Keyword  Violence: annihilation

Beware, unratting:

the tasty bait entices --

your dreams into death.

Pas op, ontratting:Pass auf, Entrattung:
raak het aas niet aan, het lokt --die Lockspeisen verleiten --
dromen naar de dood.Träume in den Tod.

Gedicht S0295
Konstanz, 2015-06-20
La Superba (Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer) - 2013
Derattizzazione ('Unratting', rat eradication)

Collection: Palace of the night 
Tribute to: Pfeijffer, Ilja Leonard 

Zywa Roughskirts

It's Friday the thirteenth
again. I stay at home
due to circumstances:

a dragging wind
and storming sirens
The cameras break

taboos and peek
into windowless sleeping
rooms, front pieces

after the wind of roughskirts
who celebrate their gains
in stinking silence. I close

the curtains, my eyes and mouth
I'm not here, hello hello
don't you see I'm not here

and I can do nothing about it -
absent due to circumstances
which I can do nothing about

Gedicht 951
Amsterdam, 2017-01-13
Collection: Blown sand 
Keyword: War: victims 

Zywa Summer Rains

Once there was prosperity here
thriving trade, the coast a ribbon
of harbours full of ships

the land of the Philistines
now suffocated, enclosed
by the ghetto

There are Summer Rains
breaking our bones, the roads
and bridges, the quays and offices

The roofs of the schools
devastated, sewers shooting out
Smell where we live

Do not stand there
safe far away on the ramparts
of your paradise, watching

the fire and the iron
from heaven
Not ours

And after the rains appear
at night on the horizon
Autumn Clouds

Gedicht 2026
Amsterdam, 2019-01-12
Palastu >> Pilistu >> 1. Philistines 2. Palestine
Gaza in 2006:
June 2006, operation Gishmey Kayitz (Summer Rains)
November 2006, operation Ananei Stav (Autumn Clouds)

Collection: Short Sermons 
Keyword: Palestina 
Keyword: Politics 

To achieve your goal

by pursuing other goals --

to be nullified.

Je doel bereiken,Dein Ziel erreichen,
steeds door andere doelen --da du andere Ziele --
uit te schakelen.völlig vernichtest.

Gedicht H2395
Amsterdam, 2019-02-09
imaginary dictator's quotes #21 (Jon Nakapalau) - 2019
Poem (

Collection: May the Might 
Tribute to: Nakapalau, Jon 

Zywa Door to the future

Believing in a new world
for our children's children
and able to wait a long time

making plans
for the divine time
which now begins, with plan A, B, C

and D for Door
to the future
of a Holy Land

with reinforced concrete
and faits accomplis
house by house

field after field, well after well
plundered, contaminated or closed
military area, the dogs loose

at children herding goats
children going to school
children of blind and crippled people
children without parents
children who shouldn't be here

Gedicht 2120
Amsterdam, 2019-02-24
Palestine (Jerusalem 1947 - Plan Dalet)
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Palestina 

Something is wrong there,

fluttering from the branches --

the faded black rags.

Er klopt daar iets niet,Da stimmt etwas nicht,
wapperend aan de takken --flatternd von den Zweigenden --
de zwarte flarden.die schwarzen Fetzen.

Gedicht S1552
Amsterdam, 2022-10-27
Collection: PumicePieces 

Wires in disorder,

shaky skeleton, defleshed --

only naked senses.

Draden in de war,Verwirrte Drähte,
een wankel skelet, ontvleesd --wackliges Skelett, entfleischt --
blote zintuigen.bloß nackte Sinne.

Gedicht S1605
Amsterdam, 2022-12-18
Falonne Mambu in Kinshasa (Kris Pannecoucke) - 2022
Russia bombs Ukraine's power grid
Falonne Mambu in a suit of electrical wires, 'Electric Woman', Kinshasa 2022 (photo Kris Pannecoucke)

Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Ukraina 
Tribute to: Pannecoucke, Kris 
Tribute to: Mambu, Falonne 

Bombing far away

is easy, difficult is --

to justify it.

Een bombardementEin Bombenangriff
is makkelijk, moeilijk is --ist einfach, aber schwierig --
het goed te praten.zu rechtfertigen.

Gedicht S1640
Amsterdam, 2023-01-13
Collection: PumicePieces 
Keyword: Ethics: lie 

We're barbarians:

people who destroy what they --

do not understand.

Iedereen barbaar,Jeder ein Barbar:
iemand die alles vernielt --jemand, der alles zerstört --
wat hij niet begrijpt.was er nicht versteht.

Gedicht S1835
Amsterdam, 2023-07-28
The PowerBook (Jeanette Winterson) - 2000
Novel, chapter "OPEN HARD DRIVE"

Collection: May the Might 
Tribute to: Winterson, Jeanette 

From the violence

of two jostling elephants --

the grass is injured.

Door het geweld vanUnter der Gewalt
drammende olifanten --drängelnder Elefanten --
raakt het gras gewond.wird das Gras verletzt.

Gedicht S1946
Amsterdam, 2023-10-06
Swahili proverb - 0
"Ndovu wawili wakigombana ziumiazo ni nyasi" ("When elephants jostle, it is the grass that suffers")

Collection: May the Might 
Tribute to: Anon. [Afrika] 

Man continues to

destroy, but not everything --

colours scorching-red.

De mensen blijvenMenschen zerstören
verwoesten, maar niet alles --weiter, aber nicht alles --
kleurt verzengend-rood.wird versengend-rot.

Gedicht H4228
Amsterdam, 2023-10-18
Mankind is incapable of completely destroying life on earth
Collection: PumicePieces 

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