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Gedicht 1513
Amsterdam, 0000-00-00
Kamasutra - 250
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Zywa Crotch animals

On a throne of pillows I lay you down
an aureole of hair is your crown
our eyes are lights in the gloaming

Desire is all that dances and swings
our swelled lips form a kiss that sings
and seals the enchantment of loving

crotch animals who play together
eager to caress each other
in passionate wondering

we let our wildest wishes flood
release the scents of our blood
from the waving dismantling

Gedicht 81
Flight Amsterdam-Marseille, 2007-06-14
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa Expecting

I don't want to want, just
to be like everyone
warm me to the sun

on my balcony in the morning
receive what the day will offer me
and be happy, even if I'm not

I don't want to want, just
to hope that my blood doesn't flow
and new life will grow

warm me to the child
that invents personal names
and finds unbeaten roads

I don't want to want, just
to be with a man
satisfying each other and then

one more time, just as often
one more time, until I'm hit
and can go on, satiated

Gedicht 85
Amsterdam, 2007-07-22
Collection: Heart's Delight 
Dedicated to: C W 

Zywa Take a picture, now

I'm not like a mermaid
such a girl without buttocks

waiting on her tail
who might want her

I let your hands model
thighs out of my muscles

with which we make love together
like wild mountain rivers

I feel the flow of my cells
take a picture of me, now
it seems I’m dissolving

in eternal atoms
and loving chaos

Gedicht 133
Rovio, 2009-07-15
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Gedicht 1252
Amsterdam, 2017-04-05
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Gedicht 1414
Amsterdam, 2017-06-17
Collection: Take a picture, now 

Zywa And I want you

On blue days you are blowing
to high skies and clouds
snow white you kiss the peaks
where you nestle in bliss

In spring you plough
wrinkles, down, down
in smooth folds you want
to flow over the earth

and I

want you

your water – drink you
feel you steamy – deep, deep
inside me – chasing
until I am no longer there

come waves, come – pave ways
come, flow, flow – through me
I collect all your love
in oceans and seas

Gedicht 1448
Amsterdam, 2017-07-28
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

Zywa It had to be done

We were afraid
of getting caught
in the distance the train
to Grantham, here
buzzing mosquitoes and the smell
of the loo

At that time it was a building site
behind the ditch, cows were looking
in our direction, between the canteen
and material containers we lay
on a rubber plate
over the mud

I felt my fingers
in the warmth of his hair
and inside, the unknown
he was doing, it happened quite fast
twice, he said
we didn't have time to kiss

He walked away proudly
I followed him with my eyes
we did not dare
to go together
It has happened
Now I can go on

Gedicht 1469
Amsterdam, 2017-08-02
City border (Anna Blaman) - 1939
Poem "Stadsrand"

Collection: The Big Secret 
Tribute to: Blaman, Anna 

Zywa The play

Tonight we solemnly celebrate
The Beginning, the screaming

afterlife of the day, the mysterious
play of being desired
as for the first time

be seen
in new shoes, laugh with new eyes

at decency and the people
who tell what to fear and how
love should be

the gentle hand
that moulds my body, the swift one

that completes it in heaven, and the
mighty one that sows the earth in me
and always

be important
to you, holding your beauty

in my caressing hands
in nights from which I wake up in amazement
pregnant of happiness

the magic of attention
that coddles me and makes me laugh

as long as we live in the same world
and then lie silently together because
it cannot be explained

Gedicht 1493
Amsterdam, 2017-08-08
In Eleusis the "orgia" (holy acts) represented life in the hereafter
Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa The secret rules

A teenager again, ignorant
of what I want, confused
of all kinds of things, seeking
what I need
and discovering what not

I dream of freedom
and still wish to learn
the secret rules
of sex, the interplay
of eyes, skin, and hands

how to step across the threshold
and expose myself
with another person
to the mystery
of maturity

Gedicht 1599
Amsterdam, 2017-11-05
Collection: It takes a lot of tries to make a début 

Gedicht 1797
Amsterdam, 2018-07-27
Come on to me (Paul McCartney) - 2018

Collection: Without reserve 
Tribute to: McCartney, Paul 

Gedicht 1882
Amsterdam, 2018-10-26
Collection: It takes a lot of tries to make a début 

Zywa In a wonderful way

There she lies, desouled
in the arms of a man
drifted away in the delight

he passed on to me
my skin intimately
tense everywhere, focused

all my nerves, automatical
the response of the animal
of my muscles

to the animal of his lust
which devoured me, sex
is dying in a wonderful way

if I dare, not fly away
spiritually, for fear of the tiger
that is about to devour me alive

I see myself lying
in the arms of my man
Up here, I'm safe

I'm still alive

Gedicht 1895
Amsterdam, 2018-11-19
Tiger (Carole Sheehan) - 2018

Collection: The Big Secret 
Tribute to: Sheehan, Carole 

He stops my bleeding,

the bloody gorgeous killer --

of my maidenhead.

Hij stelpt mijn bloeding,Er stoppt die Blutung,
de bloedmooie moordenaar --der wunderschönen Mörder --
van mijn maagdenvlies.meiner Korona.

Gedicht H2710
Amsterdam, 2020-05-31
Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure - 1748

Collection: Love Mind and Death 
Tribute to: Cleland, John 

Ancient chemistry:

his pipette squirts elixir --

into her retort.

Oeroude chemie:Urchemie: seine
zijn pipet spuit elixer --Pipette spritzt Elixier --
diep in haar ihren Kolben.

Gedicht H2719
Amsterdam, 2020-06-12
Collection: Being 

Your smell: predicting

that I will be smooth, sliding --

into your desire.

Jouw geur voorspelt meDein Geruch sagt mir,
dat ik glad zal zijn, glijden --ich werde glatt sein, gleiten --
in jouw dein Verlangen.

Gedicht H2745
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21
Collection: Without reserve 
Dedicated to: Maria Godschalk 

As warm spring water

your hand flows over my skin --

I become liquid.

Als een warme bronWie warmes Wasser
stroomt jouw hand over mijn huid --fließt deine Hand über mich --
tot ik vloeibaar word.Ich werde flüssig.

Gedicht H2746
Amsterdam, 2020-06-21
Collection: Without reserve 

Zywa Crack between shame and decency

They slip in through a crack
between shame and decency
their bodies lie down

on the disposable covers
and smell the expectation
not the disinfectant

on my hands, not the rubber
around their longing, beating
for my proximity, their imagination

makes me desirable
the woman of their dreams
thought in the flesh

Outside, the Elephant waits
his eyes seem very small
peering inside

until the door opens
and his trunk searches for me
to swing me on his back

Gedicht 3104
Amsterdam, 2020-07-11
Ndlovu = (little) elephant
Collection: Between where 
Dedicated to: Godfrey N 

In heavy armour,

forged with reason, shame, and guilt --

the genes go hunting.

In zware pantsersIn schwerer Rüstung
van verstand, schaamte en schuld --aus Vernunft, Scham und Schuld geh'n --
zijn genen op jacht.die Gene auf Jagd.

Gedicht H2770
Amsterdam, 2020-08-19
Collection: The Big Secret 

Zywa Teaching of the Eagle

The Old Man of the Mountain
teaches his wisdom
in the libraries

and the beautiful gardens
where, along wide paths
plants are always in bloom

At harvest time
the branches hang low
full of delicious fruits

Young women in light robes
tend the garden and the tables
where they serve the boys

with food, drink, and blissful kisses
all over their body, heavenly
as they say, it is there

as awaits them
if they follow the way, yes
they fancy they are there already

so spacious are their heads
from the resin in the biscuits
that death attracts them

Gedicht 3209
Amsterdam, 2020-10-15
Resin: hashish ("hashsha")
Assassins ("hash eaters") --> assassin (murderer)
Hassan-i-Sabbah (1034-1124), leader of the Assassins, residing in Alamut Castle ("Teaching of the Eagle", north-Iran) since 1090

Collection: PumicePieces 

It hurt awhile, but

he went on quickly, and then --

it felt strangely nice.

Even deed het pijn,Es tat eben weh,
maar toen ging hij vlug vlug door --dann ging er schnell schnell weiter --
en werd het vreemd fijn.Das war seltsam schön.

Gedicht H2831
Amsterdam, 2020-11-15
My first girl was as lovely as a fairy (Jan Wolkers) - 2005
Poem "Mijn eerste meisje was zo lieflijk als een fee" (performance with Drummers Double Bill)

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s 
Tribute to: Wolkers, Jan 

Dream softly and pink

of my dragon, swallow him --

bite and chew his neck!

Droom zacht en rozeTräume rosa weich
van mijn draak en verzwelg hem --von meinem Drachen, schluck ihn --
bijt hem in zijn nek!beiße seinen Hals!

Gedicht H2856
Amsterdam, 2020-12-17
Dirty Love (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
Song on the album "Over-Nite Sensation"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Dedicated to: Valentina Bruno 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

Women recognise

the longing look in my eyes --

old like a vampire.

Vrouwen herkennenFrauen erkennen
het verlangen in mijn blik --das Sehnen in meinem Blick --
oud als een vampier.alt wie ein Vampir.

Gedicht H2858
Amsterdam, 2020-12-17
Zomby Woof (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
Song on the album "Over-Nite Sensation"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Dedicated to: Valentina Bruno 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

My sweet dynamo

turns me on, wow, I love her --

humming overnight.

O, mijn dynamoMeine Dynamo
windt me op, ik houd van haar --reizt mich an, ich liebe ihr --
zoemen in de nacht.Summen in der Nacht.

Gedicht H2859
Amsterdam, 2020-12-17
Dinah-Moe Humm (The Mothers of Invention) - 1973
Song on the album "Over-Nite Sensation"

Collection: Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s 
Dedicated to: Valentina Bruno 
Tribute to: Zappa, Frank 
Tribute to: The Mothers of Invention 
Composer: Zappa, Frank 

Zywa Explod

Your kisses drizzle under my skin
they buzz in all directions
My arms and legs are panting

Your breath, I feel it whispers
that I am enchanted forever
My desire sighs for more

Your hands splashpatter
they rustle me completely wetterwet
My sweat gushes in your mouth

Your muscles dance and drone
they sulphurize thunder in my nose
My ears sough and sizzle

Your pelvis rages in me
pommels of fireworks explode
hunted by my heart

Gedicht 3823
Amsterdam, 2021-05-24
Collection: Without reserve 

Zywa And then, once more

Halfway I chatter chatter
teasingly to make you small
and then

I lick you big again, I smear
the pleasure, mixed
with the evening light

the blades on the ceiling
the long curtains, the yellow
of the walls and the two thick

armchairs of green-brown earth
A warm sigh floats over
our sweat of satisfaction

and then, once more
in me, your name, my name
whispering rhythmically

confused, my hair jumbled up
scents in our blood, and then
you can, then I am

Gedicht 4034
Amsterdam, 2021-10-19
Collection: Eyes lips chest and belly 

We sleep with the wind

caressing over our skin --

been freed from ourselves.

Slapen met de windSchlafen mit dem Wind
strelend over onze huid --streichelnd über unsre Haut --
bevrijd van onszelf.von uns selbst befreit.

Gedicht H3104
Egmond aan Zee, 2021-10-28
Collection: Freend 

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