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Zywa Operation D

Checkpoints scare me, settlers go ahead
All of them agree with Operation D
I can see it, I can feel it everywhere
Save me from suffocation, save me please
Checkpoints scare me, settlers go ahead
All of them agree with Operation D
Are you listening, do you understand?
Dogs chasing me, I must flee
Children howl for a brawl, they see a murderer in me
Soldiers spill our blood
Their leaders feign patience!
It's a lie You must leave!
There's no compassion You must leave!
They dare me Go away, you must leave!
shouting Get out of here, you must leave!
It's not your country, you must leave!
You are an enemy, you must leave!
Where can I go? What can I do? Tell me, tell me please!
I can shout whatever I want, but we can't stay here anyway
since all of them agree with Operation D
Beware, beware
There's something fishy, danger everywhere!
They'll always blame us You must leave!
What can we do? You must leave!
Not keep on waiting You must leave!
Stand up and fight You must leave!
Break the shackles You must leave!
Stop humiliation You must leave!
The world is watching, the world does see
how we are driven out We are driven out!
I do not want to fight, just equal rights!
All of them agree with settling
all of them agree with checkpoint bullying
all of them agree with Operation D

Gedicht 1022
Amsterdam, 2017-02-15
Plan D: Israel, March 1948
Song "Mississippi Goddam" (album "Nina Simone in concert")

Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Colonialism 
Tribute to: Simone, Nina 

Zywa The dyke reeves' Last Messages

Because I am responsible
as far as possible
I have to
immerse myself in the life

of the rivers in the delta
know the seasons
the wind and the tides
to have any chance

If I were the water myself
I would look for openings too
press on the weak spots
and break through where possible

not be brackish, smothered
evaporating in the blazing sun
of settlers who surround me
with concrete walls and soldiers

It would be all or nothing to me

Gedicht 1023
Amsterdam, 2017-02-16
Four former directors of the General Security Service oppose to the government policy (Yediot Ahronot, November 14th, 2003)
Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Truth 
Keyword: Resistance 

Zywa Homo desens

A rebel or a promise?
Our eldest son failed
we do have to keep silent about him

Another hard lesson
the bosses of the soldiers
are our bosses

We will have to concede
no longer believe
that it will ever be all right

that there will ever be a House
indestructible, with in the corner
a rejected stone

We will not build that house
but perhaps we will become rich
enough to buy the weapons

with which we can conquer the land
as ruthless as the tribes
led by Joshua

Gedicht 1134
Amsterdam, 2017-03-05
Desens = faling, missing
Jesus Christ (Psalm 118:22, Marcus 12:10) as Jewish pretender to the throne
Jehoshua / Joshua / Jesus = JHWH is salvation)

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [2] 
Keyword: Religion: promise 
Keyword: Bible 

Zywa Summer Rains

Once there was prosperity here
thriving trade, the coast a ribbon
of harbours full of ships

the land of the Philistines
now suffocated, enclosed
by the ghetto

There are Summer Rains
breaking our bones, the roads
and bridges, the quays and offices

The roofs of the schools
devastated, sewers shooting out
Smell where we live

Do not stand there
safe far away on the ramparts
of your paradise, watching

the fire and the iron
from heaven
Not ours

And after the rains appear
at night on the horizon
Autumn Clouds

Gedicht 2026
Amsterdam, 2019-01-12
Palastu >> Pilistu >> 1. Philistines 2. Palestine
Gaza in 2006:
June 2006, operation Gishmey Kayitz (Summer Rains)
November 2006, operation Ananei Stav (Autumn Clouds)

Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Violence: annihilation 
Keyword: Politics 

Zywa Door to the future

Believing in a new world
for our children's children
and able to wait a long time

making plans
for the divine time
which now begins, with plan A, B, C

and D for Door
to the future
of a Holy Land

with reinforced concrete
and faits accomplis
house by house

field after field, well after well
plundered, contaminated or closed
military area, the dogs loose

at children herding goats
children going to school
children of blind and crippled people
children without parents
children who shouldn't be here

Gedicht 2120
Amsterdam, 2019-02-24
Palestine (Jerusalem 1947 - Plan Dalet)
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Violence: annihilation 

Zywa The Beast

For keeps, the mountain is caught
in the stranglehold of the snake
and the city too, the whole country

Along the sea, its tail lashes
with thunders, craters of hellfire
into the earth, it roars and howls

fears of death into our breath at night
it shatters our grasshopper heads
on the cobblestones, each and every one

It doesn't like me, it only eats
the land on which I live, it encloses
and stuns me like a cockroach
that keeps sliding back in the bottle

and cannot escape from dreams
of lost freedom and the villages
wiped away and smoothed
by its long snake stomach

There is no land left for the dead
They are buried under our beds
Tell me, how can I sleep like this
waiting for a miracle
waiting for death?

Gedicht 2125
Amsterdam, 2019-02-25
Palestine (5-10 June 1967 - Six-Day War)
The Beast: Daniel 7, Revelation 19:19-20 and 20:10

Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Power: compulsion / violence 

Zywa Checkpoint

Someone says I must cry
but what should I cry?
That grass withers and flowers
fall off, but promises remain
forever unbroken?

Don't give up
climb a high mountain and cry
to all hearts the suffering
is over, the injustice, the nails
that hit through our veins pin
us down, and the barbed wire
of segregation that separates us

Break down the blockages
level inequality and pave
a holy way in the wilderness!
cry! break the silence!

Gedicht 2126
Amsterdam, 2019-02-25
Palestine (checkpoints)
Isaiah 40:1-9
Shovrim Shtika (Breaking the Silence)

Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Resistance 
Tribute to: Shovrim Shtika 

Zywa Drive tyranny away

The neighbours have started
People like us
But they refuse
to be my neighbours, they smash
rockets in the school yard
I'm not afraid, I will die

That may seem bad
but it has to be so
They do the same
until we are expelled
grabbed by the neck
and thrown out

I want them to cry
for help, to wail for justice
and to beg for salvation
and I shall hear
and I shall see
and I shall remain silent

until they are dead

Gedicht 2132
Amsterdam, 2019-02-27
Intifada, 1987
Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Freedom: liberation 

Zywa Where warriors live

We create
a new world
with bombs
fear and blood
fire for a fire
debris for debris

We know
we will die
we have chosen to die
on the right side
where only warriors live

Friends and foes
have to pay
for our food
and the swords
that slaughter
the old world

Friday afternoon
we kneel in ar-Raqqa
and in the evening
we give thanks in Tel Aviv
it's a prostrated fight
prayer for a prayer

Gedicht 2133
Amsterdam, 2019-02-27
Syria (ar-Raqqa in 2014, "Management of Savagery", instructions for jihadism)
Palestine (Tel Aviv in 2014)

Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Religion: cruelty 

They like to believe

in a forged past history --

and make it legal.

Ze geloven graagSie glauben gerne
in een vervalst verleden --an gefälschten Geschichten --
en wettigen dat.machen sie legal.

Gedicht S1393
Amsterdam, 2022-04-10
For example Israel, Russia, China
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Pride 

Close in on their grave,

let them die, they're unworthy --

of bearing a name.

Omsingel hun graf,Umzingle ihr Grab,
laat hen sterven, onwaardig --lass sie sterben, unwürdig --
een naam te dragen.Namen zu tragen.

Gedicht S1394
Amsterdam, 2022-04-10
Superiority idea - For example * Israel - Palestines, * European settlers in North America – Indians (19th century), * Russia - Ukrainians, * China - Uyghurs
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Pride 

The greed of power:

with chainsaws and bulldozers --

as bombs, battle tanks.

Hebzucht van de macht:Die Habgier der Macht:
kettingzagen, bulldozers --Kettensäge, Bulldozer --
als bommen en tanks.als Bomben, Panzer.

Gedicht S1395
Amsterdam, 2022-04-10
For example Israel - Palestine
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Greed 

Zywa Fight in the Lowlands

We have remained ourselves
from generation to generation
we live and lived with others
mutually apart

until we have to leave, in the end
there is still no place
where we are not strangers
where there are no strangers

For centuries, we have doubts
about our fate, wrestling
with The Name, we fight
for a safe home

We seek peace on The Mount
We drive out the new Philistines
who seek our lives
from the Lowlands

They die by the thousands
when their buildings collapse
No pillar remains standing
because only the land, this land

the whole land, the whole city
the whole mountain, everything
from the river to the sea
can ease our doubts

Gedicht 5363
Amsterdam, 2023-11-06
The Name: "HaShem", the indication of God
Wrestling: after the byname "Isra-El" = "Who contends with God" (Genesis 32:28)
The Mount: Moriah and Zion, the centre of Jerusalem
Lowlands: "Canaan", with the Gaza Strip, where the Philistines used to live
Pillar: Samson destroys a temple in Gaza (Book of Judges 16:26-30)
From the river to the sea: Palestinian slogan, which also characterises the policy of the State of Israel

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Safety: home 
Keyword: Bible 

Zywa Hand washing [2]

For centuries we lived with our cattle
between the cities, but now...
Who are we in this foreign land?
Who are we as unfree workers?

We want to go back and tell ourselves
in increasingly fantastic stories
that we belong together, stories
about a common past

That some of our ancestors
have been away once before
for 40 years, and exaggerated
their return with victories

as if they were thousands
having murdered even
greater numbers of people -
what they were proud of?

Oh, that country
we are homesick for
Should we actually
conquer it, should we

actually wash our hands
in the innocence of the old stories
and self-defense, do we want that?
Do we really want that?

Gedicht 5373
Amsterdam, 2023-11-09
Palestinians and Israelis
Deportation: to Assyria
Joshua 8-13 Under the leadership of Joshua ("Salvation"), the Israelites conquer Canaan, eastern Jordan and southern Lebanon, - but not the coastal area of the Philistines: 'Palestine' (Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gath and Ekron), - capturing the cattle and killing the people
See also: the poems 2449. With stories we build a nation, and: 1992. The Promised Land (Joshua 24:13 "And I have given you a land for which you did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which ye planted not do ye eat.")

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Fear: insecurity 
Keyword: Bible 

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