht S1183
Amsterdam, 2021-06-06
All-crushing - Faxing to Ger #3 (Nicolien Mizee) - 2019
Diary-novel "Allesverpletterende - Faxen aan Ger"

Collection: Out of place 
Tribute to: Mizee, Nicolien 

You have to pay: be

beautiful, and nice, and hope --

it is sufficient.

Je moet betalen:Wir müssen zahlen:
mooi zijn, en leuk, en hopen --schön sein, und nett, und hoffen --
dat het genoeg wird ausreichen.

Gedicht S1185
Amsterdam, 2021-06-06
All-crushing - Faxing to Ger #3 (Nicolien Mizee) - 2019
Diary-novel "Allesverpletterende - Faxen aan Ger" (Nicolien Mizee)

Collection: Out of place 
Tribute to: Mizee, Nicolien 

Love raises a lot

of dreams, dreams of happiness --

not to be fulfilled.

Liefde roept zoveelLiebe ruft viele
dromen op, van veel geluk --Träume hervor, so viel Glück --
dat onvervuld blijft.das unerfüllt bleibt.

Gedicht S1232
Overberg, 2021-09-07
Bruno's Dream (Iris Murdoch) - 1969

Collection: Unspoken 
Tribute to: Murdoch, Iris 

I am here, with you,

today and also next week --

when I won't be there.

Ik ben er, bij jou,Ich bin da, bei dir,
vandaag, ook volgende week --heute, auch nächste Woche --
als ik er niet ben.wenn ich nicht da bin.

Gedicht S1246
Amsterdam, 2021-09-15
Collection: Different times 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Wand

Do I want him

to dive into my bed sometimes
sometimes not, like an angel --
his wings ready to go?

exactly as I wish
exactly like a man
an experienced lover

who doesn't have to breathe
because he is an angel --
he doesn't smell odours

Perhaps it works
with my new wand
to make a hatch

or folding doors in the sky
something that I can open myself
as a sign: Come! Go!

Or do I want him to stay
and be with me, sometimes as a friend
sometimes as a lover, sometimes as an angel?

Gedicht 4009
Amsterdam, 2021-10-11
Collection: Blown sand 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

Zywa Live my dream

You rushed thunderclouds
and blew the warmth
away, you blew away
I dream you

safe in my love
under waterfalls of happiness
I dream and dream
and dream again

but it keeps snowing
Is there a coat against the cold?
Is there a coat with thick pockets?
Is there a coat warm enough?

Come in my arms, with magic
you get everything you wish
Put on your blue dress
and shake your hair loose

I dream you
safe in our love
With magic the sun shines
With magic you smile at me

Gedicht 4201
Amsterdam, 2021-12-07
David Bowie - 1967
- "When I live my dream"
- "Silly boy blue"
- "Sell me a coat"
- "In the heat of the morning"
- "Let me sleep beside you"
Songs on the Album "David Bowie" (1967, Australian release 1968)

Collection: Between where 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 

Zywa Wings of Desire

Happily Ever After
on The Wall across
my home, Berlin
is my Berlin

Yet I leaf through
a travel magazine, the sea
beckons, the mountains call
echoes Action! Action!

A man smiles at me
We are angels, I give
him my fear, lend
him my room

I need to go, away
from alone, be more
than my work, promise
someone loyalty

Gedicht 4213
Amsterdam, 2021-12-11
Lodger (David Bowie) - 1979
Album "Lodger" (1979, David Bowie)
Film "Der Himmel über Berlin" ("Wings of Desire" ["The Sky Over Berlin"], 1987, Wim Wenders) with Bruno Ganz as the angel Damiel

Collection: Between where 
Keyword: Deutschland 
Tribute to: Bowie, David 

Zywa Love in the Wild West

In the amusement park, people
kiss a movie of love in the city
with music and some words
No sugar, pure
like espresso; an eyebrow
raised for a moment, says it all

A girl sways on roller skates
between the houses of cards
sand castles and factories
She gets priority
from staring drivers
who separate Romeo from Juliet
on either side of the street

and laugh at the pedestrians
they cut, they are fast
on their way to going crazy
thinking of a secret lover
hidden under the scars
of their lies

Gedicht 4234
Amsterdam, 2021-12-18
Dire Straits - 0
"Once upon a time in the West" (1979, Dire Straits) and the albums "Making Movies" (1980, Dire Straits) and "Love Over Gold" (1984, Dire Straits)

Collection: Imprints Masks 
Tribute to: Knopfler, Mark 
Tribute to: Dire Straits 

Don't go to sleep, you

long to love, dare to do it --

and don't go to sleep!

Ga niet slapen, jijGeh nicht schlafen, du
wilt graag liefhebben, durf het --möchtest lieben, wage es --
en ga niet slapen!und geh nicht schlafen!

Gedicht H3187
Amsterdam, 2022-01-28
Quatrains "The breeze at dawn" (Mohamed Rumi) - 1250
Ghazal 171 "A great wagon" part 4

Collection: Love Mind and Death 
Tribute to: Rumi, Mohamed 

If only love was

contagious, only too bad --

only bacilli.

Was de liefde maarWäre Liebe mal
besmettelijk, maar helaas --ansteckend, aber leider --
alleen bacillen.nur die Bazillen.

Gedicht S1323
Amsterdam, 2022-01-30
Findling (Vonne van der Meer) - 2019
Novel "Vindeling"

Collection: VacantVoid 
Tribute to: Van Der Meer, Vonne 

Again no message

in a bottle, no true love --

beginning for me.

Weer geen flessenpostKeine Flaschenpost
op het strand, geen begin --am Strand, wieder kein Anfang --
van ware liefde.der wahren Liebe.

Gedicht S1328
Amsterdam, 2022-01-31
Findling (Vonne van der Meer) - 2019
Novel "Vindeling"

Collection: VacantVoid 
Tribute to: Van Der Meer, Vonne 

Zywa Let's go on vacation

On vacation it is different
Then you are the man
I saw in you

then we do everything together
then we look together
viewed as together -

the outside of it
our two bodies
which are curiously scanned

through our clothes
We see it happen
and we see ourselves

as desirable persons
with fondle skin and lips
that laugh and whisper sweetly

I imagine it while
I wait for the kettle
Let's go on vacation

Gedicht 4652
Amsterdam, 2022-09-06
Collection: More 

I saw Les amants

and then I walked home, longing --

to love as they did.

Ik zag Les amants,Ich sah Les amants
en liep naar huis, verlangend --und ging nach Hause, wünschte --
zó lief te hebben.zu lieben wie sie.

Gedicht H3448
Amsterdam, 2022-09-16
The carbonised alphabet (Paul de Wispelaere) - 1992
Memoirs "Het verkoolde alfabet"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s 
Tribute to: De Wispelaere, Paul 

I'm whirling, whirling

around my heart, there's a gate --

it's the gate to love.

Ik wervel, wervelIch wirble, wirble
om mijn hart, er is een poort --um mein Herz, da ist ein Tor --
de poort naar liefde.das Tor zur Liebe.

Gedicht H3523
Amsterdam, 2022-10-24
Love (Jila Mossaed) - 2005
Poem "Kärleken" (collection "Under floden ligger en kudde")
The Sama-ritual of the Sufis (whirling trance dance)

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Mossaed, Jila 

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