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People just repeat

the stories from their childhood --

the children's stories.

Mensen herhalenMenschen sagen nach
de verhalen uit hun jeugd --was ihnen erzählt wurde --

Gedicht H0394
Amsterdam, 2012-11-30
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 

Overgrowing graves,

overbridging time: ivy --

of all the stories.

Over de graven,Über die Gräber,
over de tijd heen: klimop --über die Zeit: der Efeu --
van de verhalen.aller Geschichten.

Gedicht H1001
Amsterdam, 2014-06-28
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 

A myth is cut off

from lives actually lived --

still drifting in time.

Mythen: losgeraaktMythen: losgelöst
van de geleefde levens --von den gelebten Leben --
drijvend in de tijd.schwebend in der Zeit.

Gedicht S0980
Amsterdam, 2019-12-25
Love for Father (Frans Thomése) - 2019
Novel "Vaderliefde"

Collection: Moist glow 
Tribute to: Thomese, Frans 

Grandpa likes to talk

about the past, yet beware! --

maybe he's joking!

Opa vertelt graagOpa erzählt gern
over vroeger, maar pas op! --von früher, aber Vorsicht! --
hij maakt ook grappen!er macht auch Witze!

Gedicht H2790
Amsterdam, 2020-10-07
Secret Agent Grandpa (Manon Sikkel) - 2020
Collection: On the fly 
Dedicated to: Lotte W 
Tribute to: Sikkel, Manon 

Zywa The storytellers

The parents of the Great Leader
are always common people
or the offspring of a famous family

The storytellers know that
so they don't nag
about the facts

They took the story
of the greatest king
in history: Sargon

"the legitimate king"
even though he came floating by
anonymously, in a ark of bulrushes

That's a good beginning
especially if you add family
- not his grandfather Joseph

but Aaron and Miriam, the leaders
of the men and the women
longing for another land

Gedicht 3771
Amsterdam, 2021-05-01
Moses (Exodus 2:1-10)
Sargon was king of Akkad from 2334 to 2279 BC
Sargon = Šarru-K?num = the king is legitimate
Jacob >> Levi >> Amram >> Aaron, Mirjam "and Moses"
"Jakob" >> Joseph = Yuya, the Hebrew husband of Tuya, an Egyptian noblewoman >> Tiye, the wife of Pharaoh Amen-hotep III >> Crown Prince Thut-mosis = Moses

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Bible 

Zywa Tall as our stories

Those were hard times
Some went across the border
and found work there, a new life

Later they returned
with tall stories
and everyone wanted to believe

to have been there himself - in hindsight
a whole people seemed to have
come back from the desert

The grandchildren don't know better
than that they are special
with such ancestors and the blessing

upon them - wherever
the stories came from
now they are theirs

their very own history
once and for all
their assured future

Gedicht 3780
Amsterdam, 2021-05-03
It's everyone's Exodus
Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Bible 

Zywa Raid

Life is not too bad
compared to horror
In stories, it is fun
to get creeps, we storytellers know
it grubby well

Their oldest children died
There was famine, and they
got the most to eat
from the last stocks
with something fishy about them

of toxic fungi
That is not such an exciting story
as divine punishment or the revenge
of a bloody raid
in the night of the departure

Of course the leavers had
better things to do, in silence
not to run the risk
that someone would raise alarm
So hold your tongue and make no comments

Gedicht 3805
Amsterdam, 2021-05-10
The death of the firstborn (Exodus 11-12)
The Hebrew guest workers and slaves in the Nile Delta still had some fresh food during the famine, but the Egyptians who did not live among the fields were fully dependent on the grain that was contaminated in the barns by gnats, stable flies, and locusts, perhaps also with ergot

Collection: From Sacred Scriptures [1] 
Keyword: Bible 

Tear open a bag

and watch the garbage: a swirl --

of little stories.

Scheur een vuilniszakErriss ein Müllsack
open en kijk: het dwarrelt --und schaue zu: ein Wirbel --
verhalen op straat.kleiner Geschichten.

Gedicht H2964
Amsterdam, 2021-05-28
Binman (Nyk de Vries) - 2020
Gedicht "Asman" (collection "Asman")

Collection: After the festivities 

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