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Zywa Café The Neighbour

From afar I have been
drifted, blown this way
like Sahara sand

rained down
on fertile soil
a grain of pollen

in the yellow border
around the puddle in the pothole
on this path

where you never go
and I walk to the café
every day

hoping for contact
in your language, but
only Jenny has time

to help shorten my
wait with hope
and sometimes someone

sits there, bored
drinking tea
next to me

Gedicht 941
Amsterdam, 2017-01-08
Collection: Blown sand 
Keyword: Foreigners: meet 

Zywa They say it

They say it doesn't mean a thing
Because we are just mirrors
who kindly greet in return

But still, the baker knows my name
and the postman is happy
that I'm home

for the parcels
for the neighbours
Happy New Year

Looking forward, we keep heart
with good tidings, even though
they say it doesn't mean a thing

that in the rest of the year
calamities will smoke again
crimes and fear, what is normal

will get out of sight
even though you witness it every day
and that we will amuse ourselves again

with the ambulant judge to reinforce
peace with the right, and that is all
it means, they say

Gedicht 943
Amsterdam, 2017-01-09
Dutch television program "De Rijdende Rechter" ("The Ambulant Judge" / "Court at Home", since 1995)
Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: World(view) 

Zywa Wean Di

My friends live as neighbours
a second away from me
I can see whether they're at home

in the Wean Di
the blowing sand of drift
and fluctuating hope

the drama of our lives
as a game of skill:
I am I and I

is we, a world full
of bridges between kindred -
and the roads go into decline

Across the old, leak borders
we travel safely around
our filter of friendship

each with his own blowing nose
in self bought quiff and feathers
on the wings of We and I

Gedicht 973
Amsterdam, 2017-01-22
Collection: Blown sand 

We don't share that much

joy and sorrow, but we do --

help each other out.

Lief en leed delenFreud und Leid teilen
we niet zoveel, maar altijd --wir nur wenig, aber wir --
helpen we elkaar.helfen einander.

Gedicht H3228
Amsterdam, 2022-03-19
Neighbourly help
Collection: The drama 

Only faint shadows

I see behind the trembling --

of their thick curtains.

Slechts vage schimmenNur schwache Schatten
zie ik achter het trillen --seh ich hinter dem Zittern --
van hun gordijnen.ihrer Vorhänge.

Gedicht S1631
Amsterdam, 2023-01-06
Ode to the neighbours (Jotie T'Hooft) - 1977
Poem "Ode aan de buren" (collection "De laatste gedichten")

Collection: Truder 
Keyword: Privacy 
Tribute to: T'Hooft, Jotie 

The future repeats

the past when citizens chase --

their neighbours away.

De toekomst herhaaltDie Zukunft ist wie
het verleden als buren --Vergangenheit, wenn Nachbarn --
weggejaagd worden.vertrieben werden.

Gedicht S2005
Amsterdam, 2023-11-17
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Tolerance 

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